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School Profile

George W. Marks Elementary School
1000 N Garfield Ave
DeLand, FL 32724
(386) 822-6630
public | K-5
County: Volusia


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/2/2009parentAfter all, it's DeLand's one of the oldest schools. Disappointed with the administrators. They don't seem to listen to students and teachers about their needs. Other than that, teachers are great. They work very hard to make sure students are where they are supposed to be. The school has many activities throughout the schoolyear.
12/17/2008parentI attended George Marks and my daughter did also, this is an excellent school with teachers who care
9/3/2008parentGreat school the teachers are very nice i would reccomend it to any parent.....
5/27/2008parentMy experiences with George Marks Elementary school have been excellent. The administration and teacher quality, the school climate (including the ability to create an environment free from bullying which supports both tolerance and diversity) and availablity of resources have all been great. Both of my son's have had outstanding teachers who have had a major influence on their love of learning - Mrs. Manning (2nd) and Mrs' Phillips & Furley (4th) have all exemplified the patience, committment and tenacity that build young scholars. I couldn't be more pleased.
5/19/2008parentI believe this used to be a good school. I am, however, very disappointed. It is not as good as everyone thinks it is, and I am happy my kids are elsewhere now.
4/25/2008parentThe best school in deland by far.. My daughter attented there k-4... We moved to al thats why were not there anymore...
3/4/2008parentOur child has attended G.W.Marks for 5 years. I was impressed from the first day when I saw the Principal out in the street directing traffic.One summer my daughter's picture was in the paper and the principal took the time to cut it out and mail it to us. Thats the kind of example she sets. They have one of the few elementary concert bands in the country and last year ranked #1 under a band leader who donates his time to have the band. My daughter scored 95 on her 3rd grade FCAT last year so I would say she has been taught well. We love the school and its staff.
2/29/2008parentMy son has Mrs. Joiner for his K teacher and she has been wonderful teacher and she is very structured with the students. George Marks Elementry School also has the YMCA after-school program which is Christian base and it is held at the school. In addition, it has fundays when school is out. The school is very formative and caring when it comes to their students. I like the home calls on extra events, early realease, and etc.
12/13/2007parentWe are pleased with the school and particularly with the music program. We've just returned from a terrific holiday concert. Our daughter is now playing the trumpet, and she is energized by the quality of the band experience. She practices her trumpet every day without being reminded.
11/2/2007parentI took my son out of this school and what a relief. I was excited to be a part of the school until I started knowing what really goes on. The teachers are subpar and staff is as bad. Glad those days are behind us.
9/23/2007parentI think this a very good school. It is very organize. The principal is very good on remembering which child belongs to who and their name. She is very personable and make everyone feel welcome.
7/5/2007parentThis is a great school, but going down fast. Art is a plus with 2 different teachers. Too many brand new to teaching teachers are going to hurt the reputation of this school.
6/18/2007parentAs a regular volunteer at George Marks Elementary, I can say this school rocks! The music, art, and ESE department are exceptional. The music department is the most amazing I've seen at the elementary level. Now to the teachers...they are the hardest working bunch of teachers around. Go by after hours and you'll see what I mean. They're smart, dedicated and kind. (I've seen the second and third grade teachers' style up close.) While we all know the FCAT is important, it's not the beginning and end at this school. The office staff is super friendly and helpful while still keeping the students' safety a priority. The weak link is if you have a child that speaks a different language. While these teachers are highly skilled they don't meet with students very often. Your child will likely have a great learning experience at GME.
2/15/2006parentThis school has been a very disappointing experience. There is a lack of parental involvement at the school which is very sad to see. I have volunteered and could not believe the lack of respect for the students from not only the teacher but other staff members as well. Overall totally disappointed.
1/15/2006parentGeorge Marks is an excellent school where staff constantly goes above and beyond to ensure student safety and academic excellence. I am proud to send my child to this school
7/20/2005parentGeorge Marks has a long reputation as one of the top schools in the area. The long tenure of many of the teachers and the principal have enabled the school to maintain a consistent level of excellence.
6/21/2004parentExcellent School. It has been rated A for 3years in a row. Very diciplined atmosphere but has loving teachers very dedicated. Teachers ask to be placed here in this school. There is special ed services and full time gifted classes for the accelerated student. Children and grandchildren have gone here and we are truly grateful to this school for good instruction and a good administration

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