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Solid Rock Academy - Riverdale, GA

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Solid Rock Academy106 Commerce St
Riverdale, GA 30296
(770) 997-9744PK-11Claytonprivate 

9/9/2010parentEducational program is great. The problem is with administration. The Director(owner), prinicipal,(they are sisters), admissions couselor(owner's daughter). TOOOO much inter-mingling. Owner gossips with both parents(who are members of her church) and other teachers in front of students and other parents. UNPROFESSIONAL!
7/27/2010parentEVERYTHING COSTS AT THIS SCHOOL. They are constantly having fund raisers but you never find out where the money goes, they will ask for parents ot donate food items and sell it back to your own kid at ridiculous prices in order to get 100% profit. 4th grade teacher is rude, unfriendly, the class fear her...very unapproachable.
8/20/2009parentMy daughter attending Solid Rock for a year and a half. She learned a lot in their program, however there were times when I felt like she was not allowed to be a kid. I took issue with their disciplinary procedures. I also took issue with the administration of the school. When my child was there her teacher was not in her class for several weeks and she was combined with another class. The administration gave no notice to the parents of this. Also, the administration is very unorganized and schedule field trips without proper notice. If the administration was different or became more organized I think the school would be much better
6/1/2009parentMy child attend this school from 07 til 09. He was 3 years old when he started. He knew his phonics and could add when he started. The school never built on those skills. Then for some mysterious reason (I could never get a straight answer) they decided he needed to stay in preschool when he was suppose to move to prek. I have a feeling it was due to low staff numbers. What a shame! My son left in what was suppose to be the middle of his prek year and now reads all the kindergarten books in the Hooked on Phonics Series, but no thanks to Solid Rock. I'm so glad I got him out of there when I did! This school is not equipped to teach on an excellerated level only average at best!
8/12/2008parentI am a parent of a 2 year old and my son has really excelled in their program. He started in the summer program 2008 and I am very statisfied.
7/16/2008parentI am a parent of a student who used to attend this school. This school is more like a daycare center. They excell very well in caring and educating the young ones from daycare to elementary school. However with the upper levels that include middle school through highschool, their disciplinary and educational productivity is highly poor. My son who attended this school was in 7th grade but was learning stuff from elementary school. The students in middle school level lacked the knowledge they needed to know. The school is very eager for money. They assign expensive neccesites like unecessary feild trips that do not realate to the academic studies. The worst part about all the money issues is almost everything is madatory. A parent has no say so in his or her choice. Bottom line, for a private school it is poor in education and diversity!
8/25/2007parentMy son has started the infant program up to a toddler. The teachers from Pre-k on up are stable, caring,and good at discipline. The teachers for the younger class have changed every year since my child has been there he has had 3-4 new teachers in a 2 year period of time. The discipline is good, he has learned everything he should have for his level however, with the frequent teacher changes the consistency of homework vs no homework depends on the teacher. The principle and assistant principle, team leaders are excellent. Discipline is right in line with private school. I would recommend this school over other Riverdale public schools or childcare.
6/27/2006parentThis is an excellent place for the average to student to excell and the above average to work at a pace that is more stimulating for them. The School not only strives for Excellent with each student in mind, but is personable and provides support and feedback to parents regularly.
6/21/2005parentI'm the proud parent who's been involved with Solid Rock now 4 years. I love the program they have, the teachers, the discipline techniques, everything about the school. They take students that the public school system gives up on and makes them an A student. Now that's impressive!

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