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Windmill Montessori School
1317 Ave T
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 375-4277
private | PK-8
County: Kings (Brooklyn)


  School Head OfficialYear
Liza H. Herzberg2012
9/17/2012parentMy child has been accepted to a gifted and talented program and I have transferred him to a public school only to put him back to Montessori some time later. The problem was not adjusting, he was able to get used to a different setting very quickly. I was unhappy with the teachers and felt that the program compensated for the lack of personalized attention with a huge amount of homework. I was doing most of the teaching! Montessori, on the other hand, makes provides opportunity for children to thrive and want to do well. Teachers are very responsive to parents complaints and wishes. Your child is not one of many to them, there is no anxiety and fear of teachers, respect to individual needs and attention to social skills, absent in public schools. I highly recommend this school.
12/15/2011parentI love this school and i tell everyone i know who has kids how proud I'm to have my son attending this amazing place, its worth every penny ! Everyone is so sweet & caring, i know because my son is sweet too & fits right in. He loves his new teachers & tells me everyday all the new things he learned that day. It breaks my heart to think that he could have had this experience sooner if only I knew about this wonderful place. Last year he attended yeshiva & didn't learn half as much (in the full year) as he learned in this school in just few months of being here. He really blossomed. The classrooms are full of hands on discoveries & very well structured (don't believe bad reviews) My only regret is that I didn't find this diamond in the rough & send him here sooner. I highly recommend it to all parents, My son is in good hands :)
9/17/2011otherAll the children that are involved with this program are respectable, very smart, independent well behaved individuals. I simply love this program because it teaches children hands on learning without the involvement of repetitive traditional learning tools usually used in Pre,nursery & daycare schools. The school actually teaches the children with hands on learning instead of the usual "activities" used to keep children busy until they get to go home. It's true children learn through play, although using tools that are a part of daily life is one the main reasons children become influenced in expanding their minds. Denying access to products we use every day just causes children to become more upset due to limitations we place on them. Yes, it's a given that a lot of things we use children cannot have access to. Though there are many very simple tools we use every day they can be introduced to them that are not recognized. These tools do get used in the Montessori teachings which promotes a variety of successful progresses in children's future education.
5/13/2011parentFamily atmosphere. My child is very happy here and loves to go to his school. Here is a great atmosphere for social development. I am not so sure about academic achievements. Sometimes my child (he is in grade 3) has no clue how to do his math homework. The Montessori teaching method is not as structured as the traditional one, in my opinion. A child should be ready to discipline and motivate her/himself, and take responsibility, which might be a problem for an eight-year-old student. The Director, Ms. Liza, is very knowledgeable and experienced. The best of the best is Ms. Jillian Passantino, who is teaching 1-2-3 grades. I fully trust her with my child. She is truly caring and responsible. She is a great professional. Children love and adore Ms. Jillian. Overall, it is a school of a good quality. Children are safe there. Just make sure the Montessori method is likely to work for your child. If yes, he/she is in good hands.
5/10/2011parentgreat education. my child is doing multiplication and division in pre-k and reading at middle of 1st grade level. and he is by no means an only one. i toured some public schools nearby... windmill wins hands down. if you can afford it, its really not even a question.
2/25/2010parentWonderful, safe environment.. I have 2 children in the school. Wonderful teachers who really care and pay attention to the kids.
2/1/2010parentDo not believe any negative reviews about this school, other than the occasional normal complaint. I have two children at this school - both of whom went through three other schools, including the best Yeshiva's and private schools in Brooklyn. This school has a devoted, caring staff of teachers who keep me apprised of my childrens' every progress and regress. My kids LOVE going to school every day. Can you imagine? This school deserves many accolades. If there was one complaint it would be that the school does not offer anything in the way of financial aid or scholarship. This type of learning environment should be available to everyone, but I am sure the cost is prohibitive for most. Otherwise, this is a 5-star school in every way.
9/9/2009teacherI was with Windmill Montessori for 10 years.. It was definetly a great school to be with and it was a very close knit family orientated school. The children recieve a wonderful education and the teachers are very dedicated. I definelty rate this school very highly
7/4/2009parentOur experience with Windmill have been a positive one. Although the school is small and 'low-tech', the children do develop a close-knit bond and sense of purpose to the world. The children's teachers are very receptive to our concerns and our children love going to school. We have always felt that the directors of the school are open, professional and courteous to both the parents and the children. They nurture a safe and respectful environment.
5/3/2009parentToo small! very unprofessional staff, though well intentioned
3/7/2009parentI love this school.My teachers are so kind and nice.
1/9/2009studentI was a graduate of Windmill Montessori School in 2008 and I am now attending the best high school in all of brooklyn. I was a student from Windmill from kindergarden through 8th grade. My sister graduated from this school 4 years ago. My family has been part of the Windmill community for 12 years. I love my teachers and the directors of this school. Every day, I looked forward to going to school because it was filled with exciting lessons, music, art, french, computer studies, and week-long trips. These trips gave me a detailed understanding of American History. Now, in high school I am continuing my studies in french because I enjoyed it so much at Windmill Montessori School. Because of my seventh and eighth grade teachers, I was accepted in math and science honors, at my high school. I feel very lucky to have had this experience.
1/5/2009parentI have known the directors and teachers at Windmill for a number of years. They are the most caring and dedicated people I have ever met. The children absolutely thrive in this school. At times, when children have problems, parents are in denial and then blame the school and don't take responsibility for their child's actions. The directors and teachers work as a team to solve a problem that might arise with a child - whether it be an academic or behavioral problem. When I had a problem with one of my children at home, they were able to give me valuable suggestions that I took to heart and they worked to put my child back on the right track.
1/5/2009parentI have been a parent of Windmill's for the past 8 years and love the school. I now have 3 children attending. The staff is so caring, loving and nurturing. They are very approachable, available and fully devoted to their students. My children are learning in a wonderful, friendly and safe environment. Windmill is a true gem. Highly recommend to all parents.
12/11/2008parentOnce they got my money, their attitude completely changed. Teachers do not treat children fairly. The school director defends anything the teachers do. The teacher feels free to make demands and told me that I can complain to the director all I want. When director was made aware of the probles, she stated that she knows the teacher for over 20 years, thus she will take her side. She informed me that I need to adjust my attitude. I better be nice to her staff. They must see a smile from me each morning. She called me to complain that I did not say hello to one of her teachers. I have been trying to find out what my child has been working on for the past three months of school. I was told by the teacher 'stuff, he don't know what's going on in class'.
8/7/2008teacherI worked for Windmill Montessori for many years. I would still be there if I did not have to relocate. The staff was amazing! They are intelligent, kind and nurturing individuals. The directors and the administrative staff were supportive of the teachers and the students. The students were greated each day with a smile and kind words. Not only did I work there, my children also attended the school. The students were wonderful, friendly and enjoyed learning. They learned independence and great study habits. The children were also creative and inquistive. I highly recommend this school.
3/11/2008studentI attended this school from K-8 graduating in 1998 and it was the best experience of my life. I would highly recommend sending your children here, it made me who I am. I will definitely be sending my children to a montessori school as well. The hands on learning, attentive teachers and field trips will make your childs learning experience both wholesome and inspiring.
3/31/2007parentI was very disappointed in this school. Classes are very small and overly crowded and absolutely no structure.

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