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Broken Arrow High School
1901 East Albany
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 259-4310
public | 9-12
County: Tulsa


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8/13/2011studentI LOVE Broken Arrow High School! There's no harsh Cliques here, everyone tries to get along with each other. The education is awesome. I had to move from here my Junior year to Claremore High School and it really showed me how great BAHS is. I will be sending my kids there when I have them. The diversity of this school is what makes it great. Awesome cafeteria food selection. -2011 Graduate
8/11/2011otherIt's been a while since I was a student at Broken Arrow High School but my nieces and nephews have attending. For the most part, I remember my teachers being fair. If you apply yourself, you will get the help. I was in extracurricular activities that did not include football and Pride. I felt that the community & the school stood behind my organizations and my accomplishments. My younger family members feel the same way. I wouldn't put a child in any other metro area school system!
8/16/2010studentThis school has no money for anything because they blow it ALL on band (pride) and football. They permanently closed one of the parking lots this year and painted yard lines on it for the football team. In a school of 2,000+ students, we need all of the parking spaces we can get. There are reasonably average teachers, but the campus is so big that it's really a stretch to be able to get from class to class in the allotted 5 minutes. Not to mention, the corridors are all outside, so it's excessively cold in the winter, hot in the summer, etc.
6/29/2010studentWow they can't afford paper but they can build a freaking new sports building? I feel sorry for the teachers.
4/22/2010studentLet's just say BA only cares about Pride and the Football team.. If you could care less about recognition for anything you might do (outside of band and football), then this school might be for you. Most teachers seem sane, all school systems seem to be set up right and flow properly (prom), they seem lenient on school activities such as bake sales, and the number of yearly fights seems extremely low for a school. One thing that really irritated me this year was the amount of money we're wasting on the 'sports building' (AKA: strictly football building), rather than spending it toward fixing up a lot of the parking lot problems...
1/12/2010otherI am an alumi of Broken Arrow. I can honestly say that the only thing that BA school seems to really care about is the pride and the football team. I was in the school choir and no one gave us any recognition for what we did. We did state competitions and won, but the football team would lose and they would get a whole speech about how they could do better. But it boils down to this question: would I go back? Honestly, yes. I got a great education, I was never bullied and I had great teachers and friendships come out of it. If your child isn't into school spirit, BA's for them.
10/24/2009parentI am a parent as well as an alumni of Broken Arrow. In fact I made sure we were in the BA district when it was time for our kids to start school. Like any school you will have your students, parents and teachers who just frankly do not care. I have found that parent involvement goes a long way in the quality of education your child will find. The teachers we have had for the most part have been wonderful and caring but a teacher can only do so much. My oldest child is in the Pride and will be graduating this year. I know she has had the most amazing opportunities and I look forward to my youngest finding his path in BA. I applaud the teachers in BA, they have a hard job and one not everyone could handle with such class.
5/28/2009parentThe Broken Arrow School System does not care about students. The only thing that matters to them is the Football Team and The Band. If your student is in any other type of activity, you might as well forget any kind of school support. Plus when they do happen to hire a teacher who really cares about the students, they don't keep them over a year. Sent your child to any other school system except BROKEN ARROW!
3/29/2009studentThe accelerated and AP classes here are superb and have the best teachers. On level teachers are adequate and are still very helpful. I take all accelerated/ AP classes but two: my electives. One is fine, the other is a discipline problem and frustrates me with its apathy. However, where advanced classes are concerned, the school is excellent and it may just be an isolated class I don't like. Band, contrary to another review, pays for itself (last year's cost to each student was about $2000.00).
12/4/2008parentMy son is graduating next semester (2009). I honestly say, despite the enormous size of BAHS, it is the best high school in Oklahoma & would hold it's own against any high school in the nation. My son has received an extraordinary education. The AP opportunities, clubs, organizations - are 2nd to none. I can't say enough wonderful things about his teachers. Specifically, his AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics teacher have all went over and above for their students. The teachers are at school early and stay late everyday for these kids. These instructors hold multiple degrees and yet chose to teach our teenagers. They are real heros. The administrative staff are friendly and professional. The student body is diverse. While this opens the kids up to things that can be disruptive, it is what real life is going to throw at them. I highly recommend BA schools.
11/19/2008teacherI taught at BA last year and it is by far the lowest level of education I've ever experienced. The kids don't care and neither do their parents. Now I'm at Booker T. and it's such a relief to teach kids that actually want to learn!
9/16/2008parentBAHS is a great school! The large selection of electives and honors/AP courses prepare students for just about any college environment. The school offers great opportunities for all students -- no matter what their interests may be. There are numerous athletic groups as well as countless club and social organizations, not to mention the musical options. My husband and I both graduated from BA, as did our two daughters. I would recommend it to anyone moving to this area!
6/14/2008studentBAHS is welcoming and I can honestly say this is a great school. Since the campus is larger, you can meet all kinds of people. The teachers are caring and are patient with their students. I had a bad experience at SIHS, but BAHS made up for it. I love this school and would recommend it to anyone.
4/13/2008studentbroken arrow highschool rocks i go there and i plan to send my kids there as well it's a very good enviroment and very open. It's just all around good, good teachers, good kids.
3/30/2008studentAs a former student I feel Broken Arrow gave me the ability to be my own person. I was the Student Council President, a member of NHS, member of the Senior Council, member of DECA, I played on the football team and the soccer team as well as multiple other clubs including the debate team... I loved BA I wish others could have as could of a time I did....
7/4/2007former studentI graduated BA in 1990 and have two children there also. I would not send them anywhere else. Big school, definately. Lots of diffent types of people, absolutely but this prepares them for real life. You don't get to pick and choose who your neighbors will be but you can prepare your life so that you are ready for whatever is thrown at you and I truly believe BA schools is the place to accomplish that.
2/23/2006former studentThis is a very large school, so it can provide challenging classes and prepare a student for college. I was able to gain admission and a scholarship to a prestigious university with the education I received there. The disadvantages are that it is so large that you can get lost in the crowd. Broken Arrow only has one high school, so all of the kids go to school together. This means that your child will be in school with every kind of person. This can be a good and a bad thing.
9/15/2005parentAs a parent of 3 children in the BA school system, I can not say enough good about it.As with all schools/districts, there are positive and negative aspects concerning the academics, sports, band, etc. I know for a fact that a majority of funds for the extra-curricular activities, i.e. band, cheerleading, football, come from the kids and parents themselves thru many,many hours of fundraising. A lot of the teachers take extra courses every year and give of their time and of their own money to provide what the students need in their classroom.All over the country, you are going to have 'rich' kids think they are better than the 'poor' kids. Do I think that the school system is 'perfect'? No.Broken Arrow public schools are as great as you are ever going to find.
5/22/2005studenti am a senior about to graduate from Broken Arrow Senior High next year. I have received nothing but the best from this school system. Of course their are teachers who are execption to the norm and then there are teacher who go above the call of duty. Yes Broken Arrow does put a lot of focus on extra curriculars but i don't see it as a bad thing, it breaks up the monotony of day to day school work and helps students to make the most of high school. I, for one, would not want to be part of a school system that only focused on academics and nothing else, schools like that turn out graduates with excellent academic ability but they have no personal or social skills, which are equally important to academics.
5/9/2005former studentI attend all 13 years in a Broken Arrow School (Class of 2003). The education system is designed for average students. If you excel at any subject then you have no real chance to show it. I was placed into the gifted and talented program from 3rd grade and it was the biggest waste of time ever. Sports don t really get competitive until 10th grade and then you better be awesome or you're riding the bench, if that. Highly restrictive dress code for public schools (even flip-flops were banned). If you accidentally brought your cell phone on campus, forgot your ID, or had 3 tardies then it was an auto 3day detention. They baby students on late work. Great AP program but BA does not prepare non-AP students for college. BA may have been nationally ranked in the 80s but do not appear in Newsweek s latest 1000 Best High Schools.
4/6/2005former studentI am former student who spent nearly all of my academic career (grades 1-11) at BAHS. I'm amazed that the town STILL only has 1 high school. It really needs 2. For a public Oklahoma high school, which ranked 46th in the nation in education during the 1980s, it is an 'Ok' place for your child to get an education. Academics are an after thought. Very few students get accepted to top universities and colleges (Ivy League, Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, Duke, etc.) and if they do, are not prepared to handle the curriculum. Extracurricular activities, like varsity team sports and band, are very, very competitive. If your child has the desire to make a varsity team sport, your child will need to be highly skilled, play in the youth leagues of BA, be politically connected to the coaching staff, and socialize with other athletes.
2/15/2005former studentI attended Broken Arrow High and both of my parents are educators in the Broken Arrow Public School system. I feel all the complaints about Broken Arrow caring only about athletics not justified. If these claims were true, why is Broken Arrow not among the high school athletics elite? Much of the funding comes from Booster Clubs and the stadium was built through a contract with Pepsi. Although my classes were large, I was very prepared for the transition to college and the staff helped me obtain numerous scholarships. As far as the reputation that Broken Arrow is full of snobby rich kids, it is simply a stereotype. In a school so large, it is easy for kids to find their own niche. Every school has its flaws, but I feel all these negative comments are bitter misrepresentations. It is necessary to put sensitivity aside and look at the facts.
10/24/2004former studentThe facilities are wonderful. However, the faculty are sub-par at best. Although they do seem to care about teaching, their own educational levels are marginal. The school district focuses too heavily on extra-curricular activities. For example, the high-school football coach is a full-time employee who makes a much higher salary than any of the teachers and does not teach any classes. Additionally, the environment of the school is more materialistic than most high schools. While most families in the district are middle-class, they constantly struggle financially by trying to one-up their neighbors to make their child appear to e the 'coolest' at Broken Arrow High School. The movie, 'Friday Night Lights,' is highly analagous to Broken Arrow. Parents, teachers, and students, at this school are more concerned with image than with education. Athletics and AP admission are influenced by politics and PTA involvement; merit is secondary.
10/3/2004studentI am no parent but i am currently a student at bahs (broken arrow high school). I will tell you this. I have received more help here than any where else. Teachers always encourage us to come in before or after school for help when needed. I have been failing math for quite some time until i came here and got the proper help. And resources, man, are everywhere. We just got a whole lot of new computers books. Everything is new and the staff is great. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else...And p.S. I am in the pride and we as in the band members pay for everything we need. Broken arrow has great schools and I'm sure your kids will love them too.
8/30/2004parentI have experienced several school districts in Oklahoma with my 4 children. I don't find BA schools to be any different than any other public school in the state. I have had trouble with some teachers and loved others, just as you would expect at any school. However, had I researched the district better and realized that it is the biggest district in the state, I would not have moved to BA. It is way to large for the kids to have opportunities in sports. My son was on a football team he loved but only got in about 5 plays in 3 years. My daughters who love cheerleading can't make the squad because the competition is too great unless you spend thousands of dollars on private training. I don't think there is a perfect district, but looking back I would have penny pinched to send my kids to private schools.
8/16/2004parentI attending BA schools from 1-12th grade. I can't imagine my children attending school anywhere else! My oldest had a great year last year, and I have two more starting 1st grade. We were delighted at the teachers' passion for teaching, their methods, and their philosophy that my kids should be kids. We were drowning in homework (just for the kindergartners!). Here, my kids actually do their class work in class, they get the extra help when they need it, and are very happy. I have the greatest faith in our school system, and feel blessed to see my kids going to BA schools. Go Tigers!
7/30/2004former studentI am a former student at BAHS and I woldn't send my kids anywhere else. Its a wonderful school. There is a problem with student to teacher ratio, but if they go up to teachers and ask for help they tend to get it. And as one post on here said about the BA Pride was a joke? Why......Because the Pride members pay for pretty much everything. The only thing the school has done for the pride this year was increase the 'Pride Stand', if I recall. BA is known, nation wide, for its Extracurricular Activities as well as Academics. Its a wonderful all around school to go to. I got an ecellent education and I learned a lot, both acadmicaly and extracurriculary.
7/10/2004former studentI attended BA schools from 6-12 grades and received a quality eduaction. In answer to previous statements about teacher availability and quality of education, I got out of it what I put into it. Never once in my 7 years did I have difficulity receiving help from a teacher. As compared with many of the schools my college peers came from, I'm thankful I had the opportunity to go to BA with the variety of activities and opportunties given from a large school. And in regards to funding go to all the extra curricular activites, as a proud member of the Pride Marching Band, I spent countless hours in fund-raising as well as cash from my own pocket to pay for my own uniform parts, trips, instruments, etc as did a majority of the other programs at the school did, thank you! BA is a great place to be from!
5/24/2004former studentAs a former student of Broken Arrow, I would highly suggest shelling out the extra $ and sending your kids to Holland Hall in Tulsa instead. It's a private school, but well worth it. Great teachers, education, high level parent involvement (encouraged), etc. I had friends that went there and wished I had their education upon entering college. When I graduated BAHS in 99 it ranked the 2nd lowest in the state for seniors in below level mathematics. Why? Because teachers weren't available for help. If you want your child to be a football star or popular athlete then Broken Arrow is the place for them. If you want your child to have a great education then I would really recomend avoiding it. I had a great time in HS and graduated w/ honors. But keep in mind that many people here won't have that oppertunity due to size, etc.
5/23/2004former studentBroken Arrow schools, what a joke! I moved to BA when I was 12 yrs old and did 7th-12th grades there. Why is BA a joke? Here's why... the quality of education is nothing short of aweful, teachers are rarely available for 'extra' help in studies after school (unless your child has detention, then he/she can get to see their teacher), and the number one reason: all of the school funding goes to athletics or the 'BA Pride' (marching band)! New computers? Nope! Not in the time I was there. All the $ went to football uniforms, equip, band uniforms, sending band to competitions, etc! Yeah, BA is great at extracurricular activities but that's about it. It is the 3rd or 4th largest HS in the nation so the student to teacher ratio is aweful (even though this website states otherwise). If you are moving to BA beware of the schools.
4/21/2004parentParent involvement is a joke - North Intermediate doesn't want it. No child left behind campaign - Needs to begin with teaching methods and the desire to want to teach, there are alot of kids left behind because nobody wants to take the time to reach these kids - 'they are trouble kids'. No Bullying Act - please - This school believes that your child should not defend themselves. Your child can be threatened, shoved in the halls and harrassed. If your child 'complains' too much, they are told By the Assistant Principal he is tired of seeing their face in his office to go back to class. Teachers are quick to give out referrals than to control his or her own classrooms. Dress code definately needs to be addressed.
2/23/2004parentOur daughter attended and graduated from BAHS in 2000 and we are pleased with the education that Broken Arrow schools afford. Her graduation date from Tulsa University is Spring 2004 and she was fully prepared for her college classes. By the way, as I recall, BAHS is the largest high school in the state of Oklahoma.
9/21/2003otherI attended BA schools from K-12, I disagree with the first comment. Most of the teachers there do not put their heart into their teaching. I was a straight A&B student, and worked hard regardless of the teachers involvment! If you are moving to BA, and plan to have you children attend BA schools, stay way involved in your childs school, best way for them to succeed! My son is almost 4 and I am concerened about sending him to BA schools. He has ADHD and children with that condition need one on one help and dedicated teachers.
8/26/2003former studentI am a student who spent all 13 years in Broken Arrow...the AP program has quite a few exceptional teachers who are passionate about teaching and can provide guidance for students preparing for college.... the counseling department is a frustration as they tried, with many students including myself, to talk us out of enrolling in advanced placement classes. This is the only warning I have to offer to prospective BA students. Just heed my warning- it is a school which much to offer if you avoid the right people.
8/10/2003parentMy son attended Broken Arrow Schools from 1st grade through 12th grades. He received a quality education that has made him competative with students across the nation. His former teachers, administrators and counselors are still very much a part of his life in offering encouragement with his post graduate studies. Broken Arrow has the best to offer in education. I highly recommend the school and community to anyone who is considering a move to Oklahoma.

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