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Lincoln High School
22900 Federal Ave
Warren, MI 48089
(586) 758-8306
public | 9-12
County: Macomb


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Charles Lesser2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/25/2011parentThe School District and community has been going through a great amount of change and it has been hard for the community to adjust to the change. Their priority has always been on activities, clubs and vocational classes. It really is not the school they remember - but it is far better because it is preparing our kids for the future that they really face! The district is doing anything they can to include parents and community is it's goal to make their district a place where EVERY student learns. My son has been helped more than any other school he has ever attended and went from being a possible drop-out to being in all college bound classes. The teachers and the administrators work very hard for every student to be successful and they are always looking for parents to help out wherever they can.
6/14/2011parentNone of the information indicated under the extracurricular classes, languages, or other information is correct. My oldest daughter graduated in 2010, and I have a step-son in 9th grade special ed., and my middle daughter was supposed to go in as a freshman next year, but we are moving away from here. I refuse to let my kids go to these schools anymore. No kid left behind means no kid gets a good education either. These kids do not know spelling and/or punctuation, math, or essentially anything else necessary to function in society. Most parents don't care about their kids education or anything else about their kids here. They treat the school as if it was a babysitting service so they don't have to take care of their kids or teach them anything.
4/6/2010studentLincoln High School has some of the greatest, underfunded staff, that you could hope to find in the increasingly impoverishing neighborhood of south Warren. However, the majority of the students at LHS lack discipline and motivation, which needs to be corrected not only where they attend school, but by the parents themselves. Therefore, the real importance lies with the parents motivating their children to succeed and not to rely on sending them to a better school system to correct it. (i.e making sure your children are reinforced with the knowledge of the importance of getting an education, and staying away from any detours, such as drugs)
11/20/2009otherlincoln has such supporting teachers. they really make you feel welcomed and they make sure you understand everything. if all the students work as hard as the teachers Lincoln would be the first if rated out of ten.
5/12/2009studenti think that Lincolns rate should be a 10 because all the teachers are great and all of the students there are really nice and they are one big family. everyone gets along with everyone from the goths to the jocks.
4/7/2009studentI graduated from Lincoln in 2006. Because of this school and most of the teachers, I have become who I am today. The attendance policy was great. It was strict, but there are far worse policies and schools. Lincoln's downfall is that the students just dont care. I went back to visit the school, in the spring of 08, and I will say that Lincoln has stepped up the security since I graduated. They now have cameras and things like that. Yeah we had the occasional fight or things like that, but there was never any carving of anything like nazi symbols and such. When a child acts out in school, they are just looking for attention because they do not get it at home. So parents before you criticize the school, look at how much attention you show them and try to help them like most of the teachers do.
6/11/2008studentLincoln is a good school it just need some finishing touches and need more teachers and more parents attending conferences and supporting the school's choices...
5/21/2008parentThis school really needs help as far as teacher and student relationship. Drugs, skipping and numerous problems with the office staff that have poor people skills. I could write alot more but ? I belive in praying in stead of saying. But one thing is for sure my child will not attend next year or anyone that I come in contact with that ask me, my opinion about Lincoln High School. They are creating a mess for Warren M.I.
3/6/2008studentThis school is awful. At Lincolh HS and middle school, you're going to school with the children of unstable, poor adults. Many of the students are unmotivated. The culture of apathy destroys the ambitions of most students. Not only that, but Lincoln HS and middle school are dangerous. There's a general climate of hostility at this school. Bullying is epidemic. When I was at this school, the faculty and administration weren't stopping it. With the culture of apathy and hostility, most serious, bright students don't stand a chance here. The school unfortunately doesn't know how to deal with the often neglected, and sometimes abused children of unstable, poor adults. I encourage you to stay out of this district at all costs.
11/4/2007studentI gratuated in 2004. Vandyke publice schools are and have been for quite some time, in a bad condition. No educational value to students. No concern for the welfare students. Much racial tension as well. Big drug and violence problem. Not enough books for students, but plenty of athletic funding.
9/4/2007parentLHS attendance policy that is way to strict on the child . Teachers who quality of teaching and attitudes towards children is under rated.
1/18/2007former studentI graduated from Lincoln in 06. It wasn't the best school, but It was most definitely not as bad as most of you are making it out to be. I loved most of my teachers. My only problem was the art program. There isn't nearly enough variety. All of the classes were the same. The attendance polocy is good. It teaches kids how it's going to be in the real world. I almost always felt safe, too.
1/3/2007former studentOverall I think Lincoln is an ok school. Yeah Lincoln has its ups and downs but I think its the students who give it all the downs. The teachers try but they can only take so much, they cant force a child to learn if their not willing in any way. The teachers cant be punished for the students ignorance or even the ignorance of their parents. I myself was fed up with a lot of the students and I happen to notice a lot of those students parents didn't care much either. I think that if some students would show a little bit of respect and weren't so immature Lincoln would be a better school!
11/29/2006parentI graduated from LHS in the early 90's. My step-children go there now. The attendance policy is terrible as described by other parents, it doesn't matter if you have a doctors note or not you get a form letter stating your child has unexcused absences. Some of the classes are out of control the teachers even agree. My step-daughter ask's to go to the library so she can concentrate and work.
10/13/2006studentPeople have no idea what they are talking about. Lincoln High School is a great school. The teachers here are the most caring and helping teachers you could ever think of. Not every high school is perfect. -Stephanie
9/11/2006parentThis school district is the worst. It's not only lack of parent involvement it's lack of teacher involvement. If your child is not honor roll or athletic they don't have a chance. No one here will go out on a limb for a child who has problems, or just needs a little encouragement.They would rather expel a child than help one!
2/27/2006former studentLincoln High School is what it is. My sister and I graduated the same year. She finished in the top 5% of our class I finished in the bottom 5%. She took school seriously I did not. We have the same parents so my point is 'If the kid doesnt want an education nobody can force him to get one. I would like to thank Mr. Yanolaki a math teacher who taught basic math classes to the 'non honor roll' students. His classes were taught in away that was funny and he managed to keep most of our attention. Because of him and a little disciple I picked up in the USMC, I have not earned less than 100k in the last six years. Thanks again Mr. Yanolaki.
1/21/2006former studentI love my old school. I love my city. If it wasn't for the experiences I had, rather it be involving cops, drugs, or social independence, I must say that my old school made me who I am today. A hard-working and very motivated person. My name is Jacob Lay, and I have great city and school pride! GO LHS!!
12/13/2005parentLHS has not impressed in any way. It has been the biggest dissappointment. Attendance policy that ruins a child . Teachers who quality of teaching and attitudes towards children is under rated by 1 question in a 5 question survey.I believe this forum should be opened to a wider range ,where parent can give their expreinces with the school. Something that teachers could look at and see their mistakes through the eyes of a child...
10/7/2005former studentI graduated from Lincoln High School in June 2005, and let me tell you that I thought it was a very good school. I graduated with many scholarships and was admitted to a private university with a full ride. Teachers in LHS are only there to help the students learn and behave the right way. Many different extracurricular activities are available for the students, and some of them are for the parents, too. The business clubs at Lincoln always compete at regional and advance to state and sometimes to national finals. The school offers a wide variety of courses and students can also take courses at different schools in the area that are not offered at Lincoln. The school has very competitive sport teams. Many people want to give a bad picture about the school; however, all the students that attend Lincoln love it and they are in there to learn!
6/8/2005parentThis school is overcrowded. At lunch many students have to stand because there is not enough seating, also the lunch line is never a line it is usually a mob cutting and pushing others out of the way. Their has also been a problem with fighting and racism at Lincoln High. Students carving nazi insignia on tables and walls, harrassing ethnic groups and lots of bullying. I took my child out of this school for many of these reasons.
1/14/2005former studentIm not sure that any of you actually tried hard enough to get out all that you could out of Lincoln high school. Yes, there are some classes that aren't offered in the school but you will find that in all public schools. To conclude you will find schools that rate way below lincoln's status throughout the state and nation.
9/28/2004former studentThis school has been fighting tooth and nail to improve the lives of its students. Its real problems are not lack of good teachers but of sufficient funding and adequate resources to reach out to the low income level students. To say that the teachers are uncaring is unfair, they are overloaded, and the policies implaced are to encourage better attendance from disinterested students. In the event they want to change the grade they need only apply for an appeal to the Review Board. I graduated from this school a little over a year ago and am ashamed that former students are so crass as to forget the social-economic status of the area it's situated in. It deserves better words than offered.
6/16/2004former studentI graduated from this school in '97. This is one of the worst schools I've been to in my life. Some of the teachers are good but thats far and few in between. Most don't seem to be interested in anything except a paycheck. I found that the students were a rough bunch because of this. When I joined this school in my last year of high school I took advanced classes but those classes seamed to be a bit behind. I would not recomend this school if you want your child to learn. I was sent to Warren Woods Tower for advanced Accounting 2 and that was the best school in the area. Teachers there where more concerned about me than my teachers at my home school. They made sure I had a locker and was able to check things out at the library even taking one classthere.
4/14/2004parentThe worst school in Warren! There policy of 6 times absent and you get a F, gives students who are having a hard time a reason to drop out of school. They can't make up the loss credit that semester even by going to school every day after the 6 days absent. The students who are having a hard time going to school and are getting poor grades are the ones who should be given a chance and a reason to stay in school, not a easy way out! Now do you tell a 16 year old to stay at a school when he won't even get credit for going? Very, very bad policy. This policy encourages students with poor attendance and poor grades to drop out! Shame on you! What happen to every child entitled to an education? What about mine?
4/3/2004studentI really like the school. I mean there are some bad things. But no school is prefect. But LHS comes pretty close.

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