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Davis Elementary School
3205 Dorchester Dr
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 968-1500
public | K-5
County: Denton


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/30/2012parentThe teachers are good although there does seem to be turnover quite often. Wish we could get more parent involvement.
11/23/2011parentI've never encountered such an unprofessional, unscrupulous administrator as the principal of this school. She was one of the main reasons I withdrew my child from this school. The teachers are satisfactory, but the gifted program is virtually non-existent, parent involvement is practically nil, & discipline is haphazard at best. Parents, avoid this school.
11/21/2011otherNice teachers, rude principal (until I decided to leave), overwhelming amount of children per classroom. This was our only choice and we decided Private school was the best option. Stay away!
12/21/2010otherAs a former teacher at Davis, I can attest to the fact that the turnover rate is so high and that bullying is tolerated due to the fact that the principal is herself a bully. She targets teachers who are different from her and terrorizes them until they leave, and more often than not, they are good teachers. They just aren't willing to kiss her @$$.
2/23/2009parentI have just enrolled my son to davis elementary school and upon calling in 2 days later I have received mixed information which determines that there is no comunication whatsoever within the faculty and front office. The front office people were rude and disrespectful by hanging up on me and not fully answering my questions.
10/20/2008parentI am fed up with this school, and I am seriously investigating what it will take to transfer my son out of Davis to another elementary school. Bullying is rampant, and tolerated. The administration claims to want parent involvement, then seems to take some sort of twisted glee in telling parents all the bad behavior of a child, but NEVER ONCE giving the parent any notice of what behaviors needs to be addressed and corrected. Several requests to speak with the principal have gone ignored.
9/11/2008parentAfter several years of being involved in the school, I have noticed quiet a change. I can honestly say that I feel this school is going downhill fast. The school is over crowded. Not a good student/teacher ratio. Bullying is tolerated. PTA is out of control. There are some awesome board members, then there are some that think they are the rulers of the school. Because of this, those that want to vounteer, feel not so welcomed. If you want to volunteer, do so. Do it for the kids!
9/4/2008parentThe teacher turnover rate at this school is unbelievable. Some grades carried over none of the same teachers from last year. This interrupts the feeling of continuity and security for the children. Parents must constantly stay on top of things because bullying is tolerated too often at this school. There is a culture of ignoring problems and hoping they'll go away by some of the administration. There are some quality teachers, but as others have stated - it is the luck of the draw. After sending several children through the school, we have had the best teachers ever, but also the worst ones. There is parent involvement, but many good parents are turned away by an un-inclusive and clique-ish PTA.
3/21/2007parenttransferred from out of state to find in k there is homework everynight, p.e. every other day, no school sponsored sports, mandatory tutoring [different curriculum] - meaning only recess 3 times a week, needless to say my child no longer enjoys school. I'm not recommending, seems to be more of a business than a school
11/13/2006parentThe Principal Lisa Williams and her staff do not care or encourage parent or student involvement. I do not recommend this school.
8/12/2005parentThe current principal of this school does not work with students or parents well. The academic programs available are good; however the quality varies widely depending on the specific teacher. Music and art are available but unimpressive. There is a low level of parental involvement due to a transient population.
6/29/2005parentThis is a great school. Parental envolvment is high.
4/1/2005parentParent involvement doesn't seem to be a priority, to the point that it seems that they don't welcome it. The teacher seems to be a procrastinator and then tries to make up for it. The teacher acknowledge my child might have dyslexia and didn't say anything 'til I mentioned it in February and then it still took a month for the testing teacher to contact me to start the process of testing and they aren't even certified and was unable to refer me out to someone certified (due to the fact that if she would have the District would have to pay for the testing, found this out by other teachers in other schools). The best interest of the child is not important in this matter. I have seeked outside certified Dr. for testing. The Nurse is the only person that seems to do her job and great job she does.

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