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Fulmore Middle School
201 E Mary St
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 414-3207
public | 6-8
County: Travis


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7/29/2012parentMy son spent the entire year in the so called Magnet Program, the only thing that means is these students are subjected to Bullying and Harassment by Students, Teachers and Administration alike. As a parent that is an Advocate for my sons protections under Section 504 the school refused to protect and teach my child in a safe environment. Instead my entire family was subjected to Retaliation and Harassment by the Director of the program. My sons transfer was revoked due to his disability and his parents advocacy for his protections. My son also witnessed the child that was beaten by several other boys and called me in hysteria that "he was next" the Principal and Staff have tried to cover up this incident as well as others, until we complained to District Officials nothing was being done to make campus safer. Director of Magnet told my son during a staff meeting with me included to "Stop Being a Victim". Currently we have been notified by the US Department of Education that an Official Investigation is in the initial stages and that they will investigate all of our allegations into AISD-Fulmore. We will be placing our children in another district pending Investigation.
4/13/2012parentWe are almost done with our son's first year at Fulmore, and I give it a mixed but overall positive review. I don't think any school, particularly a middle school, could be perfect in every way! But our son's experience has overall been positive, especially with his teachers - he is definitely being challenged and excited intellectually which is really something to prize in a middle school! The other students in the magnet program are also a major plus, being smart, interesting, caring kids. That said, there seems to be a good deal of bullying and this year, some chaotic situations in common areas (outside, cafeteria, hallways) - the school is working to remedy/alleviate this, however, and the communication with the administration has improved a hundred-fold. We hope the atmosphere will continue to improve. My son knows he is getting a good education and wishes to stay, and he has definitely learned to cope with some challenging situations during his first year at Fulmore. A recent event where several students got into a fight while outside was horrible but reports of numbers of students involved and the degree of violence, lack of supervision, etc., have been exaggerated.
1/8/2012otherI am in 8th grade as a student at Fulmore( in the magnet program) and I would say it's eh. There are some really good teachers who actually make you use your brain in different ways (Stronger points are Pre Ap Science and English) and others just don't seem to care. The math program is not particulary good and there are lots of punishments for just small mistakes from the students. A lot of the staff don't seem to be changing anything and I don't know where the "Humanities" part to the magnet program is, although the Law courses are really good. Lots of gangsters who are usually racist to the other students. It can be "advanced" at times but I feel like in some courses we are just repeating the same worksheets and textbook work every year. Kinda glad to get out of this school but there are some stronger points to the fine arts. It's not quite what it's cracked up to be.
6/1/2011parentNow that my son has survived middle school, I'm compelled to write about Fulmore's so-called "magnet" program. My son's first year, 6th grade, at Fulmore was great and he was actually learning. The last two years? Not so much. For some bizarre reason over the past 2 years the teacher's collectively stopped giving daily homework and placed the onus on parents to spend a great deal of time going through websites to monitor the student's grades and progress. One of the main teaching tools seems to be "watching videos. These past 2 years, this last one in particularly, have been a disaster. And although our son is transitioning to a good high school with decent grades, this is through not help from his Fulmore teachers (with the exception of maybe 2). Sadly, a lot of them seem to be burned out and frustrated. I understand that teaching middle school is perhaps the toughest teaching job there is, but still, they're getting paid extra to be part of the magnet program. The principal is great, and we felt she worked hard on behalf of the students. The idea behind this program is a good one. The execution is poor. I hope they get it together before they lose their funding.
10/22/2010parentThis is a terrible school. There is no parent-teacher interaction, but not for lack of trying. The office staff is rude and disorganized. They are quick to send good kids to BMC (behavior modification class) for slight mistakes or misunderstandings. If your child is a couple minutes tardy they will send the kid to sit in the office for the entire class period, way to punish long bathroom breaks... don't educate them in return! The one decent - different thing about this school are the extracurricular activities. I'll be rescuing my son from this chaos ASAP.
10/17/2010otherFulmore is a fantastic model magnet school! Neighborhood students as well as those who are bused to the school are provided with opportunities to learn philosophy, law, fine arts, world languages, Shakespeare, and so much more. This humanities and law magnet school provides a microcosm of a successful educational society in so many ways! It is one of Austin's best kept secrets in the heart of the capital city on Congress Avenue.
10/14/2010parentI love the Fulmore magnet program because it is an environment that nurtures the whole student. Fulmore has made Middle School a pleasure, a safe and challenging place for my kid to stretch and try new things with the knowledge that the teachers and staff are there to help him succeed.
10/14/2010parentFulmore Middle School's magnet program has provided my daughter with the intellectual challenges and opportunities of a private school, in a diverse public school setting. She has been challenged in fun and creative ways, and loved the experience in every grade. The teachers are dedicated and caring.
10/14/2010parentFulmore has lots going on in addition to a solid classroom experience. Many teachers spend a lot more of their own time on field trips, organizations, and events that give the kids not just learning, but a fund kind of learning that helps them enjoy school, not see it as a prison.
10/1/2010parentThe staff is not responsable. They lose important registration papers and are rude. How can a school that has a staff with bad attetudes expect for students to have good attitudes. I tried to enroll my child for about a week before I had to go in person and do there job for them. I wonder if they treat all parents with this type of respect? God help the children who go there.
9/14/2010parentThe school is horrible my daughter has gone there for three years now and her grades are worse than when we moved here. She was exemplary before going to Fulmore. The gangs and drugs are ramped as well as teenage pregnancy the staff is never responsible for anything, they single out children and find any thing to send them home are to court over They are selective in enforcing the dress code upon certain children. Worst school I have ever sent my child to she wasted 3 years there.
9/14/2010otherI currently attend Fulmore Middle School. I would rate it okay. One great aspect is the diversity. The magnet program is the part of school that I'm in and I think its neat how both comprehensive and magnet programs have classes together. However Fulmore has many flaws. Racism thrives at Fulmore from many students. People I don't even know have threatened to beat me up because I'm a "snowflake." Gangsters are present at Fulmore and the math program is pretty weak. Because of it reaching acedemically acceptable (YEAA) it has had budget cuts and some teachers on my first day pretty much told me they didn't want to be there. Fulmore has OUTSTANDING arts programs which do fantastic at UIL. In order to go to Fulmore you need to stand up for yourself, and take what people say with a grain of salt.
4/21/2010parentVariety of students/classes, awesome Magnet program with choice of Chinese and Japanese, Greek, Philosophy, etc.
3/18/2010parentFulmore's magnet provides plenty of challenge and we love the atmosphere of caring. It's the people who work there that make the school such a fantastic middle school experience for any child. Yes, there are some students who get in trouble there--I challenge you to find a middle school where kids don't. But these issues are dealt with swiftly and education goes on. It's a fine middle school!
3/4/2010otherI have subbed at many schools in Austin, and let me tell you, this is on my 'do not return' list. I can handle students being disrespectful to a certain degree, but this was beyond what I have ever seen. On top of that, the vice principal came to my room and told me to not send anyone to the nurse again. I sent two girls to the nurse during the day for legitimate reasons with passes. I was looking out for the students' bell being. She also blamed me for the class being noisy 4 minutes before the bell rang. I can not come into a class that already has behavior problems and magically make it disappear in the 1.5 hour class I am monitoring. This responsibility falls to the teacher and the school. When a sub steps in to help your school and your teachers, be respectful.
2/24/2010teacherYikes! I substituted here for an 8th grade science teacher. The students would work on their packets complaining that all they do is packets. I had a group of extremely disrespectful boys that should have been placed into a different class. They should have not been with the others! I will not be going back to this school.
10/28/2009parentVery disorganized magnet program! Nobody seems to know deadlines for independent projects such as Science Fair, National History Day, etc. Math 6 pre-AP program teaches things my daughter learned in 4th grade. Low standards, even lower expectations, and the Campus Police yell at the kids as if they are criminals. Biggest mistake I ever made sending her there!
8/24/2009parentFulmore Magnet has excited and engaged my son, who is now entering 7th grade. It is a slice of the real world, with diverse kids and attitudes and beliefs. My son loves his classes (especially electives such as Visual Media, Law, and Mariachi band) and has had a wonderful social experience as well. Bravo, Fulmore!
5/4/2009teacherThere are many great teachers however the leadership needs to be more friendly. Many teachers are leaving next year which is not a good sign. Electives and extracurriculars are stellar.
3/30/2009parentThis school is amazing. It is a great campus, very involved, with a caring staff, a stellar program, and fantastic facilities. The Magnet Program is easily the best in the state: with a Journalism program draped with honors, an unsurpassed band and a choir that excels, I highly recommend this school. The teachers are caring and attentive, and your child will receive an invaluable education at Fulmore.
3/29/2009studentthis school is amazing. I am currently in 8th grade and i am in the magnet program and i have so much fun. The magnet teachers are really cool because they really know how to connect to the students and they know their students' level so they can teach well and actually get the students to understand. The people are soo nice and funny and cool, its just amazing. I have to say, i am kinda excited to leave here but its been a great 3 years and i will always remember..idk. i forgot what i was going to say. sorry:)
2/5/2009studentIn the magnet program, the academics are rigorous, but outside of those classes the hallways are not always comfortable. However, the fine arts classes are amazing, and it is really easy to form a family group in the.
1/7/2009studenti am a student at this school i have been going there since 6th grade and currently a 7th grader i think yje teachers are very relaxed around the students that they are doing a better job in there teaching in my none magnet classes there are a few bad nuts and it really gets on my nerves but as soon as the teachers notice it witch is usally very quick the send them to bmc witch is behavioral management classes. i personally have never been i have only had detention once for chewing gum...opps....... i am excited tto go to school each morning. i am in advanced choir and that is my overall favoriye elective. the choir directer ms.carrol is the best. I think this is a good idea to send your student there the magnet program is extravegent......
11/20/2008parentMy son wint to this school and it was like a zoo of animals seriously i mean some of the classes where good put the students they where like out of control! i am dissapointed in this school so much
7/26/2008parenti went to this school right when the children were getting out of class and it was like a zoo of animals. even one student zoomed right passed a teacher almost push her. A couple other students looked like they were all gangsters. Not the type of school i would be at.
8/2/2007parentMy son has thrived at Fulmore this past year, when he previously floundered and hated school. He was on the Honor Roll for the first time in his life & was inducted into the National Junior Honor's Society. Wat to go Fulmore teachers!
5/17/2007former studentA student that formerly went to fulmore, who's brother and parent whom went to fulmore, fulmore is a great school mainly in the magnet program but also in the social society. There isn't any bullying but not only that fulmore students that go there are very nice and welcoming. When I went to fulmore I had very much fun and I did very good in my work. The students tell their parents they're not learning which isn't true they just say that to make their school sound bad I know this because I use to do that and also because every other school I have been to also say that. But fulmore is a very fun place to be I love that school and wish I was still attending. I think you should send your student their!
4/3/2007studentfulmore middle school is the best and has so many great oppotunities for example the choir sang the national anthem at a spurs game and there is so many activitivities like sports and 21'st century and the principal has great leadership skills,my rating is a 5!!!!!
2/1/2007studentA grand school for the magnet program, and its excellent fine arts program. But is very unsafe to be at, and there is barley has any parent involvement.
6/13/2006studentComing from a student who went to Fulmore, the experience was great. There are alot of after school programs, and very friendly teachers. One thing I dislike about Fulmore had to be that there was/and still is alot of bullying.
3/3/2006teacherI am both a teacher and parent at Fulmore. I was teaching there for 2 years before my son entered 6th grade. He absolutely loves Fulmore for his friends, teachers and activities. He has made nearly all A's since his 1st report card. He plays trombone as well thanks to the marvelous band teachers. He works hard to please all his teachers, asking me if he can stay late or come to school on Saturday! How happy am I? I do love this school, as a teacher and parent.
2/7/2006parentThe magnet program has some interesting course selections, and my child enjoys his magnet and fine arts classes, but the quality of non magnet offerings is hit or miss. The magnet program is haphazardly administrated. The administration is concerned and focused on offering opportunities to all students.
8/8/2005parentMy child is in the law magnet program and he absolutely loves it. The teachers there are great and really care about the students. You can tell that many of them have a true passion for teaching. I wouldn't send my kid to this school if he wasn't in the magnet program, however.
8/13/2004teacherFulmore is a good school but there are definitely some areas that require immediate improvement. The magnet program is ok. It lacks a good foundation and leadership. The comprehensive program suffers from the teachers lack of knowledge in dealing with lower SES students. To me fulmore is 1 step away from becoming either a wonderful institute for learning or completely falling apart. This all hinges on the main campus leadership(the principal). The jury is still out as to whether he will be committed to the values that brought him here or if he is just a politician aiming for a higher position.
5/5/2004parentFulmore is a good school getting better. With greater parent involvement and participation, strong campus leadership, and dedicated staff, student performance is improving. The unique course offerings of the Magnet Program, the quality of the instructors, and the formation of the Magnet Governence Committee make Fulmore a fine example of what other schools across the district and state can accomplish for their students. Any issues regarding student conduct and campus safety are constantly being addressed by faculty, administration, and parent and student involvement. Issues and concerns on campus? Certainly. What school doesn't have them. What makes a good school even beter is how we as a community choose to respond to those concerns. It is quite easy and simple to cast stones, it is much more dificult to use them to build. Fulmore is on the way up because people care. Alberto C. Gonzalez
5/5/2004parentMy son has gone to Fulmore's magnet school for two years. Overall, I am pleased with the academic program and believe it to be equal to what he would have received in public school honors classes. About half of the teachers he has had are outstanding; about half are good; only two have been poor. There has been a successful effort to offer interesting electives. I only know one foreign language teacher (French) and she is wonderful - dedicated and encouraging to students. More needs to be done to help the kids deal with racism. Our experience has been that the minority students at Fulmore are occasionally the victims of rascist remarks . It may be the other way around as well - I don't know. But, you probably encounter this on many campuses that have diverse populations.
5/4/2004parentFulmore is an outstanding school that includes a Humanities and Law Magnet. If your young person finds an interest in the arts, philosophy, law or international studies, this is the place to be. The teachers are masters at curriculum writing and the programs are student centered. FMS is also home to outstanding athletics, and teams consistantly advance to zone, area and district championships. My children attends Fulmore because I believe that it provides a well rounded education with many more opportunities than any other middle school in AISD.
5/3/2004parentMy oldest child is currently attending Fulmore and my middle child will join him this coming fall. My wife and I have nothing to say, but positive things about Fulmore. We have found the teachers and counselors to be extremely and more than willing to help my oldest succeed. My son has ADD, and with the help of the teaching staff, has been successful at Fulmore for the last two years. In fact, he is even in the National Junior Honor Society. The homework and projects that he has been assigned are extremely challenging and have helped him gain confidence in his abilities to accomplish his tasks. So, even though, we may ask what he learned and his response may be 'Nothing', judging by his homework assignments we review every day, he's learning a great deal.
2/25/2004parentThe last 2 years Fulmore was a really great school & I invisioned it to really go far, but this year, the school is lacking in leadership (magnet director left), teacher support and admisitration support. The school is really behind in science and social studies. It is a magnet in name only. If I had another choice Kealing would be the magnet. Foreign language is a joke. Ask any student (current) what they have learned, they will say 'nothing'. A lot of teachers are only there to collect a pay check. However, the counselors are great.
10/31/2003parentOutstanding school, all around. The magnet program is top notch, the parents highly involved, and the teachers sharp and passionate. I can't imagine a better program from my middle schooler.
9/29/2003otherFulmore is awesome! GO FALCONS

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