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School Profile

Laurence Manning Academy
1154 Academy Dr
Manning, SC 29102
(803) 435-2114
private | PK-12
County: Clarendon


3/8/2012otherI am a former graduate of Laurence Manning Academy (having attended there 13 years), and have successfully attended a 4 year university and achieved a 4.0, and currently applying to a masters program. I feel that the Honors program at LMA prepared me for my future academic endeavors alongside my will to succeed. I feel that in a sense, you can choose your future at LMA, as well as any other school, and just get by with taking "easy classes". I encourage all parents to push their students to challenge themselves as to be best prepared for college.
2/20/2011parentI agree with many of the views of the previous post. My husband and I considered other schools and we decided to go with Laurence Manning. I have been impressed with administration and Dr. Jordan. I do hope there is continuous growth within the school but not at the expense of class size. Public school classrooms are continuing to grow in size with classes of 25 - 30. This is too many to have in one classroom to be effective in engaging students. There are pros and cons to all schools but right now this is the best fit for our family.
1/1/2011parentI am very pleased with the academic progress of my children. My children entered under the leadership of Dr. Jordan and I am very pleased with what I continue to see. There is continuous growth in class size. Curriculum is on track with state guidelines. Chapel is every Wednesday. Students get the opportunity to have daily prayer time which is led by their teacher. Children are allowed to pray if they would like to. Sports are offered at all ages. I am hopeful that LMA will continue to proved academic excellence for many years to come!
5/1/2010parentMy twin boys were enrolled in LMA from K-4 thru 7th grade. The biggest mistake I ever made was to transfer them to school distict #2 in Sumter SC.Unfortunately,They neither one went on to graduate!While at LMA I never had such serious problems as we did in public school.Mr.Nally and the rest of the staff at LMA were always ready and available to help when needed.They always made my boys feel loved and welcome.As for my 9 year old little girl,she will graduate from LMA in 2019! That's that!!!She is an Honor Roll student just like her brothers were when at LMA!!!!
1/3/2008parentOur Son transfered to LMA his Junior year. Coming from a 4A Public High School, I must admit, this was a very big change for him. LMA students and staff have accepted our son with open arms. The teachers are open to parent communication and they promote e-mail correndspondence. I'ts been a blessing to know our son is surrounded by Christian people at LMA. Mr. Spencer Jordan - Headmaster, really has a heart for 'People Building'; thanks for building up our son! So far, LMA has been a postive and stress free enviroment for our family. We've only been in attendance for two months, but I can't wait to see how things work out for the Spring.
12/17/2007parentThis school provides students with a warm and friendly enviornment. The boys basketball program however leaves alot to be desired.
10/27/2007parentLMA has been a great experience for our family, it is a safe christian, family oriented school. The parental support is tremedous.I have to say the fields and gym are packed with parents and students during any event. As far as fund-raisers are concerned they are necessary improve the school, and help keep cost down to make it affordable. Faculty and staff are awesome they really welcome you with open arms. GO CATS
9/8/2007parentWe have been at LMA for four years, and I have two children that attended. It is a safe, Christian school, with an outstanding faculty and administration. I recommend this school with all my heart. My children love going to school and I love knowing that they are getting a great education there. I know sometimes it seems like a lot of homework for little ones, but I know it is worth it. Along with a great education, LMA has outstanding extracurricular activities and many fun events. This is a family environment that I hope all l parents and children have the opportunity to experience.
7/21/2007parentThis school wa an awful experience for my children. For the most part the kids have all grown up together and have already formed their cliques. They are snobbish to 'outsiders'. The parents are worse than the students. Mr. Nalley, the Headmaster, only has one concern and that is fundraising for the new high school building. The elementary teachers were rude and gave out more homework than the high school teachers did. Overall it was not a good experience.
4/3/2007studentLMA is an awesome school. We have a great faculty at Laurence Manning Academy.
12/19/2006studentLaurence Manning is the best school I ever went to. The small classes make you feel like you are more of a focus and chapel on Wednesday was a great thing to have in a school. They are so much more personal and it's like a big family out there because everyone knows everyone which is a very uncommon thing in schools. I can't wait to come back. Plus the school gets the kids involved in charity events which is a great lesson to teach. Their teaching goes beyond the class or subject. I can personally say I have learned many of my life lessons from the administration and staff.
5/7/2006studentlaurence manning was really....... fun. i have been there since 1st grade, but i haven't graduated from there yet.. and the teachers are so cool.
2/12/2005studentThis school is awesome no one is singled out and everyne is accepted . I have been going to school here for 9 years from K-4 and i wouldnt wanna go anywhere else .
2/3/2005former studentI graduated from Laurence Manning in May of 2004 also. I loved this school. I went there since 4th grade and I loved my teachers, friends, and everything else I took from this school. The teachers are not just your teachers, they are your friends and both Mr. Nalley and the teachers care about you, in school and in life! I am proud to say I went to Laurence Manning and I will tell you parents that you should send your kids here! I love Laurence Manning Academy - GO SWAMPCATS!
1/14/2005former studentI graduated from LMA in May 2004. I absolutely loved LMA! Mr. Nalley is def. different than most principles I know. He likes to get involoved with student activites and he tries to understand the students. HE MAKES SCHOOL FUN! The teachers at LMA can be described in one word - AMAZING! They dedicate their time to helping students achieve the students goal. In other words, LMA is a great school to go to and reccommend all parents to send their children there. When I am asked what school I graduated from I am extremely proud to say I graduated from LMA because this school taught me so many things that I can apply to real life experiences!
11/20/2004studentThis school is the greatest school ever and it has great education and i would send a child here in a heart beat- it feels like a home and a big familly everyone is so nice- i love laurence manning academy-- go cats.
10/7/2004parentThis is the first year my chidren have attended a private schoool. Coming from the public schools of sc I have to say we have found an 'angel' in our midst. The teachers and staff are awesome. The children that attend lma are very respectful and well mannered. Thank you Laurence-Manning!
8/2/2004parentThis school has a good christian environment with skilled caring teachers.

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