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Veterans Memorial Middle School
13357 Brown Bridge Rd
Covington, GA 30016
(770) 385-6893
public | 6-8
County: Newton


  School Head OfficialYear
James Peek2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012parentThis is my son's first year at Veteran's. Living in Covington, I would say that almost "all" the middle schools are ranked about the same on Great schools.com Having said this, I haven't had a problem with this school at all. All of my son's teachers have cared and have shown heart. T he principal seems to go out of his way in making sure each student feels important. Having lived all over the US in various states, 13 to be exact, I've discovered that you cannot depend on the teachers to "solely teach your child;" you must also get involved-really involved. We have always been involved with our children's education and I believe it shows. I do believe, however, that when we start investing MORE into our education and its teachers-paying them more of what their worth, we will get better results. We don't mind seeing our favorite pro football star receive millions to play one season or wince at purchasing a 100.00 + concert ticket yet our teachers, who spend more of their time in a day with our children, the futures of America, are seriously, seriously underpaid for what they do.
6/6/2012parentWhat I don't understand is why are the parents constanly complaining on this site. I thank you for your comments, but if the school is this bad, call Channels,2 and 5 and I guarantee you they will come. I am transferring my children from Conyers to Covington, and I refuse to accept what I am reading on this site. I promise you, I am quick to Boycott and get others involved. I have sons, and their education is very important to me and they have always been on the Principal Lists and Honor Roll. THINK THIS IS A GAME, PLAY WITH IT!!!!!
4/9/2012parentI have two students at VMMS, in 6th and 7th grades. Both years, I've been disappointed by the lack of communication from the teachers. I had one teacher call me three months into the school year last year to inform me my child was missing several assignments (some of which she had turned in and had to be tracked down), some of which dated back to the beginning of the school year. Why wait until that late to notify a parent of a problem? My 6th grader needs an IEP, which I've been requesting since September, and still haven't been successful at getting a response in April. The principal is very nice and responds quickly to communications, which is about the only positive I've experienced in the school, other than a friendly office staff. The school events that I've attended have been disorganized. We've received letters both years claiming my kids have several unexcused absences, all which either should've been excused (with doctors notes turned in!) or were times my kids were in school but arrived late due to their bus arriving late. The school seems to be disorganized and lack communication skills.
12/15/2011parentMy child is in the 6th grade and this the worst school I've ever experienced. The principle over looks a lot of bad behavior in the students as well as the teachers My would feel as though she was on the battle field fighting for her life daily. no matter who I called the Newton county school board did nothing.Because it is mostly a black oriented school the atmosphere is like a bunch of caged animals, and no one cares.Majority of the teachers are very nasty ans rude...Do not bring your child here. it is not productive or safe.The children are very angry.The cafeteria serves food that is raw,frozen or burnt. Daily there is a problem and no need to report it because it will make it worst for your child . I ended up withdrawing my child and moving her somewhere safe, so she could enjoy school as a child in USA not in as a child on a battle field. This school has really scared her mentally and pray she can heal from it all.
6/21/2010otherThe school is alright. Sure its not the best school ever. Alot of the teachers interact with the studnets to learn But its certainly way better than Dekalb county schools.
3/7/2009parentMy child is a 6th grader this year. Although he had a rocky start, all of his teachers, except for one, have been very supportive. Thankfully, the other teachers picked up the slack. The school is packed. Some kids do not have home training. Some teachers are not helpful. That affects everyone. It was explained to me that some teachers do not assign as much homework because there are complaints from parents and half of the students do not turn in homework. Thankfully, my son's teachers have given us lots of online resources to practice everyday. Parental involvement is key. Always has been. Always will be. If you expect to have your kid go to any school and succeed without you, I have beachfront property in Iraq to sell you. Veterans is not perfect but I do believe most staff try their best.
2/10/2009parentI posted in December...I stand by my original post. The parent NOT being involved in their child's education is a diappointment. Children DO need to be TOLD what to do. They are not old enough to make the major decisions...they need guidance. They need just enough freedom to spread their wings, but if you let them totally go they lose track. There is a balance at VMMS...if the parent is involved, the teacher's are more involved in the child's education. I know first hand because my child is on the honor roll because there is communicatio between my husband and I with the school administration/teachers.
2/9/2009parentthey have alot to learn. If your child is doing outstanding dont be suprised when they come here and go downhill . As all schools ,it does have it pros and cons.they are very strict but need to learn that it doesnt work like that in a time like this.Kids need to understand and dont want to be told what to do every step along the way.It is way to overcrowed which is disappointed because liberty was suppose to open in time for this school year. If your really looking for a great school send your child to clements ,where teachers actually take the time out to listen and help .
9/16/2008parentI am soooo not impressed with this school! Some of the teachers are unresponsive and have lackadasical bad attitidues when inquiring about my child..it makes me sick! People warned me about the aweful expereinces they endured with this school but b/c our school system is so great..parents can't choose freely where their children goes to school in their district! This school is a joke!
8/26/2008studentI believe that this school is great
1/2/2008parentThis is my son's first year at Veteran's. The school year started out pretty rough. However, it has smoothed out some. I am concerned about the level of education of some of the teachers. The School Administration need to understand for a child to come from Elementary school where there is parental involvement to a middle school where PTA/PTO meetings are not important, the kids see the division between the school and the parents. I know things get busy and perhaps there's not enough manpower to have PTA/PTO meetings. If this is the case, then we have a serious problem. We need to show our kids that the parents and the school administration are on the same team, and that is to give them a better education and to ensure that they maintainigood behavior. Veteran's is not the only middle school that does not have a strong parental involvement.
1/1/2008parentMy children have gone to VMMS and all received great scores on their report cards but do not score well on the state mandated tests and their reading is not up to grade level. I have been trying to get them extra reading help and doing all I can at home but the grades my children are receiving on their report cards do not seem to truly represent what they are learning and absorbing. I think this sends a message to the students that as long as you turn something in-no matter how sloppy, incomplete or down right wrong it is- you can get by in school. That is not a lesson I want my children to learn.
9/19/2006parentMy son has attended Veterans Memorial Middle School since 2005, I've been disappointed with this schools overall performance and administrative staff. The students aren't able to bring books home and homework is minimal. It's ridiculous when I as a parent have to assign my son homework because he has only had maybe one take home assignment for the entire week. Administration needs to be removed and replenished with individuals who care and are able to increase this schools overall academic performance. The scores are a reflection of the staff that have been hired. My son was in a honors program in Gwinnett County and the teachers really were concerned about their students progress. Veterans Memorial is the worst school that my son has ever attended and I am highly disappointed.Administration doesn't return phone calls whenever your child has been involved in a conflict.I do not recommend this school at all!
9/14/2006parentThis school is way too overcrowded. With the school system adding 9 classrooms at the beginning of the year, the school just added trailer number 19. With other middle schools in our county sitting below capacity, when is our school system going to open it's eyes. Enrollment on this website shows 1100+, when it's actually 1300+ in a building built for 900 max. Come on Newton County you can't educate with our children packed in like sardines. All you can do is crowd control, and in the long run it's our children who suffer. With the numbers growing in all surrounding Elem. schools what's left for next year. A trailer park in the athletic fields?!? If you can choose where your children go to school, I could not choose here.
1/23/2006former studentI think that there could be more extracurricular activities. Also, the discipline in this school is very low rate. Parent involvement is another aspect that is lacking in this school.
12/7/2005parentThere are some teachers concerned about the children but it take the school as a whole. I feel that the administrators(principals) show of concern is ridiculous. The kids can't bring books home although their grades are poor and no one is giving suggestions as to what can be done. Parents should get more involved and speak up if they expect for this school to do any better.
1/25/2005parentMy child has attended this school for the past two school years. Iron fist ruling does not work, and this schools administration hasn t figured this out yet. Their test scores are poor, their sports scores are poor, and student morale is low. I think the administration doesn't recognize the fact that these children are going on in life and that they are there to build on that foundation, whether it be academic skills or sports fundamentals. Their PTO is basically nonexistent. They have so much that they can do to raise money for this school. When I look back at my middle school experience, I feel sad that my child did not have the same experiences. School should be fun as well as educational. What happened to school dances, Fall Barbecues, family gatherings, Secret Valentines? This school is lacking in way too many areas.
1/12/2005parentThe staff is cooperative but the parent must adk questions. No information is given concerning test grades (such as a weekly progress report) as some teaching team have in earlier years. There are some really outgoing teachers though- giving of their time to tutor afterschool for free - even students that aren't their own! that's a great teacher! most teachers seem to hold student's hands and don't teach them how to learn on their own. Downfall of ga system!
8/31/2004parentIt was overall I would say a pretty decent school. Most of the teachers were pretty good. The only thing I would say is they need some of the staff to watch the children better in the afternoon when the children are waiting on their pickups in the car line. Some of the office staff could stand to be more professional and friendlier as well. And one time they seemed unconcerned when a bus failed to pick up students in the afternoon and was gone to a football game. Kids had to wait for a while and parents were calling very concerned and none of the office people answered the phone because they wanted to go home. Not too good. Poor parents and poor kids. I was shocked about that. I am not sure the principal was aware.

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