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Carrollwood Elementary School
3516 McFarland Rd
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 975-7640
public | PK-5
County: Hillsborough


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/20/2012parentAfter 4 years of really good and some ok teachers since kindergarten we have encounter a really bad teacher enough for me to change schools in the middle of the year so my child can get a better education.
9/12/2012parentJust moved here from the suburbbs of Wesley Chapel. The principal, Ms. Botinni is truly amazing (the one at SOES in Wesely Chapel, yiikes!). The kids aren't stressed about tons of hw everynight, yet the students still manage to get excellent test scores. Had an issue with my kindergartener being moved to a dif class after 20 days, but we were new registrants. Dealt with it accordingly.
8/15/2012parentGreat School! Great teachers! A highly motivated Principal and VicePrincipal! Takes great care of kids.I would recommend this school anytime to parents!
6/23/2012otherI am a former student of this school and I loved going there. The teachers were nice and really cared about students reaching to their highest potential and the connection between the administrators and the parents was great. I also was a part of the advance gifted program which was a very challenging yet fun academic program. This is probably one of the best elementary school around.
2/19/2012parentI find Carrollwood Elementary to be of the finest elementary schools. The Teachers have great concerns for my daughters success in all aspects. The Principal and Vice-Principal show great Leadership of this fine school. Carrollwood Elementary has great parent envolvement events. I am honored to be a member of the best Dad's Club of any elementary school. I highly recomend this school to any and all parents.
7/25/2011parentMy daughter goes to Carrollwood and loves it. The staff, from the lunchroom ladies to the pricinple, are so involved with the students and actually care about them.
10/5/2009parentI've always believed that you need to learn something new everyday and I feel that Carrollwood Elementary helps my son do that. I have already seen vast improvements in my son's education from his pre K to this years Kindergarten.
12/4/2008parentThe school is AMAZING! The teachers are GREAT! We LOVE Mrs. Avery & Ms. Hastings; they really care about the school and children and make every effort to keep it great. The only issue we have with the school is the PTA and those who run it. Get involved with the school and volunteer for sure, but stay far away from the PTA!
9/14/2008parentI love this school! The administration takes every effort to inspire its students and include families- very active and caring parents. Great teachers! Safe location! a+
8/4/2008parent5 Star school for sure! The 'A' the students have recieved is every bit earned. The students work hard, as well as, the teachers and administrators. There are a lot of hard working parent volunteers and the relationship between parents and administrators is very pleasant! Great school to be a part of!
7/14/2008parentI have 2 children that have attended Carrollwood. One has moved on and the other still attends. No school is perfect but Mrs. Avery and Ms. Hastings have really made a noticeable difference in the way the school is run. The PTA works closely with them and everything they do is approved by them. Please join and volunteer!
7/24/2007parentFORMERLY AN EXCEPTIONAL REVIEW: My children have gone to Carrollwood Elementary since they were 5 years old. Carrollwood was a school where the children come first- but since the end of last year that's questionable. Children are encouraged to do their best but my kids have learning difficulties and feel 'different'. The new priniciple is somewhat distant almost bureaucratic - however the VP Ms. Hastings seems warm and friendly. I'll give it another year and see what happens.
7/23/2007parentWe have been very pleased with the school. My children started at the school two years ago, after being on a small charter school, and I was kind of worried for them to go to a neighborhood school. The teachers and the staff at the office were all and continue being wonderful. They love Mrs. Rojas and frequently visited her 'just to talk'. She helped them during the time they lost their paternal grandmother. We enjoy the family activities planned and there are not too too too many fundraisers. Go Owls
8/24/2006parentBoth my children have gone to Carrollwood Elementary since they were 5 years old. I thought Carrollwood was a school where the children come first- but since the end of last year I question that. Each child is encouraged to do their personal best but my kids have learning difficulties and feel 'different'. The teachers work hard to bring out the best in each child. The new principal is kind and is learning each child by name. She is a great example of a leader. Thank you for bringing out the best in my children and giving them the encouragement and confidence they need to go out into the world!
5/8/2006parentMy oldest child has been at Carrollwood for 5 years and entered Kindergarden reading at a 2nd grade level. The teacher tested immediately and accomodated by moving my child a grade up for reading. They have accomodated ever since. My child is in all the gifted programs and has exceled. No school is perfect, but we have been very happy. There are many excellent teachers.
10/3/2005parentClass sizes are finally getting better. They have been too large for too long. Billed as a 'performing arts' school? This year 3-4 dance/singing options. Need more art options. Art itself is not stressed enough.
4/15/2005parentPrincipal belongs to the 'old school' where she looks as if she is concerned, smiles & yet you know nothing will get addressed, doesn't return calls, just tries to pacify you for the moment. Teachers have all been great. Construction currently - security & coordination of pick up/drop off cars could be MUCH better.
4/15/2005parent5th grade teachers are all wonderful! Music area leaves alot to be desired. Principal does not address issues or provide resolutions, mearly nods, agrees & smiles like she is interested when you can tell she's not. Current construction at school could have been organized better, expecially pick/up drop off system. Not comfortable with saftey of children during construction. This is not a fenced in school. Air condition units in many portables are non functional.
4/27/2004parentWe have been very fortunate for our son to have had Mrs. Wessman for kindergarten. She is a treasure in the school system and we appreciate all she did to nurture our son and his creativity.
2/5/2004parentI just have to say Mrs.Snellgrove is a new kindergarden teacher at this school and is doing a wonderful job.She sees these children as her own,and really tries hard to work with them.I wish my son had a teacher like her every year.Keep up the energy, and the good work...... Thanks Mrs.Metzger
8/13/2003parentteachers should watch over the kindergarden students while at lunch time. I'm very upset my son has not been eating well at lunch, and it is such a long day with no food.
6/24/2003  So far my oldest daughter has completed Kindergarten and 1st grade at Carrollwood Elementary. i have been pleased witht he teachers she had and feel that they were devoted to the students and the school. My daughter was placed in the advanced program the second part of this school year, however I feel she should have been tested earlier in the year. I know the staffing problem was the cause, the psychologist is split between at least two schools in the area. However, I believe it gave her a late start to the program. In Kindergarten myself and a number of other parents felt that our children were not challenged as they had been prior to starting Kindergarten. One friends child actually regressed in her reading ability. There seems to be no room for accelerated students in the Kindergarten program. Perhaps private school would be more suited for these particular students.

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