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Dr Jacqueline Peek-Davis School
430 Howard Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11233
(718) 953-4569
public | PK-5
County: Kings (Brooklyn)


  School Head OfficialYear
Nyree Dixon2012
5/31/2012parentThis school sounds like PS 191. Maybe that's one of the reasons both principals are good friends. This is crazy how these principals get away with so much stuff and the Board of Ed do absoultly nothing. My advice to all parents don't put your child in either school. If it takes getting a lawyer do what you have to do cause they're keep getting away with their actions. Keep stepping up and never step down ! Make these non wanting to work principals, staff members, and teachers step down !
9/18/2011parentThis school when from a rating of grade A+ after the new principal got there to a D+D . Can anybody see what is happening? The constant Incidents, The teachers are stressed, intimidation is the order of the day. Conduct a survey thru the parents, and ask them, IF YOU DISSAGRE WITH ANYTHING AND VERBALIZED IT, the next thing you know ACS IS AT YOUR DOOR. The PTA parents run up and down the school intimidating students, parents and the workers. It's about time that PS 12 is EXPOSED. As a parent I believe the Principal should be removed. Thank you DOE, took you long enough.
7/1/2011parentMy child needs a little more attention then the norm. I was and I continue to be overly satisfied with with schools school attention to her growth. I had no problems with the way my family and I was treated. I would recommend this school.
6/27/2011parentThis school, for all who are inquiring about it, has a lot of faults that are being looked over because of the extravagance put into events. It is clear that the rivalries between principal/teachers/parents and students are on going and have gotten deeper than need be. The tension in the air of this school is so strong that I believe it does have an effect on the students. Harrassment and intimidation play a major part in the day to day school year. In order for this school to make this change that everyone talks about, a lot of people need to be removed. There are a lot of parents who can't sit in the school all day to protect there children. It's really sad that the parents who do are only there to cause conflict. I congratulate any teacher or staff who makes it out of this school year without going nuts.
6/22/2011teacherI would like to say that during my time here I have seen the school get better year after year. This year we had an amazing culminating event that incorporated technology that through taking a census we knew the children possessed and that was the Wii system. Our school moto of "Together we Aspire Together We Achieve" took a twist and "We changed it to "Together we Aspire Together Wii Achieve". This tool brought the school together in such a special way that we were able to perform a wonderful all school number. This event brought together over 300 people where ALL persons were active participants. Since then the school has felt warmer and more unified than ever. We are a work in progress but continue to move in the right direction. I hope that people begin to recognize our improvements rather than focus on our faults and join us in our efforts of making the school better.
6/18/2011otherI used to go to this school, I am now in the 8th grade, but when I did go to this school, it was horrible. The kids always fight, and some of the teachers just didn't care. The safety staff, were lazy. But the teachers did their job and teached, but they just didn't care. They were mean! I wouldn't recommend this school for ANYBODY!
6/17/2011parentAS A PARENT OF THE PS 12, I AM WONDERING WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VALEDICTORIAN, KEEP AN EYE ON THE MATTER, WOULD IT BE Z OR ........ it supose to be the student with the highest grade and good attendance. Let's watch this together.
6/16/2011parentHow a message is erase from this site? My message erased. PS 12 is a decent school, it is OK. People are writing about the principal as if she is so good she is not fair . Many times the pta president cuss up and down in the school other pta parents cuss in front of students and make trouble for the workers. The principal give her favors , some people know why. The principal give letters to parents to block them from the school when they get upset for wrong doing. No PTA was in PS 12 school for a long time, they make fake reports. My child has two more years. I want things to get better.
6/15/2011parentI had 2 kids in PS 12 , One has graduated and went upstairs, to continue her education in Junior High, Once they get upstairs it is realized that these kids cannot read, how is it possible. When the new Principal Ms. Dixon got there all that have changed is the front of the lobby, I ask how is it possible that the school went from a big A to a big D. Something is wrong with this. Check the scores. Ask the Principal upstairs, how many kids coming from 12 are able to read or write. The Daily News reported the A, what about the D. I am going to invite the Daily News to review what is happening at 12, by interviewing both Staff and Parents. I dont think it is right what is happening with our students, Parents can your children read? check for yourself. Believe me, I have the best interest of our kids at hand, going on trips and all this Gala is not what's important. PLEASE EDUCATE OUR KIDS. Parents are not involved, because only selected parents are allowed.
6/13/2011teacherThis is sad that people use this site as there own personal venting site this is about the kids those same parents and staff that are venting negativity needs to grow up, where are these parent voices when they are needed they are always a no show but its better to be talked about than not talked about at all...if you are so unhappy with the school remove your child...
6/13/2011teacherIn the last five years,Public School 12 has developed dramatically into a positive learning environment , thanks to the expertise guidance of the principal and her supportive staff. Every effort is made to insure that each child is encouraged to achieve his or her highest academic potential beyond any obstacles. Together we aspire, together we achieve is the reason why our students are successful life-long learners. PS12 is the life support for our students!
6/9/2011teacherI have been teaching at PS 12 for the past several years. I was able to observe the many changes that have occurred during this time. The school is now a PreK - Grade 5. Though there is a middle school sharing the building, they are a totally separate school with their own administration. PS 12 is a school that is concerned with the 'whole' child with academics being the first priority. Scores have been rising since the redesign of the school. Our students are actively engaged in their academic studies as well as many other programs such as robotics, play-writing and song-writing, drama and many trips that support their learning, such as visiting the zoo, various museums and shows. Our teachers ensure that students at risk receive academic intervention services and with the use of differentiated instruction, we try to meet every child's needs. Teachers are continuosly involved in professional development in order to improve their skills and learn the newest methodologies. The administration is involved with all of the students' education. She knows the data on each student and will make suggestions on how to help each one reach their goals and beyond.
6/8/2011teacherAs a staff member at PS 12 and the parent of children who passed through other NYC Public Schools I have the distinct honor of looking at PS 12 through various lenses. The following is a very brief overview of PS 12: Beginning in September, parents are invited to curriculum night; this is when they meet teachers and support staff, sit at their children's desk and get an overview of the year ahead. Parents are given a handbook with details of programs, forms, contact numbers, services and events for the year. Sadly many parents do not take advantage of these services; however there is additional outreach via the school messenger, mailings and a wonderful website www.ps12brooklyn.org. Teachers receive supplies 'on demand' and professional development inside and outside the school, city and state. Students receive all necessary supplies for the school year including book bags. This translates to saving for parents. PS 12 is a work in progress, and has made significant progress over the years. The work of educating students, involving parents , building community and realizing our motto "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve continues at PS 12.
6/2/2011teacherI have been a teacher here since the first day it opened. I have seen principals and assistant principals come and go. I can honestly say our present principal is the best thing to happen to PS 12 in all these years. Since she took over our students have been exposed to so many artistic and cultural events, and have traveled beyond their neighbood on numerous ocassions. We had a School Carnival that the entire community still talks about. We have had our students visit colleges in Washington, go to Club Getaway in Conneticut, get tested to enter the John Hopkins Program. Our students have had Ballroom Dancing, Robotics, TADA performances, Science Family Nights, Movie days. We have NOBLE Mentors meeting with our students and Legal Lives too. We have our second graders going swimming and our students receive Healthy Snacks at the end of the day. Whatever the principal could arrange for our students to attend or be exposed to in order to broaden their horizons, she obtained. I am so proud to be working at PS 12 and have no intention of leaving until I retire.
5/8/2011parent I have three children in this school. My oldest child graduated out last year thank God, and I now have a 4th grader and 2nd grader in this school. My 4th grader wants to stay and graduate from 5th grade with her friends, but this is the last year my 2nd grader will be attending this school. The teachers are lazy. They do not want to teach. They only teach ELA curriculum and nothing else. After that test has pass they cram the kids with the math portion of the state test. After that nothing else to teach, so lots of free time! My children receive the same homework everynight nothing challenging, just read a book for 20 min and write about it. Or write what you did for the weekend. They do not bring home any weekly test papers showing their grade, so that i can praise them and hang it on the fridge. No art or music class. They have a drama teacher who lets them learn dances from the Michael Jackson wii game. The principal tries, but I dont think she realizes how lazy her staff is. I would like to give some props to Ms Wright, because of her my daughter knows her time tables by hard, but she talks about her personal life too much with the kids. I give PS 12 two thumbs down!
3/25/2011parentP.S. 12 is a wonderful school for my daughter who is in the 1st grade. Her teacher Ms. Sapp is amazing, the principal and her team focus on the academics of students and I am pleased to say that my daughter is doing really well. They praise the academic success and effort of students. I am so glad that I chose this school for her.
5/25/2010parentMy daughter has been attending the school since she is in kindergarten and she is now in the third grade. The two teachers she has had (she has had the same teacher for kindergarten and first grade) have been great in teaching. Nevertheless, they both have their challenges with disruptive behavior in the classroom and I do not believe enough is done to enforce discipline with students in the school because the behavior - by the Principal and Assistant Principal. Dismissal is the worst! The children running, yelling, fighting in front of faculty and nothing is done. I believe the facility intentions are good but they need to follow up with parents/students on what is acceptable behavior and what would be tolerated. The amount stories my daughter comes home and tell me about concerned about her safety, so I am moving my child out of this school at the end of this school year. However, she is performing at 3 & 4.
5/11/2010parentPS 12 is the worse school in brooklyn, from the security guards, the teachers and the principal they do not care about the students or the parents.My son has been going there since october 2009 and I have yet to meet the principal everytime I ask for her shes never there so i have to speak to the assistant principal.I am a very angry parent and I cant wait to take my son out of that horrible school.
4/27/2010parentnot a good school to send your child if he/she is in special ed
3/17/2010parentMy son recently started P.S. 12 in the first grade class and I am very happy with the staff's professional performance. The Principal is young and she is doing a great job. The parent coordinator is very helpful and approachable. Their fist grade special education class is wonderful and their psychologist is always available to both parents and students.

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