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Coral Springs Middle School
10300 Wiles Rd
Coral Springs, FL 33076
(754) 322-3000
public | 6-8
County: Broward


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/23/2012parentThis school is wonderful my son really loves it.. This is defiantly a A + school
8/16/2012parentMy son is a very happy 8th grader here. His teachers are wonderful professionals and so are his counselors and principal.
5/18/2011parentI was worried for my son s transition from elementary to middle school. I worry no more as CSMS has demonstrated a high level of dedication to the students. Teachers are very dedicated and responded fast to any of my concerns. My son has felt comfortable with his teachers all year. He s also made many good friends who, like him, strive for good academics and personal relations. Counselors are readily available. The front desk personnel is friendly and available. The principal is there to be seen at drop off and pick up times.
7/30/2010parentMy son is just completed his first year at CSMS. He got straight A's the entire year in all advanced 6th grade classes. I absolutely loved all of his teachers and the entire staff
3/11/2010studentThis school has advanced majorly since the new Principal, Mr. Murray has come in. Good music and athletics. Lots of fights, everyday, and bad influences. Bullying is horrible here, even with the new program. Some teachers who REALLY shouldn't have a job, and horrible discipline. All around, it's an okay school.
2/27/2010studentThis is a great school with a good music and athletic programs.
3/3/2009studentThis is an amazing school with great teachers and a good track and soccer team.
2/3/2009parentA great school. My chldren just love it. The administration is extremely involved and helpful. They can be approached on a daily basis with any issues of concern. Safety is not a problem.
4/12/2008studentits abusultly horrible, the teachers make you think everything you do is so so horrible and nothing has a firm structure, im a 8th grader and i cannot wait untill i leave, almost everyday there is a fight, its all racial, and there are to many gangs to count.
5/3/2007parentMy son is a straight A child who was never in trouble. My wife and I are both in education. If this school has taught my child one thing, it was to hate school. Discipline is very poor. Teachers don't communicate and all pile on the homework. The principal doesn't know the kids and doesn't care. Run from this school! Fights and bullying are commonplace and know one cares.
11/14/2006former studentthe teachers at coral springs middle school are unfair.
7/20/2006parentMy son just finished 6th grade there and hates it, so much he doesnt want to go to any school. From being bullied by both students and teachers,it has not given me any confidence in the school.The students have fights all the time and most fights are racially influenced.T he teachers are two faced as they tell the kids 1 thing but when confronted,act a totally different way. Extra Curricular things are higly competitive and dont encourage beginners. Parents dont seem to be as involved as when their kids were in elementary school.I am highly disappointed as we were new to the neighborhood and our impression was formed from internet research.The reality is much much worst.
5/8/2006parentI have twins there.....6th grade.....both hate it....not sure if it is school or the age...high minority attendance, frequent squabbles,(agian, not sure if its just the age), my daughter is in ese special help and not getting any extra help....eagle ridge elementary was the best at ese! Good principal, but lots falling thru the cracks....all n all, would love to see if another school would render the same results....this is not a condemnation of csmm, but still not too impressed!
5/11/2005parentOverall, the school has good quality of academic programs. Availability is of extracurricular activities is broad enough. I have noticed that the level of parent involvement is not as high as I would expect. Teachers are on top of the student progress. If they notice a decline in performance, they set up a meeting to discuss issues. They are also open to communications. I send questions on my kids agendas and I get responses. On the performance meetings, I've communicated to them that I'd like to have some sort of periodic notes on the kids performance instead of just being called to a meeting once a quarter to be notified there are problems with my kid's performance. I am more involved now with him and his progress due to a commitment I made in those meetings and his performance has improved a lot.
4/22/2005parentWisperingpines elm, is a good school overal but i think the staff could be a littel more personable.
4/21/2005parentWe've been pleasantly surprised by CSMS. This year the school boasts a new principal as well as some new programs and improvements. 2005 is the first year in many that the school has had an orchestra program. My daughter thought she might like to try and has loved it! She started the academic year as a true beginner with the viola and has become quite a confident player. Academically, my daughter is doing well - being challenged without being inundated. Class sizes are manageable and administrative response is suberb. Our only real negative concerns the GEM (math) program and the teaching strategies of the assigned teacher, but I think many of those problems are county-wide. Overall, we are quite satisfied with CSMC.
4/15/2005parentOverall the school is not bad; my 7th grader has nice friends there. But kids have so many classes and every teacher has a different policy, homework rules, etc... They should have some consistency - a poor 12 year old needs things a bit more structured, and not structured 6 different ways. There is not enough interaction between parent and teacher on child's individual progress, I never hear from them, even when she's missing assignments. We do like that there are no uniforms! I'd heard about problems at CSMS before my daughter went there - mostly racial issues, fights and such. I need to know she is in a safe environment.
3/30/2005parentMy son is a 7th grader at CSMS. The school has a new principal and she seems to be proactive in dealing with problems. I would say that there is a problem with bullying (physical and verbal) and also some students disrespecting teachers. Foul language is commonplace for many students, more so that when I was in middle school. The teachers are decent, no problems there.
12/9/2004parentMy daughter is enjoying a wonderful social schedule, loves her teachers and got straight A's last marking period. However, she gets virtually no homework each night and rarely has any tests so how do the teachers get the scores to give her an A.
4/16/2004parentVery good teachers. Discipline could use some help, it goes from too severe to too lenient depending on who is handling the matter.
1/29/2004parentThis is my son's first year at this school. His teachers are exceptional but he is also in advanced and gifted classes. There is an after-school sports program but if your child somehow doesn't hear about try-outs, he won't get a chance to play for the whole year. Discipline seems to be good, and it needs to be. There are some rough kids at this school, but for the most part they are neighborhood kids that have grown up together so it is pretty low-key. All-in-all it seems to be a good school where my son is learning and is comfortable and happy.

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