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Medgar Evers College Preparatory School
1186 Carroll St
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(718) 703-5400
public | 6-12
County: Kings (Brooklyn)


  School Head OfficialYear
Michael A. Wiltshire2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/19/2012teacherI am a public school teacher and my kids are 5 & 8 and without a doubt they both will be attending this school. I've written many recommendations for my students to attend and quite a few made it. I live in Queens but I know it'll be worth the commute to travel for a superior learning experience.
11/21/2011parentCurrently a Sophomore at this school. It's a good school. A lot of AP and college courses offered here. Not much racial diversity. At first I didn't even consider going here. I wanted to go to a specialized High school. But I don't regret coming here. Great track team and band. I've not heard much of our Basketball teams. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants to take AP and College courses. Best way of entering the school is by getting in at 6th grade. You take many regents exams before you even get to the high school. I wrote this because I felt that the other reviews on here about the school were just old and didn't have much information about the school. Bullying is not much of an issue. That statement annoyed me. Intelligence is welcomed. Although there are many teachers with accents that you may not understand at first. You'll get used to it.
6/3/2011otherIn September 2011, I'll be attending sixth grade in Medgar Evers College Prep. I'm really excited because I've heard only good reviews of this school. The only thing that I'm not so happy with is that all incoming sixth graders must attend their mandatory summer program from July 6th thru August 5th, 2011, due to summer school funds. But, it's only from 8 a.m. to 1p.m., so it's not that bad. I'd recommend this school to every parent that asked about it (my old kindergarten teacher works there now). Thanks 4 reading!
6/1/2011parentI wish I could share the same views as others. I am not satisfied with the school. Some of the staff act as if they have no control of the students. Bullying is an issue!
4/15/2011otherthis school is amazing and i am going their for 6th grade in 20ll in september
5/11/2010studenti went here and i loveed it. it prepared me soo well and i wouldnt trade it for the world
3/18/2010parentI have a son attending MEPS who is currently in the 7th grade, and after fininshing the 1st year at MEPS, I can honestly say they have pushed him to limits he didnt even know he had! M son went from receiving a perfect score on his state exams ( both math, science and reading) to a gpa of 78. Now this isnt because he's not intelligent, on the contrary, this is because he's being challenged in a way that has his brain confused! He's taking Chinese as a second language! Almost unheard of in a standard Middle School. Thankful for me there's nothing standard about MEPS! I wish there wasnt gifted testing so that all 3 my children could attend, but Im gratefull that at least 1 of my children have gotten the opportunity. If your in limbo as to which school to send your child,dont be,this is it!
4/13/2007studentI am currently a senior at this great institution. Over the years I have attended Middle College High School, I have noticed the rapid growth and an excellence that has remained constant. One of the wonderful aspects about this school is the opportunity to take college level courses. I have personally taken 45 credits and some of my peers have taken on a similar workload. Needless to say, the opportunities available at Middle College are abundant. The Extra Curricular activities available at Middle College give us the chance to become well rounded students. For example, I participated in the Dance Club and Track Team. These activities challenged me in ways I had never experienced before but as a result, I have become stronger physically and socially. I highly recommend this school to any parent interested in the best for their children.
10/30/2006studentI am currently enrolled at this school and find it to be an oasis in our community. The teaching staff is excellent, most of whom have PH.D's in their area. The students are well disciplined and care about their education. College classes and AP courses are recommended by the teachers to get you ready for the road ahead. I especially like the fact that the staff is predominantly African American, it encourages us to learn better because the teachers know how hard it is for young African Americans to succeed.
6/21/2006parentMiddle College High School is an excellent school, not only because of the high standards they set but also due to the fact that discipline is excellent and there is a wonderful peace and calm once you enter the building. The curriculum is challenging and students recieve so much support it is phenonal.
1/20/2006studentMiddle College High School is the best school ever, considering what you want best for your children.
9/9/2003otherThis school is a good school academically but is very disorganized am a past student at this school. I did not receive my ID card until the end on my sophomore year. Our schedules are constantly switched around to different classes. If I had a child I would definitely not sent him/her to such a school.

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