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Cousins Middle School
8187 Carlton Trl NW
Covington, GA 30014
(770) 786-7311
public | 6-8
County: Newton


  School Head OfficialYear
Scott Sauls2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/11/2012parentMy son is a special needs child, and when he entered the public school system, everything went down hill for him. The administrators have failed to protect my son from bullying. My son had been bullied by the teachers and then by the administrators, until it got to the point that I had to withdraw him. I would never never recommend this school unless your child is a great child, and normal. Otherwise, they will not be like, and if your child enters being the VICTIM, you better believe the administrators above will make them seem to be the problem. They will go to any measures to do so, and will cover up any/everything needed. The whole school system is KaHOOTS w each other, and will cover up what ever needs to be... All the good teachers are retiring, and hiring lawyers, and alot of them have left to teach somewhere else. I believe Parents need to come together and give these administrators what they deserve.... UNEMPLOYMENT!
2/17/2012parentThis is a mediocre school at best. There are fights on a weekly basis and bullying is ignored by the school officials. In fact, the counselors held a special assembly to inform the students they were no longer available for student complaints, only career information. Teachers are hit and miss. Some are excellent while others leave you wondering, why they chose that profession and how they are even allowed to be in front of children. Since the school did not make AYP for several years, some teachers have adopted a policy of allowing only failing students to do extra credit assignments while the rest of the class is given a "too bad so sad" attitude. This discriminates against the students of the school as a whole. This has nothing to do with race but, more to mask the fact students are falling through the cracks here. This policy sets the example that not all students are afforded the same opportunity as others. This only personifies the fact that this school is only concerned with passing the failing students while the rest are left to flounder at best. None of the middle schools in Newton County are what any parent should consider as quality education for their child.
4/4/2010studentThe school has very great teachers, but they need to carry out the dicipline plans they say that they say they are going to do. There has been many fights on my team and I get really scared when i'm around the fighting people. That probably makes me sound like a baby but it is true. Thanks, keep going!!
3/30/2009parentI totally agree that this is the worst school in GA. The leadership will cover for his staff no matter how wrong they are.
2/4/2009studentThis is now my third year at Cousins Middle School and I love it. The teachers are willing to do anything they can to help the students. But because of so many kids there now, and so many of them misbehaving and not caring and giving effort, it's a little hard for them.The administration does need to pay a little more attention to the students, but it's still good. What I love most about CMS is the excelent music program. Ms. Kraemer is a wonderful band director and tries her best to help all of her students become the best musicians they can. All of those who don't like her are the ones who misbehave in there and don't put forth any effort whatsoever.
1/8/2009studentI am currently a student at Cousins, and I honestly love it. While the administration is a little lacking (*ahem*, communication, please?), there are some truly excellent teachers there, such as Dr. Davenport and Mr. Jourdan. Especially those with children in the Quest program, come to Cousins!
1/29/2008studentI loved going to this school!and it makes all the other school look bad!
11/3/2007parentThis is a wonderful school and i am happy my daughter attends there, but the principal is not supportive eough. but overall a great school
8/20/2007studentthe school is by far the best middle school in newton county
7/5/2006teacherCousins is a wonderful school! The teachers and administrators are very helpful and want the best for their students!
6/25/2006parentCousins Middle School is the best middle school in Newton County. People don't give it the credit it deserves! The teachers are very supportive and so is the administration! Keep up the good work CMS!
7/12/2005parentThis is one of the worst middle schools in Newton County. The teachers are not bad but not willing to give any special attention to students who need a little more help. The principal leadership is bad and has no involvement with the parents what so ever. Overall quality is very low.
9/26/2004parentWe have a special needs child who just entered the 7th grade, who just started at Cousin's this year. For the first time in his life, the school is giving him what he needs. We moved into Cousin's district on purpose and I'm glad to say all we had heard was correct.
9/9/2004parentMy daughter goes to this school. I am very glad she goese here. The teachers are great and keep the students well tamed. Some think wrong of Cousins. But they are wrong! Dr. Daria is a wonderful principal and I am very happy he is there. I have had 0 promblems and I am very proud to say my daughter goes to Cousins Middle School. Thank you students and staff. Hard work pays off in a child's future!
9/22/2003parentMany of the teachers are wonderful, but the school administration is weak and unwilling to work with parents.

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