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Charles Page High School
500 Adams Rd
Sand Springs, OK 74069
(918) 846-1502
public | 10-12
County: Tulsa


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/24/2012otherI am a previous student at Charles Page. I graduated last year. College is so easy now. Senior year I got alot of help with scholarships, advice and information about college. The chemistry and math programs at cphs are better from what I can tell than the other high schools in Oklahoma and it is the smallest 6A school. You feel like you know everyone in your school. The only complaints are from the kids who are in school for the wrong reasons. The english I thought was poor until I got in college. My college English class has nothing to do with English. And the class is a joke compared to my highschool work. I wouldn't have gone to school anywhere else if I could do it again.
1/19/2011parentOverall the schools are pretty good but the counselors at CPHS are completely worthless. They aren't helpful at all and most of the time they have an attitude problem. They don't act concerned with the kids at all and seem to enjoy seeing them struggle. My interaction with one of them in particular left a very poor impression on me and I wondered why she's even there. She seemed to really enjoy exercising her power. As long as you don't need assistance from a counselor, CPHS is a good school.
11/21/2010parentI have sent 2 children to CPHS, the oldest dropped out. He is an average student. I did not get any support from the school. The 2nd child is a bright student who has ADHD and was not passing. His 10th grade geometry teacher would not let him in the classroom due to his ADHD. I had to call a meeting with the school. His schedule was then changed and he started to do better. I cannot get a call back from his counselor to talk to her about academics. We are now going to do k12 online program. I am very disappointed with this district. My child has been disciplined for his pants being too loose and there are female students wearing much worse. The school has made me feel as if my child does not matter to them. I would not recommend this district.
3/10/2010parentScience program is one of the strongest in the state. Chemistry is taught by an instructor who is a Dr. and Chem II and Physics by a former Oklahoma Teacher of the year. My child excelled in the sciences in college. . Math: Very average at best. Part of the problem with the advance math classes is that there are students that have no business being in the AP classes. Slows the class down and those students do not care like a true advance student does. English: I feel the program is weak. I was not impressed at all. However, my child did well in the one English class taken in college. Perhaps I expect too much. Activities: Plenty but few excel. Instructors seem involved just for the extra incentives. Conselors: Weak. Did not see any extra effort. Principal. Very good. Fairly new, I'm sure he is working through the kinks
12/22/2009otherI am a graduate of Charles Page myself, and I must disagree with the consensus. Charles Page is a great high school, boasting easily one of the best AP programs in the state, especially history, english, and sciences. Having personally attended other area school system Broken Arrow, I must say that the bullying that takes place in the Sand Springs district is a drop in the bucket compared to other area schools. A graduating class of around 350 last year compared to more than 1,000 for other area schools such as Union also lends itself to smaller class sizes and more personalized teaching. All in all, I would recommend Charles Page to any parent, anywhere.
6/20/2009parentthis is an unsatisfactory school. i hate it. my child will not be attending charles page next year
2/7/2008parentMy son is in 10th grade at CPHS and the staff and curriculum is excellent!
1/29/2008parentWe moved our daughter from a southside suburban school for her 10th grade year, and it has been a solid experience. She has expereinced excellent teachers, and rigorous course work. She was concurrently enrolled as a senior student and a college students at Tulsa Community College, and she is well prepared to move into higher education. Granted, there are students and families that do not push themselves to achieve, and granted there are issues as there are at all high schools, but suffice to say CPHS has been a great learning environment for our daughter.
10/23/2007parentThis school, as well as the other Sand Springs public schools has a fundamental problem. Because of the SS home and Boys home the system is lopsided with a higher than average percentage of troubled children. You would think that with this challenge the system would be more agressive dealing with discipline, but sadly that is not the case. As far as the leadership is concerned, they seem to think that funding is their primary goal and are losing focus on their actual jobs. You would be wise to avoid this district if you have a less than stellar student.
8/27/2007parentI was a student at Charles Page over twenty years ago. I was a smart kid, but unmotivated due to problems at home. I was basically told to just drop out and get mu GED. They gave me no advice on college and I didn't even realize I could get loans and grants to pay for school. I have also sent three children into this school. I agree with the others that state, as long as they are smart and self motivated, they will do fine. The staff have very little patience for anyone who needs help for any reason. I have a physically hanicapped child who was very advanced. and we still struggled with the staff not being understanding. The bulling was bad there, I do believe that they are trying to get ahold on it now. It's up to you parents to monitor how your child is treated.
9/19/2006parentWe currently have a student in the 9th grade of CPHS. I can honestly say that the principal is first class as are the majority of the staff. Of course this is the 9th grade center, which is separate from the main campus. If this is any indication of the main campus, we fell that our child is in a good system. I think most complaints are founded upon isolated issues and are not the norm. I realize there is no perfect school but I feel very confident in the Sand Springs school program. I highly recommend that you choose to live here as opposed to the much more maligned Tulsa school system. Regards, JN
11/28/2005former studentI am a graduate of CPHS and have to agree with the reviews that state that the bullying and harassment is horrible there! I was watched several fights go unnoticed and threats that were not taken seriously occur daily and that was over 15 years ago! I have several nephews that either currently attend or have graduated from there recently and I have to say that it has gotten worse since the 80s and I am not proud to say that I am an alumni of CPHS! I have three degrees from TCC, OU and OSU. The education that I received did not prepare me for the work that I had to do in college! Sand Springs is failing its parents and its students terribly!
5/9/2005parentFine school for students who are focused and ambitious. If you have a student who needs to be encouraged or that little extra boost (like you had when you were in school) the Sand Springs school system is probably not the best fit for your student. I've the students who were self motivated did well, as for anyone needing a little attention - sadly it just isn't there.
3/17/2005former studentI was a student of Charles Page and I have to agree that students that are not independent over achievers are left in the dust. The teachers pay way too much attention to popular kids. Many people in this school district are living their second childhood through these kids and homecoming queen and student of the month are the most important thing to these teachers. Pretty sad when not everyone is looked at equally for awards and the same people win everything over and over again, and no one else is given a chance to be successful if they weren't from the very start. Very caddy faculty.
3/3/2005former studentI think that this is an amazing school. I am a graduate of the Sand Springs school district and am doing very well in college because of the discipline I earned while in Sand Springs. I do not believe that the harrassment is a problem at the high school. I also fully support all of the staff and have an extreme amount of respect for the superintendent and his staff. He does a wonderful job and in my opinion, we could not have a better superintendent.
1/8/2005parentMy daughter suffered a very severe form of harrasment from a 'group' of girls while at CPHS. Needless to say the principal and Dr. Snow didn't have any answers or solutions to this problem, except for Dr. Snow's comment that 'well we all went through this when we were kids.'. My daughter was getting very depressed and withdrawn. That is when we pulled her out of CPHS, and got her in to an alternate school setting, she is now doing very well and her self esteem is up. I am putting this on this site because harrassment and bullying in school should not be tolerated at all! Please listen to your kids and question the 'authority' This is something that could affect the rest of a childs life.
2/14/2004parentI had three children to attend Charles Page, one graduated with honors and tested out of her first year at the University of Oklahoma. Her brother also graduated from Charles Page and was an average student who got vocational training. The third one fell between the cracks and ended up dropping out of school. He was a very good student who needed guidance. Not much interest was shown for average students. Communication between parents and counselors was poor. This is an excellent school for motivated students.
12/22/2003former studentOverall, the school is not bad. The bad part about it is the lack of respect on the part of the students, and from a few of the teachers. There are also a lot of terribly under-appreciated teachers that give much more than they receive. CPHS is lucky that they haven't lost these few prize teachers a long time ago!
9/9/2003parentI have one child that graduated from Charles Page High School and one that will attend there next year. I believe the school provides an excellent education to students who take the Honors and AP classes. My Daughter was valedictorian of her class and she worked very hard with the help of enthusiastic and talented teachers. This hard worked allowed her to test out of her first year of college in Biology, Chemistry and all of her English. In fact, all of the students in her English class tested out of at least one English class for college. That is truly remarkable. We have recently gone in to partnership with the local Vocational College to partner and give college credit to students that are taking certain vocational classes. This is a very exciting endeavor. An energetic new young principal came on board in the fall of 2002 and seems to be inspiring both teachers and students to do their best. The school benefits from lots of parent involvement as well as strong support from the local community.

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