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Ed V Baldwin Elementary School - Hope_Mills, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Ed V Baldwin Elementary School4441 Legion Road
Hope Mills, NC 28348
(910) 424-0145PK-5CumberlandpublicCumberland County Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic53.34322009
Black, non-Hispanic35.21552009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.040122009
Native American or Native Alaskan2.080242009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Todd Yardis2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/28/2012parentWhen I moved to Hope Mills, Baldwin was a 7 in rating (2009). Last year school I enrolled my daughter into the school for kindergarten the rating was a 5. After 12 months they have drop to a 4! So you can see where this is going. I regret putting my daughter this school where the teachers have no control in their classrooms, the majority of the students have no interest in learning and the administration doesn't seem to care what is going on in the classrooms. I would blame the parents for not being involved or taking action but that's just not the case here. Because three miles down the road is Rockfish Elementary and they seem to know how to run a school with a rating of a 9 (they had a 8 in 2009) and I hardly hear parents or teachers complaining about the behavior of the students or the education slacking. If I could move my daughter I would.
10/25/2012parentThis school is okay! It is not all that to me at ALL!!!!! I love Mr. Patterson!!! He is an awesome teacher, role model, and disciplinarian. Mrs. Helms was awesome she was at this school. The school does not have a playground or gym for the students. The leader also known as the principal is very rude!!!! He walks right pass the parents and students and never speaks. The front desk lady is also not friendly at all!!!! Please look for another school for your child to go to. This school is very poor and the teachers dress horrible.
4/4/2011parentBaldwin is an awesome place to send your children to school. The teachers are very kind, caring individuals. Tutoring is offered to students after school for all 3-5 classes and some of the K-2 classes. The office staff is always very friendly. I couldn't ask for a better school!
9/15/2010parentAll I can say is... I love this school and its amazing teachers! We are a military family that has moved around a lot. When we relocated here in 2003, our girls attended Ed V. Baldwin. Transition is never easy and this school and teacher's eased the transition quickly. By making learning fun and providing attention they need to thrive in the classroom, my children were eager to attend school. They welcome parent participation and encourage community involvement. It's just an overall great learning environment for kids.
7/13/2010parentThere is nothing I would say that makes Baldwin any different than any other elementary school. I loved my sons first grade teacher, wasn't impressed by second grade and hope for a better outcome with his third grade teacher. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I have been looking for bio's on these teachers and can't find that, it would help us parents understand who is working with our children a little more.
10/15/2009parentI've had nothing but good experiences with the school and it's staff. My daughter's teacher seems really focused on her disability. It helps us out knowing that we will have help along the way because of teachers like that.
10/3/2009parentBaldwin Elementary School is a school that really cares about the 'whole child.' They make learning fun for their students, and welcome parent participation. It's just an overall great place for kids.
9/16/2009parentThe teachers and staff are great! They all genuinely care about my child.
4/17/2009parentMrs. Hill is working very hard to put Baldwin back on the map. She continues to set high standards for all students. I hope Baldwin becomes the school it once was under Mrs. Hill's leadership!
10/27/2008parentMy children have attended Baldwin for 4 years. It has been the best experience. The assistant principal is awesome. She is always willing to stop what she is doing and listen to your concerns. Her love for the students shows on her face everyday. She has high expectations for all students and truly believes they can obtain those expectations. The teachers are super. Mrs. Stamp is a wondrful teacher who takes pride in her job and will stop at nothing to make sure all of her students are sucessful. Baldwin truly is a very special school.
8/22/2008parentMy son has been going there for 4 years and my second son just started kindergarten. My son has been challenged with the workload given in each grade. We love the dances and activities that the PTO puts on for the kids. My kids love the school, the only area I would like to see changed is some type of support for military kids with deployed parents, with such a high number of military students I think it would be beneficial. I find the staff to be very helpful , the other day my son who rides the bus called because he had forgotten his homework. It was pouring down rain. I went to the school and the gym teacher was directing traffic, she offered to take it to my son so that my two year old and I would not have to get out of the car. THANKS!
6/2/2008parentThis was my son's first year at Baldwin and his Teahcer was Mrs. Baldwin. Both her and her assistant were incredible. They show genuine care for the students and their families as well as keep you well informed even in the most minor of incidents. The amount of homework is appropriate for their age. My son can be challenging and she handled him great and was extremely patient with him. I had heard alot of negative things about public schools in the area and I'm thankful that I've had such a postive experience with Baldwin! I can only hope that our experiences maintain the same satisfaction with the years to come as my second son will be entering school soon too! We're keeping our fingers crossed for another year with Mrs. Baldwin for my second son!
1/4/2008parentI have found the staff, teachers, and the community great so far. My son is in kindergarten and he enjoys going to school each day. He comes from a year round school so therefore he adjusted very well. I was a teacher back in my old state and I can say that year round schools are exceptional when it comes down to learning new things. Love this school!
12/27/2007parentMy child has been attending this school for several years. With a new Prinicpal and Assistant principal, I have found a great coherence between the teachers and administration. They are supportive of new things and ideas and truly love the children. It's like bringing my child home every morning. Thank you!
7/31/2007parentThis is my son's first year in school, he is in kindergarten. He really likes the school so far. I am satisfied with his teachers qualifications and she has been very nice and professional when i have spoken to her. The office staff however are incredibly rude. They act like you are bothering them if you call with any questions or concerns. As for the year round thing, I guess a mother who is luck enough to stay home wouldn't mind it, but for those of us who work, I think that it is a complete nightmare. Children should be able to enjoy their summer, going to school in July is awful.
1/23/2007parentI have to agree with a previous review saying they were treated as if they were intruding. We recently transferred here from out of state and have a 1st grader and a Kindergartner here. While I have no complaints about the teachers that my girls have, I'm completely apalled by how some of the staff (one in particular in the main office) treat parents and even students. I find one person so insufferably rude that I avoid going to the school, while I used to be extremely involved with our previous school. Coming from a traditional calendar, it's a bit of an adjustment to go to year round. I almost wish we hadn't gone here because we won't be staying in our rented home and I fear what will happen if we move back to a traditional school. The kids are happy, but I'm not super satisfied.
8/24/2006parentI think this is a very good school. My daughter is in 1st grade and has attended since kindergarden. She loves the school and I feel she is learning alot. However, I wish there were more homework assignments sent home. It helps me to have a little structure in what I should be teaching her at home.
7/25/2006parentMy son has attended Baldwin for three years. The faculty are caring and helpful. While the administration has changed, the attitude of the faculty toward students remains the same. They seem to stirve and expect excellence in their students and the students strive to achieve it. Bravo!
7/13/2005parentI have two children at Baldwin, with my third starting kindergarden this year. For the most part I have found the faculty and staff to be very good, with the children's best interest at heart. The few problems we have encountered were handled quickly and to my satisfaction. In fact, most of the problems my kids have experienced seems to have come from the fact that parents do not teach their children to act right and respect authority, but rather let their kids do whatever they want at home, which carries into the classroom.
5/11/2005parentI just wanted to say that this is the worst school faculty i have ever seen. mostly the right hand doesn't know (or care) what the left hand is doing. the testing scores are very low. every time i go down to the school to ask questions, i can never get a straight answer about who is responsible. i like the idea of the school being year round because it fits my schedule better, i just wish the administration would get it together. the school claims they encourage parent involvement but when i go down there i'm treated like i'm intruding.
3/10/2005parentMy children began attending this 2004-2005 school year. They are in the 5th and 2nd grades. Even they have noticed a difference, a change for the better and more of a challenging curriculum. Both of them are excelling and continue to strive under the encouragement and watchful eye of their teachers. Any problems that have come up have been dealt with immediately and in a professional and courteous manner. The school is focused on the family and home as well. Some disagree with me, but the school has made a commitment to educate our children and do need some insight as to what happens in the childrens' homes. That is where the real education starts. This school embraces parent participation and implements ways for parents and students to interact through activities and a great open door policy. My husband and I are very pleased with the school curriculum, staff, and programs.
1/25/2005parentMy daughter was new to the school last year. I was not impressed at all with her last year teacher or the assistant principal. The principal was never at the school, or if he was, he was unattainable. The assistant principal was left to handle situations, and she was just not capable of doing so. This year, I have a little more respect for the school because of my daughter's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Baggett. She is very concerned with her students' educational needs and also with their emotional needs. She strives to teach every student not just the average student. She gets a A+ on her report from my daughter and myself. Hopefully, more teachers will change their attitudes and be more caring about their students and their education.
1/20/2005parentI am very pleased with the teaching staff at this school. My son has attended this school for 5 years and absolutely enjoys going. He has excelled in all subjects thanks to the highly qualified teaching staff. I highly recommend this school.
11/17/2004parent&This is my sons 2nd year at Baldwin.Kindergarden was a nightmare.1st grade has been much better,Ms.Dee & Ms.Teachey are the most positive influence in my sons life.The asst principal is very unprofessinal uncaring,I feel she doesn't have the children's best interest at heart.To bad Mr.Norris will be leaving in June.I hope the parents have some input on who gets the position,if asst gets the job I will remove my son from Baldwin ASAP.He has ADHD & I feel asst principal labeled my child last year.He can't help he has this disorder.She should act more like an adult,not the child.She has belittle my child twice so far!But to be postive his teachers this year have my been the most caring & wonderfull ladies to my son .They are meant to be teachers!Both deserve a huge salary increase!Thanks!
10/25/2004parentI am not at all impressed with the Fourth Grade teaching staff, it seems to me that some teachers don't get the idea that parents need to be informed of bad grades before the student is to far behind to catch-up or even pass the semester. It would be helpful if parents had a break-down of major upcoming tests so they could lend an extra hand in the teaching/studying process. Teachers not able to teach at their assigned levels need to realize that they are teaching younger children who need more than just a few worksheets to understand what is expected of them. Bring more homework home to help understand lessons.
10/24/2004parentBaldwin is a great year round school...the only problem I have with the school is that the teachers and other faculty are more worried about whats going on at home rather than whats going on in the classroom. They are very nosey and very acusatory and judgemental towards parents. They question your children without permission and I really dont appreciate. ASlthough Mr Norris is a delightful principle, the asst principle leaves a very bad taste in your mouth!
10/9/2004parentThis school has given my children such a great start in their school careers. The teachers care about all the students and the quality of teaching is first-rate! Year-round school is the best!
9/10/2004parentMy daughter is a kindergarten there, and I have not been impessed with it yet. I do not like that they have to sleep on towels at rest time, and I do not like how the car riders get picked up after school, it is very easy for someone to take another child home with them or for someone to come along and take a child. My in-laws went there for grandparents day and they were not to impressed with it. I hope things get better for the sake of the children.
7/14/2004parentMy son has been at baldwin now for three years, and it has been a great school. He really enjoys going to school! If there is any problems the principle and vice principle are very helpful. I believe this is one of the best public schools around the area.
12/1/2003parentWonderful family type school. I love the way my son enjoys going there. What a great way to start off in life!

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