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Challenger K-8 School of Science and Math
13400 Elgin Blvd
Spring Hill, FL 34609
(352) 797-7024
public | K-8
County: Hernando


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9/30/2012parentVery, very disappointed in the Quest program. The teachers do not understand the special needs of these students, and do not care to learn. The Prinicipal is powerless, the program is a test of patience, and the curriculum is based on sheer volume. If you want your child to have a well-rounded education that involves music, sports, or anything else, don't make this mistake. It isn't worth it, and they will end up hating school. I believe my child is being mentally abused by these uncaring teachers, and I have joined the ranks of parents attempting to get OUT! I give the parent involvement 5 stars, because my whole life revolves around helping my student barely pass...with an IQ far higher than most people. Average rating because of the few compassionate and dedicated teachers there...none of which are my child's instructors.
8/20/2012parentCK-8 is pretty good school.Very happy here. My son is in the first grade this year. Kindergarten was an awesome year and we had Ms. Vasquez for Kindergarten.
8/18/2012parentChallenger is truly a one-of-a-kind school! The teachers and faculty are amazing and the test scores prove it. Being ranked 2nd in the state in 2011 definitely comes as no surprise! The standards are set high but there is plenty of help and support for students who may need it. It's great to see how many parents are involved with their children not only academically but also with school functions and volunteering as well. We are very blessed to have our daughter enrolled in such a wonderful school!
2/7/2012otheri have been at this school since kindergarden. im in 6th grade now. which means im the first class to graduate from k-8. i really love this school i wish it was a high school too. we learn alot and i enjoy school because of this school. in third grade the teachers were so nice that ever since then loved school and learning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) -cassyddog
9/7/2011parentI have 2 kids at this school. Love it! Best school my kids have attended.
8/19/2011parentI must agree that it was quite confusing yesterday. We to are new because of the Gifted Program and we felt lost yesterday
8/18/2011parentThe School really needs to get organized!!! I am very dissapointed on how they handled orientation this 2011- 2012 School year. You require so much for a child to attend your school. They did not even have the paper work ready, no maps for new students, It was a waste of time. They even had the front office closed. `Whos bright idea was that? The one word I can use to describe this School is Pompous. My child is there only because the Gifted program was moved there
6/10/2011parentI have a recent graduate of Challenger and as with previous child feel that we were truly blessed to have our children attend this school. The teachers were great, tuned into our girls and equiped them to succeed in high school and beyond. Felt that we were part of a team with the goal of making our children the best they can be academically, socially, emotionally etc. The administration and support staff were wonderful as well. My children felt comfortable in communicating with them. Challenger K8 is truly a great school.
6/9/2011parentOur kids have been at this school since Kindergarten. They have just completed the 1st and 3rd grades. Both of them on the superintendent's list. The administrative staff and teachers are beyond comparison. I consider them as part of my family and so do our kids. This is truly an amazing place for children to grow and learn.
4/17/2011parentOur child has been in Challenger since 2nd grade she is now in 6th the school is outstanding. However the gifted program is not. This is not run by the school administration and there in is the problem. Gifted is run by the district and is a seperate program. Our child has been in gifted since Kindergarten when the program was run by the challenger school and administration it was very good. Our student will not be in gifted for another year if the program does not change.
8/19/2010parentI live across the street from Challenger and have seen teachers' cars in the parking lot at 10 pm., not to mention on sunday afternoons, too. They work so hard and go above & beyond what is "necessary," because they truly care about what they do, and it shows. I was amazed at how much they accomplish with these kids in one school year, and how much time and effort the teachers put in to ensure the kids enjoy learning. I feel very fortunate to have my children attend this school.
8/10/2010teacherTeachers at this school work hard to facilitate student achievement and parent involvement. The administration is supportive and all stakeholders have students' best interests in mind.
4/24/2010parentThis school offers creative learning techniques, teachers communicate well with parents & the administration is vigilant in keeping the focus on the children.
4/20/2010otherdedicated teachers and staff work in conjunction with supportive moms and dads.
4/20/2010parentMy child is coming home using (and understanding) an amazing new vocabulary. In Kindergarten, they're already learning about evaporation and centrifugal force. Yes, he's even used those two terms correctly. I'm amazed. I'm even very pleased with the arts program for this level. Elementary students are being exposed to art history, classics, and even theory. The classes are large, but very well managed, and the teachers really work well together to handle difficult situations. Expectations are high of both students and parents.
4/20/2010parentThey have great staff and make sure all parents are involed in the school in some form. I feel this makes the students see how much parents care about them learning, and helps the students strive to learn.
4/20/2010otherBecause my grandaughter is doing so well and LOVES IT!
4/19/2010parentThe students learn a lot and the teachers are available to help the students. The classrooms arent overcrowded. The Staff nip problems in the bud!
2/10/2010studentive gone to challenger since my 6th grade year and now in 8th and i could not be happier! the teachers really go above and beyond to help theyre students and truly care for them and want them to succeed. overall, it's one of the best schools in the county in my opinion
1/24/2010studentIm in 8th grade at ck8 and I love it here! its a great school and we have amazing teachers(:
11/19/2009parentChallenger is a terrible school with the exception of a few really great caring teachers, and I mean a few. The rest of the teachers are on a 'ego' trip and care only about their status. If there is a problem and you go to administration, your child will suffer reprocusions!! They sweep everything under the rug so to speak because they don't want any bad publicity! I'm sure this negative review will get deleted before too many people can read it. Before you send your child to this school, talk to a lot of parents and do your research!
9/25/2009studentChalleneger is a great school and really prepares you for high school.
7/21/2009parentI agree with the parent that posted the review yesterday. I know that the school's emphasis is science and math, but a few 'art' programs would help the kids be more well rounded. Also - Yes - please have text books available during study hall!
7/20/2009parentgreat science programs are available. School. Should corporate some arts in though, instead of study hall in 6th period. Kids can't do all HW since books are at home.
6/17/2009parentThis was my son's 1st year in Kindergarten and I couldn't be happier. His teacher assisted him in adjusting to the workload, scheduling, and the socializing that is different than that of a preschool atmosphere. The teachers/staff/and administration were all extremely attentive & understanding. I would highly recommend this school to anyone moving in the area and hope that it continues to do well. The ONLY issue I had with the school was the amount of homework that came home at the beginning of the year. It subsided about midway through, however I personally would love to see this school issue homework on Thursday due back on Tuesday. That would give Parents & children MUCH MORE quality time to work on it together over the weekend. It would be a help also as that my child was tired. We would have more fun doing it too.
5/27/2009otherExcellent administration, faculty, and staff. Go above and beyond for each student, serving needs that range far and wide. Would recommend this school to any new parent moving to the area. Mrs. Stoops, the principal is the best in the county, hands down.
4/17/2009studentthis school is good becouse there has been no crime.
2/26/2009studentThis school is almost close to perfect. If you want to learn things everyday and are interested in science and math, this school is definitely for you. If you just want to do whatever you want and teachers don't care, go to some other school. We have plenty of un here at challenger. Im not sad im leaving this year because all my friens and I are going to NCT. Oh Yeah.
1/16/2009studentI love this school. i have been going there since it has opened. this is my last year there then off to highschool. all the teacher are wonderful. we have fun in the classes but we also get our work done. my elementary school didnt teach me things but this school has helped me alot. i am going to miss this school next year!!! :(
11/30/2008studentI love challenger! i go to it right now!!! i love all of my incredible teachers!!
11/30/2008parentNothing is perfect, but this is as close as it gets in our area. I have 3 students at this school, and they are doing very well. I take the responsibility of keeping them focused and challenged, as it is difficult for public school teachers to teach to the individual ability of each student. Parental involvement is required, which is nice; but sometimes it becomes a little too demanding in terms of assignments 'for the parents' or 'for the family' to do. I have to take time off from work and come up with frequent small amounts of money, and some of the ancillary staff/ teachers are impolite, but the school is worth it overall.
11/20/2008studentI now go to CK8 and i made friends immeadtially! The teachers are great but the gidance councelors are a little wierd. But overall its a great school.
9/24/2008studentthis school is awesome im going right now and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
8/29/2008studentI went to challenger for three years and my teachers were amazing, especially the 8th grade teachers. They were dedicated and really helped us to prepare for high school.
7/31/2008otherMy grandchildren attend this school.I've never seen a more dedicated group of teachers than the ones at Challenger.
5/17/2008parentchallenger is a great school my daughter was struggling in math when she started challenger she started briging A's home
1/7/2008parentThis is the best school in the world
12/25/2007studentIt's the best the teachers help you with any problems this year 2007-2008 school year they introduce studyhall so you have time to do your homework and study.And they put people in your other classes so you can help one anouther
10/9/2007parentMy daughter has gone to this school the last 2 years and I feel very blessed to have her here. She is learning so much and is so excitied about being at this school. The teachers she has had the last 2 years have been wonderful influences on her. I find she tries so hard and loves going every day. I don't find her saying I don't want to go to school today. She has 3 projects right now and she is doing great with them. I am able to send emails to the teachers and they response very quickly. You are always welcome to volunteer. I love this school and would encourage anyone to go here. It is an A school in this county and is trying hard to teach our children and encourage them. They may give alot of homework but it is only helping your child.
8/30/2007parentWell I moved out of state and to tell you the truth the Challenger is not a great school now that my child is in an other school I can see that challenger or should I say Florida school are behind in the times. I had a problems in Challenger's teachers they rushed threw the day trying to fit everything in and then at night I would have to go over it all with my child because they did not have the time. I was always at the school helping out and I saw this first hand. Good luck all !
8/29/2007parentMy 4th grade daughter has been at this school since it opened and we are thrilled. I am very involved and know what is going on in the classroom and at school. She has had wonderful teachers who have recognized her abilities and challenged her( unlike at her old school). She is in the gifted program which has always been a little less than to be desired but it is quickly improving. The energy and talents of all of her teachers (specials included) past and present are very impressive. Parents have to stay involved always to get the benefits of any school and to be sure your child is receiving the education he/she deserves. I see teachers at this school who are far beyond what I have seen before. I am thankful my daughter attends Challenger.
8/8/2007parentMy daughter has gone to challenger since its first opened, and to be honest she is not that happy with it. She complains of the projects that are assigned during the process of another. I think this should me taken into consideration. My daughter has enough pressure on her part to be worrying about 3 projects at a time. Also the dresscode isn't really helping me as a parent.
7/29/2007parentI love this school! The staff and teachers are professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable. I am impressed with the teacher websites and the Tuesday Communicator. My child's teacher is approachable and willing to communicate success as well as classroom housekeeping and events. I feel informed and a crucial part of my child's education. Upbeat and positive atomosphere! I feel my child is blessed to attend this school.
6/16/2007parentMy daughter went to this school for both years it has been in progress. It is by far the best school around an d i reccomend it to every student/parent out there. Great teachers and excellent school!!!
5/23/2007parentI think there are still some things that need improvement. But all in all it seems to be a good school for my son. His 3rd grade teacher seems well qualified. As for the homework they need to send home a cheat sheet for the parents.
5/5/2007parentThis is Science & Math school, academics are very good, music & art programs are not. Parent involvement is zilch, they really don't encourage us to be there, and are not that welcoming. Organization and communication are very low. Their volunteer program was not enforced last year because they couldn't organize checking hours. For a technical school I'd expect their web presence to be top-notch, but it's quite bad. Some of the teachers are dedicated. The Forensics program is wonderful, and I'm sure other electives are as well. My biggest complaint is way too much homework. In two years I haven't been able to determine what they do in class because we spend hours upon hours helping our child and doing homework. We've had to drop everything else in our life. Way too much.
4/26/2007parentI have one child at this school and am very pleased with the quality of education she is getting. I wish communication between school and parent was a bit better though.
12/12/2006parentI have three children at Challenger and I am impressed with the both the quality of the education my children are receiving and the caring nature of the staff, teachers and administrators.

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