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Ayersville High School - Defiance, OH

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Ayersville High School28046 Watson Rd
Defiance, OH 43512
(419) 395-11117-12DefiancepublicAyersville Local

School Head OfficialYear
Kevin J. Wolfe2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/3/2009otherAyersville is the kind of school that people actually pay to get to go to when they live outside the district. It is a smaller school so the students get more hands on attention. They have a lot of good programs and have a good sports program as well as academic.
2/17/2009studentAyersville Schools is one of the best schools in Defiance County. Eventhough it needs some repairs and it is very old and not as technologically advanced as other schools. It has much to offer. Ayersville has a pool, golf team, football team, tennis team, basketball, football, and other extracurricular programs. Ayersville Schools has a great variety of teachers! The teachers are very helpful and well experienced..take my word Im a student here! If you were coming to Defiance County I would ENCOURAGE you to come to this great school. It has many opprotunities that other schools don't. Come. Be one of the Pilots.
1/15/2009otherI feel very, very fortunate to have attended Ayerville K-12. The calaber of the teachers, principals, and staff is exceptional in all areas. One of the best schools in the state of Ohio by far.
8/26/2008studentAyersville Local Schools is a GREAT school it has some of the best teachers I've ever had in my 12 year old life!! Although the school is very old it still works!
10/18/2007parentAyersville offers what many schools its size cannot. Musicals, swim team,tennis team, golf team, and an art club are a few that come to mind. The school is first rate with what it has to offer after all the budget cuts made necessary by the lack of state funding. It is rated as one of Ohio's Best in academics, attendance, and graduation rates. I feel parents can be as involved as they want to be and have a 'say' in what goes on within the walls of the building. The teachers may seem demanding, but usually for the good of the students' progress. We have three children who graduated from Ayersville. One is now a teacher, one, an officer in the military, and one, an executive meeting specialist in the eastern U.S..
1/27/2006studentI think that ayersville local school has a great number of opportunities for the students such as academics and sports. Most of all, what keeps the players moving? The Band of course! Ayersville marching/pep band is small, but a great sound and quality. They have some of the best drummers ive seen since the 80's. Ayersville is a great school to go to if you are considering a local school.
8/19/2005studentI'm not a parent but I am a tenth grade student at AHS, I am in the marching band and am a cheerleader, I used to attend Liberty Center until eighth grade and I think that the teaching staff at Ayersville and Mr.V do an awsome job of preparing us for what lies ahead. We have plenty of discipline and Mr.V can be very strict but he's also an amazing principal and I can tell that he really cares about us. I can't believe that some people have a problem with Ayersville,the teachers are helpful and they don't force their beliefs upon us although they willingly share them. I love my school and I can't imagine going anywhere else for high school.
10/4/2004parentWith a new principal who clearly cares about student attitude and school optimism, I think Ayersville High School is truly a great place for learning. The staff of Ayersville High School well prepares the students for college and the real world. Three of the classes in the high school are offered for college credit. What a great opportunity for kids. These teachers are not paid extra to teach these classes, which requires extra grading and planning time with the college. There is also a job shadowing program. A major problem in the community, however, is parents who think their kids do no wrong, ignoring any student responsibility or accountability. I proudly send my kids to Ayersville.
8/27/2004parentI believe this school is understaffed and the staff that is on hand doesn't hear the parents opinions objectively and, therefore the children are left to undermine the adults and staff that are supposed to be teaching and mointoring, as well as education these children under their supervision. I believe this small school located out in the country should be closing monitored by the Board and every parent should be concerned for the safety of any child enrolled at this institution.
8/26/2003parentAyersville is a small, friendly community that tries hard to show tolerance and diversity. I'm proud to be an Ayersville graduate and to have my children enrolled.
4/29/2003 This is a grat school to rasie your chldren in I recommend it to everyone.

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