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Fleming Island Elementary School
4425 Lakeshore Dr
Orange Park, FL 32003
(904) 278-2020
public | PK-6
County: Clay


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/14/2012parentHorrible Special Needs Autism Unit. The teachers/administrators are more concerned with getting the most money per student opposed to providing the best education for a child.Removed my student for inappropriate teaching strategies
5/8/2012parentI have two children who attend this school and agree that communication is a problem between parents, teachers, and the administration. The quality of teaching varies.
6/11/2010parentI have had two children attend this school. The oldest did K and 1st grade at FIE and my youngest just finished PreK. I love this school. I find it very easy to talk to teachers and administrators. The parents are actively involved as well. I couldn't have asked for a better school for my children.
5/4/2010parentOverall, our experience has been pretty good. We moved here in January, so we started mid year, right in the middle of FCAT prep. My son had previously attended a private school up north for the last 6 1/2 years. He had a very difficult time adapting, and the teachers seemed more concerned about FCAT prep than finding out where my son was having some difficulties. It has definitely improved and we are happy with his progress. The lack of extracurriclular activities and teacher communication are where I feel the school falls short, but otherwise it's a good school. My son's teachers do not use email for communication purposes, I feel this would help tremendously with keeping updated with your childs progress (or lack of). Especially if your 5th or 6th grader is one of those children that does not share openly how things are going at school.
5/27/2009parentFleming Island Elementary is the best school my child has gone too. The teachers are very nice and help them learn a lot. My child has done so well there.
5/21/2009parentIf you have a child that will score low on standardized tests - don't come. They don't want you here and they will make sure you know it. Run... run far away..... Now if the teachers in your current school district actually talk to you.... stay right where you are. Your expectations are already too high to move to this school district.
11/10/2008otherFleming Island is an amazing school. I would be happy for all of my children to go K-6 there and I would recommend others children to as well. While I can't say every, but most teachers genuinely care about each childs education. I have seen teachers do everything in their power to make that light bulb come on. Classes are fun and interesting. Teachers don't just teach to a test, but to inform, entertain, and have a cool new experience that could enable the child to remember a fact or a process for a lifetime. When a grade level team is on...they are on! Fourth grade is so impressive! Whether your child has a learning disability, is slightly below average, is average, is slightly above average, is above average, is gifted...there is something for every child here. The campus is safe, clean, and run very well. You won't be sorry here!!
10/20/2008parentI have two children who graduated from FIE and one remaining. Prior to my youngest attending, I would have said this was absolutely the best school and given it a 9.5! Now, I'm not so certain. If you have a child who is average to gifted, you'll love it and your child will do great. If you have a child who doesn't necessarily 'fit into their box', I'm afraid you may be greatly dissapointed. I loved FIE before my youngest child with a learning disability attended. He was overlooked and definitely fell through the cracks even though we insisted there was a problem. It wasn't until we went outside and had private testing performed that we discovered his disability. I find they are less supportive of this type of child, but have a great program for the Gifted children and seem to challenge the average child. Good Luck!
9/18/2008parentNew Principal is very approachable and warm and friendly. You can tell that the students and faculty really like her. While new to her job, she is not new to the schools as she was V. Principal previously. Great academics - I don't feel that any of our teachers have taught the FCAT and in my experience, they have actually played down the FCAT. I think 'teaching the test' has become and overused tagline with no really thought or research put behind it.
2/7/2008parent Admittedly, a better school than some surrounding the area, but I would prefer an administration that was more cooperative towards parents. Definately doesn't rate a 10.
11/27/2007parentOverall the past 2 years, we have had a positive experience at FIE. My daughter is in 1st grade and has been doing well. The teachers seem to learn individual student needs academically, behaviorially, and socially to maintain the school's reputation. I am not crazy about overemphasis on testing starting in Kindergarten which I was not used to seeing in the northern states. The school reputations are mostly measured by test scores and being a high rated school there is a push to maintain scores in all the local schools. There is tons of parental involvement, and I like the relaxed atmosphere of always seeing parents eating lunch with their kids outside, and coming to volunteer or visit their kids when they want. Overall, the open environment and campus layout is great. The drawback is lack of after school activities available for younger students and overemphasis on teaching for the tests.
11/8/2007parentI am thrilled with my children's experience at this school. With the low student to teacher ratio, I felt that the teachers really were able to know my child. These teachers really care about the kids. They have wonderful resource classes (music, art, P.E., library and technology.)The technology (computer) program is top notch and really prepares the children for technology that is used today. There is now a fence that surrounds the entire school and is locked after school starts so that anyone coming throughout the day must report to the front office and sign in before going anywhere on campus. There are also teachers posted for morning dropoff and pickup.I am thrilled with my children's education at FIE.
6/4/2007parentFIE has been a good experience for us. In contrast to some of these reviewers, the principal has been nothing but gracious and available to us. Contrary to what it might seem like - we are just the average family and have no real ties to the school. The one time I approached the school about the computer class policy, I was directed straight to her office. She resolved my problem fairly and it only took one visit to the school. I couldn't ask for better support from my child's educators.
6/8/2006parentAcademic programs are challenging and teachers are very commited. Would be a huge improvement if there was a foreign language program available or a more proactiv approach for identifying gifted students. Unless you have entered the school in the very early grades, the admin. concludes that your probably coming from a less rigorous environment and therefore does not keep the information coming regarding opportunities to participate in enrichment programs. A little close minded/arrogant in that regard. The programs are there. You just have to find them on your own. Don't expect the administration to present them to you.
5/16/2006parentA great school. My kids always brought home wonderful art projects and were always involved and thought of throught the whole experience of Fleming Island Elementary School.
4/26/2006parentFleming Island Elementary is by far one of the best schools I've been exposed to as a mother. My children love their teachers, the level of academics is above the state average and the surroundings are positive and motivating. The parent involvement is superior, and my children have a wide range of choices of extracurricular activities, math club, chess club, walk/run club, student council, chorus, book clubs.
3/19/2006parentGreat Academic school. Falls short on extracurricular activities to keep kids interested in learning. Lots of parental involvement.
3/9/2006parentI have had great support from teacher and other faculty for my first-grader joining mid-year.
2/21/2006parentIts a great school, great staff and academically is great, not complains what so ever, just keep that A coming for our school. great job mrs. principal and staff
1/26/2006parentGood public school in a great neighborhood with parents who are very involved. Teachers range from outstanding to average, but for the most part, students will get outstanding teachers, especially in grades where the 'team' of teachers for that grade get along. Too much emphasis on the FCAT but that is a State issue not a school issue. Decent afterschool care program provided by the YMCA. School is getting very large however with 7-8 classes per grade. Keep in mind that the size and number of teachers allows for leveling of abilities. However, we were disappointed that the Gifted program only applied to Math and Science.
11/21/2005parentNew to school, and found large size of school makes it easy to get lost. Teacher interest in pupils is good, but not noteworthy. Parental involvement has been key to this school's success, and is a must if you want your child to get the best education available. Lack of funding must be reason that more than classroom space is relegated to Portables, and there is not an affordable after-school program available. Not familiar with extracurricular activities available for our 2nd grader, but have heard there are after-school clubs available to the upper grades. With all the 'blue ribbon' publicity, truly expected more from FIE. As for school security, we will continue to donate $$ so that a fence can be placed around school perimeter. Open campus, and no secure place for child to go at morning drop off, are a concern.
11/4/2005parentWonderful school! We had a great experience at FIE. Parent involvement is great and highly encouraged. And both the curriculum and the staff were exceptional.
11/1/2005parentChildren are provided with an accelerated academic program that best meets their individual needs. Special needs students are encouraged to achieve to their highest potential and are educated in the mainstream as much as possible. The faculty and staff are professional and truly care about each and every student.
10/28/2005parentFleming Island Elementary (FIE) offers what few schools seem to any more....close ties to the community it is situated in (Eagle Harbor)and responsive parents that cater to teacher and school requests to enhance students' overall experience.
10/25/2005parentWe moved to orange park this summer and this is the first year that my third and fourth graders are attending this school. Both of my boys were attending chets creek elementary in the southside area which was also an 'A' school. My fourth grader had been getting straight A's or the equivalent of A's since kindergarten. On his 1st period report card he got 2 C's and the rest B's. I find that the school puts a lot of preassure on the kids to be responsible even to the point where a projects are given with no written instructions sent home.
5/20/2005parentThe sucess of this school lies mainly in the wonderful families who attend and support FIE! The quality spread of teachers is like everywhere else. The principal is just about non-existent to us. My children don't know her, and I've seen walking by, maybe twice? Amongst the parents, she has the reputation for being abrasive and unapproachable. Several parents claimed that she never returned their phone calls, and when they did catch up to her, she acted like she could care less about their issues. The security is LAX! The morning drop-off is nothing like described in their own parent's policy book and no one seems concerned about it. It's obvious that something horrible (however unlikely) is going to have to happen for it to change. Again, the children do well here because everyone that attends FIE lives in the same affluent neighborhood where parent involvement with their kids is very high.
4/29/2005parentTHis school has an awesome facility and super faculty. The arts program is also well structured. There is a gifted and talented enrichment program that has been very successful. Parent involvement is top of the line and very dedicated to all around development. Safe and well managed. Classes are larger than average.
10/26/2004parentF.I.E. is a huge dissappointment. Just like all Florida public schools, it's about the test. The ciriculum is dictated by the FCAT test and most students are not challenged. Grammer is a non-existent subject. Some of the teachers are great, but their hands are tied. There is a lot of parental involvement, but they have to stay within 'the box'. The principal is unapproachable. The office staff doesn't know her schedule and she won't return phone calls. Efforts to enhance the school with programs like Odyssey of the Mind are shot down, even with no cost to the school. If it's not the principal's idea, forget it. If your child is one of those 'almost' gifted children, they'll be twiddling their thumbs for 7 years. Safety is a joke. You can get to any classroom without ever seeing a teacher or any sign of security. Run!
9/4/2003parentWe are beginning our 3rd year at Fleming Island Elementary and we could not be more thrilled about the education our daughter is getting here! When we moved to Fl. 3 years ago, our main focus when selecting our home, was the school districts and the school test scores. FIE looked terrific on paper, but the true test would come when my husband and I actually visited the campus. We were overwhelmed! The staff and student body immediately impressed us. It was quite obvious why FIE had such high academic scores! We could not be happier with the education our daughter has received at FIE and look forward to spending the next 4 years here!
6/16/2003 Fleming Island Elementary is a fantastic school. The teachers stress academic excellence in a positive manner. The parent volunteer program is extensive and helpful to the teachers and fun for the students. The campus environment is warm and friendly.

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