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P.S. 41 New Dorp
216 Clawson St
Staten Island, NY 10306
(718) 351-6777
public | PK-5
County: Richmond (Staten Island)


  Class SizeGradeYear
27 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Elisa Feldman2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/24/2012otherThe staff and students at PS41are wonderful. The PROBLEM with this school is the principal. She is the ultimate BULLY. The teachers are very unhappy there strictly because of her. Look at the NYC DOE School Environment Learning Survey. Year after year, this principal gets the worst, if not one of the worst, ratings from the teachers. Yet, nothing is done about it. In the meantime, teachers inform each other on a daily basis of where the principal is each period if they know and they do this out of fear she may pop in and belittle them. She cares nothing about staff or students, just herself. The assistant principal simply parrots whatever is commanded of her, with no regard for staff or students either. Try to avoid sending your students to this school. You need a school where the principal truly cares. This one does not. She just cares about herself and becoming a media hound with bogus events like the "We are going to college" stunt she pulled last year. If you are a teacher looking for a position, this is the LAST school you would want to get a job at. Again, look at the NYC DOE School Learning Environment Survey. It says it all.
6/3/2012parentBoth of my sons attended PS 41, my oldest graduated in 2009. My younger one would've loved to stay, unfortunately we moved to PA in 1/10. My sons & I loved the school, I can't say enough positive things about the school, the faculty & even the PAL program. As a single working mom I couldn't participate as much as I wanted, but the opportunity for involvment was always there. My older son transferred in February of 2nd grade, after I left my abusive husband. He struggled with many issues from the seperation and starting a new school mid year. Thankfully the teachers supported him & helped him adjust, when he graduated he was doing great & entered IS 2 honors program. My younger son also dealt with the divorce, plus he struggles with severe anxiety & ADHD. His teachers & I worked together with him; thanks to all the collaborative hard work, he became an ideal student and remains that way. He's being awarded at graduation, for maintaining honor roll status all year. Thanks to PS 41s strong educational foundation my son is graduating 8th grade having been on the honor roll every term of middle school. Additionally my sons are still ahead of all their classmates in honor programs.
5/10/2012parentThis School is a good school however ,Its really sad how others have to bash the PTA hmmmm.. maby its because they really want to be like them ?? Why not join them instead of bashing them and make thier time useful instead of throwing negativity there way. All i ever saw is those Ladies doing a fantastic Job they work hard for our children and our school !! keep up the good work Ladies your doing a fantastic job !!!!
11/1/2011otherThe teachers in this school are fantastic! Unfortunately, the administration has got to be one of the worst in NYC. The principal is a big time bully. If you look at the results of the Learning Environment Surveys for the past year(posted on the DOE website) you will notice that she has the lowest ratings of all the principal on Staten Island. These results are based on the responses from the parents and the teachers of the school. The students, PTA, and teachers get 5 stars. The administration gets 0 stars!
10/26/2011parentthis is an excellent school, one that I am proud to send my child to. It's a shame that there are parents who feel that the PTA does nothing & are a bunch of bullies. They are great VOLUNTEERS, who spend THEIR FREE TIME earning money for YOUR CHILD's school. The principal and the PTA have an excellent friendship & are always looking for ways to do things for the children.
10/26/2011parentResponse to the below Re: PTA. I agree with the parent. The PTA parents are non-responsive, and lack a certain etiquette. If you volunteer to do this job, then you should do it right, don't insist that we need to walk in your shoes. Don't like it, don't care enough, don't do it. With that said, I generally love the school. My son loves the school, and I haven't had any problems other than those with the PTA. The principal needs to have a little more control over them, which she doesn't seem to want to take.
10/26/2011parentThe principal is not the leader of the PTA. THE PARENTS ARE!!!!!! When I say walk in my shoes I am asking you to try and do the job that is unappreciated, thankless, and unable to satisfy the whole. We need to think of the whole student body not just individuals. We do this because we care enough to be involved in our child's education. We care enough to want to make our children's school the best. What we don't like is people criticizing this job that we volunteer for. Thats when we invite you to come and do it better. A wise woman once said if you can't do something yourself you criticize others who are doing the job no one else wanted to do. The parents hold election once a year come and stand up. Take a position and then tell us what you think. Tell us how much we don't care then. Until that time don't talk about stuff you don't know about .
10/25/2011parentwonderful school, but unfortunately the pta are very super-sensitive and immature woman who represent this school in a very bad way.when problems or differences arrise rather than making a bad situation better they make it worse by bashing, bullying and insulting the parents which have concerns They want to hear all problems as long as it does not involve them if so they run around complaining that the parents should walk in their shoes and do as much bla.wouldn't it be funny if the Principle was to do this everytime a parent complained of something?instead she thanks those who support her.
3/30/2011parentI think it has a really bad staff and Principal, she likes to patronize the parents and does not resolve problems. You do not feel welcome in that school. I'm so glad my daughter does not attend to that school anymore. It was a NIGHTMARE!!!!
11/4/2010parentThis school keeps us informed of the important issues that are going on in the school and pertaining to our children.
11/3/2010parent i love the school also cause my son is learn alot and he is happy to go their everyday and learn new things.... the teacher and staff are real helpful and always have all the kids parents and staff involved to have a family nites once a month to meet new people and enjoy everyone companyy..
10/27/2010parentThe PTA offers a ton of great family activities, such as a monthly Family Fun Night and Halloween costume contest. The principal is very accessible and meets with parents once a month. Hard working teachers who go beyond to meet with parents and help children learn.
10/26/2010parentOur teachers are the best, and our students are the greatest!
10/26/2010parentgreat family-oriented small school. good teachers and PTA. we love it!!
10/26/2010parentThe school staff make me and my children welcome at school. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure my children are learning in the classroom. The school PTA offers Family nights were children, their family and school staff get to have fun and interac with each other.
10/25/2010parentThey are doing the best they can especially in this budget crisis.
10/23/2010parentMy niece and nephews attend this school and have been getting a very good good education.
10/21/2010parentPrincipal and teacher are maintaining childs interest in learning and try to accomodate for childs needs. Honors class in the school is one of the ways to have top children to keep interested in the studying and accomodate thier higher needs in learning.
10/18/2010parentI love Ps41 The new Dorp school because they understand our children's needs and they care about our children
10/18/2010parentmy grandson salvatore pierro attends this school , he is doing very well and loves his teachers!!
10/17/2010parenti have tow children that have attended this school and i have nothing but praise for its teachers and administration. they have been helpful and informative every step of the way. i have had experience with other schools and nothing compares. I am just sorry that my youngest son will be leaving this school after this year. There is no way to say how thankful i am to the staff of ps41
5/11/2010parentI have found the teachers in this school to be wonderful , and very approachable. Although all of the teachers seem to be good, there are some who just go above and beyond to teach the children. Children seem to find this school a happy place. The pta tries hard to get parent involvement but tends to go about doing it the wrong way by speaking ill at times of the Principal to entice parents to attend pta meetings.
4/24/2010parentWe are committed to excellence and really care about kids.
2/23/2010parentUnder this administration , the school tends to only acknowledge the honor students by giving them awards at lunch time in front of other children (as young as 1st grade ) and perfect attendance. It is a shame that there is no insentive for other children who excel in other areas or have made any kind of significant improvement. Attendance and highest honor seems to be the only matter. Under the past administration all children up until the 3rd grade received some type of an award as an incentive, after that the were taught they had to work harder to recieve that award.
1/24/2010parentI really Like this school my kids are learning and the teachers really care, I send notes to the teacher and always get an answer back...the Principal really is not to be played with, she works hard with keeping the students and staff in line always. The children of 41 are always safe in this school. The events the PTA puts on for parents and students, always fun!! My overall rating is Wonderfully Happy!!
12/20/2009parentAs a parent of children in this school I have had a positive experience with teachers , most seem very approachable . The Principle seems very controlling and certain PTA parents are a bit annoying always patrolling the halls trying to appear as employees of the school. Other than that wonderful teachers.
11/5/2009studenti am a former student of this school, i absolutely loved it! this school will forver be my home.
10/7/2009parentThis is my daughter's first year.. at the school. She is in Kindergarten.. and it has been so positive and supportive for her. She loves it there.
9/23/2008parentAs parents of two children attending grade k and 5th Im very satisfied with the progress with our school. Especially thanks to the principal and all that really work hard at improving everyday the best it can be.
8/24/2008parentMy experience, so far, has been a learning experience for both my sons and I. I think the whole staff are a very hardworking and dedicated group.
2/2/2007parentMy son enjoys going to pre-k. His teachers are wonderful. If i have any questions i write a note and i receive one back right away or they see me out side and will talk quickly with me to ease my concerns. He always comes home with art work and tells me what he has learned. Also the parents are welcome on special occasions to join the classroom activities, like thanksgiving etc.... As well as once a month they have a parent come in to do something with the class, like art or reading with them. I will be sending my daughter here as well when she is old enough for pre-k.
9/19/2006parentThe academic programs are good. The children have adjustedwell to all new programs. The parents are having a hard time. We have a great Music and art program. The PTA just purchased new instruments for the Band Teacher. A new Art Teacher was just hired. A room is being setup like a real Art Studio. Ps41 has a great gifted program. The children were given a survey to let the teacher's know what they would teach if they were running the school. The program is set up with different programs. Example was 'What Bugs You'. The students had to expalin what bugs them about their community. Another one was about photography. They learned the history of photography. They were also allowed to go around the building taking pictures on their own. Parent involvement is very low. It is the same handful of parents helping out.
4/1/2006parentMy son's experience at P.S. 41 has been a positive one. He had three wonderful teachers which he loved and is very enthused about what he is learning in kindergarten this year. My only gripe is the minimal security in this school.
12/7/2005parentAdministration is aloof and disinterested in parents. PTA is unable to challenge administration on behalf of school community. I would do anything to get my child out of here.
12/7/2005parentApathetic staff and poorly run programs that favor the children of the well liked (pta) parents. Principal does not get involved with the parents and is not seen by my child during his day.
9/10/2005parentThe current leadershiop is poor with little communication with parents. After school activities are minimal and not well received. School run functions are poorly organized and lack follow through. Teachers are generally unhappy and it reflects in the classes.
4/15/2005parentGenerally, a good school. Approx. 25-29 children in class.
3/29/2005parentOverall, I do not get a positive impression of the school My son is in Pre-K and we have had no invitation to get involved in the school. No class list of students is given out, no dress up for Halloween (applies to just for Pre-K?) and at the book fair and Holiday fair there was no welcoming atmosphere. My children have attended PS 52, 23 and 11. At all of those schools, there has been an warm sense and teachers/faculty reach out to you. This is not the case here I am very sorry to say. My son will be leaving to enter another school.
3/3/2005parentExcellent area, experienced teachers, well kept building, fair amount of extracurricular activities, band, after school programs
9/28/2004parentMy 2 children attended this school, one has since graduated, overall I feel that PS41 is a wonderful school, they need more help with the kids in the morning before school starts, and so the kids can go out at recess. They do not have all the services that my children need, ie: reading help. The PTA is really clickish.
7/19/2004parentMy one son who will be going into the first grade, He has gone to P.S for Pre K and Kindergarten . We had a few problems and no one did anything about they need to have more adults watching them during there lunch time. A few kids picked on my son and other kids in the lower grades and the innocent kids would get in trouble. Where are the teachers when this all happens?
6/16/2003 I have two children in the Pre-K program, which I strongly feel it is an excellent program and the teachers are grea. My other son is in 3rd grade and also is doing well and loves his teacher. They have afterschool programs like virtual Y and latchkey for example. My only negative comment about the school which I think happens in most schools is the PTA. From my knowledge it's pretty much a click/group of people that always do things among themselves and limit thier help from outside thier click. Which I guess is fine just as long as they are helping the school.??????????I think in general the whole PTA system should change so that every parent can participate and be a part of thier childrens school.

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