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Alexander W Dreyfoos Jr School of the Arts
501 S Sapodilla Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 802-6000
public | 9-12
County: Palm Beach


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7/2/2012otherI had a pretty poor experience at Dreyfoos. The administration was rude and largely incompetent, it was very difficult to make friends, and the environment was cutthroat and competitive. I was disappointed with my art area because there were too many unmotivated students (which wasn't addressed by the arts teachers at all). I did enjoy the guest speakers, the flexibility with scheduling, some aspects of my art classes, and the opportunities to participate in a lot of clubs and honor societies. However, that didn't make up for the unwelcoming and inefficient nature of the school. I would not recommend it.
10/24/2011otherI love the way the teachers appeal to the students imagination by assigning projects that broaden their artistic skills while teaching them about history, social studies, etc.
6/13/2011parentMy daughter just completed her third year at Dreyfoos. She loves this school; her teachers are truly dedicated and the curriculum is challenging but enjoyable, I'm very impressed with the high academic standards they maintain; the students have high aspirations and many go on to the top Ivy League schools! A wonderful school for a very motivated & intellegent student!
6/8/2011parentHi I need a greatschools for my daughters. We life in Dominican Republic but next year we will move to Miami. My daughters love music, dance. I will like to known if we can visit the school next month.
4/12/2011parentI LOVE THIS SCHOOL. My daughter also went to Bak and is a visual arts major. She is in ninth grade now and I think the school is exemplary. Unfortunately, we have to move to NJ and she won't get to go to 10-12 here. It breaks my heart to leave. If your daughter or son has a chance to go to this school JUMP ON IT. THE BEST school experience we have ever had.
10/12/2010otherhi i'm really interested in going to dreyfoos for there theatre program because i want o be and actress and a director, but i've heard dreyfoos has drama, musical theatre and acting, which one is for monologues and film festivals? somene please help me.
9/21/2010parentMy son try to enter in this school and he could get in, because he needed some more points, but my appreciation, a what I heard from him, is that this is a wonderful school, with incredible opportunities. My little boy will love be there...
11/7/2009parentMy son came to this school from one of the top private middle schools in the county. This is a great school, particularly for out-of-the-box, creative kids. The campus is open and not built in that post-Colombine prison-lock-down style in which most new Palm Beach high schools are being constructed. Mrs. VanArsdale, the principal, sets a high bar academically along with the arts programs. The band program is a student Grammy winner. The concert and jazz bands and the classical orchestra are the best in Florida. In 2009 the school had a 100% graduation rate, and more than $18 million in scholarships. Students audition for entry and it is very competitive. With budget cutbacks in the Palm Beach School DIstrict, the number of 9th grade entry slots into band dropped to 27 in 2009 from somewhere in the 30s the years before. If your student gets in, they will love it.
4/22/2009studentA beautiful school, like nothing i have ever experienced before, this school is like a summer camp, i look forward to coming and have no anxieties when coming here, i feel very very safe, and i have lots of fun.
4/8/2009studentI go to Dreyfoos and i am graduating this year. Dreyfoos has opened so many doors of opportunity for me, and has paved the way for me to become the successful individual I now know myself to be. It is so safe, and creates a great safe haven, I would encourage any parent to send their child if they're able.
3/5/2009parentI am not afraid when my son goes to school. It is a safe environment with lots of kids who really enjoy attending the school.
1/26/2009studenti love my school and i am very pround
1/25/2009studentThis is an amazing school. It gives us students a way to express, build and exploit our artistic talent. All of the teachers understand this and work tirelessly with their students to ensure their success.
10/1/2008parentWhat a great educational environment for kids. I have two boys in Dreyfoos. One a senior, and the other a sophmore, both theatre majors. The have both had a positive experience with their teachers and classes. They have learned alot in both academics and life lessons. Some lessons were easier than others...
7/30/2008studentAs a current student entering my Junior year at Dreyfoos as a theater major I am proud to say I am a part of this school. I came in lacking experience and confidence in many areas of my art and have grown immensely in the two years I have already experienced. The core curriculum is solid and I feel that most academic teachers are preparing us for the world to come but the greatest benefits come from the art teachers. After taking many state tests and reading and writing I can enter my theater classes expecting a dose of reality and another challenge. It is a pleasure knowing I have something to look forward to every day of my high school career.
5/8/2008parentMy youngest child is about to graduate from Dreyfoos and my older graduated a few years ago. Both had wonderful experiences. The school is a safe environment and the art and academic teachers - with very few exceptions - are outstanding! Funding to maintain the school's arts programs continues to be challenge. Know that the school needs your financial and volunteer support to maintain excellence in both the arts and academics.
1/3/2008parentDreyfoos is an overall good performing arts high school. The core curriculum is strong, the academic level is reasonably good and the yearly trips are culturally diverse. However, I can not believe they do not have private instructors assigned for each instrument. My daughter is a flute major and we had to find an instructor outside the school for her.
8/28/2007otherDreyfoos is a school that prides itself on the fact that they are an arts school, but their teachers don't know what in G-d's name they are doing. They are creating a box for each student and saying 'you have this much potential'. Dreyfoos is not going to be friendly to the student who was always the lead in the school play, they will purposely make you a stagehand to show that you only have 'this much' potential.
8/18/2007studentI graduated from Dreyfoos in 2002. Now I teach at a high school in Orlando. I also went to local high school for one year in Boca. My experiences from the other schools has shown me that Dreyfoos is one in a million. The music program, I played the flute in band and orchestra, was outstanding. We went to Atlanta and Chicago. I also went to Europe in the summer of 2001. I got to play in London, Paris, and Lucerne. I would not have had these opportunites if it weren't for Dreyfoos. The teachers I had there were first rate. If you are considering sending your child to Dreyfoos and they have to ride the Tri-Rail or a bus a long distance to get there, do not let that sway your decision. You will not find that caliber of students and teachers anywhere else.
5/24/2005parentAn excellent school for truly creative kids to get the support they need to excell. Excellent boost academically - really prepares the student for post secondary education.
5/20/2005parentThe acadmeic program was of the highest quality with a high rate of students taking AP course and others being dual enrolled with the local community college. Many of the students were accepted to Ivy League colleges and the most respected sought after schools of Arts. Of course, the Arts program was equal to none in the SouthEast, offering Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual and Communications Arts with many specialties in those areas. Parent involvement was high and the students were very highly motivated, enthusiatic and very happy!
1/25/2005studentGreat school, massive art programs (obviously) Very good curricullium.
1/12/2004parentWhat an incredible lifelong learning experience the art schools in this area have afforded our students! We are truly blessed to be a part of the DSOA family. My daughter will graduate this year and I am going to miss being involved with her activities; chaperoning, attending concerts and talking with faculty members. The people at DSOA (teachers, parents and students) really 'know' each other, some as long as ten years or more. I am re-thinking my current role in as much as continuing to volunteer DSOA after my daughter goes off to college. I believe we have all grown, not just the students, but parents as well. We will sorely miss everyone!
12/1/2003parentThis school has been the greatest experience in my son's school life, having transferred here in here in his junior year, mid semester. We came from a great Texas school district, then to another school within Palm Beach county the 1st semester, which was a nightmare! Not only is the art education outstanding at Dreyfoos, but the core education is outstanding as well. The teachers and faculty truly care for the students and it shows. And one of the most important aspects of the school to me, is the kids are trusted and respected, which other schools no longer do. The kids have to give it back or face consequences, and ultimately they do, proving, given a chance, most kids WILL respond to these important elements of life. Thank you for giving my son such an outstanding education and life experience!
9/9/2003otherAs an alum from Dreyfoos I have to give only high praise. It is an excellent school compared to others in the district and the state. The opportunities are a wealth and a commodity that are rare at a public school. Dreyfoos offers a premiere education in the five areas of the arts as well as a great liberal arts core. Any student who attends should definitely recognize the institution and the quality that it upholds.
8/23/2003parentMy child is in this school for Drama and having the best time of her life. This school will diffently get my child ready for college. I recommend this school to anyone who is serious about learning.

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