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Academy of Southfield
18330 George Washington Dr
Southfield, MI 48075
(248) 557-6121
charter | K-8
County: Oakland


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Carolyn Mosley2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/17/2012otherI attended Academy of Southfield for 5 years and needless to say it was and still is the worst experience of my life. The teachers have no controil over the students and the students are nothing but a bunch of bullies. If you or your child isn't "cool" expect them to be constantly harassed.
9/26/2011parentI can only say that I am truly disappointed in this school. I have two children attending this school, and for them to have a NO BULLY policy is a total joke. My son who is in the 3rd grade has been kicked by his classmates and the even choked by another student not to have anything done. A school is suppose to be a place of learning and a safe zone this is not the case at this school..a school is suppose to encourage students in their dreams and help them to become the best they can be, not tear down their dreams of being involved in school activities. This was the case with my first grader who was very enthusiastic about being apart of this school. Both of their teachers are wonderful but they would be better off working at another school with better ideals for handling problem students instead of good students being victims of a poor environment.. I am currently looking for another school for my children as I speak . I thought I pick a good one and was wrong mental abuse and children picking on children can be be just as bad as physical abuse...but you get both here (Different Strokes for different folks)...And Faculty comments don't count...lol @comment posted September 22,2011
9/22/2011parentI am a father of 5 and proud to say my children have all attended/attend the Academy of Southfield. Originally when we moved to MI from DC, our intention was to try the school for 2 yrs. When we met Mrs. Mosley and faculty, we decided this was the perfect fit for our children. Granted Mrs. Mosley is a disciplinarian, I appreciate her efforts because she compliments our home style. You see, I am a father; and, jealous of my role. The AOS is supposed to help me educate my children, not raise them. The relationship between home and school should be symbiotic, not unilateral. As an example, my children lived in Central America for 1 year. Utilizing the foundation set by AOS, they excelled in a foreign country where classes were taught in Spanish. I commend the faculty of AOS for instilling in our children the proper discipline to not only pass; but, succeed. (Regardless of circumstance or condition). I totally recommend this school as a perfect compliment to a household towards their children's education.
9/17/2011parentMy child attends this school . And i am very unsatisfied . Its only been two weeks and my child is getting constanly picked on . And the teachers DOES NOT watch the students WHAT SO EVER , and they dont call the parents when something happeneds to a child/when a child is getting picked on by another student . I will be taking my child out of this school ASAP .
6/7/2011otherMy grandchildren attend this school, it is the worse I've seen in years. The place is like a zoo. I am going to make sure this is their last year in that place.
5/6/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful here, but the Principal makes or breaks a school. Other administrators are great here, and willing to work with parents, but when you don't see the Principal around, that's a major problem. The school secretary needs people skills, or better yet, have some of the eigth grade students answer the phones sometime!
2/28/2009parentI transferred my children to this school from another Academy in Detroit and I'm glad that I did! This school has so much to offer my children. Southfield Academy has expanded their horizons and they are doing marvelously well. My son even had an opportunity to go to Georgia to Camp Exposure...and he loved it! The administration is fabulous and diverse. The teachers are diverse! The only thing that's missing is a parent group or newsletter to discuss concerns. I am happy with the change in environment for them and feel that they are learning a great deal more than where they were.
8/26/2008studentThat school is great it made get enrolled in dapcep they encourage students to do as good as they can so who ever thinks its bad your wrong!
8/15/2008parentI am a current student at Academy of Southfield and I for one am very pleased.The teachers are great and the school is big.However there rules are strong.Overall it is an awesome school!
6/6/2008otherThis school is nothing but a disaster. The administration is absolutely terrible. They belittle the students and the staff. Teachers are not provided with adequate materials or support to properly teach their students. A two minute conversation is sufficient to prove to you that she should not be a teacher, let alone a principal. I would NEVER send my child to this school.
9/6/2007studentI am a current student at the school. I am very disappointed in what it has to offer. the food is not appealing and most of the staff is horrible...no offense. They don't make the learning fun or at all interesting. All the students aren't there for learning and they have bad behavior which distracts the teachers from the ones that want to learn. instead of discipline they just let it slide.Thats all I have to say....
6/8/2007former studentI am a former student of Acacemy of Southfield currently graduating form the 8th grade . I use to love this school in kindergarten. I think that the school needs to be re built you can learn a lot from some of the teachers like ms. Gaddie she's a wonderful teacher and she actually teaches you something overall rhe school is jus ok.
4/6/2007parentMy daughter has been attending Academy of Southfield for 6 years and I would like to say that I think the over all school is excellent. I am so amazed how much the staff and teachers truly care about the students. Mrs. Mosley (principal) is wonderful, I truly love her, she really has been a blessing to me and my daughter she runs a tight shift at Academy of Southfield. Mrs. Mosley truly love and take care of all of her students and she never show favorite towards anyone. She treats every student with the same love and respect that they show her. I would like to thank Academy of Southfield staff and teachers for a wonderful job that they are doing with the students. Keep up the great work. God Bless all of you.
10/17/2006parentMy child is attending this school since 2003. Yes, I admit there's a huge management problem. And, lack of extra curricular activities. I've noticed this year. Yhe problem is poor behaved students. I think the teachers are awesome. Just look at the test scores for this school on this site. Parents need to get more involved, instead of dropping the children off and keep going. Extra-curricular activities is somewhat undesirable and they are in need of more. But, I think their working well from what their given. Parents just need to 'discipline their children'. Me personally I would like for my child to have more academic achievements such as Spanish, Science Lab, Soccer so I plan on finding a new school for my child in the fall of 2007.
8/18/2006teacherThe problem with this school is the administration. The teachers work very hard. The administration is the main reason for this school's declining enrollment.
8/14/2006parentI am very worried about my child returning to Acadmey of Southfield. Her teacher last year Mrs. Silvagi was wonderful and always made sure my child was challenged. She is one of the few teachers who acutualy care about these kids and go out of the way. Education is not the priority. I have not decided yet to go back to Detroit schools. At least Detroit has something to offer like after school activities.
7/26/2006parentThe quality of the school is not what it used to be. There are no extracurricular activities except cheerleading and basketball. My children were on honor roll through the whole 4 years they were there and there was no honor assembly to recognize the kids. The administration is terrible. Some of the kids are bad and some of the teachers can't control them. Instead of punishing the bad students, some of the teachers punish the good ones also, and that is not fair. The middle school is not good. The best 6th grade teacher is Ms. Meyers; she is the only one who prepares the kids for middle school. The best third grade teacher is Mrs. Alston. My son left and went to public school for 7th grade and had a hard time adjusting to the work because he was not taught very well at Academy of Southfield.
5/31/2006parentTo tell someone about this poorly ran school in 150 words or less is going to be hard to do,but here goes. My child left this school after the 6th grade and headed back to the Detroit Public School System (Ludington Magnate). The curriculum at The Academy does not prepare the children to take the exam for entrance into Cass or Renaissance High. Ms. Myers is by far the best 6th grade teacher but as far as the 7th and 8th grade, good luck. Most of the teachers do not have control of their students, the academics are substandard at best (take a look at the MEAP Scores), the principal constantly yells at the students AND the teachers, and the Jr. High does not have any air conditioning. I know Detroit Schools aren't that great, but there are a few good ones, try to find one before concsidering The Academy.
12/5/2005parentAcademy of Southfield has went down these past few years my daugter has been going.The main office is a mess the staff gossips about the children and parents while other parents are in the office.That is so unprofessional.They do not take control over the bad classroom.Kids are failing due to the teachers don't take up time to see if the need help the just move along.I am in the process of contacting the main charter school office to see what the problem is with the staff and the teachers I think they are just hiring teachers to fill the postion but they need more training and so do the main office.The lunch program is to high and the food is always the same and cold.I feel this needs to be address ASAP.This will be my daughter last year at this school because of lack of teaching and the main staff.
10/19/2005former studentI was a former student at this school and out of all the schools i weant to this was the worst one . the principal was all talk and no action all she would do is yell and the kids would not pay her any mind. as a result of this there were fights everyday, loudness in the lunchroom, and the students were cussing out the teachers. other times when you neede to go tho the bathroom there wasn't either soap or paper towels the ceilings were full with paper towels and the girls would write obsecene language on the walls. half the time the food was cold and if something didn't look right on your tray they wouldn't take it back .the school is broke they never have enough money for field trips or anything else and the school doesn't offer many sports just cheerleading and basketball.
9/28/2005parentAs parent whose children use to go to this school. I found that there were too many administration changes, every year their was a new director. One semster they offer spanish only to cancel in midstream. I was very disappointed with how the lack of control of studnts. The adminstration would blame it on the teachers. My son needed special education services and they did nothing to help me with son's problems. They over charge for lunches that are deporable. They don't offer free lunch programs because the kitchen is not up to code. Everytime I went to the office the staff was gossiping about a child, parent, or a teacher. There no music, art, programs available. They would get good teachers but because of such horrible administration they would leave. The parents show lack of concern. I feel sorry for your children if you send them there!
6/27/2005parentMy son has been in attendance at this school now going on 3 years and honestly I am not so pleased. I have been trying to hold off on pulling him out, hoping to see some changes. There are not enough extra curricular activities and no music program which is unbelievable. The main thing, however that has been most upsetting is the fact that this school does not even have honors Assemblies for the children who excel. My son has received straight A's for 2 yrs consecutively and I cant even attend program where he can be recognized. So, to make a long story short if no improvemnts are made, I will be pulling him after the 2005/2006 school year.
4/27/2005former studentI am a former student of Academy Of Southfield, in the year 2000. I attended the school for two years. I'm speaking truthfuly, when I say that school needs some major improvements. In 3rd grade when I attended that school, I had an excellent teacher. Her name was Mrs.Black, she challenged her students in academicly,physically,and mentally. But when 4th ame along, it was the pits. I was literaturely teaching myself how to read, write, etc. The work I did recieve was 2nd grade work or did-dos. And I don't even want to get started with the adminstration or school discpline issues. Awful! But I say all of this to say, this school needs a change, and needs to focus more on our children.
2/3/2005parentThe Academy of Southfield is an incompetant school at best. They don't deal with the problems, but place blame on the teachers. A misbehaved child suffers no consequence because the principal blames 'classroom management'. I could not believe how she degraded my child's teacher right in front of me and other students. Just unbelievable! The teacher's are paid far less than teachers in a public school, yet deal with so much more than one person should have to. The academic program is less than acceptable. My child has had art and computers twice in the past 7 weeks - not okay! I can't believe this 'company' is still in 'business'! My child is seen as a dollar value just as any business sees a customer. Only difference is no customer satisfaction!
1/29/2005parentThe Administration is absolutely horrible!!! There is no support and no consequences for the misbehaved child who is ALWAYS in trouble! They get away with everything! Most of the teachers are wonderful and are working with what they have. But what they need most is support, which is non-existent! I have pulled my child out of the school and sent him back to Detroit. I have never seen such a poorly run school. God bless those teachers who stick it out and deal with such madness!
12/3/2004studentacademy of southfield is a nice it just has to much rules and every casual you have to pay and you should be able to bring a purse or more.our school used to be fun dances until 6pm and casual day every friday what happened to that.
10/28/2004teacherFrom a teachers standpoint... the administration is not supportive, is very unprofessional and does not follow through on discipline.
9/7/2004parentHere is the inside scoop on Academy of Southfield. The administration cares more on the dollar value of what kids are worth than what they actually learn. Count day is always a circus, not to mention their overcrowded latchkey program.

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