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Oakleaf Junior High School
4085 Plantation Oaks Blvd
Orange Park, FL 32065
(904) 213-5500
public | 6-8
County: Clay


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1/28/2012otherthis school is a great school. i mean u have excellent teachers like ms. Britt and Mr. walker. i think that this school helps u a lot to achieve a lot of your short and long term goals. understanding that you have to take things day by day it also gets tough sometimes. but this school has a 0 tolerance policy on fighting and bullying. start now stay focus and finish strong the Oakleaf way. Mya freeman
12/28/2011teacherI have worked in several other schools throughout my teaching career. This is my favorite school. The administration cares more for the students and the education than any other school. We work together to prepare students for future academics and life. I also have 3 children who have attended and 1 more that will be educated by these outstanding professionals.
11/1/2011otherI miss oakleaf junior this school is amazing! Kids are friendly, teachers care about the students and what too help there needs.Overall I had a great time at this school(:
6/23/2011parentThe administration will keep your child safe (that was very important to me). There is zero tolerance for fighting or any other dangerous activities. There are quite a few excellent teachers who go beyond the call of duty to make certain kids are working at a high level. Great JOB! Now, for the flies in the soup. There are a fair number of really terrible teachers hiding behind that "A" on the school and sadly, the administration has been ineffective in replacing these teachers. The administration will also block any attempts to get your child removed from the classroom of the really terrible teachers. It is policy to blame the child and not the teacher (or the process) for any struggles the student encounters.
9/19/2010parentThree of my children have attended Oakleaf Junior High and I must say that it gets better and better every year. The staff are great and teach to the childs level. The campus is great, clean, and functional. There are many curricular and extra curricular activities for the children to join including their clubs. The children are very respectful. I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering moving their children to this school.
8/24/2010parentMy son is new to the school but so far I'm really unimpressed. The school seems completely disorganized. A teacher told me last night that she doesn't give a lot of homework for her class because she doesn't want to grade it all. YIKES! Student orientation would be better named "student disorientation" and the open house was a train wreck. I think the school has a lot of potential but suffers badly from a need for strong leadership and organization. Get it together Oakleaf.
12/19/2009parentGreat school, great academics, great parental involvement and alot of good after school activities. My son is an 8th grader at this school and I just feel he is thriving here....we are more than pleased with this school
12/7/2009parentits a great school its the best one my kids have been to
12/3/2009parentmy 5 kids love it and the teacher are great
11/17/2009studentI Love this school because my science teacher (Ms. Orner) is teaching us about atoms and it is very interesting
9/22/2009studentI attended this school my whole junior high career, and i HATED it . It was so boring, the teachers were boring, they never really put much effort into helping you. We all had friends that attended OPJH and they always had stuff going on and okaleaf never did. I mean sure the facilites are nice but id rather have a better student body and teachers. The rules were over the top , and the locker layout was awful ! you tried not to go so you could avoid all the mess in the hallway , the lunches were so jammed full of people it took forever. And you still have to walk in lines , and the roatating schedule was rediculous, when i got to OPHS and they talked about the rotating schedule everyone laughed and said they never heard of it and how stupid it was! i HATE it
7/17/2009parentI totally disagree. My child has attended Oakleaf since it was built. The Principals all were very caring and in tune with my child. Every potential incident, concern and problem I brought to them they addressed immediately! They took the time to talk and know the students by name. They offer free tutoring here. My child had started having problems in Math and I was able to get the tutoring offered. I had gone to other tutoring facilities and was going to have to pay $250 a month for less time, Oakleaf took care of it all with just a note. My child has been honor roll every year because of this. Oakleaf also has a before and after school Y program right on the site. It allows activites without me having to transport. My child is African American, kids and faculty love my child. Great School.
7/16/2009parentVery ineffective leadership, lacking follow-through on discipline issues, teachers treated poorly by administrators, and parents concerns are not taken seriously. That being said, the teachers are great for the most part, except for a couple here and there, and overall, the kids are great too, except for a few bad apples who are not handled effectively. There is however, a great deal of bullying among students, and several race issues. If you have the choice, do not send your junior high girls here, they will grow up too fast! Also, the special needs kids are NOT getting what they need, and this cuts into the time teachers have to spend with their other students, but that's a problem in Clay County as a whole. Go private or Christian if you can...best of luck! Not an 'A' school at all in my opinion.
4/10/2008parentAll sounds great if your in junior high or if your child has no learning disorder...but mine does and the school took over a year to get the FM reciever he needed and more times than I can count the teacher has forgotten it or just didn't use it. As for the principal, sure you always see him, that is till you request to talk to him. Then you get somewhere else. I will say the VP of the Elementary is GREAT...and Terri in the front office has a heart of gold. I'm hoping the next school is better.
3/20/2008studentI have been attending Oakleaf school for two years now i am currently in 7th grade. The school has a great academic curriculum. Most of the teachers are very patient with the children. Oakleaf also offers alot of extra curriculum activities. Oakleaf has set very high standards for their kids and the kids achieve them eagerly. This is a great school and i would reccomend it to anyone willing to put forth the effort.
1/24/2008studentI think that this school is great! I have many friends and I feel very welcome and loved my everybody there. All the teachers are friendly and nice and they offer to help with anything you ask them to help you with! They also have great lunch food.
9/4/2007parentThis is a brand new school. It's only the second year. It was opened way before schedule because of the high demand for a school in our new community. I expected a bit of disorganization and chaos, and there was a little, but what I didn't expect was the high quality of teaching and leadership. Especially in the higher grades. There are many great, professional, caring, knowledgeable teachers. The principal is also great. His door is always open, he is out in the crosswalk every single morning greeting students and parents. There is a high learning environment , discipline and respect is enforced. My children come home from school happy everyday. They are learning, they're making friends, they feel comfortable and proud of their school. They are being challenged and motivated . We are looking forward to a great 2nd year!
5/16/2007parentthis school is a very talented tp rate school. the school provides acedemic activities and even squeezes in a little fun once in a while. the students at this school are very well behaved. there has been at least only 2 fights at this school since the year begin. the principal has good leadership skills. as for the teachers they might as well be professionals because they have a very good way of getting to the students and making them behave excellent. the school provides girls and boys basketball, football, soccor, track, and wrestling. and has morning and afternoon activities such as tutoring. the school lunch is very healthy and always has low fat food. the food is also always fresh. and instead of giving soda like other schools oakleaf provides water, flavored water, lowfat juices and varieties of milk such as regular, vanilla, choclate, and strawberry and all of these are low fat.

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