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I.S. 34 Tottenville
528 Academy Ave
Staten Island, NY 10307
(718) 477-4500
public | 6-8
County: Richmond (Staten Island)


  Class SizeGradeYear
40 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
John Boyle2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/1/2012parentMy twin are graduating this month from 34. This is like the best JHS in Staten Island. They have done so well here. Mr. Boyle is always available to speak to a parent about any concerns we might have. The dress code is strict but my kids had the best time of their lives these past 3 years. They are sad to be leaving.
5/31/2012otherim a 7th grader in this school & its almost over. sometimes i say i hate this school because i cant stand the dress code or the rules in the lunchroom but i am going to miss it when i leave. 8th grade is almost here for the class of 2013 i made such great friends & i wish i can stay with all these people when its time to go to high school. i hate how the best school (34) is the shortest amount of time, 3 years isnt enough :( i cannot believe how fast time is going these were the fastest 2 yrs of my life that i wish i can redo i wish i can go back to the first day of 6th grade and start over :( before ik it i'll be in 8th grade and i'll be at graduation.. 8th grade is the best year ever but i just dnt wanna go yet time needs to slow down. the only reason y i look fwd to the 1st day of 8th grade is because i find out whos in my class cause now we dont find out on the last day of school which isnt fair but i love surprises so.. we'll seeee :)
8/27/2011parentThank you Mr Preston. My son is at THS and is succeeding !! You did put PAL in Principal! Good luck in the future.
6/1/2011parent this school was very safe compared to other schools my daughter is now in highschool and never seen a real fight in school and she said mom it was scary i miss is34. she loved this school and learned alot especially from mrburo
4/28/2011otheri just came into this school in september and i love it i made a lot of friends there may be a lot of drama but we always get along in the end they are very strict about behaviore but as long as you follow the rules especially the dress code there is no problem i am in aristas and gold honors and am very happy with my academic progress so far this year at first i was kind of uncomfortable but now IS34 is my home and i am proud to be an eagle i am glad to have teachers such as, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Canlon, Ms.Virtuoso Mrs. DiGregorio and my over all favorite Mr. Barr i love band and our minor classes are really great experiences i have always loved music but now, i not only love it i appriciate it as well as a drummer it is my job to keep the band together which is also helpful in leadership skills which i have gotten awards for in the past if your child is entering middle school this is the best Ms. Stancavage, Mr.Boyle and Mr.Preston work very hard to make sure our grades are up, we follow the rules, we go on trips and have culminating activies (cough cough parties we can't use this word in school =D) and most importantly we have fun
11/10/2010parentI am very pleased with I.S. 34 and happy with my daughters academic progess so far...
11/9/2010parentMy daughter just transferred in the 8th grade. She is going to school with a smile on her face for the first time in three years. The school has much to offer and my child is enjoying learning.
11/8/2010parentmy son has achieved so much since he started I.S. 34 last year, every teacher and staff member are always willing to speak with me and listen to my concerns, they really pay attention to my son's needs and work hard to see him succeed.
11/6/2010parentthe teachers and administrators are very accessable
11/4/2010parentThe principal and staff are great they are easily approachable, my son is striving and they help him reach his full potential.
11/4/2010parentMy child feels safe and is learning
11/2/2010parentThe support system they have in place for helping the students is AWESOME! If the parents have concerns or questions there is always someone willing to assist you.
11/1/2010parentIt's a great place to be!
11/1/2010parentits just a really great school
10/31/2010parentthe teachers are amazing and so is the 7th grade ap
10/31/2010parentIncredible school & teachers. Our child is new to the school (6th grader) and we have already noticed an improvement in his academic skills.
10/31/2010parentTeachers, faculty, deans, principal and V P, are good.
10/30/2010otherThis school has a dedicated, smart and professional group of administrators. The BEST!
10/29/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful!!
10/28/2010parentIt is a great learning atmosphere.
10/28/2010otherGreat School, Very clean condition and Academics are great.
10/27/2010teacherthe teachers make learning fun
10/27/2010parenti had two sons graduate the school, both of then excelled in their studies. the school cares about the students.
10/26/2010parentI love it because all 4 of my children have received an excellent education here.It is deserving of its A grade.
10/25/2010parentThe school has great teachers, excellent class program and very friendly staff..........
10/25/2010parentthey are very involved with their students and maintain a quality school experience for them
10/25/2010parentMy three children attended I.S.34 and all had very good experiences, had great teachers and made many great friends
10/25/2010parentBecause I went there and it was a great school
10/25/2010othergreat curriculium and wonderful teachers
10/24/2010parentThe school is filled with wonderful teachers and students. The school has served my children well and enstilled within them a love of learning. The school builds tremendous confidence within its students. Nice work IS 34 !!
10/23/2010parentIt is a great school to go to. I went to this school, all 3 of my children have attended there and the two that have graduated both say the same thing... "they miss the school and the teachers."
10/23/2010parentthe most caring staff i have ever encountered
10/22/2010parentIS 34 has some of the greatest teachers and absolutely the best administrators. Unlike many of the larger public schools, they know your child individually and personally. They are very much in touch with parents regarding academic and other school activities. They start out the school year setting precedents for acceptable behavior and it really works. Both Mr. Tames and Mr. Leone have the incredible ability of letting the students know that you can be smart, well behaved and "cool" all at the same time. My second child is now in the school and I once again look forward to it!
10/22/2010otherI think it gives students an outstanding education, and has many after school programs that kids enjoy.
10/22/2010otherThe school cares about the children and puts them first. The teachers are talented and highly motivated.
10/21/2010parentMy daughter recently graduated from there. Every teacher was wonderful and caring. She was in Jr Arista all 3 years. She misses IS34 so much she has been back for concerts so she can see sone of her teachers again. The best school ever !
10/21/2010parentthe staff and teachers are supoortive and always willing to help the children
10/21/2010teacherThe school is excellent. It is a great learning environment, and a safe place to be!
10/21/2010parentI think this school is great beacause of the facility. They are dedicated, organzied and are there for the children and the parents. My daughter school bus was in accident last year and 2 of the assistant principals were at the scene and spoke with all the parents and took proper care of the children. The leadership in that school is what make them the "Best School" I know.
10/21/2010parentMy son has been doing excellent at this school.
10/20/2010parentI love IS 34 because its like one big family
10/20/2010parentIt is a loving and caring enviorment for the children, where learning is fun and exciting!
10/20/2010parentThis school always strives to bring out the best in every student. The children work hard and will leave I.S. 34 with a solid foundation that will give them a head start in High School.
10/20/2010parentThe teachers are very caring about their students and go out of their way to help them.
10/20/2010parentI have my 2nd child attending I.S. 34 and we love the school. Excellent communication between teachers and children and parents. Very happy to be part of the I.S. 34 family again for the 2nd time!
10/20/2010parentI.S.34 is a great school. The teachers are very patient and caring.
10/20/2010parentMy son has been in IS 34 for three years and now my daughter is attending as a 6th grader. The entire staff is professional, helpful and courteous. They contact you immediately if there is the slighest problem.
10/20/2010parentIS 34 is an excellent school....dedicated teachers and a strong curriculm.
10/20/2010parentIS 34 HAS A BETTER PROGRAM ON STSTEN ISLAD FROM OTHER JR HIGH HIGHS SCHOOLS. I ALSO TRANSFERED MY DAUGHTER THER FROM IS 2 IN SINY BECAUSE THE TRACHERS IN iS2 don't care about the students education and is 2 has alot of violence and no one does anything about it
10/20/2010parentI love this school because the teachers are respectful and are really good with my daughter.
10/20/2010parentMy son is learning a lot and the teachers are nice.
10/20/2010parentI feel I can approch a teacher if I need to. I like the different programs that are offered.
10/20/2010parentThey have a great teaching staff. Their principals go above and beyond for the the children. They have a very safe environment. But most important they care about their children and the community.
10/19/2010parentMy son is doing very well in IS34 :))))
10/19/2010parentThe students work hard and WANT to have good grades. Good teachers and excellent Asst. Principals. Unfortunately, the office staff needs a review on people skills.
10/19/2010parentmy daughter is very happy at is 34 and she just began 6th grade and loves the independence
10/19/2010parentI feel the school is extremely organized and dedicated to education and structure
10/19/2010parentIt has brought out the best academically in my child; and has made him strive. The teachers are very caring and work very hard to have the students achieve beyond the goals that are expected
10/18/2010parentstaff are really top notch.The kids enjoy learning with the teachers they have.
10/18/2010parentMy niece and nephew are both students at this school and I am impressed by the curriculum!
10/18/2010parentwe've only just begun however the obvious caring has made the scary transition into intermediate school an easy one. It's history of academic excellence is known.
10/18/2010parentIt's a great school. The music program is excellent and the students are always ready for testing and the future.
10/18/2010parentI have two daughters that graduated with honors from IS34. They made all the high schools they wanted to attend. My oldest received scholarship money for college. This is due large in part to the education they received at IS34.
10/18/2010parentGreat teachers, great staff, great teaching skills
10/17/2010parentIt is a great school and the staff is wonderful
10/16/2010parentI.S.34 was and probably always will be my daughter's favorite school. The teachers are very kind, and the quality of education she received there was top notch.!
10/15/2010teacherIt was the only intermediate school on Staten Island to achieve an A!
10/15/2010otherIt is a wonderful school good teachers and administrators
10/15/2010parentgreat school, great staff, my child loves going to school everyday!
5/10/2010parentkids have some really amazing teachers here. But they have to take care of bullies! Too many bullies to count, and too many kids being hurt and harassed. It's a shame to see an otherwise incredible school be tainted in such a way. Please do something - somebody!
5/1/2010parentFor the most part, I will say that my kids have done very well here at I.S. 34. Both my boys absolutely love their teachers - especially Mr. Barr. Mr. Viola is top notch when it comes to math, and in making sure that students feel confident in their math skills. Both of theses teachers go the extra mile for their students! However, the issue of bullying is one that really needs to be addressed. It's out of control. We've had several issues, and the only punishment those kids rec'd was 'in-school' suspension (which basically amounts to detention). If they don't address this problem, some kid is really going to get hurt. This is the only problem we've encountered here at I.S. 34, but it's a real problem that must not be ignored. When schools say, 'zero tolerance' they should really enforce that principle.
4/18/2010otherIS 34 is full of dedicated and friendly teachers. It's an excellent learning environment. The accelerated courses they offer in 8th grade will help your child get ahead in high school.
10/12/2009parentIS 34 has the best students and staff who accomplish wonderful things together...
10/3/2009parentIt is reassuring that the Administration and Staff take time to help all the new students to adjust to middle school life.
1/10/2009studentI justed started this school and so far I love it!!!!! The teachers I have are very nice and very helpful!!!!! I love my deans Mr. Leone and Mr. Tames. My favorite teaher is Mr. Barr, he makes music so much fun to learn and Mrs. Nichols she makes Social Studies/Math very fun!!!!! I can't wait to see what 7th and 8th grade is like???!!!!
12/15/2008studentI think this school is awesome! TOnes of nice teachers !!
10/10/2008studentThis school is really good so far. I've made a lot of friends so far and I've also already made a lot of memories. I've been in this school for a month it's really great!
8/30/2008studentIve had a wonderful experience at this school. Sure, it may not be the most modern school out there, but I've made soo many memories here. I was in the peer leadership program and I've made soo many friends> When I go to highschool, I'm acually going to miss the activites they did with every grade like...6th grade feild trip.....7th grade trip to Philidelphia...8th grade hat day...game show...great adventure trip...I'm also going to miss all the teachers. They were the kind of people I could go to if I had a problem with anything. I give this school two thumbs up!
8/30/2008studentI am a student at !.S.34. I do not think that the teachers are hard on the students or the after school programs are not good. I like this school alot and i really like all my teachers. My favorite is Mrs.Russo. I think shes the best reading/science teacher. The main reason is because everytime i had a problem she would always help me and never really yelled at me when i did somthing bad or it took me for ever to get a lesson done. I dont see why all these parents are writeing bad reveiews, i just dont see anything wrong with this school. The foods good, the punishments are equal, teachers are nice and helpfull, therea alot of kids so everyone has a friend and is not alown. I think these parents are not giveing this school ask much credit as it should really have.
12/7/2007studentI am sorry but all you parents are wrong. THis school is the best school on Staten Island. The programs are excellent and the honors program is amazing. I have been in honors all of my time at I.S.34 and I have been challenged and have learned alot. All of the parents that say that there is no difference between honors and regular classes are wrong. The teachers are extremely dedicated to teaching. They may goof off some times but that is only because the students and teachers have such strong bonds. Now there is a algebra class for the higher level students. I am in this class and we learn highschool level math that the regular honors and other classes are not doing. In conclusion if you say anything negative about this school you are incorrect.
10/30/2007parentit's my son's first experience in junior high. I have to say that I'm so impressed with the level of commitment from the teachers and the staff. My son comes home happy. That's what we want for our kids while they're in school! The academics are rigorous, but the kids have a blast in school too. Phone calls are returned promptly...if not the same afternoon, then the next morning. Great school..Kudos to the staff!
10/21/2007studentI think this scholl is great i love all the teachers or most of them the younger ones have no idea what there geting into but oh well. Most of the teachers that have been there fo a while no how to make it fun to be in school and not tourcher. I love the music and LA program but I feel the math program could be updated.
10/21/2007parentI think the teachers and the rest of the staff here at this school are very nasty. What gives them the right to talk to the students the way they do. Everyone has an attitude. No after school programs are available to you unless you pay for them. The school is so old and needs to be brought up to date. It's more like bootcamp. I can't wait for my child to graduate from here.
1/3/2007studentI go to this school its a lovley and funn to be at the food and teachers and evreybody working and going there are nice people!
10/2/2006parentIt is not the same school it used to be. I feel most of the teachers cannot wait for the bell to ring. The technology program is extremely lacking in educating the children or entertaining the children. What after school activities? What student body council? What future leadership training?
7/26/2006studenti feel that this school is excellent!! The teachers care for their students and try their hardest. The english department is outstanding. The music department is a very giving department and works their hardest to notice each childs given gift. But remember..the music department depends on only 2 teachers, Mr.Blaine and Mr. Barr and trust me...they try their hardest to teach each and everyone of their students the proper music knowledge. The teachers of I.S.34 are very involved with the school and what goes on in it...each and every teacher gets involved with school activities. I give the teachers a big thumbs up for their hard work.
1/12/2006parentMy child is in the top honors program at I.S 34-I am extremely disappointed with this program. He is learning the same material, and at the same speed as all the 6th grade students. What is the purpose of an honor program if the children are not challenged? In addition, after the parent-teacher conference, when some parents complaned about this issue, some teachers started giving the honor students more work- but it was busy work, and they were not going to learn anything from it. Lastly, for one science/math teacher it seems marking assignemnts is a problem- she has about 18 assignments/tests to mark since Sept., and only 5 have been marked. How is this teaching the students anything. If your child is in honors, I would look for a better school, which is what I am doing. The music program is very good, and there is minimal extracurricular activities.
8/18/2005parentThe best school I have ever been involved with. Mr Cannizzaro is wonderful and there were many dedicated teachers there.
2/19/2005parentI think that this school is going downhill. It is not like it was years ago when my nephews went there. Teachers have a hard job there, but it does not give them the excuse to curse of call students names such as Knuckleheads or curse them or tell them that they blame their parents for not doing a good job with their kids. What gives them the right? If you cannot deal with the children, then you shouldnt be teaching. The principal should also retire because I think he is burnt out. He is all for the teachers and not for the students. He is not a fair principal and I think that the school should be evaluated by the chancellor on a surprise basis. I cant wait until my child is out of this school.
9/13/2004parentI think that this school use to be good way back when. I don't think that some of the teachers take the time to really help the children that need a little extra. Some of the young teachers think that they know it all and try to be tough, and forget that they were once a child too. I cant wait until my child is no longer in this school.
6/24/2004parentI don't think they fairly evaluate children for the music program. They do not provide an equal opportunity to foster a childs thirst for knowledge. It seems as they want a child to come in and know it all so they do not have to teach.
3/12/2004parentGreat School! Wonderful teacher parent relations.

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