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Woodville Elementary School - Tallahassee, FL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Woodville Elementary School9373 Woodville Hwy
Tallahassee, FL 32305
(850) 487-7043PK-5LeonpublicLeon

School Head OfficialYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/30/2012parentThis school is wonderful. If you read the older reviews, plese know that the school had a change of principal a few years ago and that changed the school. The prinicpal before was about to retire and didn't have the energy that Ms Stokely has
7/17/2007parentI have to give this school a very low rating. Our son came from a Wakulla County school system to this Leon County school and we had nothing but bad experiences. Our son used to love going to school and telling us about all the things he learned from Shadeville Elem. Then when we got here, he had to be prodded to tell us what he did during the day. For the most part, this school taught to the FCAT test. Reading and writing was pretty much all he did. Sprinkled in here and there during the year was a little science, history and geography (which our son absolutely loves). And when we tried dealing with the administrators and teacher, we were talked down to, like we were kids ourselves. If given a choice, try to use the school choice program and get in a different school.
2/15/2007parentI'll give this school a 2 for acedemic progress, and instructional implementation. My children came to this school from NC and you can clearly see a difference in educational structure. The teachers as well as the administration lack the capacity to take this school to the next level. I feel sorry for the parents/kids there & the ones to come.
10/31/2006parentMy 3 children have some of the best teachers this year. They are really going the extra mile to help them succeed! Mrs. Hewett in first grade takes her planning period to work with my son who is a little behind the rest of his class. It really means alot to have the added support he needs. Not all of the teachers give as much feedback and extra help as Mrs. Hewett. She really is an outstanding teacher in my book!
9/18/2006parentSo far Woodville Elementary School has been awesome. My daughter is in kindergarten this year and she is loving it! It has only been a month since class began and already I can tell a difference in her social skills and she has nothing but great things to say about her teacher, Mrs. Herrara. She also enjoys their music, art and PE classes that they attend each week. The school is good about sending home school letters which helps keep the parents informed about what is going on within the school, PTO meetings, etc. The school encourages parents to attend the meetings and to stay involved in their childs' education. I went to elementary school hear as well and it was a good school back then, but apparently it just keeps getting better.
3/31/2006staffThis is a great school for students of any level. The support from the teachers is amazing and the administration is very helpful. What is also interesting is that the teachers work to meet students' needs and abilities by working together and providing quality instuction.

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