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Not OK - 11/29/2018
It stinks with smelty Smokey air most evenings right in the heart of town. ATC’s run rampant. Police do nothing. Code enforcement is a laughable joke in most cases. You must watch your house diligently. Illegals rob many neighbors repeatedly. Yard sales are considered a big violation, while many ppl park huge food trucks in their yard to operate illegal bussiness. Property owners rent a lot of properties and renters just run them into the ground. City builds big buildings that mostly sit empty and citizens pay a bond fee for them. Police are under staffed . Many stray dogs are left to fend for themselves and the police in the county passed a law to administer the animal control dept. Their is no hope for dogs here. Very sad here and don’t believe it will improve under these circumstances. I am Read More

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Absurd Electrical Bills - 11/29/2018
My family has lived in Homestead for 4 years. Whatever you do make sure the area you rent/purchase is not within the limits of City of Homestead. Our electric bill is 4 TIMES higher than it was when we got service from FPL. And now recently, the City passed a new measure to hike the Read More

Gone downhill to the max - 3/22/2018
I lived in the Redlands from 1968 to 1980. I loved it with all my heart. It was beautiful, peaceful, clean, gorgeous groves, tropical flowers and plants. Nice people, uncrowded. Homestead was a sweet country town. Now, the WHOLE AREA is a nightmare, especially Homestead. But even the Redlands are full of people, who are not nice and don't speak English. They litter too. Is that their country's custom? They didn't learn not to litter from Woodsy Owl? Gangs of stray, vicious dogs roam everywhere. Disgusting, trashy people dump their dogs in the "country." You used to be able to ride your horse in the beautiful Redlands, no more. Traffic, vicious dog packs, shady people, litter. Unsafe. The hurricane wiped out all the beautiful foliage. Everything is shabby and drab now in the Redlands. Homestead is a Third World country. Chickens in the parking lot. Dirty and nasty. Crime, litter, poor schools, no one from the U.S., rude, filthy. Even Shiver's used to be in an ok Read More

Homestead Fl - 12/29/2017
It is not a good place to live or raise your children. Crime is rampant. ATC Owners race at all hours and days. People burn trash and the air is dirty with smoke. Little code enforcement. Only ppl who can pay a ticket, others abuse unnoticed. Police are afraid to enforce because they “ might get sued.” In general ppl are rude and obnoxious, if not Read More

Homestead, Fl reviewed - 3/10/2016
The last time I took my family vacationing in Homestead, FL, I thought I drove too far and ended up in Cuba because I didn't see any Caucasian Americans and everyone spoke a different language. I think it was some sort of Spanish language. The only Caucasian I saw walking around were only tourist from a European country because even they didn't speak English either. People in Homestead are not Americans and they were rude to the point where they just want to shoot you. We were waiting at a electronics counter at a Walmart in Homestead and no employees offer us any help. We were looking around like we were lost and the employees were talking to each other and some pretending to act busy just to avoid us. Rude country Homestead Read More

Homestead Florida - 6/6/2015
I am by far the weirdest guy in Homestead and i have got to say it was once a warm and wonderful place. that was before anyone knew where it was. I grew up here I stay in south Florida because of my medical condition, this is the only place in the continental United States that has a climate like this. I have read a lot of the comments here and they are damn close to everything that happens here. my family moved here in the 70's my father a Vietnam vet wanted to be close to the Airbase, when Andrew hit it destroyed the base and a whole lot of the surrounding community. since that time Miami has slowly grown south this town is just the southern edge of a city that they plan to keep building until the reach Cuba. people are rude the traffic which used to be three maybe four cars at the US 1 intersection is now thirty or so. they over built and have not stopped. what used to be nice neighborhoods have been swallowed up by over crowding people are vicious and cruel its like all the bad Read More

Climate - 1/8/2015
Most of the year it is too hot and humid to be outside for more than necessary. Read More

People are so rude here. - 9/4/2012
I moved to Homestead in 1980. I was 10 years old. I stayed until hurricane Andrew in 1992, but since I still lived in the area I found myself visiting with friends that I grew up with almost weekly. I finally moved away from Florida in 2002. I have never looked back. Every negative comment I have read here only scratches the surface. Crime, drugs, prostitution, have always been apart of Homestead. Many nights I remember falling asleep to the sounds of gunfire, sirens, and then helicopters. I lived in what might have been considered a lower middle class neighborhood (Avocado Villas), but we were lucky enough to have a low income housing project right down the street. The West Homestead Projects. I recently came across this website and took the time to register so I could give my two cents on this issue.
From 1980 to 1992 Homestead was just a small town that was dumpy and rundown. After 1992 it went to a whole new level of poverty. Calling it a third world country is Read More

Don't move here - 9/4/2011
I have lived in homestead for 2 years due to a job in Key largo. While the housing is on the cheap side for what you get the town really has nothing to offer. Your stuck really only going to Miami or to the keys and its still about a hour drive each direction. I have young kids and need to get out of this town asap because theirs no way they will be going to the schools here. The weather is always humid and full of bugs i can't even enjoy walking outside or getting the mail for that fact. It rains everyday and forcing you to be inside most the summer. Winter is nice but the past few years it has been getting into the 40's. I would only be moving here if it was for a job nothing Read More

Seems fine to me - 5/8/2011
I have visited Homestead five times in the last six months and never had any problem there. Officials, store employees, people on the street and in restaurants all seemed polite and helpful. I have been around downtown and, like a lot of smaller cities, the recession has treated it hard, but it's still cute. People do seem to drive a little more wildly, however, so I learned to take precautions. It has a nice new Thai restaurant as well as a good Mexican one downtown. And you can't beat being between two interesting National Parks in one direction and Miami and the keys in the other. Location, location, location, and the Florida Freeway is great, now that tolls are Read More

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Bed 4 | Bath 3

138 NW 8th Ave
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25913 SW 133rd Pl
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12738 SW 265th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

184 SE 35th Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 4

901 NW 9th St
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16401 SW 281st St
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