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The Charter School at Waterstone
855 Waterstone Way
Homestead, FL 33033
(305) 248-6206
charter | PK-8
County: Miami-Dade


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10/27/2012parentAcademically good; however we will see after this year's test scores. After becoming k-5, the school increased classes and hired more teachers; however most of these teachers are fresh out of college with little experience. Not enough money for quality teachers? Also, the am drop off and pm pick up situation is a BIG MESS. The school kept changing the pick-up location and times constantly for the first month or so of school. Parents just didn t know how and when the kids were dismissed. Very chaotic, especially for siblings. PE facilities are almost none existing. No indoor gym and the kids have to play in a rough asphalt court in the in the south Florida heat. . Not only a terrible situation but also very dangerous. Injuries, dehydration, heat exhaustion you name it. Don t get me wrong, academics are important, but there is too much emphasis on school work, and kids need more than academics to be well-rounded. Children also need sports and other activities; otherwise they become overwhelmed with work and apathetic. The school s infrastructure speaks for itself. Plenty of pace for classes but not for sports.
9/16/2012parentI agree with the parent of posting date June 6, 2012. It seems like a great school academically but the administration and before / aftercare staff go way beyond consequences for a child. Children will play, joke around, etc.. but it's ridiculous when your child becomes suspended for joking around with a staff member. They are leading me to believe as if there pucking on my child or seems like a dicrimination issue...The administration runs the school very militant that most students become stressed and interferes with there academic classes, etc. I am currently in the process of speaking with the south Dade school region district. In the meantime looking else where for my child to reside comfortably. Waterstone concerned parent.
9/4/2012parentMy kids went to this school from day one. I know that they had many changes in staff/administrations. I have to says this, they are fantastic!! The teachers care about the students the staff and administration. The front desk needs more people to be able to assist the parents, students and answer the phone. I had to go do my hours, I helped in the front office and the amount of calls are incredible!!! The amount of kids that are sent to the front office ALL day long. No wonder when I call the school I could never get thru and when I do I am put on hold but now I understand that they have only ONE person doing everything!! That is crazy in my opinion. No wonder they have an attitude they are tired and the parents don't help. Parents come to the school with such a bad attitude. You would not go to your home school and demand so much, you would not take lunch/project or money whenever during the day expect them to accepted in the office. My kids when to public school and believe me they have a bad attitude and now I understand why! We the parents are so difficult. What are we teaching our kids? We are the problem in many cases, not the school! They are not perfect are you? NO!
6/6/2012parentThe school is one of the best in the area I must say but the office personnel needs to treat parents with more respect. Also they go overboard with what a child might say it is ridiculous I have seen suspensions an detentions for the stupidest reasons, they are too strict on certain aspects. Be aware they ask for donations all the time and fees like 25.00 lab fee for a 9 yr old student that's ridiculous.
10/31/2011parentI just received an automated phone call from the school, supporting the local politicians and to vote. This is what the school uses their time and money for.???? this school needs to focus on education and becareful with how it is spending money and put it back into education not supporting local politicians.The school thanked them already, when they approved the highschool.
9/15/2011parentI moved to homestead 4 years ago and I agree with the parent who wrote that the parents are not treated appropriately. I have witnessed this myself several times in the past and recently. In addition to this there are constant fund raisers and this year the school has asks for a $25.00 activity and lab fee that is required per child. I have 3 children. I thought the District/State provides funding for charter schools. Finally, this school has very minimal activities
8/24/2011parentMy 2 boys have been attending Waterstone since it opened. My oldest is now a southmoore in High School and my youngest just started Middle school at Waterstone. This school has been a dream come true for me as a parent. Teachers & Administrators are simply Great not only to the children but to the parents as well. Its like dropping your kids off in the morning at a family member's house. They are loved and very well taken care of and academically I couldn't ask for anything better. My oldest was completely prepared for High School and averaged Honor Roll the entire Freshman year. I love Waterstone and it's Wonderful Staff and I am blessed to have my children attend there. :)
8/24/2011otherI worked at the Charter School at Waterstone for four years. I truly believe that it is one of the best Charter Schools in Miami-Dade, especially after the schools I have seen after I left there. Waterstone has amazing resources, and amazing teachers. In response to the person who says that the administration has changed too much, and that teachers and administrators are disrespectful in the hallways, please be aware that they are confronted with many unreasonable parents on a daily basis. They are probably not trying to appear disrespectful, simply efficient. It is their job to answer your questions and make sure you leave the building so that learning can take place. Also, the change in administration has always involved qualified administrators, who are being moved from one position to another in order to expose them to more positions in administration. They are very capable administrators.
5/4/2011parentThe school and the teachers might be great but the office staffneeds to treat parents better.
4/29/2011teacherThe Charter School at Waterstone is a great school! The administration, teachers, students, and parents all make it a wonderful educational facility. I have had the opportunity to work for a couple of charter schools in the Homestead area and this charter school is the best. Both the management company, Charter School Associates and the administration care about the teachers and students so much! I recently came back to work for the Charter School at Waterstone after a relocation and can't imagine working anywhere else.
4/27/2011parentI do not know what any parent would complain about. A charter school is a school of choice and I CHOOSE Waterstone. Students are provided with multiple curriculum settings to help all students. My children have made huge improvements after starting at Waterstone. They have fun in and our of the classroom. The teachers are great and the administration helps the teachers by their support and encouragement. It is a strict school and has rules applied fairly to all. They help students learn life lessons that help them as they grow.
4/9/2011parentI was impressed with Waterstone based on the local public schools. After enrolling my children in Waterstone I found that being a Charter school of 1100 students it does not live up to the expectations that Charter schools were intended for, with maximum student population of 250. It is a for profit school and the Administration is subpar at best. The Onsite administration has its hands tied due to corporate mentality as opposed to what is in the best interests of the well rounded child. If you are seeking a stable school where your child will be taught to question, adapt his/her own thoughts and be allowed the freedom of expression and be allowed to be who they are and not sheep, this is NOT the school for you!! Our childrens education is the most important decision we have to make as a society and to subject them to a school that is not teaching but indoctrinating is doing a disservice to our children and the future of our culture. Do your research, and dont be taken in by the hype, this school is no different then any public school in the area.
3/28/2011parentThis school provides a very good educational program and very good teachers but administrate staff need to be change.
5/20/2010parentI recommend The Charter School at Waterstone because the program of education is excellent. Every month there is a meeting between teachers, parents and the principals where we have the opportunity to be informed personally how our kids are doing in the school.
4/30/2010studenti love waterstone exspecilly ms.picasso she is the best she teaches us alot how you doin ms picasso and mr hernandez
12/25/2009parentI am a proud parent and my daughter loves Waterstone. This is her last year here and it saddens her, to leave her friends, wonderful staff an above all, the super team administration. Mrs. Aguilar should be nominated for the number one Principal in Dade- County. I have never met a principal like her. She is extremely dedicated to the school. Students come first. She is always available to speak with you. How many principals do you see in the morning (traffic duty) in the afternoon traffic duty) and around campus. The times I've gone to the school, she is not wasting time behind a desk. She is a hands on. I call this the 'Waterstone Administration Dream Team'. Just waiting for the High School to be built (hopefully) and Mrs. Aguilar better be the principal. Where ever she goes my younger children will follow. Go Dolphins!
10/3/2009otherThis school provides a safe learning environment and the teachers in general are following the teaching standards but the students are in need of more xtra curricurricular activities and sports!
9/5/2009studentI just graduateed Watersone (class of 9) and i have to say that the school is not what i expected at all!! The academic program lacks a lot from public school that i came from. and i sorry to say that some of the teachers dont teach very well. Waterstone lacks activities for the kids. I got a very overwellming shock when i started highschool because waterstone is so small that everyone knows everybody, and the worste part is that the teachers love getting in the kids bussiness, and and dont focus on what they need to teach!!! From expirence i must advice you to maby put your child in keysgate which is better.
8/22/2009parentCharter school of Waterstone is still our first choice. Our entering experience is ground setting. We had Mrs. Schroeder for kindergarten. This teacher represents the school in its entirety. She is exceedingly impressive in leading our children through education and where they can go with it. When you walk in for the first time and leave your five or six year old behind, you know in your heart they are going to have the best school experience ever. And they did, so did we. We appreciate the school and that they are pro active in providing us with excellent teachers. Thank you Waterstone and thank you Mrs. Schroeder.
8/11/2009parentThe Charter School at Waterstone has been my children school since Kindergarden and I would not change this school for any other school. My children are learning all the skills nessesary to become great citizens and leaders of the future. thank you to all the professionals at Whaterstone.
7/22/2009parentI rate it a 2 at of 5 because they want kids to be perfect they dont know how to deal with situations when a child has emotional issues. They blow things out of porportion and make the situation instead of better.
6/5/2009parentMy daughter went to this school for her first grade year. I thought it would be a great school to send her to but there were some things that I wasn't too happy about. For one there library is really not your average school library. It's a classroom with limited amount of books and the children do not have the opprotunity to check out books. Plus, the area where they have PE is not sufficent space for them to run around. I felt that the school did not offer many choices for children that either had special needs of interest that needed to be worked on or gifted classes for children that needed more of a challenge. Also when I placed her in a charter school I thought that the class size would be smaller but my daughter's class had 23 students placed in there.
5/27/2009parentby my experience this is a great school, my child is very happy, more confident and she learn a lot this year, she just graduate from kindergarden and she is reading well, her teaher Mrs. Roque is a great teacher very dedicated and sweet,the administration, very friendly and the principal and her team did a great job this year, hope next year they continue to supporting our childrend and parents as well as this year, great job!!!
3/10/2009parentGreat environment, great teachers, u feel like family and everyone is very involve in supporting our children.
11/22/2008parentI don't know what the problem is with this school but they are constantly changing the administration. When the school opened four years ago there were two principals. Before the year was up, one of the principals quit, leaving the school with one principal. The following year,that principal left and a new principal was named. Now, once again, a new principal has been appointed. That's a change in leadership every year the school has been opened. This high turnover has been difficult on the students, parents and staff.
9/6/2008studentI was part of the Class of 08, and i have to say that this school is one of the best ones in South Florida. I think that this school improves greatly every year, and parents, if you are thinking about enrolling your child in this school, do not think it twice. You will see how wonderful and awesome this school is. Administration is great and the teachers are the best. They take discipline seriously and it just makes you a better student and a better person. Honestly, I did not want to leave Waterstone after i graduated.
8/8/2008studentI just graduated from Waterstone (Class of 08!) and had been attending there since its opening three years ago. I have to say the school continues improving each year. The administration were great and the teachers were awsome! I'm glad my parents put me in Waterstone beacuse they have prepared me perfectly for my future and have always been generous to all of the students. We 8th graders had outstanding FCAT scores this year which would not have been possible without our dedicated teachers. I see nothing wrong with this school and any student would be lucky to be in The Charter School at Waterstone!
6/8/2008parentThe teachers were great! The administration was terrible. The principal was unavailable most of the year. She did not seem interested in talking to parents. There were many changes in employees in the office. I would have pulled my child out of the school if it was not for the teacher.
6/5/2008parentWaterstone is a great school. The students are challenged and the teachers care about them. The Principal, Ms. Scott, is always helpful and the school has imroved alot since it first opened.
4/7/2008parentMy son just started in kindergarten this school year. He had no Pre-K exprience and has learned so much. His teacher is wonderful, I'm very happy with his progress. This is a great school.
1/8/2008parentMy childrend have been attending the Charter School at Waterstone since the school opened three years ago. I find that the staff and educators are some of the best in the area. I strongly agree with the way that they involve Parents within the school. My children are happy and learning the things that they need to learn to make it in this world.
12/31/2007parentThe Charter School at Waterstone is great. I believe that if the teachers and staff have a long term commiment with the school it can be even better.
12/4/2007studentI love this school! I am now a 7th grader, and I have amazing teachers, and Ii love the enviroment.
11/2/2007parentAcademic program is really lacking and there are very little extracurricular activities. I am glad that the school provides a safe environment for my 8th grader but she is challenged by the curriculum at all. Calling the office is a joke since they tell you that they can not help you or they don't know and the only way to contact teachers is through email. Very disorganized and I am now thinking about not sending my youngest to the school because I am very dissatisfied with administration.
10/28/2007parentAbout security, my child goes there and I do not see anyone standing outside early in the morning. The only afterschool activities are for the older kids, nothing for the younger ones. This school has had an over turn of principles,asst principles,dean,counselor in just the 2 years it has been opened!
10/12/2007parentThis school is very unorganized. You can never speak with a member of administration when you need to. Many of the classrooms are a wreck. My daughter's classroom has been leaking all year and they finally moved her, however, she is now mixed in with another class! Some of the classes have 40 kids in them.
10/10/2007parentAs a parent of a student that has been there since the school's opening, I noticed that much has changed. I find the new administration in dire need of a facelift. The administration stated in open house that they are there to serve the parents, and their number one priority, the students. I have yet to see them stand true by their words. In my observations, I have seen students and parents try to reach administration with concerns to no avail.There is a lack of consistency within the building,teachers are not made aware of changes to the last minute, therefore, it makes our jobs as parents a little more confusing with educational issues. The dismissal is chaotic, unsupervised, and long.The teachers are the only faces out there, never administration or security.It is such a shame that a school that had so much potential ends up this way.
10/9/2007parentThe teachers at this school are great, however administration is not.
9/18/2007parentMy two children that attend this school.One in Elem. the other one in Middle.I can tell you that it is a clean school.Not seen any fights, very aware of the students safety.
8/27/2007parentThis school suffers from staff turnover and discontent. The administration is unfriendly and does not represent all students. Most of the student body is Hispanic and many of the administrators cannot communicate with the parents. It is disorganized and always asking for money.
6/7/2007parentI am very dissapointed with the school/academic portion. My child has been in the school since they opened and in both grades (4th and 5th), teachers left on maternity leave and it was just horrible. The substitute choices were just very poor with a constellation of different people coming in for one or two weeks and then leaving again. Everyone has a different style to teach and it just hard for a kid to get used to it. Also a lot of the teachers were inexperienced, did not give enough homework, material that needed to be covered was not, etc. I really hope they can do better for this following school year. Unfortunately there is not much to choose from in the Homestead area unless you can go to private school.
3/22/2007parentmy children have been in this school since the day it opened. I would agree that the elementary get good extracurricular activities like snow day and many field trips to a petting zoo or other places like that. its a good/safe environment for them but it could be way better for the middle school. they have rarely any field trips, not many dances and always have to raise money. they could arrange it better.
11/13/2006parentThe Charter School at Waterstone is an awesome school. Last year's curriculum for first graders was very intensive & challenging. It kept my son interested. I love the use of the agenda book as a tool for communicating between the teachers & parents. It allows you to know exactly what is going on in class, for homework etc. The only problem I had is when I sent a note to [a teacher] regarding a situation that was created by the school. Her response was, 'she did not have time to look into it'. I felt that as a teacher she should be dedicated enough to assist. I never would have imagined such a response from a teacher. I also feel that the curriculum for second graders is somewhat lacking. It is not challenging enough.
6/29/2006parentThe fact that 2005-2006 was the first school year for Waterstone, they did pretty good, the only negative side was that lots of teachers resigned and this affects the students learning progress, hopefully this year they'll do better by selecting teachers with a long term commitment to the school and the students.
5/25/2006parentThis First Year at The school was indeed a great year. The teachers and staff are there for the students and the parents. I think they have an above average as far as the curriclum goes. My child learned a lot at this school that I feel she may not have learned anywhere else. I personally loved the staff and teachers and give then gratitude for all they do. In my opinion this school is the best. Unfortunatley, I am moving out of the area and I am going to miss all the teachers and staff. My child is going to miss them also. Thank you for caring for my child and her educational well being.

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