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Chapman Intermediate School - Woodstock, GA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Chapman Intermediate School6500 Putnam Ford Dr
Woodstock, GA 30189
(770) 926-64245-6CherokeepublicCherokee County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic79.85872009
Black, non-Hispanic7.508832009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.590112009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.4416962009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Susan McCarthy2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/16/2012parentBad - Bad - Bad. It's amazing to find so many good schools in the area but this one falls short. Many teachers simply show up to collect a check. Problems are ignored. Leadership is poor. The building is in awful condition.
5/15/2012parenti give this school 1 star because my child has been bullied the whole year of 2011-2012 and she wouldnt tell me bacause the bullies told her that they would beat her up and one day i went to check my daughter out for a dentist appointment and i just so happened to find my self with the bullies and they were saying innapropriate wods to me and my child andm i told the office and the only thing they did was call their parents i think that those kids deserved more consiquences.
4/21/2012parentMy son attended Chapman. I found the teachers to be excellent. Their responsiveness to my concerns was excellent. There was one instance where my son was bullied, and my son stood up to him. The principal handled the situation very appropriately and it was not an issue again. I would highly recommend Chapman!
3/10/2012parentMy child has been bullied the entire year while attending this school 2011-2012 and the school officials have done little to nothing to improve the situation with any type of long term solution. Many of the students use fowl language- and are very bad influences --especially for this age group --pressured by peer pressure- and adjusting to all the changes of their age group. My second son who is about to enter Chapman and graduating from 4th grade from Bascomb will not be attending Chapman this upcoming school year- and if you care about your child-- be resourceful-find another school!
3/9/2012parentI will give the school 3 stars...because I have heard good things from the staff at Bascomb Elem the school is good- but I have not heard anything good from parents. Has anyone else experienced good/ bad or the ugly at this school. I'm preparing to enroll my child in a private school for the two years he supposed to attend Chapman due to prior adverse opinions. Present feedback for 2011- 2012 school year is appreciated.
5/6/2011parentI normally don't rate anything, but feel extremely compelled to share my experience with Chapman - not that citizens have much of a choice (besides costly private school or homeschooling) for 5th or 6th grade because all elementary schools feed into this one. I've been teetering on the decision to homeschool our son for a couple of years now and after attending this school, my decision was easy. He has struggled with ADHD-type symptoms and some behavioral issues all his life and some of his teachers did nothing but make situations worse, while refusing to work with him. He has never had so many referrals in his life. Kids have picked on him from day one and because he is an easy target, kids have managed to accuse him of numerous things, and the administration takes the word of these students without firsthand knowledge. Because of these referrals, he has lived without tv, video games, leisure books, toys, going outside, you name it, the ENTIRE year. His confidence and self-esteem is at an all-time low. My son WILL NOT be back at this school next year and I'll be spending all of next year trying to undo the things he has learned from the hellions at this school.
7/3/2010parentWe chose our house in Woodstock when we moved here from Long Island, 5 yrs. ago. because of the great schools. We couldnt be happier with the school dist.
3/25/2010parentBullying is definitely an issue at this school. I didn't realize this until my daughter came home crying uncontrollably one day and spilled the beans when I asked her what was wrong. Much of it definitely seems to be swept under the rug. In my opinion, part of the problem has to do with the fact that the school is only for 5th and 6th graders. Students never really have enough time to develop strong relationships with each other and frankly, by the time they are mature enough to behave appropriately, they've graduated. The school has radically different feeder elementary schools, which may contribute to this problem. Kids not used to the sudden diversity of Chapman sometimes have issues resolving conflicts, leading to bullying, fights and a lack of a community feel. I hate to be so negative but I want the school to start paying more attention to this.
1/26/2010parentI am not sure of all communities but the one my daughter is in gives way to much homework, she starts at 3:30 and usually is not done until 9:00. This is way to much and she is a very smart student all A's one B. Also If your child is hurt by another student don't expect it to get resovled the way it should (it feels like they just swept it under the rug with a sorry this happened and that is it) More teacher supervision is needed! Until this, other than to much HW I was VERY happy with this school!!
11/5/2009studentStudents get to come together and just hang out, and learn. You feel very safe at my school, and every thing about Chapman Intermediate school is amazing. You will feel extremely welcomed wether you are shy or not because other students want you to feel comfortable. I love my school, and I expeccialy love my teachers.
5/27/2009parentI've had a very positive experience so far with this school. My daughter relocated during the holiday season and was able to transition smoothly into hew new surroundings. She was encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular activities, made friends quickly, excelled in the GCRCT and speaks very highly of her teachers. As a parent that was concerned with the effects moving to another state would have on her child, I've been able to exhale.
4/17/2009parentThe education is fine but the students are not. Bullying is a problem and the language is strong. There is no accountability.
3/19/2009parentMy son has had a very good experience in his two years at Chapman. We were fortunate to have great communities both years. He currently has a set of teachers who have been very helpful when I have expressed concerns to them (he is a bright, capable child who tends to be a bit lazy about completing his agenda or doing his homework!) and I am grateful that they have taken extra time to help him out when it's been needed. Overall we have had a very good experience at Chapman (and since we are coming from a top school like Bascomb, that is saying a LOT!!!)!
3/19/2009studentThis is one great school and the teachers are really nice
2/19/2009parentMy daughter attended 5 and part of 6th grade at this school. We had a problem with one of the teachers allowing a student teacher to take full lead in the classroom while the fulltime teacher would step out to handle whatever administrative duties she might have. Maybe not a problem for most but was a problem for me since my tax dollars are paying for the staff teacher to lead the class and not a student. My opinion of alot of the teachers here is that they are mostly lazy and if they can put off having to deal with the kids they will.
11/19/2008parentThis is a great school ,but the only horrible thing is they have strong language and bad food. My daughter got food poisoned by this school. I almost called them for a big talk! you know they need to start wearing hair nets and gloves as well. This is just nasty!! they need to be better on their insane rules and discipline too!! please consider checking out the school before putting your child here!! i had rough times. I think you will too! glad its only 5th and 6th. I believe there are a whole bunch of bullies too (my daughter complained)
10/21/2008parentI am glad my son is out of this school. This was the worst 2 years of school. The administration needs to get a grip and stop their rediculous discipline. I did like the fact that only 5th and 6th graders are there.
9/23/2008studentGreat school, good lunch, but the only bad thing is, this school has strong language!
5/12/2008studentI go to chapman right now they are the best. the feild days are amazing you go to ET Booth for the indoor activites so much excitment and enthusiasm communites doing a chant like evry where we go from the Rember the Titans Movie only change the names to theirs
1/16/2008parentMy son went to Chapman four years ago and his experience couldn't have been better. I was the room mom both years and saw a lot that went on and how the teachers cared about all of their students. This year my daughter is in 5th grade at Chapman and my experience is the same. Parental involvement is not a good as in elementary school but there are still a ton of volunteers for everything. My daughter's teachers are all top notch. I haven't heard of any bullies but if my daughter was being picked on, I would make sure it didn't happen twice and feel confident the problem would be taken care of. I would make sure I got more involved. The staff welcomes volunteers with open arms and makes sure you know they appreciate you.
6/9/2007parentThis looks like an awesome school and it is one
2/11/2007parentChapman's 5/6 grade environment has been a wonderful experience for my two children. It has challenged them academically and helped them to become more organized and better prepared for middle school. There are extracurricular activities available in art, music, drama and basketball. The teachers and administration have adapted to the continuous increase in student enrollment to the best of their abilities. The PTA supports the administration and encourages parental communication, for which they have received recognition from the Georgia PTA. I would recommend Chapman for anyone wanting to expose their child to the economic and cultural diversity of the real world, while still within the safety of a public school setting.
2/7/2007parentThis is my first year at Chapman and it has been a wonderful experience. This school has a great principal, great teachers and wonderful parent involvement.
1/15/2007parentThe quality of most of the teachers has been shockingly poor. Music, Art, Sports are average, level of parent involvement is good, with all of the disadvantages with miscommunication with teachers, Big problem with bullies there additional tutoring needed each year, I do not recommend Chapman.
12/27/2006studenti go to chapman and i like it
12/12/2006parentMy son is a 6th grader this year. He is a wonderful child who does have a reading disability and some processing issues. Most of his teachers have encouraged my communication and, so far, this has been an excellent year. However, the language arts curriculum needs some work so that it can help students with language based disabilities.
10/19/2006parentMy daughter has had a wonderful experience at Chapman. She has been given the chance to advance at her own speed and has been encouraged to excel by her teachers. They have prepared her for ET Booth by fostering her independence. We have been blessed with excellent teachers in both the 5th and 6th grade.
6/22/2005teacherChapman, as a whole, is a suppportive, caring school because of its dedicated teachers and assitant principals. The physical environment of the school, however, makes for a depressing place to educate children. Additionally, much of the educational programming is geared toward 'teaching to the test' and leaves little time for those teachable moments that make learning fun. Chapman definitely follows a 'middle school' schedule, so parents, do prepare your incoming fifth graders who were pampered in elementary school. They'll need to be well organized.
5/11/2005parentI have had 2 boys attend Chapman, and during 5th grade, both struggled. After the high level of interest shown by the elementary school teachers, the apparent ambivalence of the teaching staff was disappointing. This is not a horrible school - safety and discipline seem to be high priorities - but overall, it is an average school at best.
5/2/2005parentThis is a great school, unfortunately not the best teachers are here. My child has had some problems with a certain teacher. Overall I would say this school is a great school.
3/30/2005parentMy son has ADHD and a learning disability. My experince has all been positive. The teachers have all been interested in helping with our needs. As with any school, frequent communicaton with the teachers is vital to a positive outcome.They have raised his selfesteem. I have heard more compliments about his character instead if focusing on the negative ones.He was failing math last year to an A average now. This has been my sons best year.
3/25/2005parent It is unfair to judge a school by one disgruntled parent's comment. My children have had a wonderful experience at Chapman, so have the children of my neighbors and friends.
2/16/2004parentMy child had to be taken out of this school and home schooled after his arm was broken twice at this school and nothing was done to the culprits responsible. The year before he had been elbowed in his neck by a girl and nothing was done to her either. Child safety is apparently not their concern.

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