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Red Bank Elementary School - Chattanooga, TN

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Red Bank Elementary School1100 Mountain Creek Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 874-1917PK-5HamiltonpublicHamilton County

School Head OfficialYear
Stephanie Hinton2008

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/19/2012parentThis school isn't a good fit for gifted or eccentric children. I don't say this to be arrogant or to brag on my child, but I don't feel like my daughter is being challenged at all in school-- they're only teaching things that she's known for two or three years. I have to educate her at home because she's bored to tears in school and wants to actually learn something. She has been relentlessly bullied by her peers and the teachers don't seem to even take notice. She comes home every day telling me about all the horrible things that one little boy in her class says to her because she's different, but when I brought my concerns to the teacher's attention, she acted like it wasn't anything to give a flip about. The best I can say is that this is an okay school, and that your child will probably do just fine there if she's a "normal" kid... But for kids who are very advanced or march to the beat of a different drummer, I really don't recommend it.
9/17/2012parentOur kids went there for a total of 3 years before we moved. I honestly miss this school and their teachers SO much! The teachers are dedicated to their classroom and have a true passion for their school. The principal, at the time, was Ms. Hinton and she was strict, however, a great principal! Samantha Williams, Emily Holloway, Amy Stanley, Rebecca Reeves and Starr Williams proved to be amazing teachers and ones that come highly recommended by me!
8/11/2010parentMy children have attended RBE for 4 years now and they are really loving the school. The staff are wonderful and the teachers work very hard to meet the needs of all the kids.
8/14/2009parentVery unsatisfactory...staff is unsatisfactory
5/30/2009parentMy oldest daughter went to RBE..I was very pleased with the school, how they had some many different ways for parent involment such as: math night and story time. I am so excited that now my youngest daugther will be attending this coming fall..
10/25/2007parentI am a mother of a 9 year old with Down Syndrome who has attended RBES since kindergarten. Ms. Hunt has been an excellent special education teacher. She has taught my son so much by being a positive and knowledgeable educator. The entire special education department at Red Bank Elementary should be commended for the compassion and extensive knowledge they express to the children who need them the most.
10/14/2007parenti am disappointed with the overall school program regarding children with disabilities. some of the major areas of concern for me are: 1.the children are not being giving the opportunity to participate in the least restrictive environment. 2. a majority of the special needs children at red bank elementary are non verbal and noone is taking a stand for these children to have an augmentive communication device. 3. they do not encourage parent involvement, but are more intemidated by parents. they say ' we are the teachers and you are the parent' 4. school safety does not appear to be a priority to the principal. 5. excessive timeout's if you are looking for a school only concerned about academics, this is the school for your child.
10/9/2005parentThis is a great school my son has been here since k. They work hard to help a child excell.My son attended a inner city school and I can really tell the diffrent in education, parent participation. Staff involvement......Thumbs up to red bank elem....
3/3/2004parentMy daughter has been going to this school since kindergarten. She is now in the second grade. I'm very pleased with the staff at this school. There is a high level of professionalism from the principal to the janitorial staff. I would recommend this school to any parent interested in the quality of his child's education. They helped my daughter start kindergarten with a happy, healthy view of the school system. I belive this trend will continue.
1/29/2004parentMy son is in kindergarten here. This school is wonderful. I wouldn't have one word of complaint. The atmosphere is great, the teachers and staff are all top-notch. Parent involvment is very high. I love this school and so does my son, who never wanted to start school to begin with. It's awesome.

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