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The best city we've ever lived in - 6/11/2019
We live in the southwest corner of Coral Springs, Great area. Homes vary, gated and non gated, some rentals, diverse. Beautiful mature landscaping and zoning keeps the area upscale and pretty. Coral Springs is a rare suburb offering parks, culture, museum, theater, shopping, and a great downtown. We've been happy in this city for a long time.Read More

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Great Place to live - 11/4/2015
A beautiful multicultural city with plenty of parks, restaurants, and great schools. Close to major cities like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale,and West Palm Read More

Be careful which area or zip code you choose to li - 8/31/2012
We moved to Coral Springs from quiet North Idaho a year ago. Culture shock, yes, but I am used to urban living, coming up from Seattle as a youth. Unfortunately, when you begin to choose the neighborhood you want to reside in via the Internet, you don't always choose the right one! Avoid zip code 33065!! This is important because the majority of crime in this town is in that zip code. There are certain blocks, or pockets of crime, where the police literally camp out daily. Unfortunately, we chose one of those blocks and as a result, my kids cannot freely play outside and I do not feel comfortable in my neighborhood. My daughters bike was stolen week ONE when we moved in. Here is what is important about living in Coral Springs: Choose to live NORTH of Wiles Road!! The farther north, the Read More

Schools - 2/3/2010
I just read the stats on how many students per teacher. I want to correct the number students is between 24-27 per teacher K-5. Due to the budget cuts!
We need our Read More

This is the best place Ive ever lived in my life! - 7/1/2009
Ive been around the countryand I must say Coral Springs FL is the bestplace in the counttry and the world! Just everything from whether to cleaness. Thetre schools are are awesome they prepare you for everything you need to get into college with. Notto mention this place hasthe best videogames ive Read More

over view - 7/16/2008
Coral Springs is a wonderful little city with beautiful shops and every kind of restaurant you could ask for. You can't go three blocks with out finding a park. Entertainment is at your door with Coral Spring's Center of the Arts. They offer shows from Broadway, children productions and art exhibits. Coral Springs is probably best noted in south Florida for their outstanding schools. It's a place where children thrive, the city offers many activities for children, including soccer, basketball swimming dance art. If you like city living with out big city traffic this is a great place to live. Not to mention we have great weather at least 80% of the year.
The down side, would be obviously hurricanes are not fun, and if you prefer a more rural setting this growing city is probably not for Read More

Great Place for Kids - 5/8/2008
We have lived in Coral Springs for the last 4 years and find it a very convenient and well-run city. It is family orientated and has excellent schools, both public and private. The city management has a very high standard with regards to the appearance of the city. The property taxes are high, but generally we feel that we are getting value. It is one of the cities with the lowest crime in South Florida and we feel perfectly safe going for a walk at night. The cost of living is much higher than the rest of Florida and the Southern states and that has a lot to do with the cost of land and property. For someone who likes to eat and live organically, there are plenty of places to purchase organic food and other "green" Read More

South Florida Quality of Life Decreasing - 6/30/2007
When we moved here, the quality of life was what we were looking for: low crime rate, good schools, great weather. Now, that is all beginning to change: increasing crime rate, schools in decline, long hurricane Read More

Great place to live but getting crowded and expens - 12/4/2006
This is only one of a few cities in south florida that I would choose to live. Very attractive. Lots of trees, at least until last year's hurricane. Good schools. A good family-oriented city. Unfortunately, its getting more crowded by the year and real estate prices, as with much of south florida, are becoming Read More

Stay Away - 8/22/2006
Coral Springs is rude, unfriendly, expensive, full of traffic and poor Read More

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