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Reviews for Tallahassee  based on 73 Reviews

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Tallanasty - 12/7/2020
Tallahassee is backwards. The housing is abundant yet way overpriced. The utility bills are insane with many extra fees-much higher than average. Lots of drunk students and road raging drivers. Lots of racism and ignorance. The colleges are useless, diplomas not worth the paper they’re on. There are gangs and lots of shootings-it’s the murder capital of Florida. Trash everywhere, and I’m not talking about the litter. The city of Tallahassee charges in utilities what is normally included in property taxes, and they charge you just for being a customer, plus another charge to pay your bill. They spend this money painting storefronts of abandoned stores. Read More

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Great Place to Raise A Family! - 9/6/2019
I lived in Tallahassee from 1999 to 2002 as a college student at FSU. I was not a fan of the town back then, but now I absolutely love it. I have been living here (for the second time) since 2010, almost ten years. In that time, my husband and I have had 4 children. This is a fantastic place to raise a family!!! It has a small town feel but offers much more than a typical small town. People here are so friendly. Racism feels non-existent. Southern hospitality is a part of my daily experience. When I moved here and knew no one but my husband, many, many women reached out to me to help me feel at home. When our first son was born 10 months later, people I had only just met created a meal list and started delivering home cooked meals to us...for months. Our church community is incredibly friendly and active. The school my children attend is full of parental involvement and teaches Christian values in every subject throughput the day. There are ample parks with gorgeous trees Read More

It's Ok - 5/1/2018
Like others have said Tallahassee is a college town. I have lived here about three years. This is a good city if you are in college and are working on a degree as there are several colleges (FSU, FAMU, TCC, etc.) nearby. I am a college student so this works for me.

The wages are bad. There is simply no other way to say it. The main employers are the state government and the colleges. Other than that the job listings are full of entry level jobs (fast food and retail) with very few decent paying jobs. I am not sure how you could raise a family here without substantial government assistance.

Crime is high for a population just a hair over 200k people. Some places are much better than others though. Tallahassee is weird in that there a small pockets of "good" areas surrounded by rough areas that you will want to stay away from. Fortunately it does not take long to figure out which area you are in.

The traffic - OMG the traffic... For a smaller Read More

Climate? - 3/29/2018
It seems to me that Sperling's had given Tallahassee a climate score below 50 a few years ago. Now it is 75. Someone must have forgotten to deduct points for humidity. Read More

Sad. - 1/22/2018
Being in Tallahassee is like eating the same food every day over and over again. The town is 51% white and 39% black with a handful of Asians and about 5 Latinos, but that's it in terms of flavor. Every race keeps to themselves and almost tries to stay segregated. Every child I see I empathize with because they are being raised in a close-minded, racist, segregated environment. On top of that, the city only spends money on the richer neighborhoods, trying to improve what is already functioning instead of going to the poorer neighborhoods and fixing the roads or building parks. On top of that, there is seldom anything happening and there is nothing to do unless you're in college. It is hard to find jobs, housing is expensive, and prejudices are almost reinforced. If you are thinking about moving yourself or your family here, you should look out for the wellbeing of yourselves and refrain from doing so. If you have a differing opinion you are either from Tallahassee and unaware of these Read More

Good for students, professionals, and families. - 1/27/2017
Student life is a lot of fun. Lots of cheap, yummy, and local food like California Chicken Grill and Crepevine. There are always fun events at the university open to all, including movies at the SLC and orchestral and jazz performances at the school of music. Professional life is excellent, with many young professional meetups and hip places like Brass Tap or Fermentation Lounge. Coffee Shops like Lucky Goat, RedEye are great, and even some Starbucks make a great work location. For families, the Killearn, Midtown, and Southwood.

Big complaints include the weather and maybe the community a bit. It gets hot in the summer. Being inland there is no Florida ocean breeze, making it one of the hotter places in Florida. The community can be very friendly, which is a strong point, but there are a lot of places that are simply rude and mean to right-leaning or religious Read More

Tally is fun! - 1/27/2017
Tallahassee is a fun town, rich in history and Florida State Seminole-culture. The layout of the town is interesting with Florida State University and the city center with government buildings close by. This creates two different cultures for Tallahassee, one that appeals to the students, and another aspect of rich history and legislative action.

Near the university you'll find unique bars and restaurants catered to students that are fun to explore on a Friday night. The area is buzzing with students moving to and from class. It's also fun to explore the FSU campus to see their stadium, buildings, libraries, and more.

The downtown area is anchored by the Florida State Capitol and can be busy during times of the year when legislators are in town. I've found that the downtown area is not very good for late-night fun, but you can make a great Saturday afternoon by walking through the city and seeing the capitol buildings and old architecture.
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city is claustrophobic - 10/25/2016
I thought It was just me, I moved here in late May 2016. I’m from northeast, been in Florida since August 2015. I live 6 miles from work and it takes me 17 minutes to get to work and 20 minutes to get home.(I have driven 20 mins to work before but that was 17 miles) I moved here from Mount Dora, FL for a better position in my company and now I wish I had never left. This city is claustrophobic for me, I have never lived in a forest before. The combination of the forest like 2 lane streets and the long lights has caused me anxiety while driving. I never would have moved here had I known, I also agree with the nothing to do and more expensive than lake county. And the summer here was hot, hot, hot, and soooo humid. The utilities are crazy, the rent is more and the food is expensive. Only thing to do here is go to the movies if you are not into sports. I have driven to Panama City Beach, Jacksonville and Orlando for something to do. Also you need to drive to Jacksonville or Read More

An Isolated Island of Traffic - 9/20/2016
Tallahassee is all the traffic of a real city with very few big city amenities. It is also VERY ISOLATED, with little or nothing to do nearby besides Wakulla Springs. Although near the coast, you will have to drive at least an hour and a half to find a beach which is not swampy or swarming with bugs. I was draw here when Trader Joe's and Whole Foods opened, thinking Tally had finally reached big city status, but no. The Whole Foods is a dud, and the impressive plethora of natural foods stores, Publix, Starbucks, Target, shopping, plus some very nice city parks, do not make up for all that is lacking. I should have know Tally was a mistake in the beginning, but I was coming from someplace worse. The first time I visited here, I listened to hip-hop music blaring in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn all night. Later that day, we visited the mall and someone shot off a gun causing mass panic. The second time I visited, there was a stabbing in the lobby of our hotel and prostitutes Read More

Living in Tallahassee - 9/19/2016
Relocated her from midwest - typical southern city - very parochial & boring if you're looking for a vibrant artistic and rich cultural experiences that are diverse. However, nice for raising a family - as there are some great elementary schools here! I must say it is a beautiful place aesthetically - lots of green spaces & wildlife abound in every community even downtown.  Read More

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