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Center Academy-Pinellas Park
6710 86th Ave
Pinellas Park, FL 33782
(727) 541-5716
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private | 5-12
County: Pinellas


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Stephen Kenney2011
6/6/2012otherCenter Academy is a gem in Pinellas County! The school continues to thrive and grow with good students, parents, teachers and administration each year. They handle every aspect of a student s education with the most professional care. The staff and teachers take the time to get to know each child and every parent thus growing a huge sense of school pride among the campus.
5/27/2012parentVery coincidental that all these 5 star reviews suddenly show up right after some negatives. I noticed enrollment was way down in their yearbook this year. It made sense to me as I have also found communication awful at this school, and so called leadeership who has an attitude. We clashed due to this and I, along with other parents pulled our children. Not one person from the school showed an interest in why we were leaving, what they could do to keep us and make it a better experience. One mother even had to prove to McKay that she had filed changes correctly as the school tried to mess with her scholarship. Luckily the new school was able to help her prove that she had. Enough said.
5/8/2012parentOur son has attended Center Academy for 3 years. In that time he has made steady and consistent progress academically and socially. The academic environment affords him the opportunity to learn in a way that is driven by his needs and skills. The administration and faculty have recognized what he needs to learn. We have found the school to be receptive to our concerns. The staff is very accessible by either phone, e-mail, or in person. The social environment is developing with opportunities for the students and parents to interact outside the classroom. We feel confdent that our son will continue to develop and improve his academic skills to not only culminate in graduation, but on to continue his education. Students are taught to respect the staff, themselves, and their peers. Based on our experience at Center Academy, we would have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents and students.
5/2/2012parentCenter Academy is wonderful. The Director, teachers and staff are awesome and highly accessible to both parents and students. The teachers really get to know your child and care about their emotional and academic needs. They understand different learning styles and work with each child to ensure academic success. The open communication I have experienced with teachers and administrators reguarding the emotional needs of my son has been comforting. The teachers go above and beyond other schools in their willingness to try different strategies for success, it is not a "one size fits all" approach. The new director of the school has enriched the academic and social life by the addition of school fall and spring dances, school prom, student and family cook outs at athletic competetions with other Center Academy school in the area. He along with teachers instill self respect and respect for others with positive reinforcement. My son has been in the school for four years. He has made friends and enjoys going to school.
5/2/2012parentI have been very pleased with Center Academy. My son has attended there for five years. The small classrooms have made it very easy for my child to get individual attention as needed. The teachers are on top of assignments and are quick to let a parent know when things are getting behind. When I have had concerns they were always happy to meet with me for a conference. They have helped build his confidence and self-esteem and helped him to be successful in school and in life. I have also met several times with the principal. He has always been receptive and responsive to concerns about my son's education and well being. He is fairly new and has started some wonderful programs. TAP, student government, prom and the automated phone system just to name a few. These have all been great improvements for the students and for parents. As for parent involvement, this is a small school. They don't need as much help as larger schools. But there are still ways of being involved. They have cook outs, field day, bake sales and a dance that parents help with. Without Center Academy, I believe my son would not graduate from high school. Thank you Center Academy!
5/2/2012parentI am so thankful for finding Center Academy. My son has attended CA for the past two years and will graduate this month. I truly believe that without all their encouragement and support he would not be graduating. The school director was very open and honest when we first met in the summer of 2010. I felt that Center Academy would be just what my son needed. The director has always been available by phone and in person to discuss any issues that have come up. The small classes are a big plus and the teachers and staff have helped make my son's last two years of high school a good experience. All the teachers and support staff realize that every child learns differently and they have helped mine to have two positive years. They have made tutoring available in the afternoons for the kids that need it and the teachers have kept me up to date with my son's progress. My son has enjoyed the intramural sports between the other CA schools and the family cookouts are a great way to meet the other parents. The school director has been a wonderful mentor for my son. My son knows he can always talk to the director because he has an open door policy and is available to the kids. Thank you CA!
4/25/2012parentDifficult to rate the teachers, as some are good, but there are a few who are disappointing. They claim to be special ed, but it seems like any time a kid has difficulty it gets blamed on focus rather than recognizing the underlying deficit might be to blame. They say they do extensive evaluations to tailor a curriculum to your childs deficit, but that never happened to us. Principal is not very approachable at this school, and seems to develop an attitute to parents who are unhappy. Old prinicpal was wonderful, but sadly passed away. Communication is difficult too, leaving very little desire as a parent to get more actively involved. The school might be a fit for the few that struggled with lower grades and nothing more prior to coming there, but don't expect much more beyond that. A lot of what they claim doesn't happen and they promote themselves on a grant that they received more than 20 years ago. There is some bullying that goes on at this school, a lot of name calling for the kids that would stand out more.
3/22/2012parentVery disappointed. Would give it a 0 if I could. Newer principal, and since then, horrible communication. Communication is very one-sided. Feel like my child has been dumbed down. NIMH grant they promote was over 20 years ago. They don't believe name calling is bullying, just kids being kids. Parent group is discouraged, so no group. Difficult to get to know other parents due to how they set things up. Cannot speak for other parents, but called another school and found out that about 10 parents from this school called them. If you have concerns you are encouraged to find another school. Do not have easy access to teachers. Basically what they advertise is not what I've seen. I highly recommend caution before going to this school.
1/2/2012parentMy son was failing in the public school system, and after enrolling him in Center Academy, the teachers helped him to plan a path to graduate one year early by going to summer classes and taking Florida online classes. It's a small school so he is held accountable for keeping up with the work, and if he falls behind they quickly notify the parent and keep the kids after school for tutoring until they know the information and are able to pass the tests. He loves the no homework policy, however my only concern is that when he is in college it will be a shock for him to have to devote many hours of homework time in order to pass the classes. I can't speak highly enough of the teachers, they care about the kids and want them to succeed in whatever they choose in life. They understand that every kid learns differently and you can't have just one mold for everyone and expect that all will fit into that mold perfectly as the public school system does.
2/9/2009studentThis school just may seem like fun and good learning for your child but it is not. I go there and I have to say the teacher are commonly insensitive towards any disfunctionality related to work. If you ask what you did wrong they'll punish you. The only good part of it is that they let you turn in work until the end of the marking period.
8/17/2008studentI love Center It has helped me a whole lot and I am so thankful that I go here! IU love my teachers they help me with every thing they also teach me to never give up thanx!!
9/3/2006parentCenter Academy was a wonderful experience. My son graduated in 2006; something I had almost lost hope for. Student's are taught to work together, to accept people as they are, and to appreciate different learning styles. No homework was a great relief for my family. Learning can be difficult enough for an ADHD child, allowing us family time versus struggling with homework after school was greatly valued.
3/15/2006parentEffective at building self-esteem by enabling child to succeed. Sometimes the expectations are not as high for the student as they should be. Philosophy of not assigning homework or studying outside of class does not support the development of study skills or responsibility.

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