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Allen Dale Elementary School - Grants_Pass, OR

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Allen Dale Elementary School2320 Williams Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 474-5760K-5JosephinepublicGrants Pass School District 7

Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/28/2012parentAllen Dale is an excellent school! The staff is amazing. Everyone works together for the greater good of all students. My child is somewhat quirky, and the staff and teachers go the extra mile to ensure him a quality education and a safe learning environment.
6/1/2012parentOffice manager needs an attitude adjustment but otherwise it's a great overall school. Teachers are dedicated to making class time a positive and enjoyable experience.
5/30/2011teacherThe parents work hard to donate their time and money to provide and keep the best educational activities available. This allows great opportunities for the teachers to provide quality education for all the children. Teachers, parents and children working together for a terrific education...priceless!!!!
2/16/2011parentI think the teachers are great. I don't like the principal and the lunches. I think the principal is arrogant and rude. He is way to strict on being tardy. Things happen and the parents are the ones who are responsible for kids at this age and to give a child detention for being tardy three times is insane!
5/21/2010parentThe teachers are awesome and super caring.. Will to work with the parents.
9/10/2009parentExcellent interaction and inclusion of family into schooling. Great Staff.
8/23/2009parentAllen Dale teachers & Principal are amazing, open, and more then wonderful.....the front office staff however is something left to be desired. I enrolled my child toward the end of the school year...the ladies in the office wanted to know all about who, what, why, when.....the next time I was in the office...their esoteric, rude, and over the top sharpness has left me cold and never wanting to deal with them. Thank God...The teachers and principals are the real reason my children go to the school!!!
8/14/2009parentI wouldn't have my son go to elementary school anywhere else. The teachers, principal and staff are all wonderful. They take time to communicate with you and really seem to care about the children.
4/28/2008parentTeachers and principal are great. The front office staff seems to be a bit snooty or short. They seem to have there own little esoteric behind the sceans thing going on.
11/17/2007parentI am a divorced parent, that has a child with special needs. She has been in Allen dale since first grade and still attends and she is now in the 5th. The special education program there in my opinion has fallen short and not met my daughters needs, I feelthat she has just been a number in so many ways and has fallen through the cracks. She is still coming to visit me crying over the teasing that has been going on for years...even with much interaction I feel she is still pushed aside and her needs just haven't been met....i would not recoment this school if your child has special needs. Other than that the schools seems ok
9/4/2007parentMy son is in 2nd grade and has had the best experience so far. He has always done well with math and the teachers have recognized that and been willing to put him forward so that he doesn't just wait for the class to catch up.
5/22/2007parentOverall, I love Allen Dale. I think it is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers. However, the school doesn't do very well when dealing with the single, working parent. The PTA type meetings are held at 2:30 in the afternoon which makes it incredibly difficult for a single, working parent to attend and be involved. The school was much better with the old principal, but I'm sure, with time, the new principal will improve.
4/27/2007parentAllen Dale is a fantastic school! We have had children there since 1998, and have always been impressed with the staff and how they relate to the students. They are a very caring group of people and the kids know they are loved. There is a great parent and staff group that is currently providing a free after school drama club. The kids are loving it. Come check it out. We love our school!!!
2/26/2007parentMy child has been in Allendale for several years and I am gravely disappointed with the majority of the staff. The classroom teachers we have spent time with do not know how to handle children. I have also found that this school cannot keep track of our children! My husband and I have been contacted on several occasions stating our children were absent when they were in class. The secretaries are very rude and irresponsible. Our children are being transferred into private schools. Think twice before enrolling your children in Allendale!
11/21/2006parentI am a new parent to Allen Dale and in the past 3 months I have been very impressed with the staff, facility, resources and parent involvement. I feel great leaving my child in their care and enjoy volunteering during the week also. I have to admit that public school scared me, but we're all enjoying it and the teachers very much. Allen Dale recieves top marks in academics and also through enrichment programs and workshops. Get a visitor's pass and see for yourself, it's the way school was meant to be!

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