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Wayne Christian School
1201 Patetown Road
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 735-5605
private | PK-12
County: Wayne


9/24/2012parentWhile I don't agree that this school is 'more challenging than public school' I do feel that the school fosters a learning environment that you cannot get in a public school setting. I work in the public schools, but sent my children to WCS and must say, it's a fantastic place...I don't worry about them when they are there...and feel they are exposed to the gospel and are genuinely cared for and loved. It's a wonderfully nurturing place and the educational standards are in line with what the state requires for the public schools, but thankfully, they can bring God into the everyday activities of the school.
8/28/2011parentMy three children graduated from WCS and now my grandchildren attend. WCS is a very nuturing environment. This school and staff maintain a very high scholastic standard. My children had no problems at all in getting into college and were well prepared. I realize that while Christian education is not for everyone, my children thrived there while WCS supported our values and what they were taught in our home. You will never find a school that is perfect and Wayne Christian does not pretend to be so. We are very satisfied with WCS.
4/2/2011parentWayne Christian has been a mixed bag for our kids. They have attended 5-7 grades for our youngest and 8-10 grade for our oldest. The biggest issue we have had is what can best be described as "bullying" by other students to those new/not from the area. I had hoped that a Christian school may be be a little different than a public school in this regard but we've been disappointed. In fact, I think that public schools have a leg up on WCS with their anti-bullying programs. It seems that the school doesn't even want to acknowledge that bullying is an issue. I know that adolescent and teen students are at a difficult age, but would like to have a little more support from the teachers/staff. The other issue I've had is that they school doesn't send graded tests/quizzes home b/c they use the same curriculum year after year and they are concerned with students cheating. It is absurd to me that the staff is more concerned with students using graded material to help younger students cheat, than with the parents being able to look over the material and know what areas their kids are struggling in. I have never had to ask for graded tests to come home for our review.
10/27/2010parentWayne Christian School (and the principal, Kathy Sanders) was a godsend for our family. This is my daughter's second year attending this school and she is excelling. We are a military family so she is always the "new kid." She adjusted extremely well at this school. Additionally, the teacher's worked with us to finally determine the cause of her inattentiveness (and it wasn't ADHD)! We were able to get the proper medical treatment and now she is just thriving. My only regret is that we can't stay in Goldsboro so she can complete her education at this wonderful school!
11/19/2009studentI am a graduate of Wayne Christian school and will be graduating from college in May. Wayne Christian School has a vrey challenging curriculum that prepared me for my journey through college. It wasn't hard for me to transition into college work during my freshman year because the work seemed to be on the same level as my work at Wayne Christian.
9/15/2009parentI have two children in this school and this is their 3rd year. The atmosphere is wonderful. I feel that my children are truly cared for. Academically the school is much more chanllenging than the public school here. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in a high quality education in a loving, christian atmosphere.
12/6/2007parentExcellent learining environment and the teachers and faculty are wonderful to facilitate needs of the family and the children.
11/26/2007parentThis is a great school all around - wonderful education as well as atmosphere. I wouldn't want my children anywhere else.
3/7/2005parentMy child has attended this school for two years. I am very pleased with the academic and social skills he has aquired. All the children that attend this school are very well mannered individuals. The academic standards are of the highest quality.

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