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Palm Beach Maritime Academy
7719 S Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 547-3775
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charter | K-9
County: Palm Beach


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10/18/2012parentMy daughter just started 6th grade at PBMA and she just loves it there ! I just love all her teachers and I also love the fact that you can check your child`s grades , homework ect. on their online Jupiter Grades it`s awesome . We are very happy !! By the way she`s straight A`s :)
10/18/2012parentI do not understand where all this positive rating is coming from. I have never experienced a more disorganized, old and filthy school in my life. There is no creativity in this school. White walls, no pictures or posters. Tiny classroom, dark and cramped. Cafeteria has a section closed off for use as a classroom because they do not have enough space. Teachers are on carts because they dont have their own classroom. Spanish and Music only half hour per week. New move, new building but no improvement. After 13 years they do not have a PTA. The Principal does not go out of her way to keep school open after school hours for parents to volunteer their time for fundraising opportunities for her school. Totally unprofessional manner and behaviour. My daughter started this year she is a straight A student and also I feel terrible doing this to her after school started already, I am pulling her out of Maritime Academy and putting her in one where she will have extra curriculum and sport options. An environment which will stimulate her in a positive way. A school every kid deserves. I can not believe this school is even open. Please do not send your kid to this school!!!
10/17/2012parentMy child Isaiah G. loves his teacher Mrs.Barry.. He comes home everyday telling me everything he does in school and how he cant wait to go to bed to go back to school. Im so happy thats hes happy. and learning all new things.im glad I found this school and he has a chance to be in pbma.
2/28/2012parentI am very greatful my son Isaac has a teacher like Mrs.Rice,And to my Daughter Gennesse, Goodluck to you and the rest of the students,on the FCAT wrighting test today. GO MARITIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/12/2010parent The Teachers are caring & the school has a versatile, Close knit Student base & curriculum. Always engaging new topics & learning Advances to improve the Student interests.
8/12/2010parentI have had the opposite experience as the parent below me. This school worked a wonders with my son. He entered this school reading way below grad level. They worked hard with him and he received a 3 on the reading FCAT. The teachers are dedicated and the principle is not a phony. She acts like one of the parents and is very approachable. I am so happy I found this school.
4/19/2010parentI have two children attending PBMA and a third that will start Kindergarten this year. I think this is an exceptional school and the staff makes a point to know every child attending even if they don't have them in class. My eighth grader did struggle through elementary school at a different school but has excelled at PBMA during his middle school years. I highly recommend this school, especially if you want to partner with the school to get your child the best education possible.
4/16/2010otherPalm Beach Maritime Academy is an 'A' rated school dedicated to every student they serve. The faculty and staff have accepted the challenge to use available knowledge and foresight to meet the objective of educating the future generation of citizens who will apply their maritime education in their roles as stewards of the environment. Their goal is clear--to provide every student, regardless of socio-economic background, with an education that prepares them for the finest high schools, colleges and universities bolstered by a keen understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The innovative maritime curriculum ensures that fundamental environmental awareness is based on scientific inquiry, valid information, and siginficant knowledge of both recent discoveries and the work of early scientists. Students paricipate in many hands-on learning activities in the natual 'classroom' that is uniquely available in the coastal region of Palm Beach County. We love Palm Beach Maritime Academy!
4/15/2010parentMy son has excelled at the school and loves it there. he enjoys going to school every day.
3/31/2009parentI am a parent of two students that have been raised with the PBMA family. Currently my daughter just started Middle School this year and my son graduated into High School. I love the warm environment that my family has experienced. Every teacher and admin member not only personally knows both of my children but take an interest in their wants and needs. The tutoring that the teachers offer after school has been a comfort in preparing my children for FCAT test and such. My son was more than prepared for high school and excels in his new school because of the strong base he was given in the early years. I was thrilled when I did not have to worry about finding a quality middle school for my children. They did not have to go through that rough transition but instead could continue their education with the teachers and students.
5/21/2008parentMy child has been attending this school for 3 years. It is a terrible school! The staff is rude to the parents and students. The principle is a women on a power trip and her staff takes her attitude as well. They all act like they hate their jobs and punish everyone around them. The PBMA website states they teach with an emphasis on maritime studies. They do not, unless you consider boating them to Peanut a few times maritime studies. Most of the students that attend here have behavior problems and disrupt the classes. I am amazed by the work my child sends home. I don't even think the teaches look at them. My child has been given high marks on papers that were completely wrong. There is sports or electives like other schools. When reading the reviews please note that all the good ones are from years ago.
10/25/2007parentResponding to the parent who is upset about 'drama'...As a parent of both a boy and a girl attending PBMA for many years, I have never had this problem or anything like it. I have found through raising teenagers that you sometimes have to let children solve their own problems. I have never found that the school attracts the type of students you say. That is an unfair statement and reflects negatively on my children as well as all the other students there. The students at PBMA have won awards for their academics and for outside activities and are of better character than you'll find at any other middle school. I have always recommended this school to others and will continue with confidence.
10/23/2007parentMy two children moved into PBMA from a very large and consistently 'A-rated' school in Board County. I felt moving them into a smaller environment would make things easier for them as far as making friends and the learning process. I was wrong. It seems as though children who cannot deal well in the regular public schools often migrate to this one. The school seems to have a pension for the 'dramatic' when it comes to behavior of the students. I do think that most of the teachers are exceptional and are very committed to their students. However, the children that make learning difficult for others and hold back advanced curriculum from being taught can be found in abundance in the classes of these teachers who I believe want to make a difference. My kids were often derailed from the learning process by kids who simply can't do the work.
1/24/2007parentMy children have been attending Palm Beach Maritime Academy for the past two years. Their first year went extremely well. They both had amazing teachers who went above and beyond to bring them up to grade level. This year one of my children has ended up with a teacher who has very little tolerance for children with ADHD. The principal apparently doesn't have the time to deal with these type of issues. I also have issues concerning safety of my children at school and on the bus.
6/17/2006parentPBMA is a very good alternative to regular district schools. I am pleased with all of the faculty and staff that do a great job with all of the kids. There are some parents that do not realize how lucky we are to have the opportunity to choose a school such as this one. I would like to see more parent involvement next school year. I surprise to hear the school mentioned on the radio. The FCAT scores had gone from C to A. This gives you an idea of how hard the teachers have worked to make our children successful with all of the testing. I love this school!
12/9/2005parentMy kids have attended PBMA since they were in kindegarten and I have been nothing but pleased with everything about that school, from staff to curiculum....positivly great.
11/23/2005parentI would like to give my thanks to the wonderful staff at this school for the help they have given my children. Anytime my kids have a problem the staff are always ready to help. My oldest son had problems with homework, I talked to the teachers about it, and they told me how I could help him to do the work. As a result his grades are improving. Again, thanks for being such a great school!
5/30/2005parentMy neighbor's daughter attends this school and finds it to be top-notch. Her daughter has learned a lot about Marine Studies as well as the basic Academic studies in elemenatry school. A true difference among the plain things.
5/27/2005parentPBMA has been a secure safe place for my two children to grow up. I love the personal attention that the teacher show my children as well as the idea that the same children follow each other up through middle school. My children have bonded with a great group of friends and have succedded in everything they have tried as a result of a great set of teachers preparing them and helping them build the self esteem needed.
4/14/2005parentI have two children attending this school. I have been impressed with the quality of education my children have received. My son started this school in 6th grade, and he is in his last year. He left elementary making A/B and he has become a straigt A student. This school has qualified and caring teachers and I believe the small class size makes a huge difference. My son has been excepted into two private schools, and IB magnet program. The problem has been choosing from one of the three. My daughter has been at this school for three years. Again, she has excelled and is straight A student. Also, I think is important to know that I have had peace of mind because my kids have been safe at this school. They have strict rules and they don't tolerate any kind of violence. I highly recommend this school.
2/25/2005parentI like this school for my child because of its small class size. An the individual attention the teachers have to spend with the students because they don't allow over 25 to a class. So your child is not a number like in public school. The teachers really care about the progress of the students and keep you well informed. The acedemics are no different than going to Public school they have to follow the same guidelines. But they do offer a reading class that will help your child with the FCAT. My child has attended this school for 3 years. I reccommend it to any parent that is looking for the smaller school that has no violence. And a more personal touch to it than public school.
2/16/2005parentMy daughter has been going to this school for 3 years and with any new school there are adjustments. The staff here has always made it a major part of there daily duties to make sure the children are in a safe comfortable learning space.
2/15/2005parentMy child is learning so much and goes to school with a smile on her face. I couldn't ask for more!
6/16/2004parentI feel that this school is doing a great job. the class room size are small at about 20 t0 25 kids, the teacher show great interest in the kids and they provide assistance for kids that need extra help after school at no additional charg. I strongly feeel that the principle is on the right track.
5/11/2004parentMy children have loved going to Maritime Academy. The teachers are wonderful and the staff cares about the kids. The principal, although a bit eccentric at times, has a great heart and has great vision. My children have always felt safe at this school and every child receives attention if they are not performing at their best. I would recommend the school to others.
7/20/2003parentMy child had previously attended private school and I was nervous about putting him in a public school. I have been nothing but pleased with this school and it's staff. I would (and have) reccomended this school to everyone I know.
7/15/2003parent I would take issue with the parent whose child 'spoke back' to a teacher - rather, the child screamed a curse at the teacher in the hallway in front of many other students and was correctly, I believe, disciplined by the school administration. i have always found the staff to be fair-minded, my child is very happy and enjoys going to school, my child is learning, and I feel I have put him/her in a very safe environment due, in no small part, to the uniform enforcement of the discipline code. Thank you.
6/20/2003  We do not use the marine biology to its fullest potention hopefully thie year we will use it more effectively.
5/13/2003 I believe that African American parents have the right to know that their children will not receive fair treatment from some of the administrators and staff at PBMA. When we wanted to schedule a conference about detentions and suspensions of African/American students compared to Caucausian students, we were never given the conference. However, every little negative thing was pointed out to the parent. I find it odd how the administration can contact a parent for one thing but not for another. I believe that every student should be treated and taught fairly. Out of the 8 years my daughter has been in school, she has never had a disciplinary problem and just because she talked backed to a teacher twice, they put this on her permanent record. I do not condone a child who is misbehaving but one rule should apply to everybody and this is not so if you are African American at Palm Beach Maritime Academy.

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