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The Khabele School
801 Rio Grande St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 480-8142
private | PK-12
County: Travis


  School Head OfficialYear
Khotso Khabele2011
10/15/2012parentWe are new to the Khabele School--our daughter started in an early elementary classroom there five weeks into the school year--and we could not be happier with our experience. We were seeking a learning environment where our child could master skills at her own pace and where she would be encouraged to think deeply about the things that interest her. Her guides made her transition to school easy; with love, kindness and grace they welcomed her into their classroom. She comes home from school each day excited about her work. The Khabele School's emphasis on global learning and peace education is a perfect match for our family ethos. We look forward to being a Khabele family for years to come.
10/8/2012parentKhabele is a place where I am confident and happy to send my children everyday. Everyone is appreciated and respected for their individualism. The children are given trust and taught to respect this trust. Most kids take this trust and learn how to optimize and build upon their goals, talents and passions. It is something that gives the kids great confidence, maturity and willingness to reach for extraordinary things. I can't say enough about the unique, enriching, powerful experience that my children are living and learning each day at Khabele!!
9/16/2012parentOur son graduated from Khabele a year ago (May 2011) and was very well-prepared for university. He is in his second year (17-year-old sophomore) at UT Austin majoring in Plan II Honors Degree Program as well as Dean's Scholars Honors Degree Program (Physics) with an almost 4.0 GPA in his university work. He enjoyed Khabele from 6th-12th grade and as parents, so did we. It's a great school and community. Go Khabele Class of 2011! It's a great school for a wide variety of young people.
9/13/2012parentThe Khabele School now covers from pre-K to 12th, having merged with Primavera Montessori. For my children, in the primary and elementary classes, it's just an amazing experience. The kids love to go to school so much, it has to be seen to be believed. They are encouraged to learn in all areas, as in most Montessori schools, but also have added a nice art/creative side. I encourage you to check this school out for your children.
9/12/2012parentI enjoyed my first Khabele Parent Social and Summit. Thank you Barbara Frisbie for THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD! And, I didn't get the lady's name who prepared four of the desserts, but she told me it was an accident that she signed up for four of the dessert slots, and yet she still committed; also, much love to everyone else who contributed in delighting our palates. The Summit was informative and fun! I am very proud to be a member of the Khabele community - The Khabele School is on THE LEADING EDGE OF THOUGHT!
9/12/2012parentThis is the start of my daughter's 4th year at The Khabele School. They are always trying to refine and improve their educational model and strive to create a vital community for students, teachers and parents. This is taken from an email I sent to administrators after our initial Parent Summit this year. Hi!! You all blew me away last night! It is obvious that some real magic came together this summer, along with lots of hard work. I am more impressed with and excited about this school than ever! It seems that now the vision is fully supported with structure and content to really make it all happen! I don't even really know how to articulate how proud I am to be a part of this amazing revolution in education. I am overjoyed and bursting with gratitude!! Thanks! My family loves this school!
9/11/2012parentWe have been part of the Khabele family for many years as my boys were students of Primavera Montessori prior to the merger. Both campuses have been wonderful for us albeit in vastly different ways. Primavera was a nurturing environment that lets a child grow and explore at his or her own pace. You really feel the love. I recall arriving early every morning to read to my four year old and I always ended up with another child, then another sitting at my feet. I hated to go to work. The Khabele campus is urban and forward thinking. The buildings are charming and classrooms arranged to promote Socratic method and dialectic thought. The classes are rigorous and success is attainable. My seventh grader loves it and even when classes are difficult, he maintains that this is the place for him.
8/19/2012parentI can truly say the Khabele school changed our lives. Our older son has always been off the charts bright, but could care less about grades. This made for many of fights, tears and battles. Every night was a struggle to get him to complete his assignments, to study or even turn in his work. Our son finished his freshman year at Khable #1 in his class, is completely managing his school work on his own and is happier than we have ever seen him! I would encourage any family to go to the Khable website and BELIEVE all that you read. This school is committed to finding what is awesome in every child and encouraging them to make the world a better place with their gifts. They have also figured out that kids can learn with out being weighed down with a ridiculous amount of homework. QUANTITY does NOT equal Quality. These kids are scoring and testing and getting into top ranked colleges just as well and better than the local nationally ranked public school. Doing this teaches the kids an important lesson on balance of life. Thanks to the amazing people at Khabele, you have reignited the love of learning in our son and he now believes Stanford and other colleges are with in his reach!
8/14/2012parentDue to a relocation out of Texas, the past 4 years at Khabele has transformed my son from a meek, timid, shy child to one who can command the attention of a full classroom for a full 45 minutes. It has been an exciting and inspiring journey that I am very sad to see come to a close but I know it has prepared him to thrive in this new school. Khabele holds a very special place in my heart and I can only thank Moya for allowing us to share in this magical and truly inspiring educational community.
4/30/2012teacherHere is a sampling of some reviews this month form Khabele families. Jackson's ability to fly an airplane on his very first project week was a once in a lifetime experience 4/24/2012 9:35 AM Over the last 2 years, Khablele has gone the extra mile to help my student develop emotionally and thrive as a self-directed learner. There are teachers at Khabele whose commitment changes students' lives, igniting a passion for subjects and for learning overal 4/15/2012 7:33 PM Our large public school system, while top notch in the country, just didn't work for either of our children. While at Khabele, they have made huge improvements in grades. More importantly, they enjoy learning...and that's what's really matters to them in the long term. 4/13/2012 6:50 PM The adolescent years can be difficult ones -- but they are also years of tremendous opportunity, especially in the right environment. We are thankful our child has the opportunity to grow up at Khabele. It is the kind of place that can make all the difference in the world. And the experience she has had here is something she will continue to build on and draw on for the rest of her life. 4/12/2012 8:30 PM
4/13/2012parentI have three children at the Khabele School and I can honestly say that it is the best school I have ever experienced for each of my children. The staff is a group of highly intellectual, interesting, engaging, and caring people who have somehow honed the artistry of working with and empowering teens. The students are thoughtful, respectful, and smart. They ask a lot of questions and feel that this school is fully theirs. They are not passive observers, but have been given the trust and freedom to not only be themselves but to reach for a better and brighter version of themselves each passing year. The parents are involved and supportive. The leadership is open and warm and always willing to take feedback. It's a true community of learners, where everyone is learning together. This year's college acceptance list is more impressive than ever: Stanford, Cornell, Rice, Rutgers, Wash U, Carnegie Mellon, UT (of course), and tons of other great schools. The kids seem to leave for college prepared for academic success, which is what all parents want, but they also seem equipped with a deep sense of self-esteem, inner peace, and curiosity. http://www.khabele.org/videos/
4/13/2012parent Our experience with Khabele has been life- changing on more then one level. My daughter entered 7th grade after three happy years with a good public school and six years at a wonderful Montessori. We had HIGH expectations. Khabele exceeds them, daily. She is challenged, loved, respected and help accountable. We do not experience what I was nervous about in middle-school, kids are not allowed to engage in gossip, bullying, meanness or any form of holding one another back. The school has a honor council composed of kids who really do nip this behavior in the bud. The teaching staff is varied and knowledgeable in teaching methods and flexible throughout the day to include all students in the work. We are on a beautiful downtown campus and use the neighborhood with many partnerships supporting our kids in the ground-breaking field of Emergent Education.
3/26/2012parentThe Khabele school has offered my children not only academic excellence, but also the support and guidance needed to navigate and verbalize their emotional experiences. This curriculum and the deep level of mutual respect and support offered by the teachers and staff has helped my children to become direct communicators and self-directed learners, allowing them to have a deeper academic experience than simply carrying out expected goals. I'm truly amazed by the self confidence, self-knowledge and leadership skills consistently displayed by Khabele students. I also appreciate the community and support offered by teachers and staff. It feels wonderful to know we are on the "same team" at Khabele -- the team that's rooting for and supporting the kids.
3/24/2012teacherMy name is Brenda Bazaldua, I am the head of the foreign language department at the Khabele School where I also teach Spanish. I have been a language instructor for 12 years and I own and direct a tutoring business, Linking Languages. Because of the nature of my business, I have a close relationship with multiple families from private and public schools, among some of them St. Stephen's, St. Andrew's, St. Michael's, and St. Francis as well as from the West Lake High School and Hill Country Middle School. It is not unusual for me to receive the question: What do you think about the Khabele school? My opinion has always been the same: It is a really unique and great place for families who want their children to discover themselves and learn a path to fulfill their own potential. It is the perfect fit for families that understand not only the importance of the high academics but the means used to obtain them. The school deeply values and works constantly in finding the balance between academics and the well-being of their students. I am honored to be part of this community and its constant growth and development.
3/23/2012otherAs Executive Director for the Integral Education Center, I often refer to The Khabele School as one of the best examples of a healthy, innovative and leading-edge education in the country. Few schools provide the conscientious practices that create emotional safety and academic rigor that The Khabele School combines to empower children and young people to develop as whole human beings and leaders. I wholeheartedly recommend this school to any prospective family, or aspiring teacher. This place has an emergent magic contained by great leadership that unlocks the potential of it's whole community.
3/23/2012teacherAs a substitute teacher, I cannot say enough good things about this school. I have subbed at dozens of schools, public and private, in Texas and California. Khabele is a truly exceptional place. I am continually impressed by the intellectual prowess of Khabele's students, and the dedication and abilities of Khabele's teachers. Khabele emphasizes the development of the student as an individual, and inspires students to want to learn. The teachers' knowledge and passion for what they do is contagious. Khabele is more than a school, it is a community.
3/22/2012teacherAs a Khabele staff member and also a parent of younger children on the Primavera campus, I look forward to the day that my own kids can experience Khabele's Middle and High School. The teachers are phenomenal, and are present and engaged with the students in a way that I rarely experienced in my own middle and high school years. I have been continually impressed and inspired by the students at the school--they are bright, innovative, and thoughtful, and they are learning to be critical thinkers and responsible humans.
3/21/2012otherGives the students the freedom to be their best selves. Awesome faculty. I wish I had gone here!
3/21/2012parentI simply don't know what we would have done if we had not been able to enroll our older son at Khabele more than 7 years ago. An exceptionally self-directed learner, he has blossomed at this school and has been well-served. We moved our younger son to Khabele when we has in 5th grade because of the bullying he was experiencing at his exemplary-rated elementary school. At Khabele, he is accepted for who he is and has developed extraordinary relationships with some of his teachers. I truly appreciate the learning community that Khabele promotes.
3/21/2012teacherI'm a teacher at Khabele, and I must say that this is the best environment I've ever taught in. We are highly respected by the administration. We are so lucky to be working with these high caliber students. Khabele is a positive and supportive environment. I hear students and teachers bragging every day about what a great place Khabele is!
3/19/2012parentAs I watch tens of children withdraw from the Khabele School mid year, My own core need to withdraw my two children is confirmed. Their pie in the sky approach promising the following ....as I quote their website...." a model a lifelong love of learning Listen for the hopes, dreams, and commitments of our students Nurture compassion and love Hold students to extraordinary academic and social standards Honor students promises with support, reminders, and apology-free delivery of consequences" is complete and total bunk. Communication between parents and staff is like pulling teeth. My 13 year old daughter skipped school for half a day to attend ACL and had zero consequence even after a phone call from me requesting one. My son was sneaking Advil to school everday, crying daily, was bullied. After several meetings with staff feeding me empty assurances and concern, I pulled them both out. There is no follow through, way too many liberties, and I think they are looking at education through rose colored glasses. They need to toss the kumbaya out the window and get down to business or they will be out of business. I will say there are some fine teachers who will be missed.
8/17/2011principalThe Khabele School is a dream come true. We've created a place where students, parents, staff and administration really do live by our mission for the whole community to fall in love with learning and realize the innate talent and ability inside ourselves. The integrity with which we adhere to our overarching purpose creates impressive results: SAT scores 25% higher than average, 80% AP pass rates, and 100% of students applying to universities getting selected by 2 of their top 5 choices. We utilize a dynamic educational model that integrates the strengths of traditional and holistic education. For example, all classes utilize daily mindfulness practices. Innovative technology and software are integrated into the school's culture. Teachers use lectures, grades, and standardized tests, alongside Socratic seminars and student feedback to facilitate the highest level of learning in each class. There is considerable importance placed on learning through applying knowledge to projects and engaging the surrounding community. Every year we give students what I think is the best possible education they can receive, and yet every year we manage to top ourselves.
8/9/2011otherCheck out the Khabele mission and you'll be inspired- "The mission of the Khabele School is to cultivate learning communities in which each and every student, parent, and staff member realizes their profound beauty, falls in love with learning, and lives with courage and authenticity." Khabele delivers - bright creative kids, kind and competent teachers, and interesting classes. Facts are: National SAT Composite Average: 1509, Khabele SAT Composite Average: 1878 and approx. 80% AP Pass rate, all that apply are accepted to 2 of their top 5 university choices. Whether or not you agree with the educational approach that includes progressive ideas like a 5 minute "centering" (non sectarian awareness practice) at the beginning of each class, or a laptop as a school supply requirement, its very effective!
6/8/2011parentThis School is an absolute disorganized mess. The academics are poor and the tuition vs results is absurd. Do not look into this school.
5/26/2010parentKhabele has been a wonderful choice for our son. Not only has he learned to love physics, grown as an artist, taken college level courses as part of his school day, but he's so connected to his teachers and his community. He adores his teachers, wants to show up prepared for their classes and looks forward to an engaging dialogue. He's invested in the life of his school and feels his ideas matter. Could you find more rigorous academics at other schools? Perhaps. But we've been there and done that. For us, Khabele strikes the proper balance between challenging academics and a balanced life as a young adult, son, student, artist, athlete, friend, leader. We love being part of a school that keeps evolving. A vibrant school that tries new things, keeps the best of the past and continues to grow & learn alongside our inquisitive creative child.
5/9/2010parentWe are grateful that Khabele offers a culture that is very difficult to find in a public school environment. I have two children. While one has flourished in public schools, the other needed an environment where he could express his unique self. We found that at Khabele where every child is encouraged to learn and to be themselves. There is no bullying allowed. THANK YOU KHABELE!
5/5/2010parentKhabele is a school that has encourage my child to think on his own, to not be afraid to learn, to be willing to share his ideas and help make them reality. The school has helped my child in those areas where he is not as strong and is teaching him to fly in those subjects where my child sometimes even challenges the teachers with what he knows. They teach love of learning, love of service, and love of being one community. After public school was a total failure, we have found the best place to educate our child.
5/5/2010parentIt's hard to explain Khabele, but here goes...This downtown Austin school has developed in a few short years a culture of personal responsibility and high academic standards. While they have found a sweet spot in the way of curricula (heavy on projects and light on tests and daily busy work), they encourage feedback from parents about ways to improve -- and they take the advice. The teachers are young, enthusiastic and innovative in their styles of teaching. Each is different, and each is academically strong. The culture is outstanding. The kids are kind to each other (personal responsibility) and my son and I have had some very intense philosophical questions about learning, God, and more -- I directly attribute that to the kids and teachers at Khabele. I love how the kids hug each other all the time and vocal diversity in opinion is the norm.
4/22/2010parentAs I sign my child up for summer school for remedial work in a course that she got an A in at Khabele, I am compelled to warn parents that the school does not meet the standards of the real world. Even though the school's culture tells you not to be too engaged in your child's schoolwork, to let your child own his education, check in. See exactly what they're learning. If you have questions, keep asking them, no matter how many times they tell you to 'be the change...' You may find yourself as the parent of a gifted student who has not been challenged and is forced to spend summers learning what you paid your 11 grand for. Especially in classes that build from previous years' learning like Math and Foreign Language. Be sure that they are getting a foundation..
2/24/2010parentEach day I am grateful for the existence of the Khabele School. As a homeschooling family, spanning 25 years, and four children, we wanted a different high school experience for our last child. The local school district our older children attended no longer felt like an acceptable choice. Our son had a deep love of learning and we did not want him to lose that. Finding the Khabele School was like finding a school we would create a place where each child is safe, happy, respected, respectful, intellectually and spiritually stimulated, free to be himself, and challenged to grow. I have great respect and love for the administrators and teachers. Their openness and honesty is inspiring and deeply appreciated. We've been a 'Khabele family' for 3 years and look forward to our son's senior year.
2/21/2010parentAfter watching our child slog through public and private schools through seventh grade, we feel like this school has given him wings. The kids are friendly and there's real camaraderie; it took our child only a week to make friends. The teachers we've dealt with are all terrific and have great report with the students. There's a lot of freedom so I suppose there are ways to go wrong: students need to be self-starters or have good back-up at home in order to stay organized and keep up academically. The most unique aspect of the school is the emphasis on character. We feel like our child is in good hands with good people.
2/19/2010parentKhabele School has been a large part of my son's blossoming over the past few years. He went from a self-conscious shy kid to a well spoken confident young man. He enjoys school now and has the respect of his teachers and fellow students. The administration is committed to the education and development of each and every student. My only criticism is that I believe the school should have a stricter dress code. Some of the students' apparel is distracting and sometimes very immodest. Overall the staff is the most caring and concerned I have ever encountered in a school.
2/18/2010parentWe couldn't be more pleased with Khabele! The school combines nurturing and mentoring that creates an environment to develop self and embrace learning and community. The school and the teachers help the student develop who they are and the students are committed to accepting each other as they are. The academics are strong and our daughter has become inspired to want to learn. Classroom participation is required but the environment brings it out naturally. Khabele is no public school warehouse or rigid private school experience. Our daughter will graduate next year and Khabele has helped her be in position to make a positive difference and contribution.
2/18/2010parentKhabele School helps the student develop self-discipline and respect for others. The school is unique in that students and teachers often sit together at lunch, and communicate on deeper levels. I have found my son, now a junior, to have grown in maturity and love of learning in many areas. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a quality, meaningful education.
2/16/2010parentKhabele School offers a great selection of AP classes as well as dual credit high school/college courses. It is a warm nurturing environment that encourages students to try new things and grow. The music program is top notch. It is a lovely campus in an upscale area of downtown Austin. The kids love it! The teachers also seem to enjoy their jobs and the parents feel comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend it.
2/16/2010parentMy kids have been in both the middle and high school at Khabele and they have both had experiences in public school pre and post Khabele. I found the curriculum at Khabele to be light years ahead from a college prep perspective, much more focused on how to learn, especially how to write, synthesize information. Its testing is also more aligned with how college tests are organized and less about 'how to TAKS'. So while it's true there will be a testing learning curve for TAKS, there won't be for college. I don't agree with comments about Khabele being successful for the 'troubled' kids comments. My child is one of the 'middle of the road' academics and she's been very well served. Again, its college prep. If you're interested in learning and being your best, Khabele works for a range of learning styles, strengths and capabilities.
2/16/2010parentThe school distinguishes itself by truly being unique; it is clearly not a public school experience nor is it the standard private school. It offers a distinct approach in both its teaching and its support of students. Khabele doesn't just prepare kids for more schooling, it aims at preparing them to be fulfilled and contributing human beings.
2/16/2010parent My daughter's need for academic challenges have been met through classes in which students are encouraged to think, particiapte, debate, and be involved instead of just regurgitate memorized facts. She has continued to participate in extracurricular sports, and has added leadership activities. The school is focused on being high-quality and on engaging students in their learning. Responsibility for self is a focus, and is another reason why Khabele appealed to me as a parent. Students getting ready to be away from home at college should have some practice self-monitoring in high school. Any violations of the code of conduct result in reasonable decisions that are dependent upon the severity of the violation. As an educator myself, I think Khabele has excellent leadership, an appealing vision, strong teachers, and a supportive community. It earns an A+.
2/16/2010parentThe Khabele School is a great school for our middle school son. We were looking for an environment where he learned to love school and learning (again), where he was known individually by the teachers and students, and where he would be with both older and younger kids from diverse backgrounds. Khabele has met all of these expectations, plus provided a community where we talk about the kids current and future paths. What and how should they be learning, how to deal with conflict in a healthy, realistic way, and how to make everything relevant, not 'boring.' Sometimes I'm not sure if he's learning 'enough' compared to public schools, with their emphasis on busy work and memorization, but I do know he is learning 'how to learn' and stay curious in the learning process. I believe that discipline will serve him well throughout his life.
2/16/2010parentWe were lucky to find Khabele early on and enroll our daughter in 6th grade. She's a bright, curious, enthusiastic learner and has enjoyed finding like-minded peers at Khabele. The teachers and staff are incredibly supportive and encouraging. She really enjoys the advanced curriculum and all the interesting people she has discussions with daily. Khabele also REALLY embraces the creative side of the kids (music, art, dance, writing, drama) - just a super balance that has totally won our family over!!
1/9/2010parentSimply...If you're preparing your children for public high school, you might want to keep your children in public school. If you're focused on preparing your children for success in college and for a happy and self-expressed life, Khabele is excellent.
12/15/2009parentI am a parent of a khabele middle schooler & we love it. It's amazing to have a kid this age who actually enjoys going to school every day! The academics are fine (on par with most schools we visited), but what really makes the school is the culture they've created. The teachers & administrators are passionate about what they do & bend over backwards to connect with the kids. The kids actually want to be there, and they're nice to each other. The school really stresses (& discusses) things like leadership, responsibility, generosity, sympathy, etc. -Which is so important. Of course, problems come up like they do at every school, but the school meets issues head-on, discussing them with students & parents & brainstorming solutions, instead of sweeping them under a carpet or drawing a line in the sand. I just wish Khabele was around when I was a kid!
12/15/2009parentKhabele is a microcosm of the world we live in. Unlike most private schools, the mix of intellects, interests and cultures is pleasingly diverse. Meanwhile - and exceptionally - the school is built around 'community', made up of students, teachers and parents all with the common goal of falling in love with learning. Unlike most public schools where parents are the teachers' 'enemy' or where students are met with the challenge to choose between influences of one clique or another - Khabele functions as a true family committed to everyone's success. Are there misfits, trouble makers and distractions that need to be addressed? Of course! After all the centerpiece of the community are school aged kids learning how to make better choices and function with integrity. As for me, I'd rather have my child learn these valuable lessons in a safe, committed environment. Khabele offers that.
12/15/2009parentMy kids couldn't be more different from each other, but the unique educational approach at The Khabele School has had a profound, positive impact on both of them. The teachers here are so energetic, caring, involved and available. Homework is relevant and not burdensome, busy work. I most enjoy watching my kids work their way independently through Project Week - the exploration of a subject of their choosing, from finding a mentor to the final report. The project can be a failure but still be a learning success!
12/14/2009parentThe Khabele School is a little known gem located in central Austin. Students are given numerous opportunities to pursue Advanced Placement and/or ACC credits if applicable (Our daughter is a junior and has 5 advanced classes.). College planning, a sense of community, and a faculty that demonstrates dedication and best practices daily make this academically challenging environment enjoyable. Most importantly, progressive onsite leadership lends a consistent and supportive framework for faculty and student collaboration. This is a school where passions are uncovered, expectations are high, and students develop into self motivated learners-committed to making the world a better place. You owe it to your family to visit Khabele and form your own opinion. We have only one regret-we wished we had found it sooner!
12/14/2009parentKhabele School offers a rich and diverse culture. Students are challanged to to be compassionate, kind, and supportive of one another. I do not know of another school that supports personal growth and honors diversity like Khablele. If you want a well rounded child who feels connected to the diverse world around them and also feels a level of acceptance and comfort with their inner self send them to Khablele!
12/5/2009parentOur daughter is a Khabele graduate ('09) and a freshman at the prestigious Smith College. While at St. Stephen's,one of the 'best' college prep schools in Texas,she was paralyzed with the crushing 'busy work' most people believe is crucial to college success.At Khabele,the workload was challenging but not overwhelming...giving her the chance to fall in love with learning. And,boy, did it work! At Khabele,she learned how to nurture her own self esteem and confidence and she even developed a student mentorship program, became a student teacher, and founded the theater program...all of which earned her their Freedom Award for Leadership Excellence. Using those same skills in college,she makes good grades,is a senator of her dorm and has earned a weekly column in the school paper all.We never dreamed she would attend an Ivy League school! We are forever grateful to Khabele for preparing her so well for college and for life. Thank you!
12/5/2009parentWe live in Eanes ISD and after experiencing that district we enrolled our student in Khabele. Five years later, we know it was the right decision. Love Khabele's philosophy, small classes and flexible curriculum. It's a great school for highly gifted students. Eanes ISD did not meet my child's needs because the classes are large, the curriculum is set at grade level (not good for gifted students), and the emphasis is ... football. Khabele is a school that inspires children to learn and grow not only academically but in character and responsibility as well. Further, our child just scored mega-high on the SAT and I know that score reflects not only his high intellectual ability but also his love of learning and his love of school as a result of attending Khabele.
11/25/2009studentI am a Khabele graduate who is still reaping the benefits of my Khabele education. Because of the Khabele School I not only improved my leadership skills and understanding of community, I was also able to excel in academic ways not allowed in many other learning environments. Khabele pushes students to work at their personal best, not a preordained best , which allowed me a deeper exploration of many of my passions. I now attend Reed College, (the school with the second highest number of Rhodes scholars from a liberal arts college, and the school with the second highest number of graduates who go on to receive PHDs). I also am a Gates Millinum Scholar, a program with a 5% acceptance rate (that s twice as difficult as it is to get into Harvard) that provides a full scholarship to college; they also flew me to LA!
10/27/2009studentthis school is the bomb, Im a senior there and what other people say about it being a druggie school are stereotyping the kids into one group. my grades and my mood have improved ten fold compared to my other education at other schools like westlake and st andrews. if you want your kids to be comfortable with themselves and to find who they really are instead of blending into the crowd, send them to khabele. in my opinion, if you want your kid to not enjoy life as much as they should, send them somewhere else.
10/10/2009parentThe promise of the school and the reality of the school are not in sync. They do a wonderful job of pitching the culture and values and there are a number of parents who cling to these ideals, but the day to day reality does not live up to these lofty goals. The concept is a great one, and as a smaller institution (under 50 kids), was probably attainable. Now pushing 200 students, the real issues of faculty quality control, consistent application of policies, equitable treatment of all students, etc. are not sustainable. My children were in public schools, then at Khabele, and then back to public schools. Without exception, they are behind their classmates in almost every subject. Khabele does a great job of helping troubled students regain their sense of self and restore their self-esteem. College prep? No! Kids who are centered? No! Kids with emotional needs. Consider it.
7/2/2009parentWith only the last two months of 6th grade under his belt at Khabele, my son is in love with school for the first time. The well-behaved child lost in the public school system will thrive at Khabele. While the school encourages strong academics, greater emphasis is put on personal responsibility. There is zero tolerance for bullying and teasing, and the kids respond. The kids who are gentle, playful and respectful call themselves 'Khabele Kids.' Every family has a compelling story about why their children now go to Khabele.
1/12/2009parentMiddle School is small and easygoing; my child will attend high school here as well. Caring teachers and happy kids.
12/4/2008parentThe Khabele School is a fertile place for learning and growing. Our daughter has flourished here. As a former AISD teacher, I was very impressed with the students desire to go to school and the enjoyment obvious on their faces! To be sure, the student must do his/her part. I am very thankful for the 'community ' and recommend you check it out! Tommy Joaquin Hancock
11/18/2008parentThe Khabele School has consistently impressed and delighted us. From the mission, to the vision, to the curriculum, to the teachers, we have been very excited and pleased with the school. Most importantly, our daughter Emma wants to be the first to arrive at school in the morning and the last to leave.
11/12/2008parent Khabele offers an unparalleled combination of an academic and social environment that is full of caring, creative professionals and compassionate, bright and empathetic teenagers. The teachers are role models and guides; supportive and enthusiastic as they pass on their knowledge and life experiences in a way that is thought provoking and inspiring. The work, while not overwhelming, is challenging and rigorous. Since my son started Khabele, our family has been stress free concerning his emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual well being. Here, he is safe. If you are looking for an intimate academic setting for your student and you enjoy meeting great people, attending inventive, fun school wide events, thought provoking workshops, excellent communication between parents,teachers and administration, Powerschool, community service, student retreats, global travel, Princeton Review Prep, a comprehensive arts program, outdoor performances, national competitions, international guest speakers and a beautiful campus, this is the school for you!
11/11/2008parentThe life lessons and learning experiences we want for our children are not bound by the classroom. The Khabele School is focused and intentional about instilling every student with a life-long love of learning, and developing not only the mind, but also self-esteem and leadership qualities. They strive constantly to build a community, not just a school, and they are firmly fixed on the future, not struggling to keep an iron grip on the past. And when problems do arise (which, of course they will), issues are discussed openly with parents and students, and solutions are reached together. It is, in short, a most refreshing change.
11/11/2008parentKhabele is the best thing that has ever happened to either of my teenagers and to my family. The atmosphere the Khabeles have created of openness, love of learning, and trust has inspired our children to work hard, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and value others' differences. Each teacher is so dynamic and passionate about his or her work and that passion affects the students dramatically. As is the case with any high school, issues bubble up, and the healthy direct approach to dealing with problems has been a great model for our kids--there's been a palpable change in the climate of our household since they've been attending Khabele. I am so grateful.
11/11/2008parentOur son is on his 4th year at Khabele. This school achieves the impossible: Students actually enjoy learning and take on responsibility. The school strives for excellence in academics and social awareness. Students are taught to become responsible, empathetic citizens of the world. Contrary to another comment here, they also have among the very strictest anti-drug codes in existence.
11/10/2008parentThis school is amazing. It's what we've been looking for for so many years. It's a supportive, safe, wholesome, progressive, intelligent, loving, innovative, creative, modern, technologically forward environment. My son has never been happier. I am delighted with this school, I can't imagine a better environment for my son. Watching him blossom is like a dream come true. He has some wonderful friends and comes home with wonderful ideas. He loves school. The teachers are so caring and so professional, the staff is so dedicated. I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a genuine, loving and truly modern school for your child.
11/10/2008parentThis is the most amazing and unique school in Austin, and probably in Texas or the U.S. The blend of academics and community helps teach students how to treat others with respect, dignity and honesty. There is a great emphasis on becoming a person who loves learning, which is antithetical to most public school programs. There are opportunities for diverse, multicultural learning in ways that would never occur in a large, faceless public school. Khabele is a gem that we are lucky to have found in the heart of Austin.
11/10/2008parentAs a researcher & lifelong educator , I have strong ideas about what kind of educational experience I prefer my children have. When our oldest child completed elementary school, my husband and I looked for a place that would offer a balance between academic structure and opportunities for self-directed learning. We sought a place that was diverse, inclusive, challenging, values-based, calm, focused, and engaging. We found all that at the Khabele School. Over the past four years, our children have flourished at the school and we feel fortunate to be a part of a learning community. We know our children's friends AND their families; we are in close contact with the school's teachers and administrators. We are grateful for the high level of communication and engagement. The students learn not just their academic material, but also how to lead, how to serve, and how to excel.
11/10/2008parentThe public high school that our older children attended seemed to have labels like 'kicker,' 'gangsta,' 'brainiac,' 'jock,' 'geek,' or 'stoner' for most of the students, with compulsory membership in corresponding social groups; and an academic regimen that equated scholarship with memorization of data without regard for its relevance. Investigating the Khabele School as an alternative for our youngest, I trotted out my own labels, like 'new age,' 'politically correct,' and 'ingenuous,' until I visited the campus and attended classes and student body functions. I was impressed. As far as I can see, everyone likes to be there, because everyone is recognized and appreciated as a complete person, continually encouraged, supported, and celebrated as they develop in mind, body, spirit, and personal integrity. It's school policy. It's real. Go see for yourself.
2/29/2008parentI had to pull my child out of the school because of the great drug culture and lack of discipline shown in the school.
7/27/2007parentSomething magical is happening here. This is a school that really cares for kids. From the talented team of Moya and Khotso Khabele through the ranks of the dedicated teachers, this is a place that shows a respect to the students that allows them to blossom.
5/31/2006parentThe caring environment and the committed faculty at The Khabele School have helped our daughter find a comfortable place where she can really learn. Her enthusiasm then rubs off on the rest of the family. Her increased interest in learning has made her happier with herself, and with everyone else. Each student receives a level of attention that could never be duplicated in the public school system. The reliance on students for leadership gives each student a chance to shine. Academically the school is good, allowing each student to learn at her own pace, and training the best older students as teaching assistants. Students work closely with parents and faculty in leadership roles. Great arts opportunities, including world music, creative writing, art, and choir. Many students take aikido. Other sports include track & soccer. Parental involvement is pretty intensive, including parent training sessions
11/13/2005parentMy son went to Khabele School from 8th through 12th grade. I would highly recommend this school to any child who learns faster with individualized academics and a smaller student/teacher ratio. My son graduated from the school feeling very good about himself, his accomplishments and his future.

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