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Star Rating - 7/13/2011
This city has had it's problems, as many of the Whiners & Moaners making comments here have written. So What! There are probably a thousand cities in the USA today with similar economic and infrastructure problems. People looking for problems will always find them. I am a new arrival in Anderson, but my perspective is based on extensive world and U.S. travel. Anderson is a community where the majority of the people are pleasant. They do not feel their community is failing, and are working to make a better life for them, their families and community. Anderson has many real estate bargains, which is why I moved here. I am not a speculator. I am buying and holding property long term in Anderson, because I know a great community with potential to improve when I see one. That is Anderson. I will base my operations here for the next five years, then return to Hawaii or overseas where I prefer to live, but Anderson will help pay for my retirement, NO WORRIES there.. I love this place :)
Lou | Indianapolis, IN
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I'm looking to buy some duplexes, houses and fix them up, paint them etc. I will be living in some of them while I do it. But I was wondering what the neighborhoods within Anderson are the best? Can someone recommend areas that are good? Areas to avoid? And places that have the most potential for growth and are in the better rental areas. Also what are average rents for a single family or duplex in the area?
Frederick | Long Beach, CA
- 1/30/2018
Sleepy but affortable
Seems to check all the boxes for retirement. Housing appears to be affordable and is...
D | Sacramento, CA | No Replies

- 6/1/2011
Very inexpensive
Anderson lost thousands of jobs from the auto industry which resulted in many vacant house...
Jefferson | Anderson, IN | No Replies

- 10/26/2010
Anderson has to be the worst place i have ever li
Crime is out of control... apathy has set in with the police department.. for a 911 call ....
kristine | Anderson, IN | 1 Reply

- 3/19/2007
Anderson is Growing
Sometimes, the best places to live are the places that everyone else is afraid of. Anderso...
vicki | Indianapolis, IN | No Replies

- 9/21/2006
Stay away from Anderson, I am dead serious.
This city died many years ago. All that's left are crumbling streets, dilapidated housing ...
Ron | Thorndale, PA | No Replies

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