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Orenco Elementary School
22550 NW Birch St
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 844-1370
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public | K-6
County: Washington


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/4/2012parentMy two daughters have really enjoyed their years at Orenco. They are just finishing up year 2 there. Last year my youngest was in a 1st-2nd grade mix with a new teacher, new to the school anyway. She was horrible. But this year She is in Mrs. McRitchie's class, and for the first time I see how excited she is to go to school! My older daughter is in Mrs. Batchler's class and I couldn't have wished for a better teacher for her! These two teachers are the most caring and wonderful teachers I could ever wish for my daughters to have. I am concerned about next year because I know there is a 4th grade teacher that is less than caring and my 3rd grader is a delicate little girl, that thinks the world of her teachers and I would hate for her to be crushed by a teacher.
1/6/2012parentHorrible school.bullying school.my boys hated that school .they went been above average to below average.teachers don't even care the kids intelligent. Thank god I removed them after a year. Any parents who want to send their children to orenco should think twice.
1/5/2012parentMy children absolutely hated it at Orenco. My son loved his 3rd grade teacher, but my daughter and I detested her 2nd grade teacher. She was uncaring, cold, abrasive, and outright rude to my daughter constantly. My daughter was bullied pretty much the whole time she attended Orenco, and when she let the teacher know, she did nothing. I did get help from the counselor, but the teacher waited over a week to even try and fix the problem. I emailed the teacher, including the principal in the email and heard nothing from either of them. My call to the principal went unanswered as well. The library constantly sent home notices that my children's books were overdue, even though I witnessed them putting their books in the book drop. Eventually they would find the books in the book drop, like we told them. I found the staff to be off-putting for the most part. They seemed to stand behind their teachers more than their students. I cannot believe a school would allow bullying to go on, or allow their teachers to act this way towards students. No child should wonder why their teacher dislikes them. A child should feel safe when they are at school, and my daughter definitely didn't.
10/8/2010parentmy 3 kids went to orenco skyler crystal ashley clowers i love this school ther is no other school i would have wanted my kids to go to. i went thure a hard time in my life at one point and some of the staff was willing to keep them at ther house till i got my life back on track. know family took them for me but what school would do that none i thank you orenco for beaing ther for me with much love your friend jody
10/5/2009parentTwo of my children attended Orenco during 2006-2007. They were fortunate to have great teachers who kept me informed of upcoming events when I was at the school to pick up my children. However, the administration seemed determined to keep parents in the dark. I missed my daughter's 1st grade assembly because they would let us know about those things after the fact. The parent organization at the school was called 'the booster club', and seemed to exist only for fundraising. If you are looking for a school that will take over the education of your children, this is it. If you want to be involved and informed about the education and activities of your children, move to another state, perhaps. It is a nice new school and they have fun and give lots of rewards. All in all, it was fun for my kids; it was frustrating for me.
4/1/2009parentThe teachers are active in putting together special clubs for the students like the Chess Club. The Blast Program is also at Orenco which is an after school childcare program for only 700.00 a year. It has been great. The school is open to parent volunteers and is always willing and prepared to accept help. The reading program is amazing and the students all have access to computers in the classroom.
12/29/2007parentMy second grader loves Orenco and is excited about going to school each day. He started out with average test scores and now is excelling in his class. His teacher genuinely cares and has many positive and creative ways to encourage the kids to shine....i.e. self manager badges. I cannot say enough good things about his teacher and the school. I'm very happy with experience there.
9/30/2007parentMy son has excelled in his basic reading and math skills. I think their is a positive motivation for the students to learn and be more focused with important curriculum that reared my son to focus. The rewards are there to help them be motivated and encourage their confidence in themselves. I am impressed with what the teachers and the school system is doing to help guide students to their full potential. Parent involvement is also a major PLUS!
4/11/2007parentWhat an amazing school! The teachers are wonderful - talented and motivating! They ensure all students are succeeding in all of the content areas. I am thrilled all 3 of my children are going here. You couldn't ask for a better school!
5/5/2006staffOrenco is a beautiful facility and the teachers and professional and friendly. The school is a little too big though and can make you feel lost as a parent.

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