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Adlai Stevenson Elementary School
27777 Lahser Rd
Southfield, MI 48034
(248) 746-8840
public | K-5
County: Oakland


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Dianna Kirkland2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/20/2012parentMy son has attended Stevenson since he was 6 years old. I love this school ! Son is meap scores were high on math and reading he is in the 3rd grade and the only concern I have is what Middle school can I find for him when he leave.
9/14/2011parentI am glad there is a new principal at Stevenson. Some of the teachers are creative in helping the children with special needs. That is very much appreciated.
1/26/2010parentThe experience has been very good here. We are concerned about the prospects for middle school/jr. high and beyond, however.
1/1/2010parentHigh turnover in principal dept. Cutbacks in staff, not enough attention especially during lunch hour. Unfortunately, just ok for such a great city.
9/20/2009parentGreat school -- great teachers!
7/27/2009parentThe 1st to 3rd grade teachers are the best in Michigan. I am very pleased with my daughter's matriculation.
5/27/2009parentMy daughter has had a great year at Stevenson Elementary. She is in the first grade, and will be in the second grade Fall 2009. The teachers, and latchkey staff is wonderful, and have shown my daughter the support which she needs. The classwork I feel is great to ensure the students at Stevenson are achieving as much as other students locally, statewide, and nationally. My daughter has also be blessed to have a great teacher - Mrs. Washington. As a working parent, I try as much as possible to volunteer when I can at my daughter's school. I look forward to working with the staff at Stevenson as my daughter advancing through each grade. TPJ
5/14/2009parentStevenson Elementary has been the best school experience for my child. I like the teachers, class work, and level of difficulty. I help out when I can and believe all parents should. It gives you the opportunity to see firsthand what goes on in the school. Education is the primary goal of the new principal who is tough but caring. Just to let you know, school ratings are based on all students performances and this school has a very well rounded group of students and parents. It s one of the best overall learning experiences for your child. KBM
3/20/2009parentI have to say that Stevenson Elementary School is in fact the best school my son has attended. My son is learning disabled and this is the only school that even showed concern and compassion. Before attending this school we tried private schools and everything else and everyone failed him he learned absolutely nothing untill this school. Now my son is reading and doing mathematics and his confidence in doing the work has improved dramatically. Unfortunately due to a job transfer we will be relocating and he will no longer be attending this school. But I would personally like to thank Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Martin for all they've done for my son I truly love you guys and Stevenson and it hurts that I have to take him out of this school
12/18/2008parentI have a son that attends Stevenson. I am not really happy with the way the boys are treated versus the girls in the school. I feel that some of the teachers show favoritism towards the girls versus the boys and their tolerance while teaching our sons is very low. I think there should be a training course or something that will help teachers with this problem to help them understand boys more and show more tolerance. They must remember that they play a major role in our children's educational success, therefore they should make this a positive experience for them! Sometimes the problem is not the boys but the teacher.
11/5/2007parentMy daughter attended Stevenson. It was a horrible experience for the both of us. The teachers are too interested in the lifestyle and careers of the parents. The staff is irresponsible. My daughter was lost for 3 and 1/2 hours because an administrator forgot to send her to latchkey. I had to go to the superintendent to even get a verbal apology. They have a new principal now, Mrs. Perry. She is a great principal. I hope, she can turn things around.
6/11/2007parentI have a daughter that went to Stevenson for the 3rd grade. I was very disatisfied because of the administration and staff's unprofessionalism. The security level is also not up to parr. It is a lack of activities, and the school itself is extremely overcrowded. I would consider it one of my worst experience ever.
5/10/2007parentMy daughter is in kindergarten at Stevenson. She loves her school. She can read and write at age 5. Her teacher is wonderful and she has met great friends. There is no extracurricular activities at her level that I know of. I do not think that they spend enough time learning about art, music and sports. They meet their art and music teachers once a week and go to gym twice a week;probably because of funding rather than school policy. I am extremely worried about Dr. Hentrel living the school. I have thought about pulling her out of the school for that reason. I really hope that Stevenson will keep the high ranking it has earned these past years.
4/30/2007parentThe Best Elementary in Southfield Right Now! There are some great teachers and staff members at Stevenson. Dr. Hentrel has been a great principle and will be missed. She always cared about the kids and she brought our school up. The kids are changing in attitudes and such, but I think it has a lot to do with what's going on in their homes. Parents should let their child's teachers know if their is a change at home, so they can be better able to deal with their child's misbehaviors. If the parents and teachers work together more for the good of the child, then I think the atmosphere will change and get back to the Stevenson I know a few years ago, just after Dr. Hentrel got there.
2/5/2007parentOnly having since Sept. 2006 to observe, it appears that the academic programs are pretty standard although teaching methods vary from teacher to teacher (for the same grades)....they should be consistent.
6/8/2006parentMy grandson attended Stevenson ,his teacher were highly skilled and he excelled academicaly .The curricular was above average.This school is not for ever child because you must be strong academically , emotionally and learn to stay under the radar independent thinking is not allow in addressing issues to the principal.
4/19/2006parentI currently have a 2nd grader at Stevenson and he is doing very well in all subjects he continues to make all three honor rolls and he enjoys the activites that the school provides and he looks forward to going to school. I beileve that my child experenece at Stevenson is a good one because I'm very involved with the teachers, staff, principle and the PTA. I believe that what you put into your childs school is what you get back. So I would encourage parents to have an active role in your childs education and know that you have to do extra work with your child outside of the school if you want great results from your child. I'm very happy with Stevenson.
1/10/2006parentI also have a fifth grader at Adlai Stevenson Elementary School. There is always somthing negative my son talks about after school EVERYDAY. It hurts me to leave him everyday at that school,but, unfortunately I cannot move to a new school district as of yet. And I really donnot think that I should have to just so my child love school again. Can anybody out there give me some suggestions? This mom is at her wits end. Thank You.
12/6/2005parentMy son enjoys attending school here. This school has really changed for the better. My son has learned a great deal and he is an excellent reader.
11/19/2005parentMy 5th grader is currently enrolled in Stevenson.This is our first year with this school district. My family and I moved to Southfield because of the great things we heard about the school district.In our previous district, there were no art or music programs. Unfortunately, it has not lived up to its reputation. My child's entire class is having both behavioral and academic problems. When we asked about changing our child's class, we were told in a very nasty way to forget it.The principal of Stevenson speaks about helping and caring for children, but seems to be more concerned with the reputation of the school. Recently, my child expressed that he would like to go to another school.My family and I have decided to move from Southfield, and take our child out of this school district.The district where appearances are more important than children.
8/7/2005parentAdlai Stevenson Elementary School is one of the best elementary schools in Michigan. After extensive researched and interviews with schools in the private sector, I quickly realized that Stevenson's standards met or far exceeded some of the highly sought after private schools in Michigan. Adli E. Stevenson's records over the past 4 years confirms that it is one of the best schools in Michigan. Under the leadership of Dr. Hentrel, Principal, Stevenson has become one of best elementary schools in Michigan. I know in my heart that I chose the PERFECT elementary school for my child.

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