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Continental Academy
3241 Executive Way
Coral Gables, FL 33025
(800) 285-3514
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private | 9-12
County: Miami-Dade


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Lee Taylor2008
10/4/2012studentContinental Academy's High School Proficiency diploma is good enough for me. Look, there is no way I can pass the state high school exit exam or the GED. I have been up to bat 3 times already. I was able to graduate from CA in 3 months and I now have my high school proficiency diploma and that is good enough for me. In life you have to be realistic on what you can do and not do!
9/28/2012studentContinental Academy is my BIG +. I could of graudated from my local public school, but I chose not to graduate. I could of gotten my GED, I didn't have the discipline. I only have myself to blame. Then I found Continental Academy online courses. It was great, I really enjoyed it. I know that I can not go to Harvard. But Continental Acdemy has benefited me at work and as a person. It has made me feel good of myself as a person. Continental Academy is my big + of my 32 years of living. Thank you, you have helped me!
7/23/2012studentThis school sucks. I paid for everything finished to find out i cant go to school in Miami Dade College...its a disappointment to find out. I cant go to college...What am i suppose to do now with a worthless diploma? burn it. and get a GED
5/29/2012studentI tried the GED twice with no success. I'm not willing to attend the night time high school program. I enrolled with Continental with my eyes wide open. They spell everything out for you in an easy to understand manner. I understood that I wasn't going to college with this diploma. However, I was able to get a casino job with excellent benefits because I earned my high school diploma at Continental Academy. Eight months ago I did not qualify for the job. I can't thank Continental enough. Go Continental !!!
5/18/2012studentI found Continental Academy to be a great value. I just finished Continental Academy's PACE program and I am highly satisfied with the school, staff and its tuition. For $250 this 43 year old lazy feels good about herself. Thank you Continental Academy.
4/25/2012studentI am so grateful to the staff and founders of Continental Academy for giving me the opportunity to finish High School on their website. I appreciate it greatly. I learned so much and I'm so glad that I was able to graduate. Now I can go out and get my life started. I thank them so much.
4/25/2012parentHi, I am a student s mom and I am so proud of my son and his accomplishment. I owe it to, not just the hard work and dedication he put forth, but to Continental Academy. This program was the perfect fit for him, with his immune deficiency it was hard for him to go to public schools without getting sick, missing days, and falling behind. Continental Academy was a blessing to our family. This being said I am happy that Continental Academy not only helped my son achieve a high school diploma, but his father has just enrolled into the P.A.C.E. program. At an early age, he was left to survive on his own and had to quit school to work. Recently, he was hurt at work and has been pretty much bed ridden. The last few days I've talked to him about your program for adults to receive their high school diploma. Not only do I think it will give him something to do during the hours he is stuck in the house while myself and my son are at our jobs (yes, my son has already received a full-time job), I believe it will give him the sense of proud and self worth that he has lacked for many years. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for what this educational program has done for my family!
3/20/2012parentI graduated in 2003 and i'm a distillation operator and moved up to a supervisor and i work for safety kleen, clean harbors, tradebe,NB coating.I also was a milling operator and i made good money.
2/29/2012studentI did the Seal program and graduated in 2011. Now I am half way thru at Itawamba Community College. Thanks Continental Academy.
2/28/2012studentContinental academy is Good online school. i have tried to get my diploma 5 times and failed. going to this online school gave me hope. and i graduated on time. Now i got accepted into college. thank you continental academy
2/15/2012studentThanks to Continental Academy I am able to keep my job with the railroads. I am a high school graduate!
9/16/2011otheri applied for a job and found out that in 1975 i though i had got my high school diploma i just did not walk with the other kids( too cool i though) they (the job) told me i did not get it and i had a limited time to get a GED or DIPLOMA so i called,paid and started on the test. I got my high school diploma with high honors and the job thanks continental academy.
9/7/2011parentI used Continental Academy s curriculum to homeschool my child in the State of Florida for grades 10 through 12. My son enjoyed their curriculum and learned a lot. My son met the admissions requirements for homeschoolers of our local community college and is now taking community college classes. As a homeschooled student, my son also qualified for federal financial aid. If it wasn t for Continental Academy s curriculum and homeschooling as an option, my son would have never graduated from high school. I have said to my friends who have teenagers that are not succeeding in an attendance based program to seriously consider homeschooling their child. In terms of being accepted by a Florida community college, the parent simply has to sign an affidavit demonstrating that they have met state requirements to homeschool their child. Continental Academy has the most affordable homeschooling curriculum you can find and students enjoy the courses. I am very satisfied with Continental Academy and would recommend their curriculum to any homeschooling family that would like their child to continue their education at a community college.
9/1/2011parentMy daughter went to a public high school for 9th/10th grade, the school was terrible because of the trouble and fights. She enrolled in Continental to finish 11th/12th grade. This week we contacted several colleges in our area, only to find out that THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT A CONTINENTAL DIPLOMA!!!!! I was told by one that unless she graduated by 1/26/11 her diploma was no good. Another told me that as of July 1, 2011- NO SCHOOL in the state of Florida will accept a Continental diploma. She started Continental when they accredited, which is why we chose it. They no longer have the accreditation. Continental said I have to provide them with written info. on what the college told us, becuse they wanted to see it, and it is ultimately up to the college to decide if they will accept Continental. Now we are told she needs to get her GED in order to get into a college! So all the work she did doesn't count. We are out the money and her time and effort. Needless to say we are extremely upset.!!! DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL if you plan on going on to a college/university. You'll only be disappointed, and be told that even though you have your diploma, you now have to take your GED.
3/23/2011studentGreat alternative high school diploma program for students that are unable to graduate from their local public high school or unable to successfully pass the GED. Their program is student-friendly and extremely convenient because you have an opportunity to study from home and have access to their online programs 24 hours a day. I graduated this year from Continental Academy and I m currently enrolled in Wesleyan College. I would definitely recommend Continental Academy for any student that is looking for an alternative high school diploma program.
2/3/2011parentMy son received a diploma from this school, and I got two other families involved with their sons. My son and his friend graduated with honors and it is not worth the paper it is written on!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A REGIONAL ACCREDITED SCHOOL! He has been turned down for college because this is National Accreditation and it is worthless. He will have to go get a GED now from a Regionally Accredited school to move forward in his life. And when I called Continental Academy they could not even give me some direction as to who WOULD accept this High School Diploma. I feel duped! they took my money and left me hanging! They should explain your options before they take your money This was a rip off. Now we have 3 young men that got the wind kicked out of them when they were trying to better themselves.
11/4/2010parentContinental Academy's online program was very convenient for my son and the staff was excellent. He is now taking college classes at our local community college in Santa Ana California. My son and I were very satisfied with their online program.
7/12/2010parentContinental Academy has a good program. Their curriculum is non-religious and is based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards for Secondary Education which are the standards used for Florida public high schools. Most homeschooling high school options my wife and I were considering for my daughter were approximately $2,000.00 to $4,000.00. Continental s tuition was $350.00 plus a grad fee of $26.00. They offer the tuition at low price because they own their own curriculum and their philosophy is to make the program affordable to all. My daughter graduated a few months ago from the OUTREACH Program, met all admissions requirements of the University of Texas San Antonio and is now beginning her freshmen classes. We saved a lot of money with Continental Academy.
5/6/2010studentSome people on here are saying its stupid and you don't learn anything.. That is not true, they must of been doing it wrong. I'm in the outreach program and it is pretty easy on all of the assignments because they basically give you a word for word guide but on the end of course tests its a little harder. I have learned alot and am so thankfull i found this school. My parents and everyone is also so proud of me because i wasnt doing too good in school and started thinking of dropping out. I paid for the school by myself and i am about to graduate! This school is amazing and easy but if you want to learn you can.
5/4/2010studentTerrible school. The exams are really easy, and you do not learn anything. 4 year Colleges are not accepting me due to the fact that I have an unaccredited high school diploma from continental academy.
4/26/2010studentI love continental academy,,, I give it 4.5 stars... I love the fact that it is work at your own pace... it is also one of the few programs i tried that was not religious and it also was challenging with out making you feel like an idiot... It was inexpensive especially since you got a legitimate and well orgainized programs...I get my diploma in just a few weeks and I am glad it is from continental...I wish I didn't have to go through so many programs to find this one....
3/20/2010studentHi I'm a student living in the state of Minnesota and am currently attenting 'Continental Academy' to complete my high school diploma and not a GED. I highly recommend Continental Academy to those who want to finish high school and walk away with an accredited high school diploma. I will soon get done with Continental Academy and then walk away with my accredited high school diploma.
3/16/2010studentHi Im a student of continental academy and this school is very great if you want a highschool diploma. this school is very understanding and easy but i was more confused with the math part.but other than that i love it and i will be graduating in a month or 2..
3/10/2010otherIt is a really good online school. It was easy, but i struggle with math. They don't teach too much though.
3/10/2010studentI love continental academy, it is'nt a better feeling to have your high school diploma, not a GED but HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, and it's accredited. I'm so proud of myself, i did'nt have to chase some GED class round town, thanks Continental academy. Your the best.
11/23/2009studentIts alright not to many class choices though.
9/28/2009studentWow. What a terrible school. They give you dry reading material and then you have quizes to do in which they give you all the answers to. Great school if you don't want to learn and just want a diploma. Also very unprofessional when you call them, and they don't return emails on the student site.
9/26/2009studentI love continental academy last year I went to a private christian school. But I didn't like the curriculum very much and always fell behind with continental I'm ahead and my grades have never been better right now my GPA is a 4.0. Thanks, Continental Academy
9/23/2009studentI truly rate ''continental academy'' as the #1. If you want your high school diploma you got it, here at continental academy... it's worth it I know many friends and family who finished it with no problem. give it a try.
9/13/2009studentAll I can say is WOW what a great online school to me it was challenging but to the point were I could do it myself also its worth the money cause ive lerned alot from this in just 2 weeks into it then in my old high school I was struggling teachers pretty much blue me off cause they thought I was doing it on perpose but obviously I wasnt but anyways what a CHANGE in my life 4/5
8/20/2009studenti am so glad i came across the continental academy site, i graduated from home with my diploma and am now attending college, i can give my children a better future because of this thank you so much...god bless
8/7/2009studentI had to drop out of High School in the middle of my freshman year because I had to pick up a second job to support myself. Right before my 16th birthday I found out CA, enrolled in the home program. Thanks to CA I was then able to enroll in a paralegal program, graduate that in 6 months and enroll in college by 17. I don't think I would have been able to accomplish everything I have if I hadn't found a school that gives you the option of a non-traditional education.
5/19/2009studentAt 16 I ranaway with my boyfriend and we decided to move to Scotland-- we never did make it to the UK though, lol. I am grateful for Continental Academy because this institution allowed me to continue with my education. I opted for the regular program because it was cheaper, however I was done in about six weeks. I then took the SAT and I managed to enroll in college the same year as my friends. Today I hold a BA degree and I will be matriculating on to graduate school this fall. Thank you CA.
4/15/2009studentI would recommend this school. Everyone was very supportive. I finished in a week and recieved a diploma with high honors I thought I would never graduate thanks to this program. I did!
6/24/2008studentI loved high school, but after my sophmore year i dropped out because my future wasn't important at the time. But when all my friends were getting ready to graduate, i was motivated to find a school that would give me that chance to graduate with my diploma and not a GED! I signed up for the fast track program...And in one week i was done. It was so simple and easy. I had my diploma and now im going to community college. I reccomended this to my cousin, and now hes in the eagle program and so is my boyfriend. They love it. Im the first one in all grand children who actually got the high school diploma!. Go get it if your future is important!
6/24/2008studentI graduated from this school with high honors!. My dad was so proud of me, and so was my grandma. I had a son in january 08, and because of him, he motivated me to get my life together and now i am with my high school diploma. C/o 07'. I highly reccomend this school to anyone who didn't get to graduate and wants too. This school is the best, and if it wasn't for this school, i wouldn't be where i am now!
5/6/2008studenti was former student with excellent experaince in all sides of life after gratuation.
5/5/2008studentExcellent. I would recommend this school to everyone who is eager to learn and succeed in life.
4/28/2008studentThis school gave me the opportunity to hold a actual HS diploma with out having to put off any time towards life. I truly appreciate their hardwork and giving me a chance to earn it at my own pase!!! and now I am attending college... I recommend that anyone trying to obtain a HSD to go through them.
2/23/2008parentMy daughter graduated through your program with honors and had I not come across your ad in the paper, my daughter would have dropped out of high school due to some difficult times in public school. God bless you.
1/12/2007studentIf you want to continue your education this is a great school to start from.
7/10/2006former studentI would recommend this school to everybody.
7/4/2006former studentI applied to this school a few years ago for my highschool diploma due to health issues. This is the most excellent program for completing a highschool dimploma you will find out there. Course studies were easy to understand and the staff was always there to answer any questions I had. I completed all four years of highschool in four months! You do not have to finish that quickly but I was determine. I started college early and was accepted with no problem. I graduated with a 3.7 grade point average with this school. I recomend this school for everyone seeking a highschool diploma radther than a GED. It will be worth the time, effort and knowledge.
5/4/2006studentThis school is great. I used it and I'm graduating high school a year early.
3/13/2006parentAs a mother of an autistic child Continental Academy came to my son eric's rescue. All my son would have gotten at the school he was attending would have been a completion cert. Now that he has his diploma he wants to go to college to be come a band director, because he loves music so much. I think he want be a great band director too! So I want to thank Continental Academy for helping my son eric to have his dream come true. Sincerely, Sandy Wood Proud Mother of Eric C.Wood

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