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School Profile

Anderson High School
4610 Madison Avenue
Anderson, IN 46013
(765) 641-2037
public | 9-12
County: Madison


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Patrick Fassnacht2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/12/2010parentAs a result of all the changes in the school district, this school needs help more than ever.
10/11/2010other Great strides are being made in integrating a third senior high school, Highland, into a previously combined Anderson and Madison Heights High School. This summer (2010), the combined marching band was wearing the Highland kilts because that was the only uniform having enough to clothe all the band members. There are three majors, each dressed in their respective traditional uniforms. When Anderson High School won the Indiana State Fair Marching Band Contest this summer, the three majors came forward to accept the huge trophy; saying it was for the unified Anderson High School. With all the turmoil that surrounded the closing of Highland High School, it was quite inspiring to see the award being presented live during the eleven o clock nightly news on WTHR channel 13. The students are not resisting the unification . On the contrary, the students have come up with various slogans for each athletic team, each one supporting the combining of the three schools.
3/14/2010studentI am a student and Anderson Highschool receiving a 4.0 gradepoint average. Overall I would not choose another school to attend. Many people hear the bad, critical things about Anderson but no one ever seems to observe the good. I would highliy recommend Anderson Highschool to any parent concerned or looking.
2/9/2010parentAm pleased with courses offered but dislike the large class size. I think there are too many GROUP assignments that do not accurately assess individual gpa's. I am concerned when high schools merge and class sizes continue to increase. I think the testing results of the school (state/nationwide) indicate that the material is NOT being absorbed by the majority of the students.
2/8/2010studentAnderson high school is one of the best schools in anderson indiana and i loved it when i went there..Alot of good learning and helping with each other..Ill rate this school number one on my list..I wish i can go back
6/20/2009parentThe counseling department needs to figure out what they are supposed to do when the student wants to pursue a specific field of study and not just put students in a 'standard program' if they have no idea what is needed as prerequisites for that career. Also, one counselor that was in the department in 2007 had an issue with doing the job of forwarding transcripts even after repeated requests and caused my student to lose a 4 year full-ride scholarship to a very prestigious engineering school. Make sure parents that you pay full & close attention to everything the so-called counselors are doing/not doing for your gifted children!
3/5/2009studentI am a student at anderson high school and i believe we are a lillll bit below average but not enough to give us 2 stars out of 5. There is a lot of work that needs to be done at our school. And im talking about dicipline wise, but not in the way you are thinking. The disciplinary actions we take towards students can sometimes be over the top. Teachers these days think they have the authority to talk to you like youre on the streets which i do not appreciate at all. It really just depends on what teachers you have on wether you like the school or not. Anderson high school is not one of the first high schools you should be enrolling your child into. But with the benefit of the doubt anderson can be a good school. Thanks :)
1/13/2009parentThe school is nice but one problem my child has is its too big he can't get from his locker to the other side of school on time so he carries everything or just decides to not take it to class rather than be late. Also no time to see counselor about classes/test sign-ups. I guess its a little too big and office staff not easily approachable. He is learning about 2 yrs ahead of what I did at his age.
8/27/2008parentOur child is in their sophomore year at Anderson. Since attending the uniform policy has been put into place. Fantastic idea and please keep it!!!!!!!! Our child has been an honor roll student their entire life. Yes, it is up to the faculty to teach the children but there is also follow-up. Parents need to be more involved. Too many parents are their children's friends first and parents later. Wrong answer! It is pathetic when a parent calls into a school to defend their child who is in the wrong. Let's go back to the old ways: prayer and discipline in school Anderson High School is what the student and parents make of it just like any other school. The teachers do care, at least the ones we have come in contact with. I would like to know more about the parent organization and meeting schedule.
8/24/2008studentI currently attend this school, and the construction is almost complete they are still working on it. I don't find this school by any means 'great'. I've been there for 3yrs now, and I'm still clueless on what the heck I'm doing. Teachers tend to not teach class, and just sit at their desk doing other things, and also they let the students control the class. when a student gets loud or disruptive the teachers stop class orientation for the day, and expect us to learn everything on our own. I'm a junior taking my 3rd year of algebra 1 because the teachers don't teach it to me. If i were a parent I would prefer to send my children to highland.
2/3/2008studentI went to Anderson all four years of high school. It definately has improved, but it is not a good place to go. It depends on which teachers you have, but a lot of times the cirriculum was not geared towards a college bound classroom. There were a lot of fights and a high dropout rate. So many students are disrespectful towards others. Although Anderson High School is improving, it is a reflection of how poverty causes a lack of educational opportunities.
9/18/2007studentAnderson High School is by no means an 'ideal school' to send your kids to. But i must say that Anderson has helped me mature and be ready to take on the real world.. The edication there is not bad, but it is often hard to concentrate because of all of the wild students
8/24/2007otherI believe Anderson High School is a great school. When I reached college, I was better prepared than most classmates. The math and lanuage departments had me ready to succeed. Today, I am very successful, and I owe much of that success to the academics and atmospere at AHS. Go Indians!
7/19/2007former studentI attended this school when it was still Madison Heights High School. I knew kids from Anderson and Highland. I read the previous reviews. I have to tell you that nothing has changed. As soon as your kids hit middle school they are introduced to smoking and illegal drugs. How your child does in school depends largely upon you, the parent. If you are there for your child and let them know you care while you set boundaries you are giving them a path to succeed. Be willing to listen and compromise. Communication is so important. I didn't hang out with a bad crowd only because I had already seen what drugs and alcohol had done to my own family. I would have made better grades and had success if only my parents were willing to listen to problems and needs without holding it against me.
6/11/2007former studentAnderson High School was a fun place to go to school but not exactly the best place to receive an education. When I got to college I was under-prepared. If you care about your child don't send them here. I was a great person before I went to Anderson High. I was into athletics and continued at Anderson, but the discipline here are terrible. I am now in the military and know a thing or two about discipline and this school does not have any. Some teachers are great, but, overall they're not good.
4/9/2007former studentStudents can suceed if they want to and are given many chances to do well at this school, teachers are willing to stay afterschool to help students but they won't force you to learn. My experiences at this school were memorable and I wouldn't change them for a minute. This is where I learned how to grow into the person I am today.
4/26/2005former studentI graduated from Anderson High School two years ago, just before it began construction. My high school experience was irreplaceable, and only because of the opportunities available. There are professors there that genuinely will make an effort to help you succeed. There are great activities to get involved with, from the arts, such as theatre or show choir, to sports to even a very successful competitive robotics team. The construction that has been initiated recently has made things more complicated for both teachers and students, but once construction is done in the next 2 or so years, the school should once again be an example of greatness.
4/23/2005studentI dont think anderson is a great school at all, All the construction work and now going to 7 periods a day, do you know how many kids are going to start failing class's now because of this, i think it is so stupid to do this to the kids.
1/19/2005parentMy son goes to Anderson now and is doing very well. ALTHOUGH I see so many students LEAVING the school when I am dropping of my child in the morning. He is offered drugs often, and a few teachers let certain groups of kids rule the classrooms. I'm not all that thrilled with the school. I'm just thankful my son is making the right choices so far and getting good grades, unlike a few of his friends who have gone the other way and have started using drugs and ditching school. Discipline and accountability need to be worked on at this school.
4/23/2004former studentI went to this school and it is the best

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