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Special Education Division - Valparaiso, IN

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Special Education Division750 Ransom Road
Valparaiso, IN 46385
(219) 464-9607n/aPorterpublicPorter County Education Services

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Sandy Bodnar2011

12/29/2011parentI get notes, work and am informed what my child did in school that day. I have seen a HUGE improvement in him and he loves going to school. I would recommend this school and have done so.
5/30/2010parentI am not going to complain about this school what so ever. I have seen dramatic change in my son and this is his first year attending. His grammar was that of a 2 year old and he is 4. He now speaks full sentences and he knows his abc's, numbers, shapes and colors. I am a firm believer that it starts at home. You cannot just send your child to this school without working with them at home as well. They do strap your child into a chair with a seatbelt mechanism. My opinion to this is that if your child is not responding to the teacher or throwing tantrums, there has to be a way to make them respond so that they do learn right from wrong. To those parents complaining, you CANNOT teach a child appropriately if you do not have a way to catch their attention.
5/3/2010parentPorter sp ed system at one time was the best..Now it is top heavy w,costly and inept administration...Some great teachers,some pretty bad...Morale is horrible and students suffer..Isnt there any accountability here for sp ed??
8/3/2008parentA lot of that review is true as far as the board goes, but like in any school you have your bad teachers who shouldn't be able to teach a rat and some who are the most amazin people to come into your childs life. When my son started there lst fall, he had 5 words. Due to Robin Nelson's teaching skiulls and pure dedication my son is now having understandable conversations!! If you can get past the politics of the board and get with the right teacher, you could have a great expirience. Also I agree with the therapies need to be one on one and more frequent, but Barb and Emma use their time very well and have had great success with my son!
10/7/2007parentParental involvement discouraged; almost no communication from school to parents; no PTA except for asking parents to work once a year at a school bazar; parents have to ask permission 48 hours in advance to observe their children in class; no extracurricular activities (insurance issues); problem behavior is dealt with by strapping children to a chair (with parental approval); little or no speech therapy; administration will tell you anything, true or otherwise, to get you to agree with their plans for your child; board meetings held behind closed doors, open to public once decisions have been made;

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