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Einstein Academy
747 Davis Road
Elgin, IL 60123
(847) 697-3836
private | PK-12
County: Kane


  School Head OfficialYear
Cathy Ilani2012
6/25/2012parentI watched my daughter go from being "the problem child" to "a joy to have in class". She absolutely THRIVES at this school. I cannot give my daughter a better gift than that of a quality education. I always knew she needed to be properly challenged, but the teachers at Einstein Academy surpassed my every expectation and confirmed for me that THIS is the best school, hands down!
5/23/2012parentRegarding the previous posting, I must state that the teachers most certainly DO have rhyme or reason to their teaching. Placing blame is easy when you are looking to find fault for underachievement. The Enstein Academy has DEDICATED teachers, principal and vice-principle. I can inquire at ANY time about my child's performance. The teachers take time for me! I pay attention, I attend meetings. I feel very comfortable with the content, style and commitment the teachers have with their kids. Yes, THEIR KIDS. My child will be entering the 4th year at Einstein and we never looked back. My child is so happy with Einstein. The small class sizes are ideal for learning. Please take the time to visit with your child. You will look no further.
3/9/2012parentI had two children attend The Einstein Academy. I was very disappointed. One year, the teacher kept the students busy with ridiculous amounts of "busy work" because she had too many other responsibilities on her plate. For example, at one point she was having them spend 1 or more hours PER DAY creating, 'mossaics.' They were cutting and pasting pictures from magazines for WEEKS. This was amongst a variety of other projects she assigned to "waste time." At the time my children were students, we were not required to submit any test scores or to prove in anyway that they were, 'gifted.' We just had to pay the tuition. Many of the children are not gifted, they just have well-to do families OR they have parents or relatives who work at the school who get them a discounted price. I absolutely do NOT recommend this school. My children were behind their peers when they returned to the public school system. This is because the teachers had no rhyme or reason to their teaching. I had to hire a private tutor for them to get them caught up in their math and science classes. Don't waste your time here.
12/4/2011otherI love going to the Einstein Academy! I have teachers that really care and challenge me. If needed I can email, facetime or even call them afterschool hours or on weekends. I have friends that I am so close with that they are like my family. No one teases people here for being smart. We have sports, student senate, dances and everything I want in a junior high. I can't imagine going to another school!!
11/28/2011parentI cannot say enough about The Einstein Academy. At my sons old School, I saw my extremely bright child falling rapidly behind academically, and getting no help since the School didn't employ any testing at all. In addition he was being bullied because he was much smarter than his class mates and was not accepted socially there. Within just a few months of attending this School, he was at grade level on State standardized testing, and this year, (his second), he tested well above grade level. I cannot comment on anything else written here by others, except to say that my son COULD NOT HAVE tested into any gifted program that used academic placement testing due to the poor education he was getting prior to going to Einstein, although now I am sure he would. Gifted at this school is not judged by past report card performance or admission testing alone, and I am glad they didn't rely on academic testing for placement here. Instead they saw his potential and now he is able to reach it. In addition the children are exposed to many other cultures, and Latin language, with the option of Greek as well and many extra-curricular activities.
8/18/2011parentEinstein Academy is a great school not just because it's a new building, and has an open friendly environment, it's because of the teachers and Principal!!!!! The teachers have a unique way of getting children to do their work while exceeding in all areas of interest, by putting passion first. The teachers have passion for each young adult in their classroom, to reach their fullest potential! OMG!!! I wish this school was around when I went to school! I felt like an outsider in elementary school and junior high... Einstein Academy get kids involved in learning. NO PEAR-PRESSURE HERE for those kid's that have a hard time in those larger environments!!!!!!! Let's face it... kids can be cruel and that's not tolerated at Einstein! Watch your child's grades go up after enrolling them at Einstein!
8/3/2011parentWow...enough cannot be said of this amazing school. At Einstein you have committed teachers, happy and excited kids that thrive here. The small class sizes are so important to effective learning. The students are just like family to each other. Absolutely no bullying here! Each child you ask about how much they enjoy school here will give you very positive feedback. I know for a fact that my child is learning so much here. He wants to go to school. You won't be sorry- sign up your child and see for yourself what a positive gift you have given him!
6/9/2011parentEinstein Academy is the best option for every student! My daughter has attended for 2 years and I cannot express how much she LOVES this school! She has just finished Kindergarten and can already read small chapter books. Her Math skills are amazing....the Science experiments are fun and hands-on. My child is not gifted, but going to the Einstein Academy has excelerated her learning and has given her such a sense of belonging in these early formative years. The fundraising and volunteer opportunities for the parents are great as well because they bring everyone closer. Imagine knowing all of your childs future teachers and looking forward to the next grade so you can get to do that too! The Einstein Academ is a home away from home for the students and the students are all brothers and sisters to each other. They encourage, they do not judge, and there is no such thing as a clique. I say run out and sign up today....it was the best move I have ever made for our family and for my daughter!!!!!
1/12/2011parentMy 6th grade son is so thrilled with The Einstein Academy after transferring last spring from another private school. Einstein has provided my son with the academic challenge he needed, offering him advanced curriculum, Latin and ancient Greek, as well as a wonderfully nurturing and positive environment. Homework is never a battle, and he jumps out of bed each morning, thrilled to be heading off to school. I am so impressed with the caring, nurturing staff, the wonderfully supportive administration, and the warm parent community. I feel welcomed each and every time I visit the school, and I have been so impressed with the family activities which include everyone (grandparents, teens, small children and parents). I can't say enough nice things about The Einstein Academy.
12/2/2010parentI agree with the below postings about the poor quality of this school. From the outside, it looks and seems wonderful. Looks can be deceiving. Although your child may be happy, please know that he or she is NOT getting a quality education. My child attended Einstein, and when we transferred him to a public school, he was significantly behind the other students in his class-specifially in math and reading. What a waste of money.
11/10/2010parentI can't imagine a better school for my children! This school goes above and beyond the call of duty and always helps my kids achieve everything they are capable of. The students here are very bright and I am always blown away by any classroom presentations. The teachers here are truly gifted and incredibly nurturing. I can't think of a better school for my children!
11/7/2010teacherThe Einstein Academy is a school I would have loved my children to attend when they were growing up. The staff works together well and has the best interest of each individual child in mind as they work to partner with parents and students in education. Teachers build on our gifted students strengths while working on their weaknesses. The Einstein Academy is a warm caring school to send your child. It has a family atmosphere while meeting the needs of the individual child.
10/12/2010parentWhat a JOKE. You pay an awful lot of money and for what? MOST of the students are not 'gifted' as the school website claims they are. There is no testing of any kind. If you pay, you get in - that simple.
9/19/2010teacherI am a former teacher, and I would not recommend this school to anyone. Some of the teachers are amazing, and some should simply not be teaching. I was not impressed by the curriculum. Most of the students are not "gifted." They do not have to test to be accepted into the school. And many of the students are very far behind their grade level because what they are learning is not appropriate to their current level of learning.
9/15/2010teacherI am proud & honored to teach Music & Drama at The Einstein Academy. My niece has just transferred from public school to Einstein this week. She LOVES it, after her first day she told me, that she is officially an Einstein Girl! I knew when I saw her & her new friends collecting grass hoppers at recess, to feed the turtles, that she was when she belonged. The school she was going to was good & her teacher was wonderful, they were just not equipped to challenge a gifted child like her. She was getting bored, frustrated and felt she wasn't learning anything new. After her first day at Einstein, she ran to me and said, "I learned something today!" The smile on her face said it all. Einstein is a very special place.
5/12/2010parentThe Einstein Academy is a private school for academically talented students from pre-K through high school. The teachers are terrific and the curriculum is outstanding.
5/12/2010otherI Love the Einstein academy because they give individual atenntion to each kid and teach the kids their learning level not someone else's, the teachers are awesome and really know how to teach. they also have a great drama teacher and because most of the kids in our school do have acting history this is a great school for them.... the students just love it there
3/11/2010parentI have two children in this school. This is their first year here and they really liked their last school. My children both love this school and their teachers. Much more than their last school. I can see a fast level of learning in my children that I did not even expect. I compare them to others we know who go to north-side upscale schools and my kids are already far ahead. I am very impressed how all the kids play together. There is no rivalry between the different classes that I could see. The older kids help look after the younger ones. I think that is just great. Also this is such a small school that I am not worried about inappropriate behavior on the kids' part as there are no secrets in such a small school.
2/20/2010parentTruly not what we signed up for. The teaching staff is constantly being chopped and changed. As far as Einstein being a gifted school the student base has a very WIDE (very sub-par - above average) range along with that same range of the teaching staff. When you pay this type of money you expect higher level of professionalism and academics. The demand of the parental involvment was much greater than any private school we have attended prior. The lack of professionalism is one reason we will not be back next year.
10/29/2009otherAthletic teaching skills in the past have been sub-par, but they have improved somewhat recently. If this is important to your concept of a well-rounded student, don't forget to include a review of this aspect of education at Einstein in your consideration of this school.
10/22/2009parentbest school i could wish for my children. very friendly atmosphere. nice kids, and excellent, dedicated teachers. small classes allow individualized attention from the teacher. older kids are attentive and nice to younger. my kids love coming to this school! no trouble getting them up in the morning, they are eager to go to school! (unlike before). uniforms make it so much easier on a parent!!!
10/10/2009studentI am a student who has been attending The Einstein Academy for six years. I love this school so much, and I am so happy to be going here! Each student is challenged to their potential. Class sizes are limited, making a wonderful learning enviorment. Students who have graduated from The Einstein Academy are ahead of their typical grade level. I am so very pleased with this school!
10/9/2009parentEinstein academy rocks, puple power sooo much fun ! An awesome learning enviroment, with awesome kids!
10/7/2009parentMy son is thriving at this school! It is a school for academically talented students, has small class sizes that allow personalized attention from very devoted teachers. They challenge the students by finding innovative ways to allow them to learn at a rate that suits their needs. A wholesome, wonderful school!
10/7/2009parentThe Einstein Academy is truly a unique school catering to the needs of academically talented students. They give every student an opportunity to learn at their own pace allowing them to excel beyond their given curriculum.
10/7/2009otherIt is the homiest school ever, the faculty really make you feel right at home. Great kids there too!
10/7/2009parentThe Einstein Acdemy was the best thing that ever happened to my son. THe staff is amazing. I can't say enough positive things about Einstein Academy.
4/28/2009studentI am a student that had attented Einstein Academy for three years. Now I go to a public school in the area, and I have to say that I was really behind when I went to my new school(even though it was public) I thought that I was going to be ahead but I was actually behind. At Einstein I always had no homework, but now I have homework everyday. Einstein is still a very friendly school, but you will be behind if you switch schools!
12/12/2008parentThis school has a high teacher turnover and rocky transitions academically from grade to grade. Beware of curriculum gaps if attending another institution.
9/19/2008parentIt is such a pleasure having my kids beg me to go to school even when they are sick. This school is truly remarkable! I am thrilled that we found it. I intend to have our children stay through high school.
8/26/2008parentThe School never met my son's needs. They claim gifted, but teachers were obviously clueless as to what gifted means.
7/23/2008parentI would not consider Einstein to be a gifted school because there are children there with a wide ability range. The schools say top 10% but we did not even have to submit test scores before my child was admitted. There is great variability in the teaching staff and their ability to understand and educate gifted children. Alot is asked of parents in terms of time and money outside of the tuition which is not explained at the time of enrollment. There are cliques and much favoritism depending on your family name. Discipline is very subjective. The administration is poor and does not treat all families with respect. There is a lot of teacher turnover and many parents who have left the school disgruntled. That said there are some families who have been there a long time and are happy. Having 12 students in a classroom is also a plus.
5/3/2008parentI really like this school as I have 4 children attending here from Early Childhood through 5th grade. The teachers are really nice, care about the childrens progress and do more than I expected. I would recommend this school for anyone moving into the area!
9/4/2007parentThis is a wonderful school that really puts children 1st! I am very impressed by the education that these children receive!
5/21/2007parentTeachers at The Einstein Academy are instructing using cutting edge curriculum and information. The students and staff take advantage of small class size to optimize individual potential. This school is progressive in academic standards and promotes accelerated learning for students who wish to forge ahead in core curriculum subjects. Each year like any small new school, changes are eminent and help to promote a healthy balance between the students, staff and community. So far, each year has been better than the last which indicates that the school is 'green and growing', this is a good thing! Our family is proud to have such a welcome alterative to public schools. We feel that our children are safe and well supervised in the smaller arena of private institution and that the families who send their children to this school share the value of keeping education paramount for the future of our kids.

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