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Northeast Intermediate School
Adams Ave and Gibson St
Scranton, PA 18510
(570) 348-3651
public | 6-8
County: Lackawanna


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Eric Schaeffer2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/18/2012parentMy child is a smart, motivated & well behaved student who clearly does NOT belong at this school. First of all, she never has any real amount of homework. There are never any grade appropriate take home projects to work on. She talks about doing "busy work" and classes that are clearly out of control. Nothing positive to report on the academic front. She is not being challenged at all. The grades are clearly padded to pass everyone along. I've never been at a school event that could be characterized as impressive. Generally speaking, the student body is loud, rude and completely disrespectful of the faculty and one another. I understand that the demographic for this particular school isn't the easiest to deal with but the school's administration with support from district officials has got to step up the effort. In addition, there are too many faculty members who are just going through the motions. Little to no parental involvement is a problem there too. The time spent at this school has proven to be wasted time during crucial years of development. I've always been a proponent of public schools but, this one is awful. Bottom line: Go elsewhere if it is possible.
4/17/2012otherWorst school. Ever. None of the kids are treated equally. If a smaller, quieter, prettier girl wears a purple tank top all the teachers will flock to yell at her instead of yelling at the Bigger girl. The teachers will pick favorites and pick on one specific student. A boy was in my class and said one small word to his neighbor, and was told off by the teacher who decided to target him instead of the whole disorderly class. It honestly shocked me. Did i mention its very dirty? Well, it is. I found a cockroach on the floor of the caf. I dont even know where the taxes we pay go because half the classes cant afford a book. I wish I could give this school a zero but there is no option for that. Also, many students think youre a nerd if you get good grades. But its cool if youre failing....If youre expecting a good education thats way to high of an expectation.Seriously.
4/25/2011parentHorrible communication between teachers and parents. Angry people getting a paycheck to sit at their desks and read the newspaper while kids do 'busy work'
1/6/2011parentNortheast Scranton Intermediate needs to treat all the kids the same way when it come to fighting but they don't. if there is no teacher or adult to see what happen or what is going on or hear the child saying thing about other child then just one child should not get in trouble both or all childern fighting or talking about each other should. they should not only go by what other children say. This kid was saying thing about two of my kids and my kids was saying thing about her. I think she should have gotten suspended to not just my two kids. this kid just got into a fight with another kid were they where hitting each other and she did not get suspended but the other kid did. my kids didn't hit her and they got suspended. this is there first time getting in to trouble at school. they did not get no warning or write warning. it not fair that my two and the other kid got suspended and she did'nt. it becouse she is a stright A student. she should not get treated any better the all the other students just becouse they are stright A students. All the students should be treated the same way if one gets suspended then both party should
2/5/2010parentThis is so true, I never know what is going on. only a phone call the night before any event.
1/19/2010parentThis is the worst school any of my children have ever been in. There is no comunication between teachers and parents and the administration has a no care additude in regards to whats best for the children. So poor I'm now paying for private school.
1/14/2010parentThis school is horrible. It's top two administrators are horrendous and very difficult to deal with. My son, with autism is struggling dearly without much support. This is by far the worst school he has ever attended. I rate this school a 0- a big fat zero!
12/3/2009parentwell this year im not toohappy my daughter was disiciplined for something and i was never notified of this. I would have liked to have been more involved with this process. I thought parents and teachers were towork together.
10/7/2009parentI just started here as a sixth grader! i love it!!! my favorite teacher is mrs. stanchak! i love miss regan and ms. fox as well!!!
6/11/2009studentNorth east is the best school ever. The teachers there are really nice especially mrs. Nicastro and mrs. Petrillo they really taught me a lot unlike west where everyone over here doesnt even know what a 90 degree angle is or a thesis statement. North east gave me lots of good memories and i wish i could go back! neis is best
3/1/2009studentThis school is a great school, all of my friends go there which is also what makes it great. Some things i definitely dont like is that we have to have assigned lunch tables!! I am in 7th grade and the 7th grade has to have assigned tables by number. Mrs. Rose counted individually like 'Sit at 1,2,3,4,5,6...' and soo on. I sit at 11 and i sit with people i dont talk to, that i dont get along with, and i am very squished. But I think that everyone agrees with me on this lunch thing. It is not fair when people get written up for being 1 min. late. I can see if it is constant but if it is there first time? We have Mr.Schaeffer which likes to do diff. things and have fun! I have one more year and id like to make the best of it!!
9/24/2008studentI am currently a student in NorthEast and its my 2nd year. Its a really good school, but I think that some things aren't fair. Such we have to eat at assigned lunch tables. Last year we had to be absolutly quiet before we could, so sometimes I had to eat late and go to classes late! I think they should change that rule because lunch is supposed to be for talking with your friends not people you don't like or don't even know. My teachers are great this year and the new princaple.
6/3/2008studentI have been going to Northeast for three years. I have met so many new people and have made so many new friends. I have learned a lot, and have made many fun memories. But, I have also run into some teachers who were, well, not my favorite. I also did not agree with some language directed towards students, and thought some punishments were unnesscessary, such as assigned lunch seats. I also think students get written up for absurd reasons such as 30 seconds late. I will be leaing Northeast this year and I will miss it, but then again I will be happy to leave some of the things I do not like about it.
6/4/2007parentThe school is extremely diverse and lots of fun! I think it needs improvement on parental contact. There is no school calendar provided and they are not using the phone mail system. Finding out about early dismissals is difficult. Faculty and staff are very dedicated.
10/14/2006studentNortheast is the best school ever, I was really nervous when I came but now it is the best school I have ever been to the teachers are sooo nice the push you to do you best and mrs.dixon and mr.bersinski are sooo nice I never want to leave :)
8/27/2006studentNEIS is one of the best schools I have ever gone to. The teachers are great. The classes are fun and the pizza at lunch is the best.
8/8/2006former studentIm not a parent,im an alumni of NEIS and let me tell you my years at Northeast were the best of my life. I had so many great times and learned so many things. My Teachers pushed me to sucess. My grades improved dramatically at this school. I love northeast and im going to miss it so much.

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