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I.S. 72 Rocco Laurie
33 Ferndale Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314
(718) 698-5757
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public | 6-8
County: Richmond (Staten Island)


  School Head OfficialYear
Peter Macellari2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/21/2012parentOf course it's the schools fault. Of course all of the teachers are making your child miserable. Makes total sence...oh wait....maybe just maybe it's the KID!! And perhaps just by chance a severe lack of parenting...or knowledge of your own kid. Gotta love " not my kid" approach...sigh. And Bloomberg blames the teachers...that's funny!!!!
5/31/2012parentI have to say, when the teachers in this school have a certain student they like to assume is wrong in every way whether they are or NOT, and all the time, they do not let up on that child for nothing! They become constantly petty, ridiculous and annoying and right away accuse that child for doing something wrong, instead of listening and fixing the problem in a rational way themselves. They are all on power trips and insulting kids bringing down their self esteem, and they make parents like me count the days for it to finally be over! Another thing is the air conditioning issue; there is no air on any other floor but the 1st, which is completely unfair, especially since heat rises, and completely unhealthy. Kids are literally getting sick and sent home. Is this better than actually doing something about getting air conditioning installed on all other floors? I don't think so! I heard this has been an on-going issue for a long time but still nothing has been done about it. Once again, ridiculous. IS72 should really make some important changes and maybe the school rating will finally go up!
5/10/2012otherI am a seventh grader on the first floor and in a SP class. This school is absolutely fantastic! All the teachers are so nice, and they are extremely good at what they do. They are supportive of us students, and they make our lessons fun. The principal is also great! He knows most of the children in the school by name. Yes, the school has over 1,000 children, but there is power in numbers. When there are fights, they are broken up quickly and no one ever gets hurt. We students have great subjects/topics to learn such as: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Italian/Spanish, Health, Computers, Journalism, Band, Music History, and Law Study. We students also go on a lot of great trips. The school is organized, and there are great programs such as ARISTA (The National Junior Honors Society). The 7th and 8th grade students in the SP classes receive the chance to take their freshman year of high school science, social studies, math regents and foreign language proficiency, enabling them to not have to take these classes and tests in high school if they pass. how great is that!! All in all, fabulous school. I'm actually kind of sad that I am leaving in a year! :'(
4/18/2012otherI'm a student in the 6th grade SP of the school's 3rd floor. I must say, they should change the GreatSchools rating to a million, because this school is amazing. The teachers are amazing, and although there are fights they are broken up quickly. The amount of extracurricular activity makes this school stand out. The teachers teach correctly and have excellent methods that flex with students. I just love this school because of the new challenges and adventures we have everyday!
4/2/2012otherI am a student in 6th grade SP on the first floor. This school is really good even though there may be some fights it is resolved very quickly. Im sure there are fights in most other schools also. All the teachers are very nice. Also, there are so many extracurricular activities. Another thing i like about this school is if you get an overall average of 90 or above, and have good behavior you get i to Arista. In Arista you get to go on alot of trips.
12/1/2011otherI'am very pleased with this school. I'am a student there and I think that this school is very helpful. Although there are fights, they always know how to end it. There are police officers roaming around the building, so you always know not to get in trouble. So far, with my grades I'am very happy. The teachers are very nice and I can tell they care for all their students. I also like how they give you rewards for the good work that you have paid off. I'am in the 2nd floor SP and 6th grade. They really encourage you to work harder all the time.
5/19/2010otherThese people probably force the children to submit the votes for the Maximum Ride contest...
5/5/2010parentthey're looking to find ways to get more programs into the school - that's a school that cares
5/3/2010parenti feel the school has great teaching techniques.
4/30/2010parentIS 72 (Officer Rocco Laurie) Is a very good school - I have a 7th grader and he has so come to his own- The school makes sure that the children know what is expected of them so there are no surprises. The school is run perfectly - I couldn't be happier. Principal cares for every child and his school and it shows.
1/26/2010parentMy daughter is in 8th grade SP on the 2nd floor and my son is in the 6th grade SP on the 4th floor. I am please with their education thus far and their teachers are wonderful. Yes-the school is overcrowded and there are fights - but this is JHS and kids are at very tough ages. If children want to learn and behave... they will. There are 'animals' everywhere. I am very happy with IS 72! Great teachers and a wonderful principal!!!
6/26/2009parentWhile I understand the IS 72 is now on the list of failing schools. I have to say that my child has been doing well. He loves going to school. He loves most of his teachers and friends. In my opinion, IS 72 is a good school.
6/10/2009parentIi feel teachers should call parents when a 8th grader is failing a class last period before its to late to do anything about .Some teachers should stop sitting on thier hands and help the child who are not going to graduation because of thier 1 class . Parents should not be notified 2 weeks before graduation that their child is not going .Dont misunderstand me my is responsiable for failing be any chance kids think they are getting away with something they are going to take . I just wish the school notied me. Sincerly, a very disappointed family mr. &Mrs vargas
1/20/2009parentWhen I moved to Staten Island three years ago I was very concerned about the school system. My mother in law and most of my husbands family were Staten Island school teachers for many years and all had the same opinion. The schools in SI were all terrible. I was concerned about I.S 72 even after researching the school ....... My daughter attended I.S 72 for two years and graduated without a problem. My son graduates from I.S 72 soon and I look forward to my youngest child going there too. I must say this year I hear about many more fights but they are quickly diffused by school authorities but academically its a joy. My only pet peeve is that they begin at 7am and the rest of my kids are in 8am schools. Overall I give it 4 stars!!!!!!!!
1/16/2009studentThe school would be a four because of all the extracurricular but their are just to many in school fights.
5/23/2008parentThe teachers are delightful. I would love to say thank you to Mrs. luardi, Ms. Rogers, and Mr. Friedman for being such great teachers. The environment might not be so great, but the teachers are amazing.
3/1/2008parentI want add my words of appreciation for some of the teachers at this school.Mr. Sweeney is such a wonderful teacher, He makes his class interesting and the kids love learning. My son loves this class, I get what I call 'the sweeney report' each day. My son comes home excited about something they talked about in class and tells me all about it. In 6th grade I used to get 'The Sestan Report' for the same reasons. Ms. Gleavy, Ms. Armenia, Mr. Savich are great teachers and he was lucky to have had them. The school I would say is average but some of the teachers are above average.
12/4/2007studentThis is a great school although it is way too over crowded.It is cool that most of the teachers have smart boards and I like almost all of my teachers.It's not that the teachers don't teach us things , but it's just that they need to make their lessons a little more fun. -Anonymous
9/27/2007parentThis school offers a lot about the needs of a school. Although the enviroment may not be the best, it is a great school
5/17/2007parentI. S. 72 offers an excellent curriculum. Most of the teachers are very good, however substitutes cannot control the class. Many students are out of control, probably due to the school being overcrowded. The students who want to learn, learn a lot. I would like to see more art, sports and preforming art programs. The PTA is wonderful, but needs more parents. There are way to many children per teachers(35 or more to a class). The school is only mediocre.
3/12/2007studentThe teachers are okay. Ms.Armenia on the fourth floor academy is amazing.She is so inspiring my grade went from a 71 to a 85.She will help you with anything.
3/9/2007former studentI'm a high school student now and to tell you the truth if it wasn't for is72 I would not be where I am now. If you have to consider a good school in staten island I would definitely recommend rocco laurie junior high school
3/6/2007parentThis School is horrible and overcrowded. The teachers do not know how to get the kids interested in the subjects and the many of the children are entirely disengaged.
11/12/2006parentThis school is an overcrowded zoo. There are fights everyday and it is very difficult to maintain an academic environment. The school is so overcrowded that some students eat lunch at 9am.
10/8/2006studentI think this school deserves an award .It is very disiplined and lovely. I go to this school and it is very educated. I hope it will stay this way for as long as I live. I.S.72 Is the bestin every way. I love it.
1/15/2006parentRocco Laurie is a good school depending on the floor your child is accepted into. I have a son in 8th grade and a daughter in 6th grade who attend the fourth floor. The floors are academies that focus in a certain area. This is the academy of arts and humanities. I am so pleased with this academy as now they offer a drama program. They are preparing for a huge production this spring. My daughter has never been more excited. They both love school. The teachers in this academy are incredible. Both of my children's reading and math scores improve tremendously each year. The 6th grade teachers are just wonderful. Mr. Sestan is the social studies teacher who all the kids just love. He is a great teacher. Ms. Armenia for English, Ms. Santiago for Science, Mr. Sweeny for English all just wonderful
2/16/2005parentIS 72 is a great school because each floor is separated into its own academy, and the children basically stay on their floor, alieviating the problem of crowded hallways. Each academy has its own dean and assistant principal, making for much more student familiarity. Each floor has SP classes, and the floors are separated by the language the student chose as an incoming 6th grader: 1st floor ITALIAN, 2nd & 3rd floor SPANISH and 4th floor FRENCH. The school currently offers afterschool classes in Math A and also English and Math. There is also UAU basketball available in the evenings on Tues and Thurs. If your child is not a problem, he/she should have no problem if he/she is looking for trouble I am sure they can find it anywhere. Great school. 3yrs ago I was a nervous mom, now she is graduating with great memories. Thanks IS72!
8/2/2004parentI.S. 72 is the best school in Staten Island. My son goes to this school as a 7th grader and loves everything about this school. The teachers are very nice, helpful and caring. I.S. 72 is the most populated school in Staten Island. Even though it is, each and every child is respected and cared for. My son is so happy in this school and is eager to go to scool everyday. There are fights but the principal and staff are always there.
5/14/2004parentTerrible School. My daughter is always in fights. They should rename it Rahway Correctional Facility!

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