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Thorp O A Elementary Scholastic Academy
6024 W Warwick Ave
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 534-3640
public | K-8
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Kathleen P Bandolik2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/14/2010parentmy daughter loves the school and the friends she has made. She started the school year off not very much interested in school and now comes home already finished with her homework and looking for more things to do. Great school I am waiting for my youngest to be of age so she can attend as well. I give brownie points to the office staff they are great and work well with my daughter.
10/13/2009parentO.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy is an excellent school. The administration and principal are top notch. The academic level of instruction and training is superb. They could use a few more extra curricular activities, especially in the sports department (there were some cut backs). My children are receiving a great education and we are very happy to be at Thorp.
10/8/2009parentBecause my dauther are studiying there and they are good students. As a mother I feel sure the way how they are doing getting every day good knowlodges to make them better as persons and as students.
8/31/2009parentThorp is a great school. The staff and the administration are fantastic. My children are getting a very good education.
5/31/2009parentI have two boys at Thorp. They have both received an excellent education so far. Great teachers and staff. The principal and vice principal are very involved with the children. Staff is very supportive if any problems arise. Love the PTA. I commend them for all they do. It's an incredible group working together for the best interest of the students.
1/17/2009parentOne of the best schools in the area. I have two of my kids there, and I am very happy as they are too.
1/15/2009parentMy child is currently in second grade at Thorp. We could not be happier. Her teacher, Mrs. Carlos is amazing. The dedication and determination she exemplifies should be commended. This is one of the teachers that we will always remember... for nothing but good things. My child is so happy and loves school. Mrs. Carlos' hands-on approach to science and other subjects is where this new realm of education is going and this is the teacher that should help guide it. We had heard great things about this teacher and were so excited to find out our child would be in her class. What a priviledge it has been!
9/18/2008parentThe teachers care. The kids are clearly challenged. Staff are attuned and aware - with 800 kids, they still know my name, and those of my children - even after 2 wks of K for my youngest. They are responsible and caring, and the kids do leave school happy and excited. Thorp is dedicated.
8/31/2008parentMy son is in kindergarten and has learned so much. I'm very impress of his improvement.
4/23/2008parentMy daughter is in kindergarten and has learned so much to my amazment! They are teaching her stuff i would think a 1st grader would learn! This is in my opinion the best school in the city! She is doing spelling test and addition/subtraction and i think it is wonderfull they can learn in kindergarten instead of color all day like i did! Mrs.Benedict is the sweetest and most caring teacher i have met and i am so glad my daughter is in her class!
5/23/2007former studentAs an alumna and parent of a kindergartner now enrolled at Thorp, I can honestly say that the educational experience surpasses most schools. I am currently a graduate student and have the motivation to go much further, this is because of the drive instilled at the grade school level. I valued my education so much that I made sure to give my son the same opportunity. There are many chances throughout the school year for parent involvement, independent school fund raising (no using limited resources as an excuse), student motivation, arts enrichment, etc. I love this school because the students come first. They are, for the most part, well behaved and respectful, which may be attributed to the time spent nurturing them individually. Former Student and Current Parent
5/15/2007parentMy daughter is in kindergarten, she loves going to school. Her teacher is wonderful, although there are a many kids in the classroom she manages to take care of the needs of each one of them. She has learned so much, we are very happy with the school. We wish the parents where more involved and helpful. The PTA is great and works really hard to help the school.
10/18/2006studentThe school is great! Sports and other programs stimulate growth and encourage students. The gifted program is really fun an challenging. I am in the gifted program and come home with a bunch of homework everyday. None of the teachers at Thorp are slackers and are very involved in helping children.
8/19/2006parentI think Thorp needs to consider their music program and make it more available for lower income students as well.Also I feel that the Chicago Public Schools should seriously consider starting spanish/french @ the grade school levels just as they have the english classes for the foreign students, instead of waiting until they reach the high school level. By the time they reach high school they could be fluent in the languages.Please inform Mr. Arnie Duncan of this request as I will forward him an email too!As a parent of Thorp Academy students(3) I'm very proud & satisfied with it's curriculum, but would like to see longer after school programs.
6/24/2006studentI love O.A.Thorp it is so fun we do all types of activities like field day ice cream day and etc... some of the teachers up there are real cool. im going to sixth grade and im staying until i graduate. The pricipal ms bandolik is cool but also serious when she need to bee i think parents will love O.A.Thorp!
6/14/2006parentThis school is very well run from the top down. The internal gifted program particularly well designed and implemented.
6/4/2006parentThe parent involvment at Thorp is great!
4/21/2006parentI am not happy with the quality of the teachers at Thorp. Some Teachers at Thorp don't take time to spend with the kids having a difficult time with the currculum. The impression given is they go to school, teach to collect a paycheck and at the end of the day....they're gone.
3/14/2006parentacademic programs are great and the principal is the best.
8/23/2005parentMy son started O.A. Thorp in the second grade. O.A. Thorp is a school where children come first. Each child is encouraged to do their personal best without being labeled as the smart of dumb kid. The teachers are highly skilled and work hard to bring out the best in each child. The principal is kind and knows each child by name. Mary R. Ravid is a great example of a leader and I will miss seeing her everyday as my son graduates this year. Thank you O.A. Thorp for bringing out the best in my child and giving them the encouragement and confidence they need to go out into the world. Aisha Hamidani Vides Anuskiewicz
8/13/2004studentO. A. Thorp Scholastic Academy is a good school. Coming from experience as a present student, this school has taught me many things. They also have displined me when needed! Yes, I can say that I am glad this is my last year at Thorp. But I will surely miss this school called Thorp.
5/18/2004parentI think that Thorp has an excellent administration. Thorp is very diverse and has great scores. My son just started kindergarten and I really love the school. He has learned much in his first year and his teacher is outstanding. I really appreciate having a principal that works hard to keep the school and students at their best and strives for continued improvements. My dearest congrats to all staff and to the children!
2/23/2004parentMy daughter has been a student at Thorp for eight years. I am very satisfied with the education she has received from teachers and staff. She is on her way to high school and I just pray that she enters a high school that cares so much about their students, like the teachers at Thorp academy.
8/25/2003parentMy Daughter has only been there for 2 years but she has learned so much. The teachers have made her early years fun. I hope we can be apart of this school till Graduation Day in 2010. Thank You Thorp Academy.

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