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School Profile

I.S. 285 Meyer Levin
5909 Beverly Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 451-2200
public | 6-8
County: Kings (Brooklyn)


  Class SizeGradeYear
37 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Frederick A. Underwood2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/4/2011otherthis school is not good. I feel disgraced that i even wanted to go to this shcool. There mostly fights, nasty things, and smoking involed in this shcool, and it all hidding under the teachers noses.The teachers overeacts on every thing , they punish you for the smallest things ever. The talent classes only finds the best people in the group and uses them for every performance and forget all about the rest of the willings kids in the class that wants to learn and have fun. If your now starting this shcool or got accepted your eitheir gonna come out a smoker, non virgin, beat up, grades below 75 , and disrespected. Just take from me ive been in this school for 3 years and just graduated, and im being very honest. Other people might say good things about this shcool just to follow the crowd but im not one of those people. The sChool needs to improve .
9/21/2011parentI've had a very pleasant and memorable experience with Meyer Levin. I found the teachers to be very dedicated and the then principal Mr.Raziano was always available.Of course that was years ago but some of those same dedicated teachers are still there. I cannot presently rate the but, i'm entheusiastically looking forward with great expectation as my granddaughter now take her journey through Meyer Levin and hope and pray that she will be as successful if not more than her parents before her.
11/25/2009studentI was in this school for a while, but i think i did great. All the teachers are so ice, and caring, but they only want the best for you. I just love meyer levin!!!!! its one of the best schools in brooklyn. I miss my teacher ms. David. Thank you so much for helping me pass the class, you've been so grateful to me and i appreciate that. Taisha
11/6/2009parentmy niece went to this school her average was a 55 and she left the school with a 95 this school is the best school ever please join this school
9/9/2009studenti like this school because it getting better grades and it teaching me new stuff each and everyday.i want to thank mr.gross ms .david and ms miller
7/23/2009studentto start this off i want to thank my principal mr underwood and my assistant principal mrs holder as well as my dean mr. saint. they have all been great to me. I think this school faces a lot of challenges and it has pulled to them all. i am one of the 2009 graduates and i enjoyed my time at Is 285. Sure there as been times when i felt left out or like i was falling behind but i pulled through and got my act together. I would like to recognize a few great teachers who have thought me well Mr.Cameron, Mrs. WainWright Ms. Stephens, as well as Mr. Brathwaite and Ms. Barbuzza and i cant forget Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Daley. i love them all so dearly and i wish them well. signed avagail watson
5/31/2009studentThis school is one of the best in Brooklyn . It has talent classes, tutoring classes and much more ! There are many after schoool activies where students can be able to show their talents off, as well as in school classes. Classes such as drama, dance, art, costume design,band, steel pan and chorus. I love this school with all my heart . I think I found myself here. Of course like any other schools, there is drama to be dealt with, but with the easy to talk to teachers, deans and principals, you can easily find your way out. The teachers are amazing . They help you, joke around with you and when they see you find something hard to understand, they take their free periods to allow you to come to their class to recieve extra tutoring. I love Meyer Levin !
12/23/2008studentThis school is great. Some kids need to stop making a mess on the floors and be kind to one another
11/24/2008studenti think school is very good im in class 801 the teachers are fun and caring {some of them are} if your in talent you get to choose diffrent talent. the talent i chose was steelpan and i like it alot cuz i love music
11/13/2008studenti am in the 8th grade in class 822 (astral) at meyer levin i will graduate in 2009. this school is great and depending on what you decide to do in school school will either make you pass or fail. there are some students that just act wild and always loud but i stay away from them because they are the ones who jus think bout gossip ad drama and other foolishness. but overall i like this school and once you get to know the school and teachers and make good friends your first year you'll be alright. Meyer Levin is also adding new progras and aftrschool activties to help the students better which i think they should've done a long time ago.
11/6/2008studentthis school iz very good they have alot of things to keep you up and around,i love this school im in the 8th grade.
7/13/2008studentthis is a great school to go to
6/30/2008parentI personally believe that this school is very good when it comes to the education criteria. Before this school term was over I had to send my child to Meyer Levin because of her grades (she used to attend Lenox) now she is going into Astral , class 822. What a great improvement!!
2/13/2008studentMeyer Levin is a wonderful school. There are many opportunities in the school. The teachers are extremely nice. If you have a problem they are there to help you with work or any other problems.
1/12/2008studentMeyer Levin is the best school ever. It has plenty of resources to keep students active and busy.
1/3/2008otherI graduated from this school and this school is great. I'm passing all my classes with 85s and above because this school prepared me. The whole faculty cares about the students. In that school my dean was like a father to the whole grade. Everytime someone had a problem or needed help they went to thier dean. This school is great as I stated before and I recommened you send your child(ren) here.
4/20/2007teacherI think the principal and the Parent Coordinator are Wonderful. They are very caring and personally involved in the betterment of our children. We as parents need to 'parent' more at home so the school can 'teach' instead of discipline
4/24/2005studentThe school is great. THey have a great variety of preforming art classes including steel pan. Which might I say is terrific. We play alot of genres of music we play soca, reggea, Hip hop, rock and classical songs like My girl. We (students) are always involved in the work that we do in class.
2/10/2005studenti have been going there for 3 years. It is a ok school work wise. But the behavior is crazy.
8/19/2004former studentthe children in this school are bad.The teachers dont know how to resolve conflicts and the asst.principal for the 7thgrade has to much of an attiude
2/29/2004studentI think this school is a very inspirational school. I think the children there are very highly approached to their educational standards but some of the teachers need some work. They need to think about a child's education instead of a pay check.

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