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ABC Montessori
483 Walker Dr
McDonough, GA 30253
(770) 957-9998
private | PK-8
County: Henry


  School Head OfficialYear
Kimberly Morey2008
8/20/2012parentAs a parent looking for a new school I was impressed with the staff at ABC. As a family we attend Montessori School in California. My daughter loved the school so much that she is more willing to relocate to the area. I say keep up the good work & soon your school will be filled over capacity. I truly love the diversity, animals, outside grounds, and atmosphere. I hope our relocation takes place so we will become family with ABC.
5/30/2012parentAfter reading some of the not so kind reviews I am amazed by people s perceptions. I want to defend ABC since my daughter has grown up there from the age of 2 two. The school does have chickens, goats, and a horse. These animals are not hidden from parents and then suddenly appear once their child begins at the school (reminiscent of a Far Side Cartoon). The animals are brought into the curriculum and are one of the many positive points for the school and program. So, when parents are complaining or appalled by the animals you knew they were part of the school when you decided to register here??? Also, AMI certification is not the end all be all of Montessori teachings. Just as there is not one university or college of education that public school teachers attend. There are several Montessori Programs for certification. I find it interesting there are negative reviews about a private school when individuals have the right to a public education.
5/7/2012teacherI give the ABC Montessori School at Luella, GA my highest rating. It is the school I would choose for my grandchildren if they did not live so far away. I have taught Suzuki violin, piano, and cello at ABC for the past 6 years and plan to continue teaching there. The director and staff are highly trained and certified in the Montessori method. What I like best about the school is the diversity of the students and staff and the tolerance it teaches. Children learn and flourish at ABC because they feel loved and accepted. It is affordable for all because of the Apogee scholarships.
3/14/2012parentOkay first of all there are two kinds of people in the world, the negative and the positive. The negative people pick at every little thing and try to find even the smallest thing to fuss about. Positive people look to find the positive in all things. NOTHING is perfect! We are all a work in progress. I need to put this out there because I feel like ABC Montesssori made the biggest, most positive and amazing difference in my childs life. We put her at ABC in the 5th grade because she just wasn't doing well in her academics or social skills. She was picked on so bad by children because from grades kingergarden through 3rd grade she had seizures. . She was under the direction of the most amazing teacher I have ever encountered! She mentored my child and that entire staff supported her and encouraged her in such a way that she grew wings! The love at that school changed her little life. They taught her to stop allowing people to victimize her but to stand tall and be confident. Sadly due to illness we could not afford the tuition. My daughter returned to public school and to my suprise is ahead of her peers. She ranks 71 out of 389 kids! 2011-2012 Wilcats Cheerleader!
1/12/2012teacherIn response some people cannot be pleased and are asked to leave the ABC family. We are vigilant about providing a safe and positive learning environment. Please come by our office to view the staff certifications. Our staff is highly qualified and it demonstrated in our children's performance. ABC is a great place to be.
12/2/2011parentThe school claims to be a "Montessori Certified" school but how many teachers are actual Montessori teachers? Are there AMI Certifications? How many? Are these certifications posted or available for parents to view? Is the school zoned as a farm? Goats, chickens, a horse and these animals are free to roam and defecate on the playground. The prinipal/owner is all smiles but is not at all helpful.
11/21/2011parentI have two daughters that attend ABC Montessori School and I can not say enough good things about the school. The teachers truly care! The communication between the teachers and me is amazing. It gives me great joy to know my daughters are a part of such a nurturing environment. ABC Montessori is a great school.
10/30/2011otheri am a student at ABC and they are the nicest people in that astablishment
9/29/2011parentWhen entering this school, you feel the immediate feeling of comfort and hospitable atmosphere. I know my child will be treated and taught with great respect and concern. Love the staff
12/23/2010parentThis school is extremely unorganized. The director is very manipulative and tell you what you want to hear to get you to enroll your child. The education is mediocre at best. Some of the staff members are under qualified. When I enrolled my child at ABC I was very excited about the Montessori method of teaching. ABC lacks materials and qualified teachers to follow through with this method. I pulled my children out of this school because of their lack of educational advancement. The parents are what make the school happen.
11/5/2010parentMy son is learning to do his work correctly the first time vs. doing until its correct. And in public school he would not have this chance to excell. I am so proud of him.
10/15/2010parentHad my son enrolled here and found it to be an amazing experience. While we no longer live in state I would not hesitate to recommend this school, it's administration, and the amazing caring teachers to anyone in the area looking for an amazing alternative to public education.
6/8/2010parentBe careful, many schools may claim to be Montessori but in practice truly aren't be it AMS or AMI neither is better than the other, just different. Also, watch out for teachers that tell you your child isn't ready to try something they are interested in, and ask about teacher turn around rate, as well as all the volunteering you will be practically forced to do.
4/23/2010parentMy daughter has attended the school for a year and I cannot say enough how great it is! The teachers are so caring and loving, the director is absolutely wonderful! The level of education is incredible! Public school cannot even compare to the level and quality of education your child gets at this school. I love ABC Montessori!
4/15/2010parentExcellent program. Quality with a personal touch.This is not the rigid classroom that you might find in state schools. By the time my son was five he was competent in adding long digits, writing stories in cursive an can tell me all about the parts of every plant and animal I think ever existed. The whole child is at heart, it is not about test scores. You have to learn about Montessori and then watch the process unfold.
1/27/2010parentMy child joined the ABC Montessori Family in the middle of his first grade. ABC welcomed us with open arms. I am very greatful for ABC Montessori. They have helped my child excel in every area of academics. Not only has the school helped my son but they are always ready to assist me with any issues I experience. I recommend ABC Montessori to any parent. I am very proud to ABC Montessori our second home.
10/14/2009parentI went to observe in the classrooms for both of my children, and WOW! It is amazing what the children are accomplishing, and more importantly, how they are learning. The atmosphere is very calming and the children work with a sense of purpose. The children teach each other, and the teachers and assistants know the cognitive level of the children. Not only were the children developing academic skills, they were working together and caring for each other. I am grateful that my children are not sitting in desks all day, completing worksheets that ask very little of them, and becoming factory drones.
10/10/2009parentI love the school my daughter is definitely benefiting from the Montessori method of teaching!
4/10/2009parentWhat a wonderful school. My daughter is excited about attending school, she enjoys learning and engaging in activities at her own pace. The classrooms are delightful, with student work around the rooms and an openness which I find inviting. It is nice to pull up to a school and not be greeted by signs stating Passing the CRCT equals AYP . The tuition is comparable to other private schools in the area; however the family atmosphere at ABC cannot be matched by other schools in the area.
3/2/2009parentMy son has attended this school for 2 years now and I can tell you he has grown so much academically. The nurturing environment and teachers who are truly dedicated to the development of the whole child are the reasons that my son will continue at ABC Montessori. Every child should have the opportunity to have an education like this.
1/27/2009parentMy daughter is blossoming here. She is excited about learning and has become inquisitive and enjoys sharing what she is learning. I love how her attitude about school has changed. She is a 3rd grader.
1/23/2009parentMy daughter has been attending ABC for 3 years (since 2 1/2), and we absolutely love it! She has grown in self confidence so much. She is reading well to be only 5 yrs old. It's a top notch school with a top notch facility! Where else could you go at this price of tuition and get this one on one attention? I strongly recommend ABC. Regarding the Director, she is actually there every day teaching in the Upper Elementary classes now so she is right there in case anyone needs her. She is very involved.
12/31/2008parentI have 2 children who attend this school. The teachers are wonderful. The Director/Owner are never there and there is no organization. The parent's and the teacher's do most of the work. I think the school needs more experienced owners but on the other hand my children are happy there.
12/31/2008parentIn just two weeks I saw a difference. He was now able to focus and really learn. The new facility is beautiful and they have equipment from all over the world for the children to work with. This is an amazing place for kids.
12/6/2008parentMy two children are entering their second full year at ABC Montessori (Toddler and Early Elementary Programs). The teachers are truly dedicated to the growth and development of the individual child. The school has a true partnership with the parents. Unlike my experience with public school, the teachers often provide unsolicited feedback on my childrens progress with details about their development. Initially I was skeptical about Montessori, but you just have to come and see how well it works for yourself.
10/17/2008otherI believe this school needs more organization. The teachers and the parents are wonderful. The owners and the director needs to be there more often, to oversee what goes on. The parents and teachers do most of the work there.
3/14/2008parentI took my child out of this school because of the school's financial troubles as well as the lack of management and teacher experience. Enroll your child in this school at your own risk.
2/22/2008parentUpper grades have major behavior and teaching problems. School is so finacially in trouble, that they accept students who have been expelled from other schools and that have major behavior issues and then do little to address these issues in the class. Teachers appear unhappy with management and have little experience teaching. Student and teacher turnover is high. This school is based on a great philosophy however the implementation of this is very poor. Several of the teachers in the lower grades have children who could be in the upper elementary and middle school program at greatly reduced or free tuition choose to send their kids to public school. The sales pitch is great and it looks great but the daily practice and professionalism is not there. Most of the really good reviews are written by employees. If you send your kids here do so at your own risk.
1/31/2008parentI have two children at ABC Montessori and could not be happier with the school and the staff.
12/13/2007parentI feel this school is appropriate for K-4 and younger. Once a child gets into 1st grade and up they need more than just the montessori way of teaching.
11/27/2007parentI have three kids at this school. This is their second year at ABC. My oldest is seven. She started in Montessori at age 3 at an international Montessori school in Europe. We were concerned about moving to the area and not finding a well-rounded Montessori school with leadership passionate about Montessori as well as exposing chidren to other cultures/worldviews. We are happy with ABC in both regards. Their leadership has fought very hard to educate parents about the Montessori method and elevate the school to what it is today. Sure there have been kinks and will be in the future, but the leadership is deeply committed to improving the school as it moves forward.
10/23/2007parent There is plenty of love in this school but the montessori vision is lacking.
10/19/2007parentI withdrew my child from this school. I felt that the public school system was far more educated and qualified to teach my child once he entered elementary school age.
10/2/2007studentI like this school a lot. It is Very Fun and they help me to see things better. It is better then Public school. And I am a student. I am currently in my 2nd year of school. Now that we have moved into a new class room everything has improved even more then last year. This school has made a big difference to me.
10/1/2007parentWe have brought our children from 11 years of public school to ABC this year. The difference was staggering. In less than 2 months our daughter went from having little self confidence and little focus to having friends and teachers alike let her know what a great person she is. Her ability to set goals and be motivated has been like night and day. Our son wanted to be told what to do but now he decides for himself and has even said that he loves school and his teacher. The staff is very aware of all that goes on. They work so hard to accommodate each individual s needs (even the parent s).We have watched our children go from the goose stepping mentality of public school to being creative and confident. I don t know why anybody would speak ill but I would take it with a grain of salt.
9/24/2007parentMy child has attended ABC Montessori the past three years. Her passion for learning is delightful. She wants to attend school daily. The teachers are trained in the Montessori concept and understand the beliefs and values of Marie Montessori. The teachers and school staff are always accessible and willing to meet. The diversity of students along with bringing in cultural studies provides each child with a sense of compassion and understanding of others. This is not a school for parents who expect high stakes testing, competition, hours of homework, and desks in neat rows with a teacher in the front lecturing. It is a true Montessori school where children are learning in a community and from each other.
7/3/2007parentThe school needs work as well as the director.
7/3/2007parentI took my children out and put them in Christian school. The director of this school was never there and the school was very unorganized.
7/2/2007parentIt seems the director is big on the art part of the school verses education. Art is not education. Education should come first. My child is currently a student and this concerns me. Also the website needs to be updated. It also seems the director and some of the staff at the school have other interest and they are not focused on the children. Once these issues are corrected then the school will thrive.
5/8/2007parentI have 3 children enrolled in the ABC Montessori program and they all love school and enjoy the nurturing learning environment that this Montessori school provides. I have one child in the toddler program, one in the 3-6 year program and one in the lower elementary program and I have been very impressed with the teachers and quality of learning geared toward the child's individual needs. The principal is excellent with a passion and focus for keeping to a very strict Montessori philosophy in the classroom. We also love the diversity of the students and the focus on a world view that this school promotes. Each month a different culture/country is studied and families participate in a 'culture day' celebrating the differences learned that month and creating a sense of family/community within the school.
4/27/2007teacherABC Montessori is a growing school with wonderful, students, parents, teachers, and directors. The environment is loving and caring. The teachers always speak to the students with respect and require them to be responsible for their actions. Music and Dance Programs are growing. Children are challenged to create plays, compose music, learn spelling, and to ask why. Parents are considered the essential element to their child's success. Teachers have regular conferences with parents where they discuss not only the academic process of the child, but also that child's social, emotional, and physical progress. Next year the school will have a brand new building to fully organize and give the students the freedom to learn and grow in all areas. Go to a public school and your child might know the answers for the test, go to ABC Montessori, see your child soar in all areas of life!
4/25/2007parentMy child has been at ABC for 4 years now and we as a family have had an excellent experience. My daughter has been ablr to grow and progress based on what she is capable of and not limited. The diversity of the school and a focus on world culture are invaluable to us. This is a young school and not without it's growing pains - but the journey and the quality of the education are remarkable. We have gotten nothing but support from the teachers, staff, PTO and PAC. We feel as if we are part of a large, diverse and committed extended family and wouldn't trade it for anything. Our goal as a family is to do what is necessary so that our daughter (and now our son)can graduate from ABC!
7/17/2006parentMy child has been attending this school for 2 years. I am amazed at the tremendous growth of my child both academically and socially. The teachers and director are committed to the education of the whole child and not to teaching to a standardized test. It is through the hands-on activities and play at the child's own pace that the child begins to develop the foundation on which other skills are mastered. There is an active PTO that creates a real sense of family and activities are available for enrichment in the arts. A Montessori education is not for every child. It is not your traditional school with the teacher as the focus. The children truly guide their own education through their own interests and passions with the teacher as a guide through the process of self-discovery.
7/9/2006parentMy children attended this school for two years and we were very disappointed. Although at the time the school was still very new and under unexperienced leadership. It is hard to track progress with Montessori unless the teachers diligently keep daily records of your child's accomplishments. This is a definitely hands on school lacking any curriculum but based on a philosophy. The children do have lots of time for art and music and hands on play. The owner/director is a visionary but lacks the organization and education to follow through.The school relies on parents greatly to accomplish its goals. Change over for teachers and students is great. There is potential but lots of problems. Until this school comes under new management I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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