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North Beach Elementary School
4100 Prairie Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 531-7666
public | PK-5
County: Miami-Dade


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/6/2012parentJust amazing no matter what! My family loved this school and I had my 3 children here and they are now in middle school at NMS and I love it! THANKS NBE!
1/27/2012parentMy son is in Kindergarten and has a very kind and sweet teacher. Unfortunately, the focus in the school is very heavy on academics. Even in kindergarten they receive a ton of homework and have tests every week. I don't think they do much art. The principal wants the kids to be given homework on the weekend. They are in kindergarten, for pete's sake. Kids at this age learn best by being hands on, not doing worksheet after worksheet. But the administration here is very top down and teachers don't have much room to do their own curriculum. My guess is that since this is an A school there is a lot of pressure to maintain that. My son is already complaining that he doesn't want to go to school. I wish I could homeschool.
12/3/2011parentI have requested 5 times to meet with the prinipal and still have yet to receive a response or at the very least even an acknowledgement....
11/2/2011parentTeachers are the best, lunch food quality acceptable, everything in this schools is brilliant except for the parking and drop off location, and very rude drivers who drive and park their huge SUV's , even inside the faculty parking lot blocking staff parking spaces almost hit students when driving, i remember last year there was a security and this never happened, we need the security back for the safety of our children s in the morning and in the afternoon.
10/4/2011parentIf it weren't for Dr. Quarles and her front office staff, this school would be 5 star. The students, parents, teachers and the Vice Principal (Mrs. Villar) are what makes this school great. However, Dr. Quarles is the most insincere, self interested and politically minded educator I have ever come across. She doesn't seem to like either the students or their parents (even though the parental involvement through Friends of North Beach supplies her with incredible support). She needs to have her wings clipped, as her arrogance and selfishness create an obstacle for all that is great at NBE. This school would be better without Dr. Quarles and with Mrs. Villar in charge.
10/3/2011parentHard to understand why the principal is receiving four stars for leadership... This school had a fantastic communicator and inspiring principal. Upon his retirement DR Quarrels, who insists to be called that, DR, has been a disaster in every area that I can think of. She can not even look at students, or parents, in the eyes... Out of touch with reality, the student body and teachers needs. Only interested in test results to promote her and the school ratings. Parent involvement, and some teachers are the upside of this mediocre school. School lunch is full of unhealthy choices. Office staff is unhelpful and sometimes even rude. Mrs Villar, the vice principal, is trying her best to keep the "peace" and this school together. Before rating a principal please look at all the parents comments.
8/2/2011parentI have a son who started NBE this past year and was in Ms. Shaw's class. After two years of crying every morning before pre-k, I was scared a new school, new classmates, and a new teacher would be intimidating. However, it was quite the opposite. From the first day of school, my son was anxious to head to kindergarten. He loved "center time" and was reading by Christmas. But most importantly, he loved his teacher. Her classroom is warm and inviting. She greets each child every day with a smile and a hug. She plays their favorite music as they unpack and prepare for the day, and she ends each day with Circle of Kindness an opportunity for all of the children to hear something kind and positive about themselves. Ms. Shaw knows how to set the stage for a lifelong love of learning. Thank you NBE for such a beautiful teacher from the inside out, for a strong and committed PTA, for Friends of NBE, and for the dedicated administration who has made transferring to this school such a pleasure. My only request is that the cafeteria has better monitoring next year, especially for the little ones at lunch.
6/8/2011parentIt is hard to rate a school because everyones experience is different. I personally have had a horrible experience with the teachers and the principal. There is no warmth and the kids are not allowed any self expression what so ever. Kids are treated with no respect and in return children do not respect the staff....common sense, right? Not for Mrs Quarrels (principal). Teachers my kids have had are yellers. My kids are straight A students and my son who had a terrible 5th grade year lost all interest in school. This year he attended MAC and excelled in every area. It is time to open our minds and educate ourselves about how to treat children, specially at North Beach. Hate to give bad news, but I do it when it is needed.
6/6/2011parentThis is one of the best, if not the best, public elementary school in Miami Beach. The teachers are great, the principal is a strong leader and the parental involvement helps make this school well-above the ordinary.
2/6/2011parentNBE used to be a grate school. Currently, I have a third grader attending the school and my oldest child graduated three years ago. Important changes were made in the past two years with the gifted program and students no longer switch teachers in the middle of the day. The quality of education now is very questionable when I compare to what it used to be before the changes. I understand administration has the best intentions when implementing new operations but unfortunatelly they don't have the talent to realize that results for students and teachers are not positive. It is a shame. Great P.E., Music, Arts and PTA after school program. Have to congratulate second grade gifted teachers for the best spanish program. Wish they could run the school.
2/1/2011parentWe are new to NBE and its a nightmare. Principal does not respond to numerous attempts to contact and meet with her. My kid tested gifted but was not placed in a gifted class, because "class size is too large", teachers seem unhappy and overwhelmed. Halls and classrooms are filthy. Bullying amongst boys is a big problem that is addressed in a heavy handed hysterical manner. Only one day a week do they have a very brief recess period which is often evoked. The principal does nothing to make the experience fun and inspired but rather relies on handing out certificates at every opportunity, and empty warm and fuzzy words. We cant wait to be out of there. Must say though parents are great and their involvement exceptional if not somewhat elitist.
2/1/2011parentThis school was great!!! i moved to the area just for my kids to attend NBE. this year its a mess!!! my daughters KG teacher is always texting or on her cell. this teacher follows her colleagues lesson plans and has no idea what is ever going on. i spoke to the ADMIN and they dismissed by concerns. This school is only concern with donations!!! IF YOU DONATE LOTS OF $$$$, THAN your child gets special attention. The school claims to be an A school but we are really a B school
1/18/2011parentEXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN QUALITY OF 5TH GRADE teaching, sorry i transferred child. NO PROGRESS REPORTS, GRADE ASSIGNMENT UNCLEAR. homework assigned but not collected or graded, etc.. very random grading- what happened to the mid semester progress reports-no one knows. TEACHERS SEEM VERY ANNOYED TO BE THERE.
10/12/2010parentNorth Beach cares about the student's education and support parents' concern and work towards this goal.
8/24/2010parent Totally unhappy first day of school. The fact is classes overcrowded , without parent consent students from bilingual classes were placed into non bilingual or inclusion classes.It is a mess. Principals biggest priority is Gifted , PTA and VIP. The assistant principal and teachers are doing their best ,big thanks to them.
8/22/2010parentThere is something going on with this school. School class assignment for the new year is a mess. Kids that were in billingual program are getting transfered to regular classe without parents aproval and vise versa. principal creates this mess every year and it is time for he to resign and give seat for a principal that will know how to run the school. This year the school became B school and we as a partents can just say that it is principals fault. Choose some other school is my advise.
5/2/2010parentMy two sons have attend this school and I am extremely happy with everything, especially the teachers. My youngest son is always telling us how much he loves his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Monem, and always excited to tell us what he has learned. Best school, best teachers, best PTA.
4/21/2010parentMy son has been at North Beach for kindergarten and first grade. I am amazed at all that he has learned in such a short time. The school organizes many extracurricular activities that make learning fun. The principal is very engaged, approachable, and in constant improvement mode. The teachers we've had, are also great!
4/19/2010parentThe best teachers and friendly staff. Parents are very involved. Principal goes the extra mile to ensure students are well taken care of.
9/16/2009parentNorth Beach has a caring environment with excellent education standards and a great PTA.
5/31/2008parentMy daughter has attended North Beach for 5 years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. She has loved all of her teachers who have all helped in different ways but last night she actually told me that Ms. Shaw (her favorite teacher of all time) was her role model. I feel so blessed that my daughter can attend the school that because of parent involvement feels like a private school. She will have wonderful memories of growing up at North Beach Elementary.
8/30/2007parentthe principal leadership is very poor. I know she is new but still dont know her classess start 2 weeks ago Techer quality excellent Safety very poor Extracurricular activities None
8/29/2007parentExtremely happy with this school. The teachers are great and know how to motivate their students. The building is in outstanding condition considering that it was built in the 1920s or 30s. The students are very well behaved and parents are very much involved. The afterschool program staff is excellent. A+ school. School store should open early to benefit working parents.
2/1/2007parentExtremely happy as a parent w/ the school save one item - the school overcrowding. Otherwise an excellent school.
7/15/2006parentWow! What a School! Everything about North Beach Elementary is First Class. The grounds are maintained, the facility is in outstanding condition, the classrooms are up to date. All the children seem happy. Most inportantly, the teachers and staff are happy to be teaching the children. If anyone wants or needs to move and are concerned for their children's education, North Beach is the place to be. It is a private school within the public school environment. All schools should be run this well! North Beach says it
5/7/2006parentNorth Beach as most schools has its positive and negative points. What makes this school wonderful is the parent s involvement. From the fundraisers, events and volunteers, parents are pitching in at every corner. And I love that this school is culturally diverse. My only disappointment is that it has been very difficult to get into the foreign language program and the counseling staff is almost non existent. In addition there seems to be some preferential treatment in the placement of children in this course and classrooms. Other than these issues it is a public school with private school perks.
5/1/2006parentThe academic programs, including Gifted and Bilingual, are great assets to the school. The teachers are very involved and truly care about each child's development. Although the current Principal is extremely focused on standardized testing results, the children receive a well-rounded education. Parent and student support for standardized testing preparation is phenomenal. This year, the PTA ensured the coordination of instructional sessions for parents and students prior to FCAT testing. Post FCAT, the sessions continued for basic test taking, writing and spelling strategies. The environment is friendly and disciplined. Parent involvement is abundant and consistent, both on special events and fields trips as well as daily interaction and support. The music and art teachers create a great environment of appreciation and learning while encouraging participation with exhibitions and performances. Organized sports are limited and should be coordinated and encouraged. Overall, my family is proud to be part of this school community.
2/3/2006parentVery good teachers and great learning enviroment security needs improvement!
8/5/2005parentNorth Beach Elementary is an excellent school. Both of my children were in the bilingual program and the gifted program and I could honestly say that I could not be happier. They have excelled in academia, they have established great relationships with their friends, the teachers are dedicated and the administration is very supportive. I strongly recommend this school to any parent who is looking to educate their child in the best environment that will be condusive to a comprehensive education that will educate the 'whole child'.
7/12/2005parentExcellent teaching staff and administration, but more concentration should be placed on children who require additional skills.
6/28/2005parentExcellent,excellent,excellent. I pity the school that has to compare to this one. Wonderful, well prepared staff. Exceptional security.
6/25/2005parentThe school is very well kept, the classrooms are very lively and attractive, the children are well behave, with a lot of international students from all over the world, specially hispanics. The teachers and the staff are very dedicated and vocational, and they treat the students with loving care and respect. The only negative thing I found is that they do not offer extra afterschool activities. It's up to their parents to take their children to the activities offered by the public parks of the community. The library is kind of small. The discipline and the security of the student is well taken care of. There is free public transportation available, and city transportation (buses)stop right in front. The cafeteria is large and well furnished and the lunches are good. They teach computer tech and have a computer lab. School area (land ) is limited. Not enough for future expansion.
5/14/2005parentNBE has been good up until the 5th grade. Lots of priority class time and fundraising for a $700 field trip in a school with at least 42% subsidized lunch students. Half the class did not go in the trip--is it necessary to delineate between the have and have nots in this egregious manner. DC--part of the curriculum?--by a wide stretch of the imagination. Yet a lot of parents who agree with the disparity still caved and went or sent their kids. The kids who stayed back had 3 lost days. Too bad these parents lost their integrity and too bad the administration allowed this to happen. There should be a cap on field trips--300--the fundraising could have gone to help find proper tutors or resource room teachers for kids slipping through the tracks.
3/5/2005parentIt has different programs: Gifted, Bi-lingual, or regular. There is a program funded by the parents that pays for teachers' assistants so the classes have two teachers; although this does not always work. There are numerous afterschool activities and this is a wonderful feeder school for many of the private schools in the area.
6/3/2004parentI have been very dispointed about this school. My kids have been going there for 3 years. The school is over crowded of kids that are not supposed to attempt this area. The principal is not at all friendly and has no time to listen to parents or kids. The kids have bearly 20 minutes recess between the hours of 8:30 and 3:00. This is for the lunch break. Needless to say that when you walk in the cafeteria it's like going to the wild jungle where the kids are out of control. There is no security at all. The gates of the school are always open and kids and adults can come and go ant any time!
5/6/2004parentNew to this school. Have heard awesome things. My daughter is swithcing from private school.
1/7/2004parentVery clean and well maintain school. Good environment. PreK cost $300/month until 2pm. Lunch and after school are additional. Cafeteria too small so PreK have lunch at 10h20am. 1 teacher & 1 assistant per class of 24 kids. Street doors open all the time. No security guard except for administration parking. Kids playground closed after 2pm.
8/25/2003parent Overall a wonderful school. North Beach PTA & Friends of North Beach Elementary support the administration and teaching staff in enumerable ways. Administration and teaching staff are truly behind the children. Music program is fabulous. One area that needs some work is making sure the 6th grade curriculum is meeting all the Middle School curriculum requirements and fully meeting the needs of all the students in offering advanced level math, science or language classes while still at North Beach. The same holds true for the other MB Elem. Schools, too.
8/19/2003parentThis school is one of the finest and professional school my child has attended. We were very happy.
6/17/2003 This is truly a quality A school. My son has attended North Beach Elementary since kindergarten in the bi-lingual and gifted programs. The teachers have far exceeded my expectations in providing the kind of positive learning environment my child needs to succeed in school. It is truly an A+ school.

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