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Florida State University School
3000 School House Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32311
(850) 245-3700
charter | K-12
County: Leon


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/16/2012otherAt the time of my involvement , I thought the school to be very good. But that has been many years ago..
11/30/2010parentAfter 9 years at Florida High, I think of pulling my children out daily. The constant change in the administration is mind boggling. I find the majority of high school teachers mediocre at best. There are a few that are phenomenal but it's not enough. The athletic department needs help drastcally. Sports for girls seem to be secondary, the coaching staff turns over every year if not more often. Very inexperienced to say the least. The director of the Athletic Dept is ancient and should have retired years ago. He is rarely seen. Communication is poor from all angles but ONE english teacher. Our elementary experience was a good one, I'll add but since most teachers have been "let go" with the advent of a new admin last year, I can not in good conscience recommend this school to anyone. I'm so very disappointed in the current Florida High.
9/16/2009parentThe individual attention given to the students
3/2/2009parentI am a mother of three, and all of my kids are currently at FSUS. I think that I couldn't be a happier mom than to see all of them at FSUS.Whenever we think of moving from Tallahassee, my biggest concern is 'Would I ever be able to find such a good school for my kids again'.
8/22/2008studentI am am a ninth grade student at Florida High. I live in Jefferson County, which has awful schools, so Florida High was truly my only option. The Elementry was phenomenal, except when they added 'stations' during my 4th and 5th grade years. The elementery teachers were wonderful overall, with a few expetions. Then came middle school, which had many unstable teachers and many teachers who don't last more than a year. The science and math teachers are unexeptional, but the English and History ones are wonderful. It was not as good as the elementary, but was decent and I had no major problems. Then came high school, and right now after finnishing my first week I am extremely dissapointed. It is soooo random, had mostly bad teachers, I have awful unmotivated classmates, and I am begging my mom to send me elsewhere. Not recommended for smart kids with potential!!!!!
6/30/2008parentI like this school. My kids are getting a good education. As long as the parent stays involved and keeps pushing issues that you are concerned with they will be handled. My oldest is into sports. I do believe there is a disconnect between adminsitration and athletics, but for the most part I am pleased.
6/21/2008studentSo much better than other schools in tallahassee. Is not the best but overall safe and a pretty okay school. It is not dirty. Some teachers are the best I have ever had in my life, however there are a few horrid ones. Good principals. Nice school I do recomend it and I go here si I know!
5/14/2008parentGarbage everywhere. Environment for 5th grade and up is extremely poor. Angry teachers who do not care whether child learns or not.
5/14/2008parentExtreme dress code, teaher quality inconsistant across the board. Pulling my two highly able sons out after a decade. They are not learning anything. Enough.
6/5/2007parentAcademic level, for starters, is dazzling. My kids have learned so much at this school. If they weren't learning anything, I would have pulled them out by now. Campus grounds are kept clean 24/7. The floors are regularly mopped, and the bathroom toilet seats are okay to sit on. There are hundreds of clubs and sports. My son is in 6! Parents are allowed to volunteer for anything. Serving lunch, arts and crafts, even to lecture a class! If every school were as safe, secure, clean, and most important, scholarly, as FSUS, every school would be amazing.
6/2/2007parentMy children have been at FSUS since kindergarten. Elementary teachers and administration were excellent. Middle school teachers range from excellent to poor. However, the new middle school principal is excellent. High school has been extreme disappointment, mainly due to poor/weak leadership administration. Thinking of leaving the school for the first time after 8+ years.
5/22/2007parentFor teachers their is lack of accountibililty. Administrative doesn't communicate with parents. Also high teacher turnover.
4/12/2007parentMediocre academics for a lab school; discipline policy and dress code for upper level students are draconian; seems to be catering strictly to upper income Southwood residents, diversity of student population has decreased dramatically over the past few years. Teacher communication poor. Top heavy on number of administrators and principals. High teacher turnover, many first year teachers.
2/21/2007parentOur daughter is in K so our experience is limited but we have been extremely pleased. Her progress has been amazing and she loves it.
9/29/2006parentNo gifted program, high teacher turnover. The only thing it has going for it is the front desk staff.
9/29/2006parentDirty school building and grounds. Children wander with no supervision. Academic programs mediocre to luke warm. The whole school has gone downhill in recent years. high teacher turnover. Avoid if possible. D-
2/3/2006parentMy 2 children have been attending FSUS for 3 years. I haven't been overly excited about it. We were very lucky and came from a great school district with ESE programs that actually were used. The 'gifted program' does not exist here. If you are looking to challenge your child, this is not the school. We are pretty much stuck here unless we move. From the kids viewpoint, they like the people there and most of the teachers. There does seem to be alot of turnover. I know they get student teachers in and I don't know how much that disrupts their learning cycle. They just seem to be very disorganized. Replacing teachers, principals etc. On the other hand, there are teachers that have been there for many years. I'm not sure what is going on there.
1/11/2006parentWe live in Jefferson County. Our son has been going to FSUS since 8th grade, he is now in 11th. FSUS admin, teachers, and curriculum have been outstanding. The choice of classes has been varied and has helped him to become a well-rounded young man.
3/1/2005parentGreat teachers, wonderful programs including Spanish as a special area at the elementary level. Innovative teaching and programs. Great after school science program. Also, it's great to have a K-12 school!
12/27/2004parentQuality of academic programs is good. There is availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities. Also, there is a great deal of parent involvement in the education of their children.
9/12/2004parentThis is a great school. Admin keep up the good work.
4/27/2004parentWonderful School! Needs more organization at the upper level, especially the elementary section, but otherwise a great school.
1/30/2004parentMy son is working on his third year at Florida State University School and is enoying the school, but struggling at the fact they have added stations this year and mixed the third,fourth,and fifth grades together into pods. I personally think at that age they need to taught and not put into stations, but overall this is a great school that needs less turnover in teachers.
1/20/2004parentWe were at FSUS, and we left and now we are back. The teachers are some of the best in the State with many loving and caring support staff and administration. We have academics and the ARTS for a well rounded educational experience.
1/8/2004parentI've been disapointed about the lack of structure in the school. There are no bells that ring to end and begin classes and this causes confusion and chaos for students who are still learning responsibility. Not enought space in the lunch room for K-12 to eat lunch. Seems to be lots of students wandering around between classes and lunch breaks. Not particulary impressed with the high school dept. My son attended 2 yrs at FSUS and I put him in Godby where he is doing much better. There was too much experimentation on the 'academy' approach to learning when my High School son attended. The mixture of 9th - 11 graders in the same class was horrible. My son did not do well. Godby has the modified block program which is great! My middle school student seems to be doing ok, however we still plan on sending him to Godby as the modified block program is the way to go.
12/8/2003parentAs a proud parent of TWO Florida State University school graduates K-12-- I want to attest to the School's growing caringness about the individual student and her/his achievement level in each grade as they progress toward success. Florida State University school provides an intense monitoring of each student and deals with issues before they become insurmountable; thus, in each case, each student gets the very 'best' education has to offer in conjunction with Florida State University facilities and One-on-One teacher/pupil atttention unmatched in any other environment in my opinion. GO Florida High! My two children are the wonderful result of your compassionate vigilence during their formative years. I recommend this school to Anyone who only wants the 'best' for their child.
11/19/2003parentFlorida High is a nice rebuilt school but is lacking in the communication department between teachers and parents concerning the childs grades. My child transferred to Leon this year after being at Florid High for 4 years and is loving Leon!
8/26/2003parentMy anticipation is finally over! I am very happy with my daughter starting her school career at Florida State University School. I haven't had the best luck communicating with my daughter's teacher (hopefully that will change soon!) my daughter enjoys every minute of Florida State University School. Bar none, the cheerleading for the kindergarden students is the BEST idea, I wish it could be extended past this year!
8/22/2003parentWhat a wonderful school. My school transferred here from Quincy Shanks and has been doing better than ever thanks to the FSUS teachers. I just want to say I would recommend this school to any one who wants a new and better education experience.
6/27/2003 Great school! I give it 5 stars.

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